• Published 25th Jun 2019
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Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc - foxmaster

The same as the first one. Decided to mix the search for the number monsters in with the W.R.G.P. And no there will be no Link summoning in this story but there may be some stuff from the newer sets.

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Taking Off Into The World Stage

Silver and Ratchet were busy working on the teams Runners when Bullet entered the garage carrying a box.

“ You have a package from Industrial Illusions Chance,” Bullet said before setting the box down on Silver’s workbench. Silver puts his tools down and opened it.

“ What did you get Silver?” Ratchet asked. Silver pulled out what looked like a deck box and opened it, revealing a whole bunch of new cards that were not released to the public yet along with a note. Silver unfolded the note and began to read it out loud.

“ Dear Silver boy I have been watching you and your team dominate in the selection circuit and I am impressed with your heroic spirits. During your match against Ren Darkbright, the spirits of the Clearwing Series resonated so they deemed you worthy of possessing them so in this box awaits your new friends. Take good care of them. Sincerely, Maxamillion Pegasus,” The note said. Silver took the deck out and looked at the new cards Pegasus gave him.

“ No way these are amazing, Hey Ratchet care to help me test this deck out?” Silver asked.

“ Sure this could be fun,” Ratchet said.

Minutes later Silver and Ratchet were preparing their duel disks while Lightning was prepping the Solid Vision Projector.

“ Are you boys ready to go?” Lyra asked.

“ I’m all set,” Ratchet said.

“ Same with me,” Silver said.

“ Than let’s get this duel started I activate the Action Field Kingdom of Science,” Lightning shouted as she pressed the button and caused the projector to transform the room outside into a small city with futuristic building and stuff. Both Silver and Ratchet drew their opening hands and started the duel.

Silver Chance:4000
Crimson Ratchet:4000

“ I’ll start,” Ratchet said. After looking at his hand he made his move. To start things off I Summon Morphtronic Celfon in attack mode. Celfon appeared and began its transformation sequence into robot mode.

Morphtronic Celfon

“ I activate Celfon,s attack position effect once per turn Celfon dials a number between one and six and depending on the number I excavate that many cards and if any of them are Morphtronic Monsters I select one of them to Special Summon, Dial On. The numbers on Celfon’s chest began to flash randomly until the number three stayed lit. And it’s a three so I excavate my top three cards. Ratchet looked at his top three cards and smiled after seeing what was among them. Time to crank up the base with Celfon’s effect I Special Summon Morphtronic Boomboxen in Defense mode. A red and white boombox appeared and began to play some loud rock music.

Morphtronic Boomboxen

“ Finally I set two cards face-down and end my turn,” Ratchet said as two set cards appeared behind Celfon and Boomboxen.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver looked at his hand and took his time to think about what to do first and then decided. First, since you have monsters on your field and I don,t I can Special Summon Clearwing Warg from my hand. A white wolf wearing armor that resembled the design of Clearwing Synchro Dragon appeared and Unleashed a mighty howl.

Clearwing Warg

“ When Warg is summoned this way I can add a level three or lower clearwing Tuner monster from my Deck to my hand so I will use this effect to add Clearwing Synchron to my hand. Silver added his card to his hand and proceeded with his turn. Next, I summon Clearwing Synchron in attack mode. A white robot with metal plating that resembled Clearwing Synchro Dragon,s color scheme appeared and punched its fist forward.

Clearwing Synchron

“ I activate the Trap Morphtronic Mix-up while I control at least two face-up Morphtronic monsters I select two of your card and you must decide which one of the two will be destroyed. I know you're planning to summon Clearwing Synchro Dragon next and I won't let you. Ratchet thought he had Silver until Silver started running for Action Cards and found one by a hydroelectric generator and grabbed it. Silver decided which of his monsters to destroy before chaining his Action Card to it. I choose my Warg and in response to his destruction, I activate the Action Spell Mirage this negates Warg’s destruction. Warg survived and Silver continued his move. Now I tune my level two Clearing Synchron with my level five Warg to Synchro Summon my Ace. Clearing Synchron flew into the air before bursting into two stars that then turned into two rings that encircled Warg and turned him into five stars that fell into alignment.

"The mighty dragon that speeds through the boundaries of time and space rise from the ashes and shine your wings brighter than the sun! Synchro Summon! Roar! Level 7! ClearWing Synchro Dragon!

Clearwing flew and landed by Silver’s side ready to fight.

Clearwing Synchro Dragon

“ You may have summoned Clearwing but his effect won't help you since my monsters are under-leveled and in case you didn’t know when Boomboxen is in defense mode he can negate one attack against a morphtronic monster per turn,” Ratchet pointed out.

“ Think again when Clearwing Synchron is used as Synchro Material for a Clearwing Synchro Monster the levels of all your monsters increase by one. The spirit of Clearwing Synchron suddenly appeared behind both of Ratchet’s monsters and poured its power into them.

1 + 1 = 2

4 + 1 = 5

“Let’s see you beat this the Continuous Trap Morphtronic Bind while I control a Face-up Morphtronic monster all your level four or above monsters cannot attack or change their battle position. Ratchet thought he had Silver cornered until he pulled another card from his hand.

“ Think again I activate the Quick-Play Spell Whirlwind Slasher,” Silver said as a spell with an image of Clearwing Synchro Dragon doing its signature attack appeared. I can only activate this spell while I control Clearwing Synchro Dragon and when it attacks the effects of your Spells and Traps are negated during the Battle Phase. Suddenly Clearwing ascended like it was preparing to strike. Enter Battle Clearwing Synchro Dragon take out Morphtronic Celfon. Clearwing charged at Celfon at high speed. Ratchet reacted by pulling a card from his hand.

“ I won't let you damage me that easily by discarding Gadget Driver I can change my Celfon to defense mode. A screwdriver suddenly appeared behind Celfon and stabbed into it causing it to transform into its disguised form.

Morphtronic Celfon

As soon as Celfon switched to defense mode Clearwing destroyed it.

“ Nice response, I guess I will just end my turn,” Silver said before mounting Clearwing.

“ My turn I draw,” Ratchet said as he drew his second card. Ratchet was in a bind thanks To Silver making his Boomboxen a level five monster and no way to Synchro Summon his Ace without it being destroyed. Ratchet saw a potential way out and acted on it. First I activate the Spell Junk Box this allows me to Special Summon a level four or lower Morphtronic Monster from my GY but it will be destroyed during the End Phase so return to the Field Morphtronic Celfon. Celfon came back good as new.

Morphtronic Celfon

“ Next I activate Celfon’s attack position effect, Dial On. Celfon began the process of lighting its buttons until it stopped on five. Ratchet excavated his top five cards and smiled after seeing what he revealed. Looks like I still have a chance one of the cards I excavated was Morphtronic Datatron so I will summon it. A orange USB stick appeared before it transformed into a lighter like robot.

Morphtronic Datatron

Ratchet began running in the hopes of finding a game-changing Action Card and suddenly found one the roof of an observatory. Silver also noticed it and had Clearwing fly for it. Both Silver and Ratchet leaped for it but at the last second Ratchet got a hold of it. Looks like my luck is still going I activate the Action Spell Monster Microwave. A giant red microwave appeared behind Ratchet and opened up. This allows me to return a monster on my field to my hand and Special Summon a level four or lower monster from my hand so I will return Boomboxen to my hand. Boomboxen was suddenly sucked into the microwave and vanished. And from my hand I Special Summon Morphtronic Remoten in attack mode. A white remote like robot appeared ready to fight.

Morphtronic Remoten

“ Next I resummon Morphtronic Boomboxen but this time in attack mode. The same boombox from before appeared but this time it transformed into robot mode.

Morphtronic Boomboxen

“ Now that the stage is set I tune my level three Remoten with my Level Four Boomboxen to Synchro Summon my closest friend. Remoten burst into three stars that turned into three rings that encircled Boomboxen and turned him into four stars that fell into alignment.

3 + 4 = 7

"Docking strength with courage to protect the world's peace! Synchro Summon! Envoy of love and justice, Level Seven! Power Tool Dragon!" A yellow and silver mechanical dragon with red eyes, A blue shovel on its left arm and a green screwdriver on its right arm flew onto the field and raised its shovel like it was ready to fight.

Power Tool Dragon

“ let me guess you're going to use your dragon’s effect to search for an Equip Spell?” Silver asked knowing where this was going.

“ With your Clearwing in play that would be a dumb idea what I will do instead is this. I activate Datatron’s attack position effect once per turn I tribute a monster on my field to have Datatron burn you for 600 points of damage so I tribute Celfon. Celfon suddenly turned into pixels that were loaded into Datatron and fired at Silver thus knocking him off of Clearwing’s back and into the river leading to the waterwheel.

Silver Chance:3400
Crimson Ratchet:4000

Luckily for Silver, the splash knocked an action card that was on the wheel into the river which caused him to swim for it and after pulling off a nearly perfect dive landed safely on Clearwing’s back. Silver saw what he pulled and was not completely happy about it especially since it is an Action Trap he had no choice but to play it. I activate the Action Trap Trial and Error this allows me to flip a coin and if it lands on heads I draw a card but if it lands on tails you draw a card. A coin materialized in Silver’s hand and he flipped it. As soon as it landed Silver was shocked to see it landed on the skull side. Looks like you're the lucky one Ratchet go ahead and draw. Ratchet drew his card and was very happy to see what he drew.

“ Just what I needed I activate the Equip Spell Double Tool C&D and Equip it onto Power Tool Dragon. Power Tool Dragon’s shovel and screwdriver transformed into a circular saw and drill. During my turn not only does Power Tool Dragon gain 1000 attack points but when it attacks your monster's effects are negated during the battle. Power Tool Dragon powered up ready to fight.

2300 + 1000 = 3300

“ Time to Battle Power Tool Dragon attack Clearwing Synchro Dragon with Crafty Break. Power Tool Dragon charged forward with its drill spinning and boar a hole through Clearwing causing it to explode and take another dent out of Silver’s Life Points.

Silver Chance:2600
Crimson Ratchet:4000

“ Now that your monster is gone time for my Datatron to attack you directly. Datatron charged its cannon and fired a ball of blue fire at Silver. Just as the fireball was getting closer Silver pulled a card from his hand.

“ Not so fast When I am attacked Directly I can Special Summon Clearwing Reflector to stop the attack and send it back at you. A boy with green hair carrying a green and white reflector panel on his back appeared and positioned the panel to send the fireball right back at Ratchet. The fireball bounced off the panel and nailed Ratchet.

Clearwing Reflector

Silver Chance:2600
Crimson Ratchet:2800

“ Not bad, since I have nothing else I will end my turn,” Ratchet said.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his fourth card. Silver needed a way around Power Tool Dragon and its equip spell since it only allows Silver to attack Power Tool. After seeing what he drew he saw his strategy manifest before him. First I summon Clearwing Salvager in attack mode. A boy wearing a diving suit that matched the color motif of Clearwing appeared.

Clearwing Salvager

“ When Salvager is Normal Summoned I can add a Clearwing monster from my GY to my hand so I will add Clearwing Warg back to my hand. Salvager fired his anchor shot into a portal and reeled in a card that went into Silver’s hand. Next, I tune my Level three Reflector with my Level four Salvager to Synchro Summon one of my newest monsters. Reflector leaped into the air before bursting into three stars that then turned into three rings that encircled Salvager and turned him into four stars that fell into alignment.

3 + 4 = 7

“ Mighty warrior that sets the world on fire take form and unleash all of your magnificent power on my foes! Synchro Summon! Rise! Level Seven! Clearwing Paladin! A woman with long green hair styled in a ponytail wearing armor that resembled Clearwing Synchro Dragon swung her sword that was made of green energy before pointing it forward.

Clearwing Paladin

“ Nice monster but it's too bad she can't attack because thanks to Morphtronic Bind all your Level Four or higher monsters cannot attack,” Ratchet pointed out.

“ Not for long I activate the Quick-Play Spell Twin Twisters by discarding a card from my hand I can destroy up to two spells or traps on the field so I will discard this and pop your Bind and Double Tool C&D. A pair of tornados suddenly appeared and swept up both of Ratchet’s cards before destroying them. Now to show you what my Paladin can do once per turn she can equip another Clearwing Synchro Monster in my GY to herself and gain both the equipped monster’s attack points and effects so I will Equip Clearwing Synchro Dragon to my Paladin. Paladin began to look more radiant as her power went up.

2800 + 2500 = 5300

“ Now to win this Clearwing Paladin attack Power Tool Dragon with Genesis Sabre. Paladin leaped into the air before summoning a bunch of blades that slashed at Power Tool while Paladin delivered the final blow that caused Power Tool to explode and take the rest of Ratchet’s Life Points.

Silver Chance:2600
Crimson Ratchet:0
WINNER:Silver Chance

“ Not a bad duel Silver those new cards are amazing,” Ratchet said.

“ They sure are and I can't wait to see what else they can do,” Silver said with excitement.

The next day Silver checked his email and noticed she got a message from the organizers of the W.R.G.P and opened it. The message was the pairings for the first round of the circuit. As soon as he finished looking it over he gathered his team to share the news with them. An hour later Lyra, Lightning, and Ratchet were sitting on the couch looking at the pairings Silver received.

“ These are the pairing for the first round and it looks like our first opponents are Team Kagaku from Japan. Silver told everyone to be ready to leave by three-thirty since their flight to Japan leaves at four.

Silver was waiting by the gate and just when it looked like the others weren't going to make it they arrived right on the dot. Ready to take on the World? Lyra and Lightning shouted yeah in agreement.

“ Hold on if we are taking a public airline to Japan how will get our runners and stuff over to Japan as well?” Lightning asked.

“ Don't worry they are safely on their way on my family’s freighter. My dad mainly uses it to ship the materials for his weapons from other countries but he said we can use it to get our stuff to where we need it to be. As soon as everyone took their seats, the plane was about to take off. Before they left the ground Silver motioned for Lyra, Lightning, and Ratchet to look out the window to see all the people minus Team Skullcrush and Team Trix they met in the selection circuit all gathered to see Team Silverwing off.

“ Good luck out there Team Silverwing,” Sunset shouted.

“ Win this for the U.S.A Team Silverwing,” Team Navy Steel shouted.

“ Make sure you come back much stronger and ready for our rematch Silver,” Ren Darkbright shouted. As soon as everyone finished sending their best wishes to Silver and the others the plane took off and flew off into the horizon.

Author's Note:

Card Info

Clearwing Warg
ATK:2100 DEF:1600
WIND Beast/Effect Monster
Effect: If only your opponent control a monster you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Special Summoned you can add a Level Three or lower Clearwing Tuner from your Deck to your Hand.

Clearwing Synchron
ATK:200 DEF: 2000
WIND Machine/Tuner/ Effect Monster
Effect: When this card is used as Synchro Material for a Clearwing Synchro Monster all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls gain one level.

Whirlwind Slasher
Spell/Quick-Play Spell
Effect: You can only activate this card while you control Clearwing Synchro Dragon. Target one Clearwing Synchro Dragon you control and when that monster attacks negate the effects of all Face-Up Spells or Traps your opponent controls during the Battle Phase. You can only Activate one Whirlwind Slasher Per turn.

Trial and Error
Trap/Action Trap
Effect: Flip a coin and if it lands on heads draw one card but if it lands on tails your opponent draws one card.

Clearwing Reflector
ATK:0 DEF:2000
WIND Psychic/Tuner/Effect Monster
Effect: When your opponent declares a Direct Attack you can Special Summon this card from your hand and negate that attack and if you do Inflict damage equal to the attacking monster's attack points.

Clearwing Salvager
ATK:1800 DEF:900
WIND Warrior/Effect Monster
Effect: When this card is Normal Summoned you can add a Clearwing Monster from your GY to your Hand. You can Tribute this card to Special Summon a Clearwing Monster from your GY in attack mode but it can,t change battle positions.

Clearwing Paladin
ATK:2800 DEF:2300
WIND Warrior/Synchro/Effect Monster
One Clearwing Tuner + one or more non-tuner monsters
Effect: Once per turn you can equip a Clearwing Synchro Monster in your GY to this card and if you do this card gains that monsters attack points and its effects. If this card is about to be destroyed by Battle or Card Effect you can destroy one Clearwing Monster that is equipped to this card instead.

I hope everyone is excited for the start of the W.R.G.P because I sure am. I will be working on logos for the teams in the W.R.G.P in case anyone wants me to do the bracket thing again.

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