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Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc - foxmaster

The same as the first one. Decided to mix the search for the number monsters in with the W.R.G.P. And no there will be no Link summoning in this story but there may be some stuff from the newer sets.

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Dragon Showdown

“ And taking the stage for Team Silverwing is the leader Silver Chance,” The Mc announced as Silver sped up and caught up to Jain Feng. after he caught up to him and drew his opening hand the duel picked up again.

Silver Chance:4000
Jian Feng:4000

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver checked his hand and saw he had the best possible way to deal with Star Eater. First I summon Buster Whelp in attack Mode. Buster whelp flew onto the field before unleashing its cute little roar.

Buster Whelp

“ When my Whelp is Normal Summoned I can add a Destruction Sword card to my hand so I will add Destruction Swordsman Fusion to my hand. After adding his declared card to his hand he continued his move. Next, I tribute my Whelp to Special Summon Buster Blader in attack mode. Buster Blader appeared on the field and began to power up.

Buster Blader
ATK:2600 + 2000 = 4600

“ Next I activate the Spell Empty Grave,” Silver said as a spell with an image of an empty casket in a cemetery plot appeared. This allows each of us to Special Summon a Monster from our GYs in attack mode so from my GY I summon Buster Whelp. Buster whelp flew onto the field ready for more.

Buster Whelp

“ Well, I bring back my Landmine Dragon. A red Dragon with spikes in certain places appeared before unleashing a roar.

Landmine Dragon

“ Now that the stage is set I activate the Quick-Play Spell Destruction Swordsman Fusion this allows me to Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster that lists Buster Blader as material by using monsters on both sides of the field so I will fuse my Buster Blader with your Star Eater to Summon my greatest weapon against dragons. Both Buster Blader and Star Eater were absorbed into the fusion vortex before spinning.

“ Mighty dragon that consumes the sun combine with the valiant hero that slays all that is evil and become one! Fusion Summon! Appear! Level Eight! Buster Blader The dragon Destroyer Swordsman!

Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer appeared and looked ready to fight.

Buster Blader The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman
ATK: 2800 + 4000 = 6800

“ Big deal that won,t stop me,” Jian Feng said.

“ It will once I explain my Swordsman’s effects first he forces all your Dragon-Type Monsters into Defense Mode and their effects are negated. Landmine Dragon suddenly took a defensive stance.

Landmine Dragon

“ Now to end this Dragon Destroyer attack Landmine Dragon with Dragon Soul Slash. As Dragon Destroyer was approaching Jain Feng noticed a clutch action card coming up and grabbed it then activated it.

“ I activate the Action Spell Evasion which stops your attack. Looks like I’m still in this match,” Jain Feng said with pride.

“ Fine I end my turn,” Silver said.

“ My turn I draw,” Jain Feng said as he drew his third card. Jain Feng was not happy about his monsters being stopped and then noticed he drew the one card that could possibly turn things around. First I activate the Spell Dragon,s Final Wish,” Jain Feng said as a spell with an image of a dragon spirit flying off into the sunset appeared. By banishing a Dragon-Type Monster from my GY I can draw one card for every level that monster has so by banishing my Star Eater I draw eleven cards. Jain Feng drew his eleven cards as Dragon Destroyer lost power.

6800 - 1000 = 5800

28 - 11 = 17

“ Why would you take such a huge risk like that?” Silver asked.

“ So I can summon forth my greatest weapon but first I activate the Spell Magical Copy this allows me to reuse a Spell card in my GY so I will use my Raigeki to destroy your monsters. A bolt of lightning destroyed both of Silver’s Monsters leaving him defenseless. Next, I banish my Debris Dragon and Tempest from my GY to Special Summon Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos. A dragon made of magma suddenly took form and unleashed a mighty roar.

Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos

“ Since I banished Tempest he allows me to search for a WIND Attribute Dragon-Type Monster so I will add Handcuffs Dragon to my Hand. After adding his declared card to his already big hand he pulled his next card. Next, I activate the Spell Dragon’s Light by discarding a Dragon-Type Monster from my hand all Dragon-Type monsters I control become the same level as the discarded monster so by sending my Level Eight Mythic Flame Dragon to my GY both Blaster and LandMine become Level Eight as well. A divine light covered both Blaster and LandMine and raised their levels

7 + 1 = 8

3 + 5 = 8

“ Now that the stage is set I overlay my Level Eight Landmine Dragon and Blaster in order to build the overlay network. Both of Jain Feng’s monsters turned into streams of red energy as they entered a galaxy-like portal and exploded.

“ Mightiest dragon of them all take form and unleash your wrath upon my foe! Xyz Summon! Roar! Number 46 Dragluon! A bunch of blonde furs tied in knots appeared before transforming into a white dragon with yellow in some places and a yellow 46 mark on its left wing.

Number 46 Dragluon

“ Kind of figured there would be a number monster mixed into this match,” Silver said.

“ Wait till you see what dragluon can do but first lets set the stage I activate the Spell Soul Designator,” Jain Feng said as a spell with an image of a fiendish looking hand pointing at Jack Atlas with a fiery version of Red Dragon Archfiend behind him appeared. This allows me to guess the name of a monster and if you happen to have that monster either in your Main Deck or Extra Deck it’s automatically Summoned to your field ignoring the Summoning Conditions and the Monster I declare is Clearwing Synchro Dragon. Silver Extra Deck suddenly glowed and out of it came Clearwing which appeared on the field ready to fight.

Clearwing Synchro Dragon

“ Why would you allow me to Summon my ace just like that?” Silver asked.

“ So I can have the pleasure of destroying it right in front of you especially since Dragluon renders the effects of your Dragon-Type Monsters useless until the end of your turn. A diagram suddenly appeared beneath Clearwing and zapped him. Next, I activate Dragluon’s effect If I control no other monsters I can detach one overlay unit to Special Summon a Dragon-Type Monster from my hand so Welcome to the field Handcuffs Dragon. After swallowing one of its overlay units dragluon opened a portal for a dragon that looked like a pair of handcuffs to fly out.

2 - 1 = 1

Handcuffs Dragon

“ Time to let the devastation begin Handcuffs Dragon attack Clearwing Synchro Dragon. Handcuffs lunged at Clearwing only for Clearwing to retaliate and destroy it.

Silver Chance:4000
Jian Feng:3300

“ Why would you do that you just damaged yourself,” Silver asked.

“ So I can weaken your Dragon you see when Handcuffs Dragon is destroyed it equips on to the monster responsible and drains that monster of 1800 attack points. Suddenly the spirit form of Handcuffs appeared before latching on to Clearwing who could not use its Dicronic Mirror thanks to Dragluon.

2500 - 1800 = 700

“ Now for the real attack Dragluon attack Clearwing with Sacred Fire Blast. Dragluon unleashed a stream of golden fire that was aimed right for Clearwing. Just when things were looking hopeless Silver saw a clutch Action card and grabbed it before activating it in the nick of time.

“ I activate the Action Spell Big Escape this ends the Battle Phase. Despite being tied up Clearwing managed to dodge the flame.

“ Fine, I set three cards facedown and end my turn,” Jian Feng said as three set cards appeared behind Dragluon.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his fourth card. Silver was in a bind with Clearwing tied up and weakened and a number monster staring him down. After seeing what he drew Silver saw some hope. I may not be able to use Clearwing’s effects but I can break the handcuffs that bind him with the Spell Equipment Change this allows me to send one equip card on one of my monsters to the GY and replace it with an Equip Spell in my Deck so goodbye Handcuffs Dragon and hello Armor Of Unity. Handcuffs Dragon suddenly broke and was replaced by armor that looked like a mishmash of different dragons.

700 + 1800 = 2500

“ Thanks to this armor my Clearwing cannot be destroyed by Battle and any damage I take is reduced to zero,” Silver said to Jian Feng who was not impressed.

“ You may have freed your Dragon from the bind of my Handcuffs Dragon but your still not safe I activate the Trap Dust Tornado to blow away your armor. A tornado appeared and blew away Clearwing’s Armor.

“ When Armor of Unity is destroyed by a Card Effect I draw two cards. After drawing his two cards Silver was pleased to see he had more options now. I set two cards facedown and end my turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Jian Feng said as he drew his sixth card. After looking at his hand he saw many ways to destroy Silver but decided to really rattle him with his next move. I activate Dragluon’s second effect while I control no other Monsters I can detach one Overlay Unit to gain control of one of your Dragon-Type Monsters so hand over your Clearwing.

1 - 1 = 0

Clearwing tried to resist being taken but failed and stood next to Dragluon. Now that I have your monster time to Battle Dragluon attack Silver Directly. Before Dragluon could unleash its attack Silver went for one of his set cards.

“ I’m not letting you attack me that easily I activate the Continuous Trap Dragon Destroyer’s Haki,” Silver said as a trap with an image of Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman emitting the same power he uses to force dragons into hiding flipped face-up. If Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer swordsman is in my GY this trap forces all Dragon-Type monsters on the field to switch into defense mode. Silver’s trap began to emit the same force as dragon Destroyer until Jian Feng reacted.

“ Nice try I activate the Counter Trap Flame Of the Dragon King,” Jian Feng said as a trap with an image of a mighty dragon unleashing a phoenix shaped flame flipped face-up. While I control a Face-Up Dragon-Type Monster This card negates the activation of one of your Spells, Traps, or Monster Effects. The phoenix shaped flame flew at Silver’s trap and destroyed it. The attack continued and just when it looked like he was about to be nailed he spotted a clutch Action Card and grabbed it then Activated it.

“ I activate the Action Spell Evasion now your Dragluon’s attack is negated. Silver swerved to the left and managed to dodge the flame.

“ You may have dodged that attack but let’s see how you like being attacked by your own monster Clearwing Synchro Dragon attack your former master directly. Clearwing flew into the air and then performed its whirlwind slasher attack on Silver thus draining him of most of his life points.

Silver Chance:1500
Jian Feng:3300

“ I think that is enough punishment, for now, I end my turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his fourth card. Silver looked pleased to see he drew just what he needed to possibly turn the tables. First I summon another Buster Whelp in attack mode. Buster Whelp flew onto the field ready for action.

Buster Whelp

“ And like last time when he is Normal Summoned I can add a destruction Sword card from my deck to my hand so I will add Destruction Sword Unlimited Bladeworks to my hand. After adding his declared card to his hand Silver went for his set card. Next, I activate the Trap Synchro Material this allows me to use a monster on your side of the field to Synchro Summon so I will be taking my Clearwing back and tune it with my Buster Whelp. Buster Whelp turned into a single star and then a single green ring that encircled Clearwing and turned him into seven stars that fell into alignment.

7 + 1 = 8

" Mighty dragon that guards the treasure of the hero - Come to my aid and protect thy hero and his alleys! Synchro Summon! Rise up! Level eight! Buster Dragon!

Buster dragon appeared and took up a defensive stance.

Buster Dragon

“ Did you already forget dragluon negates all the effects of your Dragon-Type Monsters,” Jian Feng pointed out not impressed with what Silver did.

“ Of course I remember but that will no longer matter once I do this. I equip Dragluon with the Equip Spell Dragon Sealing Talismen this negates all of Dragluon’s effects including the whole Cannot be destroyed by battle except with other numbers part. A sealing tag appeared on Dragluon causing the diagram on Silver’s field to vanish. Now that my Dragon-Type Monsters can use their effects again I activate Buster Dragon’s effect once per turn when I don,t control Buster Blader on my field I can Special Summon one from my GY so welcome back Buster Blader. Buster Blader leaped onto the field ready to fight.

Buster Blader
ATK:2600 + 2500 = 5100

“ Nice try but even with that power boost I will still have some life left and on my next turn you’re finished,” Jian Feng said with arrogance.

“ Too bad there is no next turn because I activate the Field Spell Destruction Sword Unlimited Bladeworks. The track was suddenly transformed into a wasteland with all the many swords in Buster Blader’s arsenal stuck into the ground. Once during either of our turns, This card allows me to Equip a Destruction Sword Monster to a Buster Blader Monster I control so I will use this effect to Equip Blade Master Destruction Sword to my Buster Blader. Buster Blader’s sword was replaced with a black Excaliber-like sword that began to glow as if it was giving more power to Buster Blader.

5100 + 4000 = 9100

“ How did your Blader gain more power?” Jian Feng asked.

“ Blade Master destruction Sword allows the equipped monster to gain 500 attack points for every Dragon-Type Monster in either GY,” Silver explained. Now its time to finish this Buster Blader attack Dragluon with All Mighty Sword Slash. Buster Blader charged at Dragluon and leaped into the air ready to strike until Jian Feng went for his set card in a final effort to save himself.

“ I activate the Trap Half Shield this will halve the damage to my Life Points so much for your final attack. Silver looked around desperately for Action cards and noticed one ahead and so did Jian Feng. Both Silver Jian Feng accelerated into top speed and in the end, Silver grabbed the action card and looked very pleased with it and activated it.

“ How very appropriate this is how the duel ends I activate the Action Spell Extreme Sword this raises my Buster blader’s attack points by 1000 which is exactly what I need to win this. Buster Blader’s sword grew longer and bigger as he came close to making contact with the shield.

9100 + 1000 = 10100

As soon as Buster Blader made contact with the shield Dragluon exploded and Jian Feng lost the rest of his Life Points.

Silver Chance:1500
Jian Feng:0
WINNER: Silver Chance

“ And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, after three intense rounds of back and forth action the winners of this match are Team Silverwing,” The MC shouted as the crowd cheered. Before they returned to the stadium Silver absorbed Dragluon and as soon as they returned to the Stadium Jian Feng’s deck was consumed by black flames.

“ What the heck did you do to my Deck Silver?” Jian Feng said accusingly until master Ju-Long approached them.

“ Silver had nothing to do with that. The Dragon Rulers are tired and had enough of your destructive nature so they departed our realm and will never be coming back,” Ju-Long said.

“ So what happens next you going to kill us for all the evil sins we had committed?” Jian Feng asked.

“ No you and your teammates will be coming back to the temple and beginning your training from day one. Killing you three would upset the balance of the universe,” Ju-long said before he and Team Hēi'àn jù lóng left.

Author's Note:

Card Info

Empty Grave
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Both players can Special Summon a monster from their GY in attack mode. The monsters summoned by this effect cannot change battle positions.

Dragon's Final Wish
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Banish one dragon-Type monster from your GY and if you do draw cards equal to that monster's level. You can only activate one Dragon,s Final Wish per duel.

Magical Copy
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: target one Spell card in your Gy and activate it. the card used by this effect is banished.

Dragon's Light
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Discard a Dragon-type monster from your hand and if you do the levels of all other Dragon-Type Monsters you control become equal to the discarded monster's level until the End Phase.

Mythic Flame Dragon
ATK:1000 DEF: 2400
FIRE Dragon/Effect Monster
Effect: You can Special Summon this card if you control a Face-up wIND Dragon-Type monster.

Soul Designator
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Declare the name of a monster and if your opponent has that monster either in their Deck or Extra Deck Special Summon it to their field ignoring the Summoning Conditions. You can only Activate one Soul Disignator per duel.

Equipment Change
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Send one Equip card to the GY and activate an Equip Spell from your Deck.

Armor Of Unity
Spell/Equip Spell
Effect: The equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle and all battle damage is reduced to zero. When this card is destroyed by an opponent's card effect draw two cards.

Dragon Destroyer's Haki
Trap/Continuous Trap
Effect: You can only activate this card while Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman is in your GY. All Dragon-Type monsters your opponent controls that are in attack mode are switched into Defense mode and cannot change battle positions.

Flame of The Dragon King
Trap/Counter Trap
Effect: While you control a face-up Dragon-Type monster and your opponent activates a Spell, Trap, or Monster Effect you can negate that card's effect and destroy it.

Destruction sword Unlimited Bladeworks
Spell/Field Spell
Effect: Once per turn you can Equip a Destruction Sword monster from your Deck to a Buster Blader Monster you control.

BladeMaster Destruction Sword
ATK:2200 DEF: 2000
EARTH Warrior/Effect Monster
Effect: You can Equip this card from your hand to a Buster blader you control. The Equipped Monster gains 500 attack points for every Dragon-Type Monster in both player's GYs.

I hope you all enjoyed the final match of the second round of the W.R.G.P

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