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The Last Of The Ancients - spiderkink

Follow Jason as he attempts to cope with his immortality, not to mention waking up in a world run b

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It has taken longer than Celestia thought it would. Once all the ponies arrived, it took them four hours just to find out how to cut through the advanced alloy surrounding the creature. What was supposed to be a quick rescue turned to an impossibly long process to open the box. The unicorns metal smiths, as well as any unicorn guards nearby, were now at work trying to cut through the extremely thick and strong metal. They had finally started making progress, albeit very, very slow at that.

'How can this metal be so strong! It has taken ages to only cut a few inches in!' Celestia thought in frustration.' At this rate, it could take days just to get through this shell. and if there were layers.....' Celestia could only imagine what she could with metal such as this. Her castle could be impervious to pretty much anything she can think of, even dragon-fire.

Her thoughts were cut off abruptly by one of the unicorn doctors that she assigned to watch the life signs of the creature inside. "Princess Celestia, I don't know how to explain this but..." The doctor trailed off.

"What is it doctor? Is there something wrong with the creature?" Celestia asked worriedly. The creature could run out of magical energy at any moment, pretty much killing it. She wouldn't dare try teleporting it without knowing how much harm it would do to it. Without knowing it's physiology, she could accidentally harm it or leave behind some internal organs or appendages. That would not be a pretty sight.

"No Your Highness, just the opposite in fact. I-I have no idea how to explain how.... but the creature is perfectly healthy, better than healthy in fact. and it isn't absorbing magical energy like all living things do..... it's CREATING it." She explained.

'what. how? that can't be correct.' All living things must absorb natural magic energy to sustain itself. The ley lines in the earth give this energy off normally, and nothing else can create it.Celestia thought. "That can't be correct, a being like that would have unlimited magical power. Even alicorns have their limits." Celestia explained while conducting the scan herself. And sure enough, the doctor was correct.

Celestia was somewhat intimidated by this creature now. If it was a threat, she wasn't sure she or her sister could stop it. The Elements of Harmony are their only hope if it comes to that.

"Guard, get me a quill and the red parchment, I have a letter to write."


Twilight Sparkle was on a picnic with her friends Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. they had already finished their meals and were simply watching the sunset together.

Applejack broke the silence. "Well gals, this is right pretty an' all, but i've got some apples ta' buck in th' morning." Applejack stated.

"Alright Applejack, I need to go back to the library anyway. Spike and I still have some sorting to do before we go to bed." Twilight said while standing back up.

Pinkie Pie, sad a little that her friends had to go but knowing that she had work to do to, got up as well."Yeah! I need to go to, I need to watch the twins in the morning." Pinkie Pie stated while hopping up and down with a big grin on her face. "We need to do this more often. Oh! I know what to do! We should have a HUGE picnic party next time and invite everypony! She exclaimed happily.

"That's a great idea Pinkie! Next time let's get all the girls together!" Twilight said. They really need to spend some more time together, but Twilight has her studies, Applejack has to work on her farm, Rainbow Dash is busy trying new tricks or being lazy, Fluttershy has her animals, Rarity has some big fashion project, and Pinkie is always planning some party or another.

"Ah agree with ya' there sugarcube. Us gals really need ta' spend more time ta' gether." Applejack said.

Twilight was about to say her goodbyes when she saw a purple and green speck running towards them. As it got closer, Twilight soon recognized Spike running as fast as he could. A metal tube in his claws. Spike soon reached them but was too out of breath to speak correctly so instead resorted to incoherent babbling.

"Ooh! I like guessing games! Um, is Gummy in the well again? Did Ditzy Doo crash into town hall again? Oh oh! Are aliens invading to suck out our brains?! O-" Twilight stopped her by shoving her hoof in her mouth.

"Now Spike, what's wrong? Did something happen at the library?" She asked.

"An urgent letter from The Princess! I couldn't open it because it needs your magic to open it." Spike explained.

Twilight was worried now. The Princess only sends letters like this in an emergency. She quickly cast the spell to open the tube and pulled out a rolled up red scroll.

'This can't be good. Red letters mean there's a possible threat to equestria!' With that thought she unrolled the scroll and began reading aloud.

"My Most Faithful Student, I need you and the Elements to come to Canterlot as soon as possible. We have discovered a pre-equestrian artifact with a living creature inside it. We have also discerned that it creates it's own magical energy. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how powerful this creature could be. Please hurry.

Princess Celestia"

"Come on girls, we have a train to catch!" Twilight shouted.


It was well past midnight by the time the train pulled into Canterlot. And the Elements were now being escorted through the long hallways by two guards. after around ten minutes of walking, they arrived at the southeastern storage facility that the artifact was being kept in. Twilight had informed all of her friends about the letter back in Ponyville and they all left immediately.

Two guards opened the door for them and shut it once they had entered. Looking around, Twilight saw what seemed to be a large metal container of some description, as well as some unicorns using magic to cut into one side of it. To the side were some unicorn doctors and medical staff. and observing it all were Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Shining Armor.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, BBBFF! Its good to see you!" Twilight said, galloping to them and bowing to the princesses and hugging her brother.

"Twily! I'm happy to see you!" Shining Armor said, hugging back.

Twilight then nuzzled her mentor. "I am also glad to see you my faithful student." Celestia said, ending their embrace.

"What is all of this princess? How is this creature still alive after all this time? Why are those unicorns cutting into it? What kind of metal is that? What a-" Celestia silenced her with a raised hoof.

"We found this artifact in the crystal caves under Canterlot. After scanning it, we discovered that there is a heartbeat inside and began our efforts to open the box to help it. But that was hours ago." Celestia explained.

"Why is it taking so long? Why not just cut it open and look inside?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Because dear Rainbow Dash, the metal surrounding the creature is incredibly strong. It is a type of metal we have never seen before." Celestia told her.

"How long will it take to open it? I have so many questions I want to ask the creature!" Twilight asked excitedly.

"Soon my student, we have almost cut through one of the walls. Myself and Luna have been taking turns these past few hours using our magic to cut through. I suspect it will only be an hour at most."


'What was that?' I asked myself. I was unfamiliar to this sensation. then I remembered. I was hearing something. I haven't used my ears in.....how long was it? What a rip off, I hadn't even dreamed during my sleep. Then I heard the sound of metal falling against something, producing a dull clang through the concrete. 'Will they even be human? I could have been asleep for millions of years for all I know. Maybe we colonized space. Maybe humanity finally destroyed itself and this is some new species that rose from the ashes.' Before I could debate with myself further, my vision was filled with blinding white light. I couldn't see a thing, I didn't even remember opening my eyes.\

I began to hear voices."....-incess, look, I've found the creature!" I heard a man say. Well, I assume it was a man from the tone of voice. "Quickly, I will teleport it the rest of the way out!" A female this time. 'wait. did she say teleport?' did we advance so much that we can do that now? Before I could ponder that more I began to feel a strange sensation all throughout my body. It quickly made me queezy. Then there was another bright light 'what's up with all the bright lights?' and I was suddenly sitting on the floor........in front of a group of ponies...........that were technicolored ..........'what'

"Eew! It smells terrible!" A white colored unicorn shouted while moving a hoof to cover it's nose. ......wait a minute.........it can speak?........UNICORN? I noticed the others now. some had horns, some had ...wings? and the two taller ones had both horns AND wings. guess they're the leaders.

"Well you try to smell like fresh daisies after spending God-knows how long trapped inside a metal box filled with concrete. I stopped counting time after around two-hundred years, but I assume it's been a few million years at least if you've never seen a human before..... and you're all talking ponies.....with wings and horns....." I stated.

They were all staring at me with wide eyes and mouths agape. I don't think they were expecting me to speak. The first to recover was the tall white one. It had White fur with a multicolored rainbow mane that seemed to billow in an invisible breeze. Along with wings and horn. It spoke.

"Human....but those are nothing more than old tale and legend. Never in my immortal life did I expect to find a creature such as you." She explained."I am Princess Celestia." Sher said. "This is my sister Princess Luna." She indicated the dark blue unicorn/pegasus next to her. When she indicated her sister, Luna then stopped gawking at him to introduce herself.

"Greetings mortal. I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night an-" I cut her off by raising my hand. my joints popping as I did so.I winced slightly.

"I do not mean to be rude, but I am not mortal.I have lived far longer than I would have enjoyed." I spoke, causing several gasps and more gawking from the smaller ponies and shocked expressions from the princesses.

"But that's not possible! The princesses are the only immortals!" The purple unicorn shouted."And how dare you cut off Princess Luna like that! Don't you know any manners?!" She shouted next.

She was getting on my nerves quickly now. "Do you not know that you are supposed to RESPECT your elders?! Or do ponies not have that tradition?" I shouted back at her. She recoiled slightly at that.

"You don't look that old! You aren't wrinkled or blemished in anyway at all!" She shouted back at me.

"If that's the case, are your princesses younger than you too? after all, they seem to be the most youthful ponies that I've seen!" I shouted at her.

She started to blush along with the princesses from that remark. It took me a moment to realize what I had said until I too began blushing.

"Are you truly an immortal as you said?" Luna asked me while still blushing slightly.

Appreciating the chance to change the subject I replied. "Yes. I can't die from any means, natural or otherwise." I answered, while getting my blush under control.

"Now, before you start asking me more questions, I would like some food and drink if allowed please. It's been a very long time since I've had nourishment." I stated.

This made the princesses blush for a moment before answering."Of course.... What is your name anyway?" she asked me.

Realizing that I had not told them yet, I was a bit flustered myself."Yes, of course. My name is Jason Derahn. But you may all call me Jason."

Author's Note:

OK. I'm going through these chapters again to fix 'em up. I'm not sure if I'll continue with more chapters. I just had the urge to go through this story again.

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