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The Last Of The Ancients - spiderkink

Follow Jason as he attempts to cope with his immortality, not to mention waking up in a world run b

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Princess Celestia was in her throne room attending royal court, as she does everyday. Bored out of her mind. Listening to the rich, snobby, and downright rude, nobles speak about how they deserve this and rightfully have claim to that. So tedious! Rambling on and on about what some mere peasant did to offend them and blah, blah, blah. While all she would do is nod her head and offer a small "I agree" occasionally and pretend to care. After the last noble left she allowed herself a brief sigh and mental slap to the face to keep on task. However, the next pony to enter was one she was not expecting, although it was not unwelcome in the slightest.

The newly hired royal archeologist, Dry Bones, walked up to beneath her throne and bowed. "Greetings Princess Celestia". he said.

"Greetings Dry Bones. What brings you here hmm? Not that your visit is unwelcome at all." She asked him. She was interested in his discoveries in the newly rediscovered crystal caves under Canterlot.

"Well, we have discovered an ancient....box of some kind. however that is now the amazing part! He replied excitedly. "The age of said box is not known for certain, but we know it dates back to pre-equestria! He exclaimed.

Now The princess of the day was surprised. she couldn't even think of something to say! There have only been a few pre-equestrian relics found during her reign. and each of them revolutionized pony society! Hydroelectricity, light bulbs, and steam locomotion, to name a few.

Dry Bones took her silence as an approval to continue. "Princess Celestia, this discovery could very well be an insight into pre-equestrian civilizations!" Dry Bones said.

"Where is this artifact now?" Celestia asked.

"It is still in the caves at the moment princess." Dry Bones replied.

"Why hasn't this artifact been teleported to the archeology facility?" Princess Celestia asked him.

"Well..... we can't move it. The crystals surrounding it have magic-siphoning characteristics. we can't get close to it without passing out from magic loss." Dry Bones explained regretfully.

Now she understands. most ponies can't go near those types of crystals without losing significant amounts of magic. she only knows of a few who could last more than a minute in their presence. Herself and Luna are two of those ponies.

"Then my sister and I will have to teleport in and then teleport ourselves along with this box out of there and into one of the castle's storerooms." Celestia explained to him. Her horn lighting up with an orange-golden glow to send a telepathic message to her sister to inform her of all the events that took place in the throne room over the past ten minutes.

"Thank you for informing me of this Dry Bones. I must regretfully ask you to transfer this matter over to me and my sister for a while. We need to find out what this artifact is and make sure it isn't dangerous before I can allow you or your team to examine it." Celestia informed him.

Somewhat saddened that he won't be able to look at it first he answered."Of course princess. It saddens me that I can't be the first to examine it, but I know that you must take the proper steps to make sure it is safe for us." Dry Bones said.

"Thank you for being so understanding Dry Bones. I promise you, as soon as it is safe I will make sure that you are the first to be informed." Celestia said to him.

"Thank you princess. I will take my leave now. Good day Your Majesty." Dry Bones said, excusing himself as he left.

As soon as he was gone, Princess Luna teleported into the throne room in a flash of blue light. She had a smile on her face that would give Pinkie Pie a run for her bits.

She trotted up to Celestia excitedly. "Tia! Oh, this is such exciting news!" Luna exclaimed while nuzzling her sister happily.

"I know Lulu! Lets go and bring this box to the southeastern warehouse now! Celestia said, unable to contain her excitement any longer. "But we must be quick sister, even we can't withstand the crystal's effects for very long." Celestia said while charging up her spell. In a flash they were sent down into the caves, right in front of the box.

Both Celestia and Luna were dumbstruck by the size of it for a moment. The object in question was a large metal box. The metal of some quality they have never seen before. It was about twelve feet long by twelve feet high. But before she could examine it further, she reminded herself that she was losing magic fast. So, with another flash, Celestia transported them and the box to the warehouse.

Now they were in an empty warehouse with only them and the box. Examining it with uncontrollable smiles on their faces, Celestia and Luna began to use their magic to scan the box in every way they could think of when Luna suddenly gasped and recoiled in shock. Celestia stopped scanning immediately, fearing her sister's safety.

"What's wrong dear sister?" Celestia asked, wondering why her sister reacted in such a way.

"S-sister! Scan for a life signature!" Luna said in a mixture in fear and curiosity.

Celestia was shocked by what her sister was implying, but complied nonetheless. What she discovered however made her have the very same reaction her sister had moments ago. There was indeed a life sign inside the ancient box. It shouldn't be possible! Yet here it is, right in front of her. She didn't know what consequences her next action would be, but she couldn't leave a living creature trapped inside that metal box! regardless of what might happen, that creature needs help!

"Luna, go get the guards, medical staff, and metal smiths! We must get this poor creature out!" Celestia said quickly. for all she knew, this being was feeding off the magical energies crystals inside the caves to sustain itself for all this time. without those crystals to feed it, it would need to breathe and eat again to survive. That is, if it even needs to eat and breathe.

Luna then dashed off to find those ponies and bring back help. She had come to the same conclusion as her sister. If that creature is going to survive, it needed to get out of that box quickly.

Author's Note:

I'm editing these now. Also, how do I use italics? This has been bugging me for awhile.

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