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Dearest of Desires - twience

Twilight Sparkle goes to a party, where she unfortunately spots her ex. Quickly, she stupidly decides to pretend to be dating the nearest person she could find. Who fortunately for her, happens to be very attractive. Well, she got her number. Right!?

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6. You

Dearest Of Desires Chapter 6
By, Serenityx

"No. No, no, no, no, no!" Twilight panicked, circling her room like crazy.

"Twilight?" Rarity opened the door to Twilight's room hastily. "Is everything okay? What happened?"

Twilight just flopped onto her bed and buried her face into her hands.

"Darling...?" Rarity tried again, starting to walk over. That's when she noticed Twilight's phone turned onto Fluttershy's recent message. She gasped. "Was the confirmation wrong? Was it not the Sunset you met at the party?"

"Huh? No," Twilight looked back up. Rarity joined her on the bed. "It's Sunset alright. She even agreed for the meeting."

"Well that's great! See? I told you we could do it!" Rarity exclaimed.

"She's bringing her friends," Twilight said.

Rarity's shoulders slumped. "What?"

"Fluttershy said when her and Applejack mentioned us, Sunset had gotten the idea to bring her friends along as well," Twilight explained sadly.

"I see..." Rarity sighed. "It'll be okay, Twilight."

Twilight blinked. "How? It's not going to be the extravagant date you've mentioned a thousand time before."

"Well... Sunset wouldn't have thought of it like a date in the first place. She'd probably think, well, she would've got stood up. Besides, you two aren't even friends yet," Rarity blankly spoke.

"You're just realizing this now? That's what I've been trying to get through to you for days!"

"I tend to act before I think."

"I've noticed."

Rarity turned her body towards her friend and placed a hand onto her shoulder. "Stick with the plan. It's going to be just as I said. I promise."

"...No it's not. I told you—"

"Trust me," Rarity firmly said.

Although confused, Twilight looked Rarity straight in the eyes and weakly smiled.

Rarity currently spoke on the phone, "I'm serious Applejack."

"What exactly do you want me to say!" Applejack cried to her.

"Make something up!" Rarity cried back.

"Me and Fluttershy are already canceling. Why would I tell her to call off her friends as well? Wouldn't that be suspicious?"

"Maybe. Just, tell her that Twilight is shy or something, and can only deal with one friend at once," Rarity suggested. "Without saying that it's Twilight of course."

Applejack just sighed. Loudly.

"Please, Applejack! I promised Twilight their meeting would be perfect," Rarity pleaded. She knew she was asking for her friends to constantly lie, but it was for a good reason! No harm was being caused.

"...Fine. I'll call her. But you owe me!"


"I'll hold you to that!"

With that, a call ended.

"Come on, come on, come on! Let's gooo!" Rainbow tapped her foot impatiently from the inside.

Sunset and Pinkie took their time walking in. Well, Pinkie's was more of a casual skip.

"Without snacks? I think not!" Pinkie retorted.

"We don't have time for snacks! The movie starts in ten minutes!"

Sunset glanced over at the movie concessions and their decent line. "We'll be fine. If anything, we'll only miss the opening ads."

"We can't take any chances," Rainbow still argued. "Pinkie's likely to get soda. Which means getting up in the middle of the movie so she can pee. But oh no, not this time!"

Sunset laughed. "I'll go with her if she needs to, don't worry. Besides, I want some soda too."

"Are you girls coming or not!?" Pinkie shouted. She stood already in line.

Sunset looked at Pinkie, then back at Rainbow. "Looks like you lose this one, Rainbow. Now let's join her. I know you want your gummy bears." Sunset walked to join Pinkie in line.

"Fine. But I'm only doing it for the gummy bears!"

When snacks were finally paid for, the young adults walked towards their theater. Sunset got a pepsi and a small bag of popcorn. Rainbow got a slushie and her gummy bears. And Pinkie gotten a twix ice cream bar, cheesy nachos, popcorn, coke, and a package of skittles.

Rainbow mentally slapped herself. She didn't know what she was more terrified for. Pinkie's sugar high comotion, or the relapse...

Sunset wasn't complaining. They manage to stop Pinkie from buying a jumbo pixie stick, and that's all that mattered.

Ring Ring!

Sunset almost dropped her popcorn. "Shoot."

The three were now outside theater eight, but stopped from going inside because of the loud ringing from Sunset's pocket.

"Ignore it! We gotta head inside," Rainbow gestured towards the door.

Pinkie ate a nacho.

Sunset tucked the soda under her arm and held the popcorn in her left. She took her phone out of her back pocket and checked the ID.

"I should answer this..." Sunset said.

"What! No!" Rainbow pouted.

Sunset rolled her eyes. "Here," she gave Rainbow her snacks. "You and Pinkie head inside. I'll catch up."

Rainbow accepted the food, but hesitated. "You'll miss the beginning..."

"I'll be fine. I've read the books. Just go," Sunset told her.

"Come on, Dashie! I wanna see Daring Dooo!" Pinkie cried.

"Okay okay. See you inside, Sunset," Rainbow waved and entered with Pinkie.

Sunset quickly pressed the accept button and walked over to a walk. "Hey. Sorry for the long ring. Had to deal with something."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, Sunset. Did I interrupt something?" Applejack asked.

"Don't worry about it. You're good."

"Alright then. Say, remember that thing we agreed to yesterday?"

"Our hang-out? Yeah," Sunset answered. "Are we still on for Friday?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to ya about," Applejack started. "Me and Fluttershy won't be able to make it..."

Sunset slightly gasped. "Oh no. Did something happen?"

"No no! Nothing like that. Stuff just... came up."

"That's too bad..."

"However! Our friend is still willing to meet ya!" Applejack told her.

Sunset smiled. "Really? That's great. A little awkward since you two won't be there, but I suppose we can still have fun. I still have to see if my friends are willing to come."



"I mean, you see, our friend is a bit... shy. We only told her about you, so that's what's she's only comfortable with," Applejack explained.

"Oh uh, no problem. We can all hang out another time then," Sunset suggested.

"That's a great idea! For now though, do you mind just it being you two?"

"I guess not," Sunset answered.

"You'll like her. She's smart, and cute as a button," Applejack flattered.

There was silence for a moment.

"...Are you setting me up?"

"Yes," Applejack said. "Wait, no!" she tried to lie.

Sunset laughed. "Just messing with you. I'll hang out with your friend Saturday. She seems nice."

"Thank you, Sunset! She's a big fan of yours," Applejack told her.

"Oh! Another one?"

"Well, she's not that kind of fan..."

"What do you mean?" Sunset replied.

"Forget what I said. I'm talking nonsense."

"So... what's her name?" Sunset asked, changing the topic. "It's gotta be as cute as her right?"





"Hey, Applejack you there?"

"Skkss, sorry, tskk, you're breaking up, skssk, I'm losing ya!"



Sunset pulled the phone from her ear. "Great," she sighed.

Sunset stuffed the phone back in her pocket and joined her best friends in the theater.


Applejack wiped sweat from her forehead.

"I really hate lying."

"Today's the day, Twilight!"

"Gosh darn it, get up!"


Twilight sat in the corner of Rarity's room, balled up, and head in knees.

"I'm meeting, Sunset. I'm meeting, Sunset. I'm meeting—"

"Twilight Star Sparkle!"

"Gah!" Twilight shot her head up. Her friends grimaced at the view. Twilight's hair was frazzled, her eyes looked tired, and her lips were dry from repeating herself. "Oh... hi girls."

"What are you doing?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh, me?" Twilight said the obvious. "Just freaking out. Now, if you don't mind, I'd really like to continue."

Applejack bit the inside of her cheek. "Er..."

Twilight gave a small smile. "Thank you," she said. Twilight buried her head back into her knees. "I'm meeting, Sunset. I'm meeting—"

"Oh no you don't!" Rarity yelled, taking Twilight by the arm and yanking her up.

"Hey!" Twilight glared at her. When she was steady on the ground, she rubbed her arm from Rarity's strangely strong grip.

"Do you know how many strings we had to pull just to get you this meet-and-greet?" Applejack informed her.

Rarity dramatically fanned herself. "Why, yes. You can't back out now."

"I'm not necessarily... backing out..." stuttered Twilight.

"Then why were you on the ground like that?" Fluttershy asked.

"Everybody freaks out when they're about to do something terrifying. Staring in a play, meeting parents, giving a speech, going in a store by yourself, babysit, heck— weddings. And most importantly: blind dates," Twilight finished off her babble with a nod.

"But... it's not a date?" Fluttershy told her.

"You gotta get to know her first," Applejack mentioned.

"Oh puh lease. They're perfect for each other, I just know it!" Rarity squealed.

Applejack raised an eyebrow at Rarity. "Have you even met the girl?"

"Well... no. Yet, I'm still sure of it!"

Twilight sighed. "So, what time am I suppose to meet her?"

Fluttershy put a finger to her chin. "Two o'clock."

"And what time is it now?"

Fluttershy took out her phone. "One eleven."

"Goodness! That's barely any time!" Rarity gasped. Then started rummaging through her drawer for her curling iron.

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Where are we meeting?"

Rarity stopped what she was doing and looked at Twilight. "Oh, right. Girls?" she looked at Applejack and Fluttershy.

Fluttershy blinked and shrugged her shoulders.

Applejack rubbed the head. "I dunno for sure. Sunset picked the place. She sent me the address a few days ago, but I never got a chance to see where it was to."

"Hopefully it's somewhere pleasant," Rarity commented, plugging up her iron. "Come, Twilight. I'll curl your hair."

Twilight obliged and took a seat at the edge of the bed. "Search it up in Maps, Applejack."

"Alright, one sec," Applejack agreed, copying and pasting the address.

"I'll paint your nails, Twi!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

Twilight smiled, but also confused at the recent excitement. "Okay, Fluttershy..."

Fluttershy went over to the vanity and picked out a nice silvery color nail polish. She figured it a nice simple color to compliment her friends skin. She then brought it over to the bed along with a stool to start painting Twilight's nails. Rarity continued to take strands of Twilight's hair and curl them.

Twilight was actually starting to feel a less nervous. The makeover was making her feel more confident. Then again... did Sunset like girls all dolled-up? Although, Sunset didn't seem like a girl who cared about how other people displayed themselves.

Here I go, scaring myself again. Twilight innerly sighed.


Twilight didn't move her head, not wanting to get burned by the curling iron. "Say what?"

"E-Quest," Applejack said again. "It's an arcade."

"An arcade!" Rarity nearly choked on her words. "Definitely not what I was expecting."

Fluttershy moved over to Twilight's over hand. "Seems like fun."

"Not very romantic if you ask me," Rarity pointed out.

"It's not a date," Fluttershy informed again.

Applejack shrugged. "I guess I should've thought twice about letting Sunset decide. It can still be a blast though."

"It can work," Twilight finally spoke. "I don't mind. I'm hoping to become friends with Sunset Shimmer. No need for a relationship yet."

"Yet," Rarity emphasised. She then set the iron down on a towel and observed her work. "Perfect. Simple loose curls really work for you, Twilight. Now, I'll just put it up in a high ponytail."

Another three minutes later, Fluttershy began blowing on Twilight's finger tips. "Not bad."

Twilight looked at her nails. "They're so cute! Thanks, Shy."

Fluttershy smiled and nodded.

"Well since we know it's an arcade, we can finally get you dressed, Twi," Applejack added.

"Oo yes," Rarity agreed, finishing up Twilight's curly ponytail. "Hair's all done."

Twilight stood herself up and looked into the body-length mirror. "I love it! Thank you."

"It's what I do," Rarity replied, then walked over to the closet. "Now then, some dark jeans would look nice. The blouse is where it's at though."

"What about her blue frilly top?" Fluttershy suggested.

Rarity snapped her fingers. "Good thinking," she agreed and went looking for the top.

Applejack went ahead and sent the arcade address to Twilight's phone. "Since we canceled, you'll have to go there on your own, Twi." She went and put a hand on her shoulder. "You'll do amazing."

Twilight weakly smiled. "Thanks, Aj."

Rarity all of sudden had the whole outfit put together on her bed. "Now, hurry and get dressed, Twilight. We'll meet you downstairs."

"Okay," Twilight spoke as her three friends left the room. When they were gone, she glanced at the outfit and took a deep breath. Everything was going to be perfect. Outfit included. "I can do this."

"Pinkie Pie, get off my leg!"

"Never!" she frowned.

Rainbow just stood there, arms crossed, and laughing.

Sunset gave Rainbow a deadpan stare. "It's not funny."

"It totally is," Rainbow chuckled again.

Sunset glanced down at her right leg. Pinkie sat on the floor, arms wrapped around Sunset's leg, and she had a big frown on her face. Sunset did not like to be held down.

"You are acting like a child," Sunset told her.

Pinkie Pie shrugged, but still refusing to let go. "Technically I am. My birthday is on leap year."

"Hey, I don't want Sunset to leave either. But I'm not being all bodyguard about it," Rainbow commented.

Sunset raised her hands. "What is up with you two!?" she tried to move her leg again. Pinkie surprisingly had a strong grip.

"Don't leave, Sunny," Pinkie requested.

Sunset groaned. "I'm just meeting a friend. I'm not joining the army."

"Yeah, without us. You can't just get up and leave without telling us where you're going and with who," Rainbow crossed her arms.

"Why does it matter? I've gone out before," Sunset reminded them.

"With people you've introduced us to. You're going to meet some random someone," Rainbow pointed out.

"She's not a random someone. She's a friend of a friend," Sunset informed.

"Of someone you just met on Monday. Do you even know what you're getting yourself into?" Rainbow mentioned, being the loyal person she is.

"Relax! I'll be fine," Sunset tried to ease. "Let go of me, Pinkie!"

"B-But Sunny..."

"Now," Sunset glared at her.

Pinkie whimpered, but finally let her friend go.

Sunset sighed of relief and shaked out her leg. "Thank you. Now, I really gotta get going."

"...Wearing that?" Rainbow looked her over.

Sunset looked herself over, cocked an eyebrow, and looked back up at Rainbow Dash. "Shorts and an off-the-shoulder top...?"

"Yes. Go back in your room and change. Your light blue jeans and maybe one of those white t-shirts," Rainbow finished with a nod.

Sunset just looked at her like she was crazy. She glanced over at Pinkie who only displayed a straight face. "You girls are being ridiculous! You're acting like you're my moms or something."

Pinkie walked over and patted Sunset's head. "We are family, Sunny."

Sunset smiled but gently pushed her away. "Thanks, but I'm not a baby." She pointed to her clothes. "I've worn this to the supermarket."

"We're just looking out for you, Shimmer."

Sunset sighed. "Fine, if it really makes you feel better, I'll change." Sunset walked over to her bedroom.

When she returned, she had on her light blue ripped jeans, and a plain magenta t-shirt. "Better?"

Pinkie gave a thumbs up.

Rainbow did the same. "Totally."

"Good. I'll be leaving now. I'll call you when I'm on the way back," spoke Sunset.

As Sunset put on her boots, Rainbow walked over to her. "Look, have fun Sunset. And I mean it too."

Sunset glanced up and Rainbow and gave a small smile. "Thanks. I'll tell you all about it." She finished her buckles, and stood up. "Come here you guys," she said and held her arms out.

Pinkie Pie happily obliged and walked over to embrace Sunset in a hug.

"I don't do hugs," Rainbow looked them up and down.

"Yes you do. Now come and join us."

Rainbow playfully rolled her eyes, but did as she was told and joined in on the hug.

"No matter what happens, you girls always come first. I promise, okay?" Sunset told Pinkie and Rainbow.

"For real?" Pinkie released and looked into her eyes.

"Yes, for real," Sunset giggled.

"Yeah yeah," Rainbow smirked and released as well.

Sunset tucked her phone into her back pocket and grabbed her car keys.

Rainbow took the car keys out of Sunset's hand.

"Now what?" Sunset asked her annoyed.

"Relax, SunShim. Take your motorcycle," Rainbow suggested.

"Dash!" Pinkie gasped.

Rainbow and Pinkie hardly ever let Sunset ride the motorcycle she had bought senior year. They claimed it was 'unsafe' or something like that. Which didn't make any sense, considering Rainbow did dangerous skateboarding stunts.

Sunset blinked. Hard. "I thought you didn't like me riding it?"

"Things change. Now go, take the motorcycle, and impress this friend or whatever," Rainbow twirled the keys in her hand.

Sunset looked at her surprised for a moment. "Okay then..." she went back into her room and grabbed her helmet. She returned with a dusty helmet that she was gently wiping down. "See you later," she said, opening the door.

"Bye!" Pinkie waved. "Have a great time!"

"Later," said Rainbow.

Twilight drove to the arcade where she was meeting Sunset.

Traffic felt like it was taking years, but at the same time, it felt as if it was going as fast as lightning. Twilight couldn't decide which one it truly was.

"I'm going to meet, Sunset. I'm going to meet, Sunset. I'm going to meet, Sunset."

...And she was doing it again.

Get it together, Twilight. She told herself.

Fun location, pretty look, nice girl. Perfect hang-out.

Except for the fact that Sunset's going to show up expecting to see a complete stranger, and not me!

Twilight seriously needed to get it together. Her friends were right. They worked hard, planned hard, and lied hard, just to get Twilight this date.

It's not a date. She remembered Fluttershy's words.

She was not going to screw it up now!

She was ready! She was prepared! She could do this!

Speaking of which, Twilight found herself at E-Quest arcade.

Is it too late to back out now? Twilight panicked.

However, she could practically hear her friends yelling 'no' at her foolish question.

Putting that worry aside, Twilight found a free space and began parking her car.

I wonder if she's here yet...

Twilight of course knew who she was meeting, but Sunset surely didn't. Maybe she already went inside.

Twilight sighed to herself, and with shaking hands, she unbuckled her seat belt. She took a deep breath, grabbed her phone, and walked out of the car.

She took in the view, then slowly walked towards the door. Then all of a sudden, a noise from a distance started to become louder and louder. Twilight's pony tail started to blow in the wind, which annoyed her.

Twilight curious, hovered her hand over her eyes so she could block out the sun, and looked at the upcomer.

A motorcycle?

A motorcycle was making its way in the parking space right in front of where Twilight stood. Nobody else was around, but Twilight and the person on the bike.

No... It- It couldn't be...

The motorcycle's engine dialed down, and the person set it into park. Twilight looked at the gloveless hands. Amber skin; awfully familiar.

The person began to stand up, and Twilight gulped. The rider slowly lifted the helmet off her head, letting red and blonde wavy hair fall from beneath. Obviously it was a girl. The girl shook her head to get her hair out of her face. When she finally stopped moving, more of of the face came into view and Twilight's purple eyes were then met with cyan.

Twilight sucked in a breath. "...Sunset."

The other girl looked Twilight up and down. Her face showing mixed emotions of surprise, confusion, and glee.

"...Twilight Sparkle?"

Author's Note:


Behind The Scenes: The group hug was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I thought there needed to be some more fluff with Sunset and her friends.

Alternate Chapter Title: We Meet Again

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