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The Last Of The Ancients - spiderkink

Follow Jason as he attempts to cope with his immortality, not to mention waking up in a world run b

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

We've been walking for around five minutes now. During this time I've been thinking about my situation. ' Overall I'm very confused. I don't honestly care what happened to humanity. But how does humanity vanish and then evolution decides to replace them with ponies? Not only that, but they are almost perfect representations of Greek mythology and children's bedtime stories! I may know all about rocket science and just about anything else really, but it doesn't take a scientist to know that that isn't how things work!'

During my musings, one of the ponies spoke up, the posh-looking white one with purple hair and diamonds on her flank. "Darling I don't mean to be rude, but just WHAT are you wearing? Grey is such a bad color on you, and what is all that equipment you have?" She said.

"Hmm?" I looked at myself and realized that she was right. Oh dear god, I look like I walked through a blender and I decided to run with scissors. Not normal scissors mind you, but a thousand scissors while running through Chernobyl with an army of mutants after me. That was not a fun mission, let me tell you that.

My once pristine custom mercenary uniform that was originally G.I. green was now foghorn grey and was in tatters. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart yet. 'Oh Shit! My weapons! I need to check on them as soon as I get the chance.' You see, The people who put me in that accursed box weren't completely heartless. They let me keep my weapons and equipment. I know you must be wondering 'what kind of idiot lets their prisoner keep their weapons?' well, I suppose it could be called good behavior. I didn't fight back when they forced me into that box, mostly because they had the firepower of three armies and air forces all pointed at me. I may be stupid at times, but I'd rather be put in prison in one piece rather than God-knows how many giblets. However they knew what a veteran soldier was and still respected me. so they gave me some pressure sealed cases for my weapons. Good thing too, fuckers cost over four grand to buy and modify.

"Well this.... um...I need new clothing soon. These will only last so long before they give out on me. And these boxes? These are the tools of my trade, lets go with that for now." No way am I going to tell them about my weapons and risk getting them taken away. No one takes my babies from me!

She seemed to want to ask more but let it go for now. " Okay dear. But please allow me the honor of creating a new outfit for you, I can't wait to face a challenge like that!" she exclaimed.

"Sure thing Miss...?" I realized that I don't know their names yet. They seemed to realize that now as well.

"Oh! Where are our manners?! My name is Rarity darling. I run a boutique in Ponyville." She said.

Now the purple one with dark purple with pink highlights in her mane and star shaped things on her flank spoke. "Sorry about not introducing ourselves before. My name is Twilight Sparkle, I work and live at a library in Ponyville and am Princess Celestia's star pupil." She told me.

By now we had stopped in the hall for introductions. All eight of us...wait. there were nine of us weren't there? "Where's the pink one? is she st-"

Pink. So much PINK. How is she on my head?!

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie! Sorry I didn't say so before but we were really busy and stuff you know withyoubeingalltrappedinthatboxremember?Oh!Weneedtothrowyoua'wealcometoequestria'partyforyou!Doyoulikepartieshuh?doyadoyadoya?" Then she finally took a breath.


"What" it wasn't a question or a statement.

Then she took a huge breath.'Oh shit! she's going to do it again!'

Thankfully she didn't get the chance as she was yanked down by the orange one with blond mane and tail. "Sorry 'bout Pinkie. She can be ah might bit crazy now an' then."

"Nah, it's okay. Just takes a while to actually understand her." I turned to Pinkie Pie. "Yes I do like parties but can it wait a few days so I can get situated here?" I asked her.

Pinkie seemed to get a smile to big for her face when I said that."Sure!" Then she started bouncing in circles saying all the things she'll have at the party.

The orange one turned to me again and took my hand and started shaking it. "Howdy ther' Ah'm Applejack! Ah' Own an apple orchard Me an' my family work at in Ponyville called Sweet Apple Acres!" She said.

Not questioning how she can grip my hand with hooves, I gripped as tightly as her and responded."Nice to meet you Applejack! I know a hard worker when I see one, and I love apples. I'll have to stop by your orchard some time!"

Now we stopped shaking and she had a bit of a blush. "Ah'll hold ya to that Jason!" She said while holding her hat down to hide her blush. I always had a thing for country girls. And that blush was pretty cute.

Then the cyan mare with a technicolor rainbow mane and tail flew up to me while striking what I assume to be a heroic pose. "And I'm Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in Equestria!" She boasted. Something tells me she may be a teensy bit prideful. Reminds me of some air force jocks I knew once.

Then there was an almost inaudible 'eep' and I looked at the source. And there, trying to hide behind her long pink mane, was the yellow coated pegasus. She seemed afraid of me so I crouched down so I wasn't so imposing with my height.

She seemed to realize that we were all looking at her and tried to hide further behind her mane. Now she seemed to be terrified if her shaking meant anything. 'Urge to hug rising. Resist! Resist!' Then she emitted another 'eep' Yup, that's it, its over. I slowly wrapped my arms around the shivering bundle of cuteness-turned-physical and started saying quiet, soothing things to her.

"Shh. It's okay. I wont hurt you, it's all okay. you're safe." I said in my quietest voice for only her to hear. She reminds me of my daughter Nadene. Sometimes this is what it would take to calm her down when we recently escaped hunters or she had nightmares.

Soon she calmed down enough to look up at me. I simply stroked her mane and allowed her all the time she needed to calm herself. Then I heard her speak."H-hello I'm F-fluttershy an-and I'm sorry I was scared of y-you." She said to me.

"It's no trouble at all Fluttershy. I would be scared too in your position. I understand. Are you okay now?" I asked.

"Y-yes. Thank you for h-helping me calm d-down. She replied.

I unwrapped my arms from her and turned to face the others. They were all looking at us wide eyed. I have come to the conclusion that this is awkward. Fluttershy then noticed as well and emitted another 'eep' and hid behind me. this seemed to snap the others of their trance.

"Wow, I've never seen somepony become friends with Fluttershy that fast before." Twilight said.

"Yes. I know. But now that introductions are over, let's get to the dining hall to get food for Jason here." Rarity said.

They started walking down the hall and I was about to follow when I noticed Fluttershy shaking again. I couldn't snap her out it so I simply picked her up and cradled her in my arms. Her only reaction was an 'eep' and a blush from being carried. So, with fluttershy in my arms I followed the others.

'Why are these ponies so damn cute?'

Author's Note:

Not sure if I'll be going anywhere with the Jason x Fluttershy relationship. She is best mane six pony.

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Comments ( 48 )

First also yay update

Nice. Really hope that the wait ain't going to be this long this time. :pinkiehappy:

WOOHOO! an update FINALLY!!!

'Why are these ponies so damn cute?'

Dont ask questions the universe can't figure out.

1468317 and the pink one is imposible to figure out how shes so cute :pinkiesmile:

Like the concept but the box opening and introductions just felt rushed.

1469232 I know. Keep in mind this is my first fimfic

Yup about time it is back. I can see some potentional in this story :)

Hm, I liked the start of it, but so far....meh.
Let me clarify a bit more.

1.Okay, he gets released after God knows how long, and he appears calm, friendly and such? From what I read, he was a warmachine in his time, before being locked up, a genuine God of War so to speak.
2.He makes friends with the ponies right away? I would have figured life would have thought him to be suspicious and not so trusting in other beings, especially considering he has been experimented on, tortured, turned into a one man army. Then imprisoned by most of the nations that he fought for.
3. Lets check his mental health. As I mentioned before, he has had a lot of shit happen to him. Were is the mental scarring, for I can't really see it while he is hugging Fluttershy; although Fluttershy overload is a weak point in mostly every sentient creature known and unknown in this existence, but I digress, my point being this that I would have imagined there being a bit of conflict when he got released, before the hugging would commence.
4. Beautiful ponies. Those were some of the first words out of his mouth when he was freed from the cube, and then blushes went rampant amongst the group. Okay? First of, he is still human, an immortal one, but still human. He may find them beautiful, but starting to blush about it? No real reason for him blushing, since I would think that he would look upon them more as animals, then females that he may want to check out, right? Since he is still a product of his time, and his attraction would still be focused upon human females.

Sorry for sounding harsh, but that's just how I see it so far. I will continue to check out the story, and see if it improves, but atm, it's not really captivating for me.

1470794 No, You're right. I am kind of experimenting with this. This is my first story so this is a lot of trial and error. Thank you for being honest, it helps me.

Ah, I see. Well,l I do wish you good luck with this, and I hope you have fun playing around with this :twilightsmile:
Btw, if you want to integrate this into your story, to explain why he is acting so serene, maybe try this path; His mind has fractured, so parts of him, and how he will react in a given situation, changes randomly? Or maybe he has learned to partition his mind, and has stuffed all the abuse, torture, and millennia long boredom into a tight little box inside his mind and locked it down tight, therefore explaining his simple behaviour? Or maybe he is just insane, and has multiple personalities?

But of course, I have no idea where you want to take this story, so all im saying are just suggestions, and simple ideas that you may use however you wish.

Anyway, keep on writing, and see where this story ends up. :twilightsmile:


Lastt time this was in the top was when i raved it... IVE BEEN WAITING FOR WEEKS POSSIBLY 2 MONTSH EVEN!!!

1470892 thanks! Honestly though, this story was going to be scrapped since I didn't know where to go with this story. But I got so much feedback that I kind of have to continue this instead of creating a new one. My next one will most likely be about a wizard, because why not.

1470910 check comments lol

Wizards and such are always good. If your looking to take that one in a serious, or semi serious direction, maybe check this one out for inspiration?
It's a good story, imo.
There are other wizard stories out there, but I can't name them atm. Ofc, I am a bit tired, heh.

But, anyway, always go with what you want to write, and the direction you want to take a story.


Hm, it didn't show the link, let me try again

i had to reread this.... it has been a while:pinkiesmile: though i approve and await more:raritystarry:

YES!! UPDATE!!! ARGH!! author, this story is awesome and you should really post updates on it moar often :D:yay::yay::yay:

I like how you made fluttershy sound so cute:rainbowkiss::yay::yay:

1470946 already read it lol

I'm having fun reading this :3 an enjoyable fic so keep writing good sir/ma'am tracking and upvote

1474334 Thanks! I am a sir btw. Also your avatar immediately made me think APPLECEPTION!

1474376:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh: you aren't the only one who complimented my avatar pic xP ya appleception is quite right xD lol anywho for the compliment I thank you good sir (adjusts monicle) :rainbowwild:

You spelt 'grey' correctly! :yay::yay::yay:
Any criticism I had has already been said, so all I really have is "Good Story!"
Love the Idea. Love the story. Excellent.

This is Australia...

1475410 I could legitimately have a monocle. No joke. I'm only short sighted in one eye.
I wish I had a monocle...

This is Australia...

1490679:pinkiegasp: damn why don't you?? Top and hat and cane and everthing @w@ xDD

I've been looking for one for ages.
Nowhere sells them!:fluttershbad:
I would totally do that if i could find one (And one of the correct correctiveness.)
The funny part is, the other eye is slightly long sighted. so my vision is perfect, as long as i'm using both eyes. Which basically means that I fail every eye test, but I've never had glasses.:rainbowlaugh:
Seems legit.

This is Australia...

Welp story is dead again xD

So when can the update be exspected?


Welp, I gave it a shot, but not my cup of tea. Way too generic and boring for my tastes. I won't down vote ya, but I will watch you to see if you turn this story around. But as for now:


2098847 not really planning on it now.

Please continue this FANTASTIC story.

1470845>>1470794 The stable mental health could be written off as a bi-product of being immortal.:derpytongue2:
I really hope you decide to continue this at some point...:fluttershysad:

Dude continue this amazingly wonderful fanfic.


when will you release another chapter i have been waiting forever.This story is to good to die.:twilightsheepish:

Have fun with that

Fuck fluttershy and do LUNA!!!!!!

2098982 So how about those updates now?

4070649 I really don't feel comfortable with my writing. I'm sorry to have been leading you or anyone on, but I don't see this story as important anymore. I mostly read now.

its to young to die:fluttershbad: you need to get it to a important part 75% through the story to stop updating

Please make more chapters or hand it to someone else to work on you trust I really like this story, please...:fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:

Please continue

Fluttershy then noticed as well and emitted another 'eep' and hid behind me.


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