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Yu-Gi-Oh! EG: Neo W.R.G.P World Arc - foxmaster

The same as the first one. Decided to mix the search for the number monsters in with the W.R.G.P. And no there will be no Link summoning in this story but there may be some stuff from the newer sets.

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Clash of the Numbers

“ I have no idea who this friend of yours is but if its a duel you want then bring it,” Silver said as he swapped his Clearwing Deck out for his usual one. Both duelists activated their duel disks and drew their opening hands.

Silver Chance:4000
Yuji Tsukumo:4000

“ I will start,” Yuji said as he looked at his hand. After weighing his options he made his move. To start things off I summon Goblinbergh in attack mode. A group of goblins flying a squadron of planes suddenly flew out of the sun and on to Yugi’s field.


“ But he won,t be alone out there because his effect allows me to Special Summon a level four or lower monster from my hand when he is Normal Summoned so welcome to the field Ganbara Knight. The goblins dropped a container onto the field and out of it came a knight with twin shields.

Ganbara Knight


“ Now that I have two level-four monsters time to summon my ace. I overlay my Level four Goblinbergh and Ganbara Knight in order to build the Overlay Network. Both Goblinbergh and Ganbara Knight turned into streams of energy that entered a galaxy like portal and exploded.

“ Mighty king of wishes take form and aid me in this fight! Xyz Summon! Appear! Number 39 Utopia!

A white and gold core appeared before unfolding into a warrior with white skin, gold armor with wings that drew his sword ready to fight.

Number 39 Utopia

“ So you’re a number user no wonder you wanted a piece of me,” Silver said.

“ The numbers don,t belong to you they belong to my friend Nova who you and your friends kidnapped,” Yuji said.

“ I have no idea what you’re talking about. My friends and I have nothing to do with this Nova person,” Silver pointed out.

“ Stop denying it Nova’s message told me to hunt you down and beat you before your plans for world domination are complete. And to make sure that happens I activate the Field Spell Heartland Sphere Field. A couple of Pylons shot out of the ground and generated a bunch of rectangles that form a sphere before transforming into a sphere made of yellow energy that encased both Duelists. This Field Spell allows both of us to Xyz Summon a random Number Monster by using two monsters with the same Level from our hand however if a monster summoned by this effect has no Overlay Units it is destroyed. And with that, I end my Turn.

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his sixth card. Silver was wondering why Yuji would summon his number before activating his Field Spell and figured the best way to find out was to play along. First I will use the effect of Heartland Sphere Field to Overlay my Level one Buster Whelp and Dragon Buster. Both Whelps appeared on the field before turning into streams of energy that entered a galaxy like portal and exploded. Silver’s extra deck appeared on his screen and one of the cards started glowing. Appear! Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice! Frozen Lady Justice appeared ready to fight.

Number 21 Frozen Lady Justice
ATK:500 + 2000 = 2500

“ Nice try but she won,t do you any good,” Yuji said.

“ Who said I’m done I use the effect again this time I overlay my Level three Curse Buster and Timegazer Magician. Both of Silver’s monsters appeared on the field and repeated the same motion. Appear! Number 7 Lucky Straight! Lucky Straight appeared right next to Frozen Lady Justice.

Number 7 Lucky Straight

“ Twice and you still failed to get anything good I know what your numbers do first frozen Lady Justice allows you to destroy all monsters I have out in Defense mode and Lucky straight lets you roll a die and its attack points are multiplied by the number you roll. My Utopia is in attack mode and unless you roll a four or higher you can,t overpower my Utopia so feel free to try again.

“ I can,t I have no more monsters so I will just set two cards face-down and end my turn,” Silver said.

“ My turn I draw,” Yuji said as he drew his third card. Yuji was confident in his own luck and pulled two cards from his hand. Now it’s my turn to use the Sphere Field I overlay my Level Three Zubaba Knight and Achacha Archer in order to build the overlay network. Both of Yugi’s monsters appeared and turned into streams of energy before entering a galaxy like portal and exploded. Come on out! Number 85 Crazy Box! A black box with a red 85 mark suddenly appeared and unfolded in certain places revealing something creepy inside.

Number 85 Crazy Box

“ Next I activate the Spell Xyz Treasure this allows me to draw one card for every Xyz Monster out on the field so with four Xyz Monsters out that’s four cards. Yuji drew his four cards and smiled after seeing what he drew. Next, I overlay my Level Four Gogogo Golem and Gagaga Magician to use the effect of my Sphere Field again. Both of Yuji’s monsters appeared before turning into streams of energy and entering a galaxy like portal and exploding. Rise! Number 53 Heart-Earth! A strange-looking creature that sort of resembled a gate appeared.

Number 53 Heart-Earth

“ Next I activate Crazy Box’s Effect once per turn by detaching one overlay unit I can roll a die and what happened depends on what I roll. Crazy Box absorbed one of its Overlay Units into itself and then shot out a cube made of some unknown allow with runes that were meant to represent the numbers one through six on it. After bouncing around a little it landed on four.

2 - 1 = 1

Excellent it landed on four which means I can negate the effects of one card on the field until the End Phase so I will use this effect on Crazy Box itself. Crazy Box sent out a bolt of energy that nailed itself.

“ Why would you choose to negate your own monster’s effect?” Silver asked.

“ Simple to disable my monster’s drawback you see even though it has 3000 attack points Crazy Box is not allowed to attack but with its effects negated that changes. Now that my monsters are ready its time to Battle Crazy Box attack Lucky Straight. Crazy Box unleashed another bolt of energy this time blasting Lucky straight and most of Silver’s Life Points.

Silver Chance:1700
Yuji Tsukumo:4000

“ I kind of figured you would do that which is why I Activate this the Trap Nutrient Alpha,” Silver said as a Trap with an image of a blue liquid inside a syringe flipped face-up. Whenever I take 2000 or more points of damage in battle Nutrient Alpha allows me to draw one card or every monster you control and if any of the cards I drew are monsters I select one of them and regain Life points equal to its attack points so since you have three monsters I draw three cards. Silver drew his three cards and smiled after seeing what he drew. Looks like my luck is still going because I drew my Buster Blader which has 2600 attack points. Silver was covered in a blue aura which caused his Life Points to rise.

Silver Chance:4300
Yuji Tsukumo:4000

“ Enjoy those points while you can because I’m not done attacking Utopia attack Frozen Lady Justice with Rising Sun Slash. Utopia drew his sword and prepared to attack only for Yuji to do the unexpected. I activate Utopia’s effect by Detaching one overlay unit Utopia can stop an attack including its own go Light Wing Shield.

2 - 1 = 1

Utopia stopped its attack just in the nick of time.

“ Why would you stop your own attack where is the logic in that?” Silver asked.

“ So I can do this I activate the Quick-Play Spell Double Or Nothing I can only activate this card when my monster’s attack is negated and not only can Utopia attack again but his attack points are doubled as well. Utopia began to power up.

2500 x 2 = 5000

“ Utopia attack Frozen Lady Justice again. Utopia drew both of its swords and went for Frozen Lady Justice again only for Silver to respond to it.

“ I activate the Trap Xyz Rank Charge,” Silver said as a trap with an image of an Xyz Monster gaining power appeared. By banishing an Xyz Monster from my GY I target another Xyz Monster that is on my field and it gains 300 attack points multiplied by the rank of the banished monster so I banish the Rank Seven Lucky Straight and my Frozen Lady gains 2100 attack points until the End Phase. Frozen Lady powered up.

2500 + 2100 = 4600

Despite the rise in power Frozen Lady was still destroyed.

Silver Chance:3900
Yuji Tsukumo:4000

“ You may have survived that but next turn you won,t be so lucky I end my turn and now Utopia’s attack points return to normal. Utopia powered down.

5000 - 2500 = 2500

“ My turn I draw,” Silver said as he drew his fourth card. Silver needed something that would help him in this match and noticed he drew another Level seven monster. Silver was thinking if he should keep playing this crazy game of chance Yuji set up or try something else. After checking his option Silver only had one course of action. I overlay my Level seven Buster Blader and Buster Dark in order to build the overlay network. Silver’s monster appeared and turned into streams of energy that entered a Galaxy like portal and exploded. Silver looked very happy with this one. All right I was hoping I get this one. Rise! Number 76 Majesty Lord Buster! Silver’s monster took the field and really threw Yuji for a loop.

Number 76 Majesty Lord Buster

“ No that’s impossible how can a Number be changed?” Yuji asked.

“ What are you talking about this is how it was when I got it and now for its effects first since both Blader and dark were used as Material his attack points double. Lord Buster began to grow stronger.

3500 x 2 = 7000

“ Next I activate the Spell Overlay Explosion this detaches all Overlay Units attached to your monsters and you take 500 points of damage for each unit so with two from your Heart-Earth and one from utopia and Crazy Box that’s a total of four so you take 2000 points of damage. All three of Yuji’s monsters lost their overlay units and Yuji was hit by four explosions.

2 - 2 = 0

1 - 1 = 0

1 - 1 = 0

Silver Chance:3900
Yuji Tsukumo:2000

Suddenly both Heart-Earth and Crazy Box exploded due to the effect of Heartland Sphere Field witch made Yuji happy.

“ You fell for my real trap you see when Heart-Earth is destroyed by a card effect while it has no overlay units I can Special Summon a much more deadly monster by attaching Heart-Earth to it so welcome to the game Number 92 Heart-Earth Dragon. A serpent-like dragon appeared and unleashed a mighty roar.

Number 92 Heart-Earth Dragon

Silver felt like this was going to be another one of Yuji’s random moves and proceeded to make his move. I activate the Spell Card Of Sanctity this allows us both to draw until we both have six cards in our hand. Silver drew six cards while Yuji drew three cards. Perfect I drew exactly what I needed I activate the Equip Spell Dragon Sealing Talisman this negates the effects of the Dragon-Type Monster its equipped to so whatever crazy backward effect Heart-Earth Dragon has is negated. Heart-Earth Dragon was suddenly hit by a scroll with the Chinese characters that spelled the word seal in Chinese thus draining Heart-Earth Dragon of its effects. Now to finish this Majesty Lord Buster attack Heart-Earth Dragon with Either Sword Slash. Lord Buster delivered the final blow and sent Yuji flying as Silver absorbed all of his numbers except for Utopia who managed to resist being taken.

Silver Chance:3900
Yuji Tsukumo:0

WINNER: Silver Chance

“ Fine you beat me go ahead do your worst but just know I will not yield to the Europian Union,” Yuji said.

“ Listen Yuji was it we are not with the EU we are the US Team,” Silver pointed out.

“ Lier you three are with them how else can you explain Number 76 taking on a new form from its original?” Yugi asked.

“ Number 76 was like this when it was made for me,” Silver explained.

“ Why are you so convinced that we are with the EU anyway?” Lightning asked.

“ Becuase they took my friend Nova and the numbers and since you have some of them than that must mean your allied with them,” Yuji pointed out.

“ Kid I’m not the only one with number monsters I beaten two duelists who were allied with the EU team that had them and recently there has been an outbreak of them all across our home town of Canterlot City,” Silver explained.

“ Since you know so much about these numbers why not tell us everything from the beginning,” Lyra said.

“ Since you beat me fine the numbers are from a place called Astral World which is a world full of these blue beings made of energy,” Yuji explained before Silver stopped him there.

“ Did you say blue energy?” Silver asked.

“ I did why do you ask?” Yugi asked.

“ After my last duel against a number user when I absorbed her numbers one of them which was Number 69 showed me this vision of a being made of this energy locked away in a dungeon crying out for help,” Silver said.

“ That must have been Nova he must have included a distress signal into one of them hoping someone would hear it,” Yuji said.

“ I just wish he picked one that wasn’t full of so much anger and hatred,” Silver pointed out.

“ You said earlier that the numbers were appearing all over your home town?” Yuji asked.

“ I did,” Silver replied.

“ Then it might be possible that they have been scattered all over the world,” Yuji theorized.

“ Come to think of it there was that news report about a rocket exploding in the atmosphere a month ago. The numbers must have been hidden among the debris,” Lyra said.

“ Well, in any case, I now know what my mission is and since you took all of my the numbers I collected thus far Utopia and I are starting from square one. Be ready to hand over your numbers when we meet again Silver Chance but until then good luck with the rest of the Grand Prix,” Yuji said before running off and making a huge jump while shouting “Time to high five the sky”

Silver and his team decided to check out the hot springs after two intense duels in a row.

Author's Note:

card info

Heartland Sphere Field
Spell/Field Spell
Effect: Both players can Xyz Summon a Random Number Monster whose number is between 1 and 99 by using two monsters with the same level in their hand however if an xyz monster summoned by this effect has no Overlay Units it is destroyed.

Nutrient Alpha
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: Activate when you take 2000 or more points in battle damage draw one card for every face-up monster your opponent controls and if any of the cards you drew with this effect are monsters you can select one of them and regain life points equal to that monster's attack points.

Xyz Rank Charge
Trap/Normal Trap
Effect: Banish one Xyz Monster from your GY and select one Face-Up Xyz Monster you control and increase its attack points by 300 multiplied by the banished monster's rank until the End Phase.

Dragon sealing Talismen
Spell/Equip Spell
Effect: Target one Face up Dragon-Type monster on the field and equip this card to it. The equipped monster's effects are negated. When this card leaves the field return the equipped monster to your hand.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Yuma's son and don,t worry you will be seeing him in future chapters.

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