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Adventures of Mane 7 - Pony Uppercut

A new stallion is ordered to live in Ponyville to steal the Elements of Harmony. Can he do it?

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Showing a little kindness

The Adventures of Mane 7 MLP:FIM
Season 1

Episode 10
Showing a little kindness

“I know Angel will love these carrots!” Fluttershy hummed.

Fluttershy was scouting the outside market for all sorts of goodies for her animals. She held a basket full of vegetables on her fore arm as she sung a sweet melody. She walked to every stand buying anything that she would think her pets would love. But as she walked through the busy road full of stands, she managed to bump into something, causing her to lose her balance. Fluttershy landed on her bottom as she made a squeak. Unfortunately, the floor was rolling with fresh vegetables as the basket also landed on the floor. Fluttershy was both shocked and embarrassed.

“O-oh, I am so sorry.” She said ashamed as she picked up her veggies as fast as possible.

“Oh no! Im the one who should be sorry!” A stallion said as he knelt down to help her pick up her groceries.

They both then cleaned up the street of vegetables quickly. Once they got all of them in the basket, Fluttershy decided to get a good look at who she bumped into. The stallion was a earth pony that wore a white jacket with black pants. And not to mention he was quite handsome.

Fluttershy then blushed and smiled “Sorry for bumping into you. You're very kind, thank you.”

The stallion shook his head “Its no problem, its the least I could do! Besides, I wasn't really paying attention.” He admitted. “My name is Joe, whats yours?” He asked her with a smile

“O-oh its F-fluttershy, n-nice to meet you.” She said shyly.

“Fluttershy, thats a beautiful name” Joe told her

“Th-thank you.”

“Say Fluttershy, I was on my way to lunch, would you care to join me?”

“Oh, that sounds nice.”

“Great! Come on, I'll show you to my favorite restaurant!”

Joe and Fluttershy then walk together out of the market place. They continued to walk as the sounds of the large crowds began to fade away. It was starting to become so quiet, the clopping of their hoof steps echoed. Fluttershy began to get confused on where they were going. The buildings around them were all worn down and not a single pony was seen around.

“Come on Fluttershy! We're almost there!” He said with enthusiasm.

Fluttershy simply followed him as the sunlight started to fade. They weren't in an open street anymore. They were in a dark alley. Joe then came to a complete stop as they hit a dead end. Fluttershy suddenly heard hoof steps behind her. She quickly turned around to see three other colts.

“Are these your friends?” she asked “They seem to like the same color as you.”

Joe without turning around gave an evil grin “You could say that...”

“WHERE IS SHE!!???” Nemesis shouted.

“You think I would tell you?” the Skull laughed.

Nemesis grit his teeth as he was still lifting the gangster by his collar. He then smirked and let him down gently while still holding on to his collar. The Skull member finally could feel the ground on his hoofs.

“We'll just have to see, now won't we?” Nemesis said evilly

“H-hey, w-wait, what are you-” The gangster was cut off as gravity seemed to turn upside down. Nemesis had thrown him in the air with all of his might. The Skull member screamed with terror as he felt like he was flying miles high into the sky. And then everything came with a sudden stop. Real gravity had kicked in now, and it was dragging him to his death. The stallion's shrieks continued as he fell to his doom. But before he fell any further, he felt arms catch him in mid air. Nemesis carried him like a child as he finally touched down. Nemesis then looked in his arms and saw a terrified coward, shivering as he had seen death.

“Now talk, or the next time I throw you won't-”


“Thanks.” Nemesis said calmly dropping him, which only shook him up even more.

Nemesis then looked back at the front door of Fluttershy's house. He then dashed toward it slamming it open.

“ANGEL!” He called out to him. The little bunny swiftly hopped over to him, a little nervous at his aggression. Nemesis then knelt down to talk to the little bunny face to face. “Angel I need you to look after the house for me, ok?”

Angel nodded, agreeing with his terms.

“Thanks Angel i'll be back with Fluttershy, I promise!” He shouted as he ran back outside. He then dashed as fast as his legs could take him. And since he made his living being a thief, he could run pretty fast to say the least. Nemesis grit his teeth in anger of not seeing this before hand. His hair flowed through the air as his surroundings were a simple blur of colors from his speed. He swiftly dashed through the trees reaching Ponyville. After he was in Sugar Cube Corner it didn't take him long to find a huge, broken down, abandoned warehouse.

Nemesis then stopped running to see the warehouse in front of him He glared at it ready for action as he smacked his fist against his palm.

Please be ok Fluttershy, I would never forgive myself if you got hurt.

Nemesis then kicked down the door with all of his might, flinging it inside the large room. Nemesis eyes glowed with death through the dust and debris. He waited till the cloud of debris cleared as he anticipated to see the faces of cowards. But what he saw was something he never could have foreseen.

“Shh its ok Mr. kidnapper, everything will be ok.” Fluttershy cooed

Nemesis couldn't believe his eyes. All of the Skulls in that warehouse were.... crying? Nemesis just stood there with his mouth open.

“I-im s-s-such a b-bad p-person!” the Skull member in Fluttershy's arms sobbed.

“There there, just as long as you know what you did wrong. That's all that matters.” She said softly as if she were talking to a baby. Just then, she looked up to see Nemesis standing there frozen.

“Oh hi Nemesis, how are you?” Fluttershy greeted with her usual smile while still holding on to the sobbing Skull member.

“W-wha-huh?” Nemesis was still at a loss of words.

Suddenly one of the gang members latched on to one of his arms and hugged it tightly. The Skull member sobbed and apologized profoundly, or at least thats what he could make out from the stallion as he cried and talked at the same time. Nemesis didn't know what to say. Here he was, expecting to fight with all he had and to get Fluttershy home. Now, it seemed that it wasn't even worth leaving the cottage.

The abandoned warehouse was completely filled with sound of manly sobs and cries. The stallion on his arm finally said something clearly.

“We'll never do this again! We are so so so sorry! Right boys!?”


Just then, all the Skull members huddled around Nemesis for a group hug. They squeezed hard, as if they were trying their best to say sorry from their group hug. At this point, Nemesis was extremely uncomfortable. As everyone else wept, he groaned with dissatisfaction. He then kinda wished that he would have to fight them, as he thought before, instead of hug them. But I guess it was for the best.

The sun began to give an orange glow as it set in the horizon. Nemesis and Fluttershy took their leave from the warehouse as the Skulls eagerly waved goodbye with tears streaming down their faces. The Skulls swore never to do evil again and that they would now try to help ponies instead of hurt them. As the two walked home, Nemesis was completely confused and wanted some answers.

“Sooo what just happened?” Nemesis asked.

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy said cluelessly tilting her head.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How did you make everyone sensitive!!??”

“Ohhh, it was simple. I just showed them a little kindness is all.”

If Nemesis wasn't confused before, he was really confused now. Still, he decided to pursue this topic.

“Annnd thats it?” Nemesis continued to question.

“Uh-huh!” Fluttershy happily nodded.

“How did you know it would work?”

“I didn't, its just,” Fluttershy looked up into the sky and smiled “Sometimes its better to show kindness than to solve problems with violence.”

Nemesis's serious face slowly relaxed as the words he heard slowly sunk in. He had always solved problems with violence. Whenever he was hungry he would mug or steal, whenever he was insulted or attacked he would respond with fighting. Thats all Nemesis knew. He never once thought or even knew that showing kindness to one another can be such a powerful tool. He decided not to press any further with his questions. But he still had one left.

“So what did you do?” Nemesis asked calmly.

Fluttershy was thrown into the air and landed onto her shoulder. Her arms were tied behind her back, as her hooves(feet) were tied together. The best thing she could do to get away at this moment was to worm away. Fluttershy looked around uncomfortably as she saw she was in a large garage-like area with dust everywhere. If she had to guess this place would probably be an abandoned warehouse.

“Well, well, well,”

As soon as Fluttershy heard the unknown voice, she sat up instantly to find where it was coming from. She shifted around to see a stallion standing above her with an evil grin. He had blue fur and wore a muscle shirt and a black and white bandana on his head. The rest of the gang began to move into the large room and surround her.

“So, this is one of Nemesis's friends, eh?” The blue colt said grinning.

“Hey boss, what do we do now?” one of the ponies asked in the crowd.

“Now, we wait.” The blue colt responded.

“Wait for what?”

The gang all looked at their feet as the soft voice came from the mare.

“Were waiting for your friend, Nemesis.” the boss answered evilly.

“Why's that?” Fluttershy asked puzzled.

“So we can kill him thats why!” The boss shouted losing his patience.

Fluttershy shook her head but kept her smile. “Why do that? Thats not a very nice thing to do.” she told him.

The boss of the Skulls was really starting to lose his patients. His face started to lose composure. “Because he messed with us!!” he yelled.

“He did that to protect his friend, you of all people should understand that.” Fluttershy said softly continuing to smile at him. The boss began to stutter as he tried to make a come back to her naïve attitude.

“I-I don't care! People like him need to pay!!”

“Thats not what you really think do you?”

“Wha- huh?” The boss was taken back at this question. Now he was starting to sweat buckets.

“I don't think thats true at all.” Fluttershy continued “You made this gang because you were alone and you wanted someone to accept you. You tried really hard for ponies to notice you, but nobody would. So you did anything, even bad things to get anyone to notice you. Now that you have friends, your afraid to lose them so you do everything you can to protect them. You aren't a bad pony, you're just misunderstood.”

The leader was speechless. He was now having second thoughts on what he was going to do to Nemesis and Fluttershy. She said all of this with her warm smile and her soft voice. She continued to cheer the boss up even though he treated her badly. And he knew it.

“I-I-I -uh-uh” The boss stuttered every word he tried to say, but no full word was said. He stepped backward in shock, he could feel something, something in his gut. Something that was all bottled up inside is now starting to fall out. After that mare hit the nail on head, he could feel something rising. He couldn't take it anymore, one little push is all he needed

“Seems like someone could use a hug!”

Finally all the pressure broke. Their were no more barriers to break. The boss gave in. An ear piercing wail was heard throughout the warehouse. The boss glomped fluttershy in a bone crushing hug as tears ran down his face like a waterfall. Since fluttershy was still tied up, all she could do was nuzzle his shoulder.

“Your right! Im such an awful person! What have I done!” the boss cried.

“There there Mr. kidnapper, its not your fault.” Fluttershy cooed

“Everyone needs to be shown kindness, Nemesis. So thats exactly what I did” Fluttershy told him smiling.

“Yea well, just be more careful next time, huh” Nemesis responded.


Nemesis and Fluttershy continued to walk back home side by side as they relax from a crazy but heart warming day!

Would you still be kind to me, even if I betray you and your friends?

Author's Note:

Hey guys sorry for the really long delay! here's chapter 10! Thanks for reading!

= Boss of the Skulls

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Jesus guys, just because the character is a "Gary Stu" doesn't mean it is bad. I have some Mary Sue characters that I write about and will continue to do so because I don't give a shit if people like it or not. And a LOT of fanfic writers mess with canon. That is why there is a tag called ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!

I read the first couple of chapters already and I like it. It is an interesting take on Alicorns.

Thanks for the nice comment! I appreciate it!:pinkiehappy:

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