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KINGDOM HEARTS III: 2.0 Keyblade in Equestria - OliverSparkle

Sora wakes up in the land of Equestria after the events of Kingdom Hearts III

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Just outside Ponyville and the entire Equestria, there was a secret hideout with two path ways up and on top was a giant goat skeleton head.

On the right path way up, a blue goat, with big dark blue horns, short white mane and tail, mini blue beard on his chin and a red neck holder around his neck with two yellow spheres on each side with a yellow bell in the middle of them, was walking up the mouth entrance of the hideout with a Pegasus stallion, with a dark red coat, a black mane and tail, his cutie mark was a pair of red boxing gloves and goes by the name: Cold Wind, following behind him as he looked at the place from left to right.

“So this is the hideout you mentioned?” He asked the evil goat.

The goat nodded in response to his question while continuing to walk to his hideout.

“Yes,” he answered, “The very hideout outside of Equestria. No creature would ever find it unless they’re smart enough to find it.”

They walking inside the mouth entrance as Cold Wind saw what was inside the hideout.

Inside the hideout were two giant muddy pools with the mini pathway the two are walking on, two pathways up on the right and left, and lastly, a rocky round table with a dark orange crystal magic ball that the goat uses.

At the round table was a pinkish gray pony with pale, light grayish arctic blue and light arctic bluish gray mane and tail with a castle chess piece cutie mark on her flank, a black evil Changeling ex-queen with holes in her hooves, tail and see through wings, and dark green messy hair and tail, and lastly a male centaur.

They then saw the goat and Cold Wind walking towards them.

“We were wondering when you’ll be coming back with the new pony,” said the evil Changeling.

“The cage, Cold Wind was in, took longer to break than I can imagine,” the goat said as he and Cold Wind got to the round table, “I had to take the top bit off instead of the metal bars. These cages are getting stronger and better every time I see them.”

“So this is the pony you were talking about,” said the filly as she flew around Cold Wind looking at his body before flying in front of him and said, “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Cozy Glow, the cutest filly in this team.”

She then did one of the cute faces at Cold Wind as he let out a disguised face as he was not sure about this one.

“Don’t worry about her,” said the male centaur as he placed his right claw on Cold Wind’s shoulder, “She does that sometimes to fool ponies so they don’t think she’s a bad pony. Don’t know why or how she does it, but I’m not bothered to know.”

“Although, she does have a point there,” said the evil goat, “We never did introduced ourselves to him.”

He looked at Cold Wind. “I am Grogar, the one who brought these three together before I brought you in.”

“I’m Lord Tirek, a male centaur that steals magic from all different types of ponies.”

“And I am Chrysalis, the queen is the Changelings! Until Thorax began the new Changeling King and made all my Changelings into good with bright colours, thanks to that Starlight Glimmer.”

“Well, my name is Cold Wind, who was brought to Tartarus, thanks to that son of my who decided to get arrested and live with that so called new mother of his!” He groaned angrily until Grogar calmed him down a bit.

“Now now, Cold Wind. Save your anger when you get a hold of your son.” Grogar jumped onto the round table while continuing to speak, “And I can assure you that we can help you capture him for good this time, and his mother or her friends won’t even know where we are or how they can stop us and rescue him.”

“Oh really?” Cold Wind asked, “And what do you want in return from me?”

“Oh I want nothing from you in return,” Grogar answered, “All I ask is that you join me, and together, we can bring every creature to their knees, and while you sort your son out after ruining your life, Equestria will be ours.” He then let out an evil grin.

Cold Wind was now in thinking mode as he patted his chin with his right hoof.

“Hmmmm.... That sounds all well and good, and I have no interest in taking over Equestria. Where do I sign?”

Grogar’s grin got even more eviler after hearing what Cold Wind just said.

“Ah, I’m glad you said that.” He then jumped off the round table and walked towards him. “Don’t you worry, with our help, your son will have no chance of escaping you this time. Not even his so called family and friends can help him this time.”

“And what if they do get in the way?” Cold Wind asked in confusion.

Grogar giggled evilly before answering, “Oh they’ll be in for a surprise if they get in our way.”

Just then, a new voice was heard.

“A surprise? Ha! More like a big surprise if they try to foil our plan to take over Equestria.”

They turned to the right pathway up and saw who was walking down it. It was a pony wearing a rubbery Armour outfit that was black with purple lines on them and was covering her entire body, a mini black and purple cape, her tail was dark purple and she was wearing a black glass mask.

She then stopped near Chrysalis as Cold Wind was still looking at her.

“Who’s she?” Cold Wind asked.

“Oh just a pony I created,” Chrysalis answered with a smirk, “With some darkness that I managed to find.”

“And I don’t think I ever said my name,” the masked pony said, “I am, Aqualight.”

“I see,” said Cold Wind, “And I take it you want to rule Equestria with them, right?”

“I have no interest in ruling Equestria,” Aqualight answered as she walked towards Cold Wind, “I’m only helping them cause they promise to help me get the rest of me. Chrysalis may have created me, but I’m incomplete. I need the rest of me.”

“And where is the rest of you?” Cold Wind confusedly.

“The rest of her are inside the two creatures that ruined my life as queen of the Changelings and made Thorax the new ruler of the Changelings!” Chrysalis answered furiously as she hated the Changeling traitor as much as she hated Starlight Glimmer.

“Calm down, my queen,” Grogar said as he walked towards her, “Save your anger to we captured them all, take over Equestria, and then you can destroy Thorax and Starlight as much as you want.”

“And I believe that’s a promise he’ll keep till the attack is done,” said a new male voice.

They all turned and saw a corridor of darkness at the entrance of the hideout. Emerging from it was a mysterious man wearing a black coat, one that is worn by the members of Organization XIII, followers of the late Master Xehanort.

“Hope I didn’t miss anything while I was gone,” the stranger said.

“Oh of course not, my friend,” Grogar answered, “You didn’t miss anything at all.”

“And who is this new human?” Cold Wind answered as he knew what humans are after meeting one before.

“Just some friend I met while these three were searching for my bell,” answered Grogar before glaring at Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis, “And they didn’t even find it!”

Both Tirek, Cozy and Chrysalis gave nervous smiles and laughter as Cozy rubbed the back of her head. They did actually find his bell, but hid in the hideout where they could find it so when the time is right, they could backstab him later.

Cold Wind looked at the stranger again before saying, “Take off your hood. I want to see if you’re not like that human that stopped me from taking Lightning away.”

The stranger looked at Cold Wind for a few seconds before doing what he asked as he placed both his hands inside the hood and took it off his head as it showed mildly tanned skin with amber gold eyes. His hair was silver, which both slightly spikes and falls past hs shoulder, with four bangs framing his face.

The six villains looked at him as he looked at them before letting out an evil chuckle.

Author's Note:

This is my new fourth story, hope you all enjoy this one

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