• Published 20th Jun 2020
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InFAMOUS; The Princesses Son - Leonnidus454

A Conduit with an unknown power dies and is reborn in Equestria. Growing up in an orphanage then adopted by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. What kind of life awaites him in the world? Let's find out...

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Death, Reborn, Adopted

In the streets of Seattle, a young man with dirty brown hair, green eyes, fair skin, and a slim lean build, was sitting on top of an election billboard that had been spray-painted to make the person running for mayor look like he was a puppet, throwing rotten eggs from a carton down at people and cars below him, he wore a letterman jacket that looked to be green but was so filthy it was brown and the letters were too faded to read, dark blue jeans, white sneakers, and a green beanie.

"Think fast coppers!" he yelled as he chucked a rotten egg at a police car as they drove up.

"Goddammit, Zeke! Just wait until we get up there!" One of the cops said as they stepped out of the dark.

Then as a police officer climbed up to the billboard platform, the young man named Zeke threw the spray paint can at the officer's unprotected forehead then dumped the remaining eggs then ran, jumping from the rooftop onto several air conditioners like they were stairs, then onto a deli sign, before landing on a table and slipping into a crowd of people.

The cops tried to find Zeke, but they couldn't spot him, one of the cops groaned in frustration and said, "Dammit, every time!", Zeke slipped out of the crowd as the cops had their backs turned.

"Heheheheh. You'll never catch this Conduit Positive, donut munchers." Zeke said as he continued down the street while evading the police, then he passed a TV store, the news was on.

"As you can see behind me, the Conduit freedom movement is a hot topic, with the recent events many people have joined the side of Conduit's side but some still think of Conduits as bioterrorists. Alleged reports say Psychic Conduits send messages that only people who are natural-born Conduits can receive." the news reporter said, she was in front of two groups of people with signs that either said, "Conduits are people too! #All Lives Matter" or "Conduits are bioterrorists!"

Zeke ignored the TVs as he walked down the street, but then he spotted a kid in the street picking up a frisbee, but the next thing he noticed was a truck with a distracted driver speeding toward him.

What will Zeke do?

Save the child?

Let the child die?

'This thing again? My answer should be obvious!' Zeke thought as he bolted out into the street and threw the child into the sidewalk, letting himself get hit by the truck instead, the last thing he heard was screams and the sounds of the truck driver trying to escape before he blacked out.

"Oh my goodness! Are you alright?!" said a female voice.

'Huh, weird I thought I was dead- Gah! Cold thing touching me!' Zeke thought before his eyes snapped open, he saw he was in an alleyway, it was nighttime and raining, in front of him was a colorful mare in a nun outfit, she was brushing her hoof across Zeke's muzzle, 'Wait, muzzle?'

Zeke looked at himself, he was now a colt probably about 5 years old with a tan coat, his human hair, a tail of matching color, and clothing. '........... Why am I not freaking out right now?'

"My goodness, you're burning up." the mare said before picking Zeke up, "What's your name, little guy?"

"Zeke..." Zeke said now hearing his new high pitched voice.

"What an... Odd name... But I'm Penned Heart, come on now, let's get you somewhere much warmer and some food in your belly," Penned Heart said before walking off with a still perplexed Zeke on her back.

'Why the hell am I still not freaking out?!?!' Zeke thought.

It was a very weird time for Zeke, as it turns out Zeke was reborn into a world called Equestria, a land populated by ponies with normal ones, pegasi, and unicorns, with two alicorns that both raise and lower the sun and moon separately and rule the land together, Celestia and Luna. Zeke's pony body had a near-death experience which caused Zeke to remember his past life as a human, which was why Zeke wasn't freaking out. Zeke's body was someone else's while Zeke's mind ran the body now.

Zeke still had his natural climbing ability among a few other things, It turns out Zeke was still a Conduit because after a doctor's exam they found a strange gene trait inside of Zeke, which Zeke already knew what it was.

Zeke was now living at Penned Heart's Orphanage and Zeke seemed to be going the same route as his human self did, which was 'hide from adults and wait till he's 18 to legally leave'. So Zeke just hid and watched foals get adopted. Not that he really cared, he never made friends with anypony.

Some other foals did try to speak to Zeke but they found that they'd get more of a response from a brick then Zeke, eventually after 3 and a half years, Zeke was the last foal in the orphanage. Zeke was currently in his normal spot, in the rafters, eating an apple watching the last foal other than him leave with their new family. Zeke during his human time had grown numb to the feeling of wanting a family, Zeke was fine with living on his own.

'Just need to wait for 8 and a half more years to pass until I'm a legal adult and I can go about my life.' Zeke thought, giggling at the thought of possibly spray painting one of the princesses billboards.

'Now that's a very rude thing for a foal to do or think for that matter.' a motherly voice said in Zeke's head, causing him to fall out of the rafters from the shock of hearing a second voice in his head, before he was caught by a unicorn's magic.

In front of him were 2 alicorns.

The first had magenta eyes, a four colored mane, those colors being a light deep blue, a light turquoise, a very light cobalt blue, and a pale pink, and a white coat, wearing gold jewelry and shoes. Also, her horn was glowing a gold aura.

The second had cyan eyes, a sapphire blue mane with grayish Persian blue, and a dark blue coat, with silver shoes and black metal jewelry.

"Oh hey, it's the princesses, Sunbutt and Moonbutt," Zeke said with a blunt look on his face, causing the first mare to giggle as the second mare blushed and pouted only for Zeke to say, "What are you laughing about? Your butt is bigger then Moonbutt's, Sunbutt."

The second mare laughed at her sister's face, which was filled with shock, Penned Heart looked behind her to see what the noise was and was shocked to see the princesses, Penned Heart quickly stepped in front of them, bowed her head, and said, "P-Princess Celestia! Princess Luna! To what do we owe this honor?"

"'To what do you owe this honor' I don't care a single bit about these two," Zeke said to which Penned Heart quickly shushed him but Zeke just blew a raspberry.

"I am so sorry about him, Zeke here has a bit of a rough personality." Penned Heart said.

"No need to punish the foal, he was simply speaking his mind," Celestia said.

"Bitch, that wasn't me speaking my fucking mind, me speaking my fucking mind involves a lot of fucking-" Zeke was cut off by Penned Heart covering his mouth with a hoof.

"Where did such a young foal learn such language?!" Luna yelled in a very loud voice.

"Gah, use your fucking inside voice!" Zeke yelled pushing away Penned Heart's hoof before rubbing his ears and continuing, "Also, can you put me down, the blood is going to my fucking head."

Zeke was lowered to the ground and Celestia's horn stopped glowing before she said, "I think we'll adopt this one."

"What?" Zeke, Penned Heart, and Luna said.

"We came here to adopt a foal, but it seems he's the only one here, and this is the only orphanage in Equestria, so we'll take him, we might even fix that personality of his," Celestia said with a smile.

"I'd like to see you try," Zeke said before getting a light shove from Penned Heart.

"Well, if that's what you wish, come with me, Zeke go pack your things." Penned Heart said Zeke rolled his eyes and went to his room.

Penned Heart and the Princesses walked to the counter then Luna said, "You still have yet to answer my question, where did he learn those words?"

"I found him when he was 5 years old in Seaddle while coming back from a family visit, he was sitting in an alleyway all by himself so if I had to guess he heard those words from some foul-mouthed pony," Penned Heart said.

"That's awful, who would put a foal out in the streets at such a young age?" Luna questioned.

Penned Heart rubbed her forehead and said, "I wish I knew, anyway, before we sign anything I'm legally obligated to tell you everything I know about him."

"Very well, begin," Celestia said, neither Celestia nor Luna noticing Zeke had finished packing and was around the corner listening to them.

"Well, you know his personality, so starting with the traits of his mental ability, he's very smart, at a college level in fact, from Science to Math to even Grammar," Penned Heart said.

"Impressive!" Luna said.

'It's more that everything here is at a 10th-grade level since ponies relied on magic for everything, so most subjects get shafted while Magic is all you study.' Zeke thought.

"Next, his physical ability, the doctors say he's stronger, faster, and tougher than most foals his age. When he grows up, they say he's going to be stronger than most ponies. He's also quick to recover from injuries and I've never once seen him get sick, not a little sniffle." Penned Heart said.

"My, my, he must certainly keep himself fit and healthy," Luna said.

"Actually it's because of something else entirely, the doctors found a strange gene trait inside him, next to nothing is known about it, and the doctors can't make heads or tails of it."

"I thought that was the case. Luna, did you not sense it? That gene trait has been letting off strange energy." Celestia said before glancing at Zeke, making his presence known.

"I had not been focusing on the energy around us, I hadn't even noticed him," Luna said.

"Zeke can be a sneaky one, he's lost multiple chances for adoption because he goes somewhere no pony can find him." Penned Heart said Zeke shrugged in response.

"Well, he's not hiding now," Celestia said.

Penned Heart smiled and said, "True, now please sign here and the adoption will be complete."

Both Celestia and Luna signed the Mother's side of papers then Zeke said, "You two aren't really convincing me that you're not lesbians."

"Hush, little Zeke, you're new Co-Mothers are finished up and we will be leaving soon," Luna said.

"Co-Mothers? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Zeke said bluntly.

After the papers were signed, the princesses and Zeke left the orphanage in a chariot pulled by pegasi, Penned Heart waved them off with a few tears, then Celestia took out a scroll, wrote something down then used a spell to send it somewhere before speaking, "We'll be heading to Ponyville because we believe you'll grow much better there than Canterlot."

"You're also worried about me picking a fight with the nobles." Zeke quickly added.

"I... Uh... Was I that obvious?" Celestia asked getting a row of nods from Luna, Zeke, and both the guards pulling the chariot as they flew off.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading and feel free to point out any grammar mistakes I've made, also any ideas you have.

Anyway, I've borrowed down 3 picks for Zeke's first power, each a reference to the game series, and I need some opinions to choose which to use;

Smoke from Infamous Second Son = 13

Electricity from Infamous 1 = 13

Ice from Infamous 2 = 15

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