• Published 19th Sep 2012
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Long Days - Kalreas

Fluttershy and Bic Mac start meeting each other more often, but for what reason?

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Dinner With The Apples: Unexpected Events

Thanks to all of my friends who helped me write this story, as well as change it from what it originally was going to be. Many thanks to the creator of the art for allowing me access.


After just returning from her talk with Big Mac, Fluttershy found herself restlessly pacing back and forth inside her house. It turns out that she couldn't sleep after what happened.

She didn't even realize the looks that the animals were giving her. She wasn't fully herself right now.

Her mind was still flooding with several memories, thoughts and emotions. So much so that she thought she should have passed out by now. Why was she so nervous about this? Well, meeting anypony has been hard for her to do, but this was different. This was Big Mac.

This was going to see the entire Apple family.


Big Mac, after a few minutes of walking back in the house at sunset, had time to think. Fluttershy of all ponies walked up to him and poured her emotions out. He was stunned by the idea of anypony really feeling like that to begin with, and she made it even more surprising. She was normally the timid and shy one, always waiting for other people to say things like that. Well, in any case, he was glad it happened at least.

Still, the thought of them having a chance of being something... He didn't know what to think.

He tried to lay down and get some rest, hoping to clear his mind.


Fluttershy kept walking back and forth in her house, mind and heart still overflowing. She didn't see the light of the sun slowly creeping towards her house until it was too late. She never slept. 'Oh,' She thought to herself, lowering her ears and biting her lower lip. 'my.'

'I never slept.'

Her mind and heart were even now being flooded by conflicting and confusing feelings. She had to be strong. For Big Mac. She set off to start her normal day. What she wished would be a normal day. She was glad she had today mostly planned out for the animals, and remembered most of it. It was a lot easier to help them all that way.

Everything in the day was surprisingly smooth, perhaps giving her a time of rest for the possible storm ahead. Before she even had time to think about it, she was at the edge of her area. Just at the side of the farm, the same place where she met him yesterday.

So much happened that day, and it all came rushing back to her. Her head swirled, her heart and breathing quickened. She tried to tell herself to calm down, but nothing helped. She spread her wings and flew the distance of the small river. Time to meet the Apples.


It didn't take long for them to meet. "Oh, hi." Fluttershy stated like she usually does, which was rare right now. She got a reply. Not the reply she thought she would, but a reply nonetheless.

"Fluttershy!" Applejack yelled in surprise and happiness. "Ya actually came by today?" She asked cautiously. She got nothing in response except a nod. A very small, recognizable nod. That was the Fluttershy she knew.

"Great, Granny Smith's been workin' on makin' us a big meal for yer comin'!" AJ stated proudly. Fluttershy widened her eyes, lowered her ears and bit her bottom lip. She was now obviously nervous and scared. She couldn't hide it anymore.

All she could do was wait until dinner time. Which she was thankfully just on time for.

"Come on," AJ said, pulling at Fluttershy's forehoof. "it'll be ready real soon." She finished, turning and trotting back inside. Fluttershy slowly started walking in the house, still extremely nervous. She saw Big Mac walking down the stairs from his room. He didn't notice her standing there until he reached the bottom. He looked at her and smiled. She could tell it was a nervous smile.

"Hey." He said simply.

"Yeah, I'm.. I'm here." she stated quietly.

They both walked into the kitchen, but Fluttershy was mostly hidden behind the size of Big Mac. He took his seat at the far left end of the table. Fluttershy took her seat at the near right end of the table. Now in full view of everypony there. Apple Bloom stopped talking and went slack-jawed, staring at the newcomer.

"Is she why we're gettin' a big dinner tonight?" She asked obliviously.

Granny placed the Apple Pie on the middle of the table before answering. "Well of course, Apple Pies are only fer special occasions, ya know."

They all quietly received their pieces, waiting until everyone had gotten one before starting to eat. A few moments passed and a few words were exchanged as the meal went on. Until someone asked Fluttershy why she hadn't eaten much yet.

She looked up at Applejack, the one who had asked the question. "Oh," She started. Before she could finish, she turned her head forward. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her face dove down onto the slice of pie. They all looked at her when she did that, and waited for her to get back up. Moments passed. Nothing.

Applejack tapped her shoulder softly, and asked her if she was awake.

The scared mare jolted up from her seat, eyes and wings wide. "Did I do something?" She asked in a rush, after taking a deep gasp. She felt something warm and sticky on her face. She heard laughter all around her. She was confused at first, but after taking a lick at her cheeks and looking down, she knew what happened.

She passed out in the middle of dinner. She looked at Big Mac, who seemed to be having the time of his life, laughing with his eyes closed. Even she began to laugh at herself, after realizing how strange it must have been. Happy times at dinner were a normal thing in this family, but she made everything pale in comparison.

"You," Applejack started, tapping Fluttershy's shoulder. "need ta come by more often!" She finished with a small laugh and a bite of her pie.

Then the dinner picked back up where it left off. Fluttershy felt much more comfortable, but still extremely tired. She wiped off her face begun eating again. After maybe an hour, the dinner came to an end.

Apple Bloom hopped over to Fluttershy as she was about to leave for the day. "You should come by tomorrow! That was fun!" She said cheerfully.

"I'll try, but I can't promise anything." She stated. She smiled and pat the filly on the head before turning and walking out.

"Fluttershy!" She heard from behind her. She knew who exactly it was too, just with the voice. Big Mac was trotting up to her. He stopped when he was directly in-front of her. She didn't know why, but she felt calmer, and more in control of herself around him like this.

"Thanks fer comin' today." He stated calmly, reaching out and hugging her. She felt the brush of his skin on hers. The warmth that she woke up with the other day. The clarity in her mind that she never felt before. She then felt something even more amazing. She felt the touch of his lips on her face. She silently stood there, still in shock and disbelief.

A kiss to the cheek. It wasn't too much, yet some part of her ached for more. Begged for more. He pulled back from the embrace, and looked at her face. Her widened eyes, her slightly gaping mouth and her motionless stare. He brought a hoof up to her eyes and waved it up and down, shaking her to reality.

"Th-thank you." She stated swiftly before turning and galloping away. Why was she running away from him like this? What made her run back to her house to begin with? Was it his touch? Was it his kiss? It was only to the cheek, not like it was a full out lip to lip kiss.. one that she longed for. So why was she running?

She needed to think about everything that happened. She needed to clear her head. She needed to get some sleep.


Big Mac watched her run back to her house suddenly and quickly. Did he go too fast? Was that too much for her to handle? He felt confused and worried for her. Still, he walked back inside the house and into his room. It was getting really dark out by now, so he should get some sleep.