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Adventures of Mane 7 - Pony Uppercut

A new stallion is ordered to live in Ponyville to steal the Elements of Harmony. Can he do it?

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Use Your Head

The Adventures of Mane 7 mlp:fim
Season 1

Episode 3
Use Your Head!

“How do you like that!?” The rainbow mare said with an evil smile. Nemesis's entire body was in pain. Sure, his stomach was hurting from that quick kick she gave him, but he still hasn't fully recovered from his old wounds. Nemesis showed pain in his face as he cringed and grit his teeth. But he still had his hands up in a fighting stance.

The stallion just realized he need to keep a cool head if he wanted to beat her. He sighed, closing his eyes, trying to relieve himself from his pain, and to help him concentrate. He opened his eyes, glaring seriously at the light blue pegasus.

“I have to say though, your pretty tough,” She praised “for a thief.”

The mare dashed at him, once again rushing him with a barrage of attacks. She threw a quick left, right punch combo but was swiftly avoided by Nemesis weaving left and right. She is just ridiculously fast! He thought. I just have to keep up with her, and make sure I don't miss my opportunity. Here we go! The rainbow pegasus lifted her left leg a little and bent it. Low side kick. Nemesis lowered his forearm give a low block, stopping her low kick. She then retracted her left leg without her hoof touching the ground. She then lifted her bent leg even higher. High side kick. With the same arm, he brought it up to his face. As he did he knocked her kick away, forcing her to put her hoof back down to stand on. The mare then shifted her weight bringing her right arm back. Right hook. She then swung at full force into her punch. With expert timing, Nemesis brought up his left elbow striking her forearm. The incoming punch was completely swatted away.

The pegasus brought her left arm back but this time it was too compact to be a punch. Left elbow. The dark stallion ducked quickly as she swung her elbow horizontally. Trying to catch him ducking, the mare reeled her right leg backward. Right snap kick . Still ducking, Nemesis leaned his body to the left while keeping his hooves steady. Her kick only hit air, but as she threw it, she let her leg go really high with incredible flexibility. The stallion's eyes widened at this. That wasn't a snap kick, it was an axe kick! He then saw this and jumped backward right before she swung down her crushing blow. As she smashed her hoof into the ground, it cracked the floor beneath her. Nemesis sweat a little at this incredible display of power and speed.

The rainbow pegasus had lost her patience, as none of her attacks were getting through. She grit her teeth and began to growl at him.

“Get hit already!!!” She shouted at him as she ran up to the bandaged stallion. She then threw a punch at Nemesis that could only be described as the most predictable, sloppy, and widest right hook hes ever seen. Now's my chance! The dark alicorn used his left forearm to swat away her right hook. As he did, he shifted his body weight into a fierce right straight. The timing of his counter couldn't have been more perfect, and the mare pegasus knew it. She knew she screwed up big time with her last punch. Staring straight into his income fist she clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight hoping the pain would be quick.

She waited, and waited, and waited, but no pain. Nothing, she didn't feel anything. As the light blue mare slowly opened her eyes, she found herself staring at his knuckles. Nemesis stopped his fist right before he hit her muzzle.

“i told you,” he said out of breath, “im not a crimin-”

The rainbow mare completely froze as the stallion began to lean against her.

“W-whoa! H-hands off lover boy,” She stuttered completely flustered with her face getting red. “I-im not that kind of-” She cut herself off as she felt him sliding down her body. She then caught him by the under arms noticing something. He wasn't trying to put the moves on her, he was out cold. She brought him down slowly as she held on to him. The pegasus started to glance over his body as she realized that he was covered in bandages. She began to feel awful about herself. She was so inclined on stopping him that she didn't notice his wounds. She frowned as she started to think about what she did. I just tried to beat up a wounded pony. The mare thought. She continued to stare sadly at the the stallion in her arms.

“Why would a wounded pony like you want to break into peoples houses?” she asked softly to the past out stallion.

The spring day continued at Fluttershy's little cottage. And today especially, has been very eventful. A new mare was heading toward Fluttershy's home. She has orange fur and blonde hair. She wears a cowboy hat, a red plaid shirt, and jean short shorts.

“Ah hope Fluttershy has an extra pair of sheers,” she told herself “my apple trees are growin a bit too big” The orange mare finally got to the door step of her shy friend's cottage. As she was about to knock on the door, the door opened. She came face to face with the rainbow pegasus as the two just stared at each other.

“What in tarnation are you doin!?” she asked shocked. The blonde mare stared at the dark stallion on top of the rainbow pegasus's shoulder. The alicorn was passed out as she held him with one arm on top of her shoulder.

“Im taking him to the hospital,” the pegasus responded seriously “I found him robbing Fluttershy's house, so I stopped him, and then I figured out he was hurt.”

“uh huh,” The country mare said in disbelief while crossing her arms. “Now sugar cube,” she said in lecturing manner “ah know ya meant well, but how do ya know that Fluttershy wasn't taking care of him?”

“What makes you say that?” The light blue pegasus questioned.

“Well,” she started to count using her fingers, “for one, she's known for taking care of animals and ponies. Two, that colt was in her house, all bandaged up. And three, ah don't think Angel will let ya take him without ah fight” She pointed at the pegasus's hooves. The light blue mare followed where her finger pointed and saw a little bunny punching her hooves. However, Angels efforts were in vein as his attacks didn't even make a scratch. In fact, the rainbow pegasus didn't feel a thing. If the country mare didn't point that out, she would have left without noticing a thing.

And then something clicked in her mind. Suddenly all pieces started to fit together, he really wasn't a criminal. She stared at the orange mare and then looked back at the stallion she was carrying.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh,” The pegasus realized, but then she lowered her head. “Oh.”

Nemesis was now lying back on his bed in the guest room. The pegasus slowly pulled the blankets over him. Once she stood up both mares stared at the sleeping stallion. After a moment of silence, the country mare turned her head to look at the light blue pegasus.

“So what, did ya knock him out?” the cowgirl pony asked

“No!!” the pegasus objected quickly. She then suddenly looked down still feeling bad for her past actions. “We fought each other, and then while we were fighting each other, he just, sorta, passed out without me throwing a punch.” she said while rubbing the back of her neck. The blonde mare crossed her arms and glared at her in disbelief. The rainbow pegasus then looked left and right as if she was looking for answers, and she finally confessed.

“Ok, maybe I hit him once.” she smiled full of guilt. The country mare continued to glare at her. To no avail, she knew that stubborn mare wouldn't leave without a full, honest, answer. She then finally confessed truthfully as she lost her patience.

“Ok fine, I tried to hit him more times than I can count, but only one of my attacks connected, I swear!” She confessed annoyed. The blonde mare then smiled at her confirming that she was happy with that answer. Then her eyes widened at this stunning realization.

“Wait, did you say only one connected?” She asked to reassure herself.

“Yep, he was one tough cookie!” The pegasus smiled at her not realizing her point. The country mare then looked back at the sleeping stallion with wide eyes. He was hurt and was still able to hold his own against one of the most athletic ponies out there. How strong was this colt? Another moment of silence passed by as they stared at him.

“Hey,” The pegasus said in serious tone “did you notice?” she then looked her.

“Yea ah did,” The orange mare responded “What's an alicorn doin out here?” she asked rhetorically. She was full of thought as she stared at him wondering who he was and why was he here. As for the light blue pegasus, she was looking away in embarrassment.

“Actually, I was talking about how fine he looks, but that's true to.” She admitted. The blonde mare gave an unamused stare at her. But soon faded away as she noticed she was a bit hypocritical. She also found this new stallion to be a bit attractive too. Just then the rainbow mare started to blush as she just thought of something.

“D-do you think hes been sleeping with Fluttershy?” the pegasus asked desperately

“N-no! Of course not!” The country mare objected “Fluttershy wouldn't keep a secret like that.” or at least she hoped she didn't. The fact that a shy mare had a wild side to her sort of creeped her out. But talking about Fluttershy did remind her that she was no where to be seen.

“Speaking of Fluttershy, where did that shy mare head off to?” The orange mare asked

“I don't know, before I was about to take this colt to the hospital, I searched the whole house and couldn't find her.” she answered her.

“Now, wha would Fluttershy leave this stallion here all alone?”

“Beats me.” The pegasus shrugged. She then turned around and started to walk to the door. As she was doing that, a hand grabbed her wrist.

“Where do ya think your goin? The country mare asked with an overbearing tone.

“I'm, leaving.” she told her with a of-course-thats-what-i'm-doing tone.

“We can't just leave him here.”

“I’m sure he'll be fine”

“But what if-”

The orange mare suddenly cut herself off as she heard a noise that she hoped it was her imagination. Unfortunately it wasn't, and both the mares heard a knocking on the front door of Fluttershy's house. They both froze as they hoped the knocking would cease, and whoever was at the door eventually leave. Until the mares heard a voice.

“Hellooo? Fluttershy darling, are you alright?” the voice was elegant with a touch of an English accent. The rainbow pegasus face palmed.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.”

Jeez you guys are harsh! did i kill your first born or something?
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