• Published 25th Jun 2019
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Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc - foxmaster

The same as the first one. Decided to mix the search for the number monsters in with the W.R.G.P. And no there will be no Link summoning in this story but there may be some stuff from the newer sets.

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Magician's Trickery

Last time on Yugioh EG Silver went through a horrifying duel with Juniper Montage and despite the creepy fiends and a giant camera that opposed him Silver demonstrated that the future is not set in stone and managed to win the duel and now faces the great and Powerful Trixie. Will Silver win this one or will this be the final act.

Trixie took her position and with a snap of her fingers, the spotlight shined onto her.

“ All right Ladies lets see if our new girl can take Trixie down,” Trixie said dramatically.

Turquoise Dusk:4000
Trixie Lulamoon:4000

“ Trixie will start,” Trixie said as she pulled a card from her hand. To start things off Trixie Summons Berry Magician Girl in attack mode. A baby girl with fairy wings wearing a plum magician hat with a matching jumper and a light green onesie under it appeared and waved her wand.

Berry Magician Girl

“ When Berry Magician Girl is Normal Summoned Trixie can add a Magician Girl Monster from her Deck to her Hand so Trixie will add Chocolate Magician Girl to her hand. Trixie added her card from her deck to her hand and then pulled another card from her hand.

“ Next Trixie will activate the Field Spell Secret Village of The Spellcasters good luck activating Spell Cards now since Trixie knows for a fact you don,t run any Spellcaster-Type monsters in that Deck of yours. The entire field was replaced with a forest with huts all over the place.

“ Great this is just what I need is it just too much to ask for someone to fight me without changing the Scenery first?” Silver asked irritated after seeing this strategy three times now.

“ Like that will make a difference Trixie sets two cards Face-down and ends her turn,” Trixie said as two set cards appeared behind her monster.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver was in a jam now thanks to Trixie’s Feild Spell due to the fact he had only one monster in his hand along with five Spell cards.

“ First I set a monster Face-Down,” Silver said as a set monster appeared on Silver’s field.

“ Anything else?” Trixie asked.

“ No I end my Turn,” Silver said dejectedly.

“ Trixie’s turn Trixie Draws,” Trixie said as she drew her third card. Trixie smiled evilly after seeing what she drew.

“ Time for Trixie to lock you down further with the Continuous Spell Forbidden Entry,” Trixie said as a Spell with an image of a man entering an Amazonian village only to be stopped by a woman appeared. Trixie declares one Monster Type and as long as this card is on the field you're not allowed to Normal or Special Summon any monsters of that type so Trixie declares Spellcaster just so you don,t try and break Trixie’s lockdown. Five magic circles appeared on Silver’s field specifically his monster zones and glowed green.

“ Next Trixie Summons Chocolate Magician Girl in attack mode. A white-skinned girl with long light green wearing a black skimpy magician’s outfit with pink trim appeared and spun her wand before pointing it at Silver.

Chocolate Magician Girl

“ Now Trixie activates Chocolate Magician Girl’s effect by discarding a Spellcaster-Type monster from Trixie’s hand Trixie can draw one card. Trixie discarded her card and drew one card from her deck.

“ Time to battle Chocolate Magician Girl attack that set monster. Chocolate Magician Girl fired a blast of black energy at Silver’s set monster causing it to flip face up revealing a man wearing a white robe with a cobalt cloak and projected a barrier.

Galaxy Wizard

“ You fell for my trap the monster you just attack is Galaxy Wizard which has more Defense Points than your monster so you take damage. The energy blast was deflected back at Chocolate Magician Girl and sent her flying a few feet.

Turquoise Dusk:4000
Trixie Lulamoon:3800

“ Also one more thing you should know Galaxy Wizard is a Spellcaster-Type Monster and since he was already on the field before you activated that spell of yours you can,t get rid of him. Trixie looked pissed after Silver outsmarted her.

“ Trixie ends her turn,” Trixie said reluctantly.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver was glad he drew something useful.

“ First I will use Galaxy Wizard’s effect to raise his level by four so now he is level eight. Galaxy Wizard raised his wand and cast a spell on himself increasing his level.

4 + 4 = 8

“ Next I activate the Spell Galaxy Expedition While I control a level five or higher Galaxy or Photon monster I can Special a level five or higher Galaxy or Photon Monster from my Deck in defense mode so I will summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in defense mode. Galaxy-Eyes appeared and took a defensive stance.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ Next I activate the Quick-Play Spell Photon Stream of Destruction while I control a Galaxy-Eyes monster this card allows me to target and banish one card on the field so say goodbye to your Secret Village. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon unleashed a blast of photon energy into the sky and caused it to rain down on the village causing it to vanish.

“ Next I activate another Spell called Galaxy Rewind If I used a Spell card containing the word Galaxy-Eyes in its text this turn I can add it back to my hand however I will take 1000 points of damage if I use the card I added with this effect so Photon Stream of Destruction returns to my hand. Silver added his card back to his hand and pulled it out ready to use it again.

“ Now if you don,t mind Trixie I will play my Photon Stream of Destruction again. As soon as Silver activated his card jolts of electricity hit him and he showed a painful expression.

Turquoise Dusk:3000
Trixie Lulamoon:3800

“ I may have felt intense pain from that but it is worth it to banish Forbidden Entry from your field. Trixie Spell card vanished along with the magic circles on Silver’s Field.

“ Now that I have broken your lock I summon another Galaxy Wizard in attack mode. Another wizard appeared and took his position next to Galaxy-Eyes.

Galaxy Wizard

“ Ha, Trixie was hoping you would do that because Trixie activates the Trap Dark Renewal when you summon a monster Trixie can send it and one of her monsters to the GY to Special Summon a Dark Attribute Spellcaster-Type monster from her GY so Galaxy Wizard and Chocolate Magician Girl make some room for Dark Magician. A red coffin appeared and opened up sucking both monsters into it and caused the Dark Magician to leap onto the field.

Dark Magician

“ I activate the other effect of my Galaxy Wizard by tributing this card I can add a Galaxy card from my deck to my hand so with this effect I add Galaxy Zero to my hand. Silver added his card to his hand before continuing his turn.

“ I end my turn With one card face-down,” Silver said as a set card appeared on his field.

“ Trixie’s turn Trixie draws,” Trixie said as she drew her second card. Trixie smiled after what she drew.

“ Trixie equips Berry Magician Girl with the Equip Spell Decoy Wand Trixie can only equip this card to a level four or lower Spellcaster-Type Monster and while its Equipped not only does the equipped monster gain 500 attack points you can only attack that monster during battle,” Berry Magician Girls’s wand was replaced with a red wand with a heart-shaped ruby on the end of it.

400 + 500 = 900

“ Next Trixie activates another Equip Spell Axe of Fools and equips it onto your Galaxy-Eyes. Silver looked confused as to why Trixie would give his monster more attack points until he remembered the drawback to using that spell.

“ Your monster may gain 1000 attack points but its effects are negated so there will be no disappearing acts from you,” Trixie said as said ax appeared in Galaxy-Eye’s hand.

3000 + 1000 = 4000

“ With that Trixie ends her turn,” Trixie said.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his second card. Before Silver could do anything Trixie interrupted him.

“ Trixie activates the Trap Battle Mania this not only changes your Dragon to attack mode but forces it to attack this turn if able. Galaxy-Eyes switched battle modes and unleashed a mighty roar.

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ I have no idea what you are up to but if its a fight you want than brace yourself Galaxy-Eyes attack Berry Magician Girl with Photon Stream of Destruction. Galaxy-Eyes unleashed its attack only for Trixie to smile.

“ You fool you just triggered Berry Magician Girl’s effect when she is targeted for an attack I can change her battle mode and Special Summon a Magician Girl Monster from my Deck so from my Deck I special Summon Master Dark Magician Girl in attack mode. Berry Magician Girl took a defensive stance and opened a portal and out of the portal came Dark Magician Girl wearing a purple version of her original outfit along with her master’s staff.

Berry Magician Girl

Master Dark Magician Girl
ATK:2500 + 1000 = 3500

“ Master Dark Magician Girl gains 500 attack points for each Magician Girl Monster on the field and in either of our GYs so with one on my field and another in my GY that is 1000 attack points.

“ Even so my attack continues. Galaxy-Eyes continued its attack and blew Berry Magician Girl clean off the field.

“ I end my turn with one card face down,” Silver said as a set card appeared next to his other one.

“ Trixie's Turn Trixie Draws,” Trixie said as she drew her card. Trixie suddenly had a glowing red eleven mark appear on her left hand before she raised it.

“ First During Trixie’s Stand By Phase Axe of Fools deals 500 points of damage to you since your the one controlling it. Silver felt a shockwave hit him after Trixie said that.

Turquoise Dusk:2500
Trixie Lulamoon:3800

“ Now its time Trixie showed you her number Trixie overlays her Dark Magician and Master Dark Magician Girl to build the overlay network. Dark Magician and Master Dark Magician Girl turned into purple streams of energy then entered a galaxy like portal then exploded.

“ Mighty seer of the future bend those who see into your mighty pupil to your will and my side! Xyz Summon! Appear! Number 11 Big Eye!”

A silver spike with a yellow ring around it with a red eleven printed on it stabbed into the ground and floated off the ground before a big yellow eye with red sclera opened up and looked like it was staring into Silver’s soul.

Number 11 Big Eye

“ That is one of the creepiest monsters I ever saw,” Silver said.

“ If you think its looks are scary than Trixie knows your going to hate its effect which Trixie will activate now by Detaching one overlay unit Trixie gains control of a monster on your field. go, Temptation Glance. One of Big Eye’s overlay units went into its eye and began to mesmerize Galaxy-Eyes into switching to Trixie’s side of the field.

2 - 1 =1

“ Now that Trixie has your monster Trixie finds it very appropriate to use it to finish you Galaxy-Eyes why don,t you unleash all your fury on your friend. Galaxy-Eyes prepared to unleash its attack on Silver until Silver went for one of his set cards.

“ I activate the Trap Photon Rescue when my opponent attacks me directly I draw one card and reveal it and if it's a Photon Monster I can Special Summon it in attack mode and change the attack to that monster. Silver closed his eyes and focused his mind while drawing his card. After seeing what he drew he smiled.

“ Just what I needed your new target is Photon Caesar. Photon Caesar appeared in front of Silver ready to take the hit for him.

Photon Caesar

“ Either way you still take damage from the attack. Galaxy-Eyes continued until Silver went for his other set card.

“ I also activate the Trap Battle Simulation when our monsters battle not only are their attack points halved but neither of them is destroyed in battle. Both monsters were hit by a shockwave that cut their attack points in half.

4000/2 = 2000

2000/2 = 1000

Silver took the damage and managed to survive.

Turquoise Dusk:1500
Trixie Lulamoon:3800

“ Your lucky Big Eye can,t attack on the turn it uses its effect so Trixie ends her turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his second card. Silver needed a way to get his dragon back and saw he drew something that could help.

“ First I activate the Spell Card of Yggdrasil If I control a Light Attribute monster I draw two cards. Silver drew his two cards and was glad to see he drew his game-changer.

“ Next I Activate the Spell Destruction Draw by destroying a monster on the field I can draw two more cards and the monster I destroy is Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. After Galaxy-Eyes was dragged into the ground Silver drew his two cards.

“ Since I control a Photon Monster I can Summon Galaxy Knight without any tributes and when summoned this way I can special summon Galaxy-Eyes from my GY in defense mode. Galaxy Knight appeared and stabbed his sword into the ground and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon came back.

Galaxy Knight
ATK:2800 - 1000 = 1800

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ Next I overlay my Level Eight Galaxy-Eyes, Galaxy Knight and Photon Caesar in order to build the overlay network. All three of Silver’s monsters turned into streams of yellow energy that entered a galaxy like portal and caused a pike to appear in Silver’s hand.

“Here comes a monster with more fury than ten black holes put together! Watch as he rips your hope to shreds! Xyz Summon! Roar! Rank Eight! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!”

Neo Galaxy-Eyes appeared and unleashed a mighty roar.

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

“ Since I used Galaxy-Eyes as material all face-up cards currently on the field have their effects negated. Neo Galaxy-Eyes unleashed a pink shockwave that shut down everything currently on the field except for itself.

“ Next I activate the Spell Different Dimension Overlay this card allows me to attach two banished cards to a face-up Xyz Monster on the field and I chose your Big Eye. A portal opened and two overlay units came out and attached themselves to Trixie’s monster.

1 + 2 = 3

“ I use Neo Galaxy-Eye’s effect by detaching one overlay unit he can absorb all of your monster’s overlay units and not only gain 500 attack points per unit but can also attack that many times this turn. After absorbing its unit Neo Galaxy-Eyes swallowed all of Big Eye’s overlay units and powered up.

3 - 1 = 2

3 - 3 = 0

4500 + 1500 = 6000

“ Before I battle I activate the Spell Galaxy Chain by banishing a Galaxy Monster from my GY your monster lose attack points equal to the banished monster’s attack or defense depending on which is higher so I banish Galaxy Wizard from my GY to have Big Eye lose 1800 attack points. A glowing chain appeared and weighed Big Eye down.

2600 - 1800 = 800

“ Time to finish this Neo Galaxy-Eyes Attack Big Eye with Ultimate Photon Stream of Destruction. Neo Galaxy-Eyes unleashed a mighty blast of pink energy and not only obliterated Big Eye but sent Trixie flying.

Turquoise Dusk:1500
Trixie Lulamoon:0
WINNER:Turquoise Dusk

Silver took Trixie’s number and Trixie woke up with no memory of what just happened.

“ Impressive work Ms.Turquoise but let's see how you handle a two on one match,” Cinch said as Lyra and Lightning took the field.

Silver sensed that something was wrong with Lyra.

“ Hope you're ready to be my newest plaything new girl cause when we win you will make a perfect doll for me,” Lyra said in a creepy tone.

Silver sensed that whatever numbers possessed Lyra took away the sweet and caring girl he fell in love with. Lightning, on the other hand, looked like she just wanted to break stuff.

“ Don,t think you can beat us so easily like the others cause when we are done you will be leaving this tower in a body bag,” Lightning said with her voice full of rage.

Author's Note:

card info:

Forbidden Entry
Spell/Continuous Spell
Effect: Declare one monster type and as long as this card remains face-up on the field your opponent cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters of that type.

Galaxy Rewind
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: You can only activate this card if you used a Spell containing the word Galaxy-Eyes in its text this turn add that card to your hand. If you use the card added to your hand by this effect you take 1000 points of damage.

Decoy Wand
Spell/Equip Spell
Effect: Equip this card to a level four or lower Spellcaster-Type monster and if you do that monster gains 500 attack points. Your opponent can only attack the equipped monster during battle.

Master Dark Magician Girl
ATK:2500 DEF:2000
DARK Spellcaster/Effect Monster
Effect: This card gains 500 attack points for every Magician Girl monster on the field and in either player's GY.

Photon Rescue
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: When your opponent declares a direct attack you can draw one card and reveal it. If the card is a Photon monster you can Special Summon it.

Card of Yggdrasil
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: You can only activate this card while you control a LIGHT Attribute monster. While you control a LIGHT attribute monster draw two cards. You can only activate one Card of Yggdrasil per turn.

Destruction Draw
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Destroy one monster on the field and if you do draw two cards.

Different Dimension Overlay
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Target one face-up Xyz Monster on the field and attach two banished card to that monster as Xyz Material.

Galaxy Chain
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Target one monster on your opponent's side of the field then banish a Galaxy monster from your GY the targeted monster lose attack points equal to the banished monsters Attack or Defense points( Whichever is higher)

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