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Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc - foxmaster

The same as the first one. Decided to mix the search for the number monsters in with the W.R.G.P. And no there will be no Link summoning in this story but there may be some stuff from the newer sets.

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Cold Injustice

A rocket suddenly burst out of the Earth's atmosphere and exploded. The explosion was seen by everyone on the Earth but what was most noticeable were the clusters of light coming out of the explosion.

Meanwhile inside the living room of the Silver Mansion Lightning and Lyra were relaxing on the couch watching The Kaiba Dome playoffs While Silver was busy in his room preparing his deck. Just as the final move was about to be made a news bulletin appeared.

“ Uh Silver you might want to see this,” Lightning said causing Silver to rush over.

“ A mysterious explosion appeared just moments ago we are not sure what it is yet but scientists have reason to believe that this may be some hostile threat as among the debris appeared to be a cluster of something raining down on every corner of the earth. We will bring you more coverage as soon as we learn more,” The reporter said before Silver turned off the TV.

“ Something tells me this is somehow connected to Team Demise,” Silver said.

“ Why do you say that?” Lyra asked.

“ Because just now Majesty Lord Buster started glowing as if another Number Monster appeared,” Silver replied.

Meanwhile, outside the Equine County Police Station, Shining Armor was enjoying his lunch break when a mysterious blank card lands on his table. Shining picks it up and suddenly felt a surge of power go through him.

“ Yes, Shining Armor let the number take hold,” An eerie voice said.

Suddenly Shining Armor began to look scary and merciless. As soon as Shing finished his lunch the chief told him about all the crimes that have been reported just now.

“ Time to administer some cold justice,” Shining said before setting off.

Hours later Silver and his team were going over their plans for the WRGP until Shining Armor charges in and pull out an arrest warrant.

“ Silver Chance you are under arrest for possession of an illegal card,” Shining shouted.

“ And what card would that be?” Silver asked.

“ Why Chaos Emperor Dragon obviously,” Shining said.

“ What are you talking about that card is legit,” Silver pointed out.

“ Since you want to fight then I will duel you for it if I win that card is mine and I get to throw you in prison,” Shining said.

“ I don't know what this is about but if its a duel you want then game on,” Silver said as he pulled out his duel disk.

Silver Chance:4000
Shining Armor:4000

“ I will start,” Shining said. Shining looked over his hand and made his move.

“ First I summon Assault Dog in attack mode. A German shepherd with a gun pack leaped on to the field and unleashed a growl.

Assault Dog

“ With it on the field, I set two cards face-down and end my turn,” Shining said as two set cards appeared behind Assault Dog.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver was not intimidated in the slightest and proceeded to make his move.

“ First I summon Buster Whelp in attack mode. Buster Whelp appeared ready to fight.

Buster Whelp

“ Now I activate my Whelp’s effect when he is Normal Summoned I can add a Destruction Sword card from my Deck to my Hand. Silver was about to search until Shining interrupted him.

“ Hold it Chance I discard my Ash Blossom to stop that effect. Shining discarded his card and the spirit of a child in a white dress appeared and phased through Buster Whelp thus stopping his search effect.

“ That's impossible no one has ever stopped that effect,” Silver said baffled.

“ Believe it, kid, we have everyone’s information on file and that includes dueling history and your file said you always open with that move and then draw out the exact weapon you need well not this time and to make sure of it I activate the Continuous Trap House Arrest,” Shining said as a trap with an image of a man wearing a tracking anklet flipped face up and then caused four pillars to erect on Silver’s Side of the field then form a laser grid around it.

“ What is the meaning of this laser grid?” Silver asked.

“ Don't you pay attention you are under house arrest so your monster can't be tributed, Banished, Destroyed, or used as material for anything for the next three turns,” Shining pointed out.

“ This is bad with that card in play Buster Whelp is just a chew toy for that mutt of his,” Lyra said.

“ Don't worry Lyra Silver has this I’m sure he has the answer to this problem already,” Lightning said.

“ Sorry to say this but I have nothing right now so I will just set three cards face-down and end my turn,” Silver said dejectedly.

“ Now it's my turn I draw,” shining said as he drew his third card. Shining looked happy with what he drew.

“ If you thought one Assualt Dog was scary wait till you see all three of them and to do so I activate the Spell Assault Dog Unit,” Shining said as a spell with an image of three Assualt Dogs cornering a robber appeared. While I control one Assualt Dog I can Special Summon two more from my Deck. Two more Assault Dogs leaped onto the field causing all three to howl simultaneously.

Assault Dog x2

“ Next I activate the Spell Level Climb,” Shining said as a spell with an image of Axe Raider gaining a level appeared. This allows me to raise the level of all my monsters by one so now my Dogs go from level four to level five. All three Assualt Dogs powered up while howling.

4 + 1 = 5 x3

“ Three-level five monsters, don't tell me he is going for his ace already?” A familiar voice said.

Lightning and Lyra looked behind them and noticed Twilight arrived and looked scared.

“ Twilight? When did you get here?” Lyra asked.

“ I have been worried about my brother lately so I been following him to find out what is going on with him,” Twilight explained.

“ Ok, but why do you look worried?” Lightning asked.

“ Because if Shining is summoning what I think he is then Silver is about to lose,” Twilight replied.

“ Now that the stage is set I overlay my three Level five Assualt Dogs to build the overlay network. All three Assualt Dogs turned into purple streams of energy which orbited each other before entering into a red portal and exploding.

“ Mighty dragon that embodies the three virtues of justice take flight and blast my foes with all your might! Xyz Summon! Rampage! Rank Five! Montage Dragon Xtreme!”

A blue three-headed dragon wearing black futuristic armor with blue circuit board patterns on it descended and unleashed a mighty roar.

Montage Dragon Xtreme

“ Now for the best part Montage Dragon Xtreme’s attack points are 1500 times the number of Xyz Materials used so since I used three that's a total of 4500 points. Montage Dragon roared as it gained power.

0 + 4500 = 4500

“ Quick question why didn't Silver use his Whelp’s effect to Summon Buster Blader like he always does?” Twilight asked.

“ Because of that House Arrest Trap card Buster Whelp can't go anywhere so it's nothing more than a target right now,” Lyra said.

“ Time to end this Montage Dragon Xtreme attack Buster Whelp with Ultimate Power Collage. Montage Dragon unleashed three powerful blasts of energy and just when Shining thought he won Silver reacted.

“ I may not be able to remove my Whelp from the field but I can still do this Activate the Trap Perfect Guard when my monster is targeted by an attack I can change my monster to defense mode and prevent it from being destroyed by this battle. Buster Whelp took up a defensive stance and survived the blast.

Buster Whelp

“ Grr, did you know montage Dragon Xtreme can attack multiple times for each overlay unit he has or is this just another one of your lucky breaks,” Shining said in an irritated voice.

“It's still your move anything else up your sleeve?” Silver said.

“ No I end my turn for now,” Shining said.

House Arrest:1

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his third card. Silver was up against the wall with Montage Dragon Xtreme in his way and no way to summon his big blades. Silver figured the best thing to do was to try and survive until house Arrest is gone.

“ First I summon Buster Trainee in Attack mode. Buster Trainee took his position and readied his sword.

Buster Trainee

“ Like that will save you that boy barely holds a candle to my monster,” Shining pointed out.

“ Maybe not but I can still do this Equip him with the Equip Spell Overclock Gauntlet this not only gives the equipped monster an extra 1000 attack points but it also reduces all battle damage I take to zero. Buster Trainee was equipped with a gold gauntlet with a clock built into it while its attack points went up.

1600 + 1000 + 600 = 3200

“ With that, I end my turn,” Silver said.

“ My turn I draw,” Shining said as he drew his second card. Shining was upset that he could not touch Silver until he saw he drew exactly what he needed.

“ Time to penetrate that wall of yours I activate the Spell Stop Defense this oldie forces your Whelp back into attack mode. Shining was sure he succeeded until Silver reacted.

“ I counter that with the Counter Trap Dark Bribe in exchange for letting you draw one card Stop Defense is negated. Shining drew his card and felt more upset that a slightly visible aura appeared around him that Silver recognized.

“ Great a number holder just when I thought things couldn't get any worse,” Silver said.

“ I have no choice but to end my turn,” Shining said.

House Arrest:2

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his second card. Silver felt like he was barely holding on and noticed he drew a possible game changer.

“ First I activate the Spell Pot of Hatred by milling my top five cards I can draw three cards. Silver milled his top five cards ( Twin Twisters, Dragonpulse Magician, Dragon Buster Destruction Sword, Buster Guardian, Wave Buster Destruction Sword) and then drew his three cards. Silver was managed to draw into both his big blades but still could not summon them.

“ I end my turn by setting one card face-down,” Silver said as a set card appeared behind his monsters.

“ My turn I draw,” Shining said as he drew his third card. Shining smiled evilly after seeing what he drew.

“ You may be able to protect yourself from my monsters but let's see you dodge this the Spell Sonic Quake,” Shining said as a spell with an image of Goblins getting hit by sonic blasts appeared. This card inflicts 200 points of damage to you for each card on the field so with eight cards currently in play that 1800 points of damage. Shining’s card blasted Silver hard with a blast of purple energy.

Silver Chance:2200
Shining Armor:4000

“ Next I activate the Equip Spell Shoulder’s Pride and Equip it onto Buster Whelp now not only is your Whelp switched to attack mode it also can,t change battle modes so good luck dodging this. Buster Whelp changed back into attack mode and unleashed a mighty roar.

Buster Whelp

“ Now that your Whelp is vulnerable time to Battle Montage attack Buster Whelp. The first strike was launched and Silver reacted.

“ I activate Buster Guardian’s effect from my GY when you declare an attack I can banish this card and negate that attack. A Shield suddenly appeared and then spun created a blue energy field.

“ You may have dodged one attack but remember Xtreme can attack three times and here comes attack number two. Xtreme unleashed its second attack which Silver also reacted to.

“ I activate the Trap Power Loan this card allows me to target one monster on my field and allows me to give that monsters attack points to another monster I control until the End Phase so Buster Trainee will be sharing his attack points with Buster Whelp. Trainee went behind Whelp and then filled it with all of his power.

400 + 3200 = 3600

“ Nice try but that's still not enough to beat my dragon,” Shining said mockingly.

“ I’m not trying to beat your Dragon I’m trying to live long enough to make my counter-attack,” Silver pointed out as Xtreme’s attack hit.

Silver Chance:1300
Shining Armor:4000

“ Now for attack number three. Xtreme unleashed its third attack and Silver just took it.

Silver Chance:400
Shining Armor:4000

“ With that, I end my turn and during the End Phase, House Arrest is destroyed.

House Arrest:3

The laser grid surrounding silver’s side of the field suddenly vanished and Silver smiled.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his fourth card. Now that House Arrest was gone Silver could make his move.

“ First I activate my Whelp’s effect by Tributing it, I can Special Summon Buster Blader from my hand. Buster Whelp jumped into a portal and Buster Blader leaped out ready to fight.

Buster Blader
ATK:2600 + 500 = 3100

“ Next I use Overclock Gauntlet's effect when Tribute Summoning a high-level monster I can treat the equipped monster as two tributes instead of one so I tribute my Buster Trainee to Summon Buster Dark. Buster Dark took his position next to Buster Blader.

Buster Dark

“ Next I activate the Spell Synchro Aura,” Silver said as a spell with an image of Stardust Dragon in spirit form appearing behind Junk Warrior appeared. By sending a Synchro Monster from my Extra Deck to the GY one of my monsters gains that synchro monster’s attack points until the End Phase so I will be sending Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend to my GY and give its 3000 attack points to Buster Blader. Buster Blader was suddenly covered in a red aura as it gained more power.

3100 + 3000 = 6100

“ Now to finally deal with that dragon of yours Buster Blader attack Montage Dragon Xtreme. Buster Blader charged at Xtreme until Shining went for his set card.

“ I activate the Trap Detainment,” Shining said as a trap with an image of a thief being pinned to the ground flipped face up. When one of your monsters attacks this forces all of your monsters in attack mode to defense mode. Buster Blader was repelled and then pinned down along with Buster Dark.

Buster Blader

Buster Dark

“ Not much else I can do so I end my turn with one card Face-Down. Silver said as a set card appeared behind his monsters.

“ My turn I draw,” Shining said as he drew his second card. Shining decided now was the best time to end this.

“ If you though Xtreme was dangerous this next card will really scare you By detaching one overlay unit from my Dragon I can use him to Xyz Summon my secret weapon. Xtreme swallowed one of its overlay units before turning into a stream of orange energy that entered a galaxy like portal then exploded.

3 - 1 = 2

“ Mighty heroine of cold justice take form and freeze all those who break the law in place! Xyz Summon! Rise! Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice!

A white icicle appeared and then suddenly transformed into a girl with white skin, icy white hair wearing a white and ice blue knight outfit. The girl then drew her sword and took a fighting stance.

Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice
ATK:500 + 3000 = 3500

“ A number monster so that is why my brother is acting different,” Twilight said.

“ That number is corrupting him,” Lyra added.

“ Say what you want but this lady will bring me victory but first let me explain her effects first she gains 1000 attack points for each overlay unit she has but that's just the beginning by detaching one overlay unit I can destroy all defense position monsters my opponent controls,” Shining said.

“ So that's why you put me on lockdown and waited so long to play that Trap of yours you were waiting for me to bring out my big blades so you could destroy them with your number,” Silver said.

“ That's right and now I activate Frozen Lady Justice’s effect. Frozen Lady sliced one of her overlay units and then unleashed a massive blizzard onto Silver’s field which Silver endured.

3 - 1 = 2

3500 - 1000 = 2500

“ I won't let that happen I activate the Trap Destruction Sword Guard by banishing a Destruction Sword Monster from my GY My monsters cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects until the end of the turn. Silver banished his Buster Whelp and a barrier appeared around Silver’s field keeping the blizzard out.

“ Fine I end my turn but don't think you can do much because thanks to my Detainment your monsters can't change battle modes,” Shining said.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his second card. Silver needed to end this quickly before everyone was frozen to death.

“You're not the only if a number monster Shining I overlay my Level Seven Buster Blader and Buster Dark in order to build the overlay network. Buster Blader turned into an orange energy stream while Buster Dark turned into a purple energy stream which both entered a galaxy like portal and exploded.

“ Powers of both good and evil join together in a single entity to take on a much stronger foe! Xyz Summon! Rise! Number 76 Majesty Lord Buster!

Lord Buster landed onto the field and crossed his swords before preparing to attack.

Number 76 Majesty Lord Buster

“ Since I used both Buster Blader and Buster Dark as material Majesty's attack points are doubled. Majesty Lord Buster powered up as soon as Silver mentioned the power up.

3500 x 2 = 7000

“ Time to end this Majesty Lord Buster attack Frozen Lady Justice with Either Sword Slash. Buster unleashed all his power and slashed up Frozen Lady and managed to wipe Shining out in one blow.

Silver Chance:400
Shining Armor:0
WINNER: Silver Chance

Silver’s element reacted and absorbed Shining’s number freeing him from its influence. Suddenly Shining Armor got back up confused.

“ What happened and what am I doing here?” Shining asked only for Twilight to hug him while crying.

“ So glad to have you back brother,” Twilight said.

“ What happened Twily?” Shining asked.

“ I’ll tell you about it later,” Twilight said as they left.

A couple of hours later Silver, Lyra, and Lightning were discussing the events of today with each other.

“ Do you think there will be more numbers out there?” Lyra asked.

“ That is a high possibility,” Silver said.

“ How is it your not affected by their power?” Lightning asked.

“ Not completely sure but my guess our elements must be suppressing the number’s power so we can use them without getting corrupted,” Silver replied.

After finishing their discussion they went back to watching TV.

Author's Note:

card info

House Arrest
Trap/Continuous Trap
Effect: While is card remains on the field your opponent's monsters cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. Your opponent cannot Tribute, Banish, or use monsters on their field for Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Ritual Summoning. Destroy this card during your third End Phase.

Assault Dog Unit
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: While you control Assault Dog you can Special Summon up to two copies of Assault Dog from your deck.

Level Climb
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Increase the level of all face-up monsters you control by one until the end phase.

Montage Dragon Xtreme
EARTH Dragon/XYZ/Effect Monster
2 or more Level Five monsters
This card's attack points are multiplied by 1500 for each overlay unit this card has. This card can attack multiple times up to the number of Overlay units it has.

Perfect Guard
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: When one of your monsters is targeted for an attack switch the attack target to defense mode and if you do it can,t be destroyed by that battle.

Overclock Gauntlet
Spell/Equip Spell
Effect: The equipped monster gains 1000 attack points and any battle damage involving the equipped monster is reduced to zero. When you Tribute Summon a level seven or higher monster you can treat the equipped monster as two tributes instead of one.

Buster Guardian
ATK: 400 DEF: 1800
EARTH Warrior/Effect Monster
Effect: When your opponent declares an attack you can banish this card from your GY to negate that attack.

Sonic Quake
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Inflict 200 points of damage to your opponent for each card on the field.

Power Loan
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: Target one monster you control and then another monster you control the second target gains attack points equal to the first targets until the end phase.

Synchro Aura
Spell/Normal Spell
Effect: Send one Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck to your GY and then target one monster you control that monster gains attack points equal to the Synchro Monster you sent to your GY.

Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: When an opponent's monster declares an attack you can negate that attack and if you do switch all of the opponent's attack position monsters to defense mode. those monsters cannot change battle modes.

Destruction Sword Guard
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: Banish one Destruction Sword monster in your GY and if you do your monsters cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects.

Hope you all enjoy the first chapter of this story.

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