• Published 19th Sep 2012
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Long Days - Kalreas

Fluttershy and Bic Mac start meeting each other more often, but for what reason?

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Fluttershy quietly and slowly walked inside her house, careful not to wake up any of the animals. She made her way to her bed and laid down, pulling the covers over her. She pushed out all of her thoughts, and focused on getting some well needed sleep.

Whatever it was that was keeping her up, she needed to stop it. She was shivering, but it wasn't because she was cold; was it? She lifted the covers and felt a cold breeze sift through her fur and onto her belly. She rushed the covers back over herself in search of warmth.

It wasn't the cold. 'What am I shivering from?' She couldn't understand what was happening to her. She knew one thing that always helped her overcome any sleeping issues. She knew now exactly what to do.

"Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head." She sang softly to herself. "Hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to bed." She finished, closing her eyes and relaxing fully. Her thoughts faded, and her mind seemed cleared. Maybe now she could finally sleep.


Big Macintosh felt a hoof on his side. It was Applejack's hoof, as well as her voice.

"Ya alright there?" She asked quietly. "Ah saw what ya did, and what it made her do. I don't know what that girl's thinkin' anymore." She finished with a small chuckle. "Well, might as well shimmy on inside and get some rest fer tomorrow, huh?" She gave one last look at her brother before turning and going into the house.

He turned and moved towards the house himself only moments after. He needed to talk to her more, to ask her what actually is going on. He said his good-nights to the rest of the family, and moved his stiff and tired limbs to his room. He quickly went over to his bed so he could truly relax for the first time today.

It took several minutes, if not over an hour of lying there and thinking for him to fall into final slumber. Surely tomorrow he'll get some sense out of her yet.


The morning sun cast its gentle glow upon the land as it slowly and peacefully woke the small mare. She had a good night's rest for one needed night. Maybe with her clearer mind and steadied thoughts, she can finally confront Big Mac correctly. She knew one thing was certain. Angel was looking for his morning meal.

She giggled at the little bunny and sighed while standing up and stretching her legs and wings. Such a peaceful morning it was that she never worried about anything between her and Big Mac. She just went through her day more calmly and efficiently than any previous day.

She stepped back inside and prepared herself her own meal for the afternoon. When she was almost done, she heard three knocks on her front door.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the door with no worries. Some of those worries then boiled up and rose to her cheeks as she saw who it was.

".. Eeyup." He stated simply, looking away for a moment. She again couldn't believe what was happening.

"What.." She started.

"Ah came by today ta.. talk to ya."

'He spoke. He actually spoke to me. What should I say? Come on, think!' Fluttershy thought to herself quietly before stepping back and letting him inside her house. It was just her, but still she felt worried about something. Emotions were conflicting one another, some being understanding and yet confusion.

"Ya know," He started after walking to the middle of her home. "Ah ain't one fer words, but Ah'm serious when I talk about somethin'." That voice.. that amazing voice. Not booming loud or deep, but soft and caring. "Ah need ta know what's goin' on through yer mind. Everythin's been real confusin' lately." He admitted shyly, relaxing his shoulders and limbs by laying down softly on the floor.

The realization of what she did last night finally hit her. All of her mind was instantly flooded with more emotions than she thought possible. Why did she run like that?

"Here, let me help you." She said softly to him, making her way over to his position. With her natural ability to help relax anything and everything around her, she began massaging his shoulders and legs. "I.." She began quietly. "I honestly don't know what I'm feeling anymore, but one thing is for sure." She looked into his eyes as he slowly relaxed.

She diverted her gaze as she felt her cheeks warm up. "Whenever I'm around you, I... I feel.. safer. Somehow." Her voice was just over a whisper at that point, as she was embarrassed to say any more. She could tell that he didn't know what to think about what she had just told him.

They were silent through the rest of the massage. As she had just finished, she felt a hoof wrap around her own. He was still lying down, as he softly pulled her down to him. She fell to the floor beside him, her back covered by his body. They lay there silent for only a moment.

"Thank ya, Fluttershy." The giant, red stallion softly said to the small mare. She then closed her eyes and focused on the warm embrace of Big Macintosh. The embrace ended as quickly as it began, as he rose to his feet. "Whoa." He stumbled, trying to get adjusted to the new control he had over his newly relaxed muscles. She really had a way of easing another ponies mind and body.

"Ah should get back ta AJ." He finished with a small, gentle, genuine smile that he hadn't worn in ages before meeting her. She blushed and looked away.

"O-oh, ok. It's fine." She spoke quietly, yet loudly enough for him to hear.

Big Mac turned to the door and opened it, starting to leave.

"W-wait!" Fluttershy suddenly pounced on top of him when he turned. She dove onto him, wings wide and fore-hooves wrapping around his neck. She locked him in a kiss on the ground.