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Dearest of Desires - twience

Twilight Sparkle goes to a party, where she unfortunately spots her ex. Quickly, she stupidly decides to pretend to be dating the nearest person she could find. Who fortunately for her, happens to be very attractive. Well, she got her number. Right!?

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10. Games

Dearest of Desires Chapter 10
By, Serenityx

Sunset locked the door behind them, then faced Twilight. "Want something to drink?"

"Some water is fine, if that's okay," Twilight accepted the offer.

Sunset smiled. "Gotcha. One glass of ice water coming up," she said in a singing tone before going to the kitchen.

Twilight giggled at her. Ten seconds alone, and it was already going well.

I didn't know Sunset had roommates. They seem nice and sort of remind me of my own friends.

Twilight was about to follow Sunset in the kitchen, but stopped when she noticed the instruments planted on the wall by the TV. Two rhythm guitars; one royal blue, and one cyan.

Yeah, I'm definitely asking her about those later.

Twilight examined the instruments for a second.

I swear Sunset's eyes are cyan.

"Here's your water."

Twilight jumped. Her feet went a centimeter off the ground, her hands went up, and her eyes went big.

"Woah. I'm sorry, Twilight," Sunset apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you that badly."

Twilight got embarrassed of how much she had gotten frightened. It was like she forgot where she was, even though she knew where she was; via the guitars. She calmed down as she smoothed out her clothes.

"You're fine," Twilight said.

Sunset smiled and handed Twilight the glass. Twilight accepted it and said, "Thank you."

"No problem," Sunset replied. "Should we get started?"

"Oh, yeah!" Twilight automatically agreed. She was actually quite excited to have Sunset teach her something. Even though she knew she was going to be bad at video games.

Sunset nodded and walked towards the TV stand. She pulled out a plastic bin and searched through some discs. Before she could pick one out, she looked up at Twilight.

"Wii, Playstation, or Xbox?" Sunset asked her.

Twilight blinked. "Uhm..." Twilight tried to think of a game she actually had played before. It was with her cousins long ago and she hardly remembered any of it. "What's that game... with the colorful robot people?"

Sunset raised an eyebrow. "Colorful... robot people?"

"Yeah. Their dancing and you have to follow them or something."

Sunset laughed. "Just Dance?"

Twilight snapped her fingers. "That's it!" If Twilight Sparkle knew about any video game, it was Just Dance. Sunset continued to laugh, but harder that time. Twilight slowly frowned. "W-What?"

Sunset stopped her laughing fit and slowly shook her head. "Nothing. Just have you know, I can beat your butt at Just Dance any day."

Twilight snorted. "I bet you could beat my butt at literally anything."

Sunset waved her finger. "Not true. Anyway's, I have that for Wii. But let's start with something else. We'll do Playstation."

Twilight nodded, not really sure how to answer. Sunset rummaged through her games, thinking of the perfect game to begin her friend on. She owned a lot of different games. Call of Duty, Warframe, Fortnight, Grand Theft, Destiny, Minecraft, and even SIMs. But what she came across far in the back was perfect for Twilight.

Sunset took the disc out of the case and put it in the Playstation. She set her TV to the proper channel for her Playstation and grabbed two remotes. She joined Twilight back on the couch and handed her one.

Twilight was anxious to see what game Sunset had picked out for them. When the picture was displayed on the TV, it was not what she was expecting.

She read, "Super Mario...?"

"Yep," Sunset said.

Twilight's shoulders slumped. "B-But... where's all the cars, virtual reality, and uhm... guns?"

"Do you really think I'd have you play an intense game for your first time?"

"Well no..."

"Exactly. Mario, or no gaming."


Sunset scrolled down to Multiplayer. "Okay, first things first, the remote."

Twilight glanced down at her controller. "Why is there a square, triangle, circle, and an X as buttons? They're not even all shapes or all letters. Couldn't they at least stick with one?"

Sunset was about to answer, but Twilight continued.

"And why in the world do you have the same exact thing on the left side, but no symbols? Which one are you supposed to use? Were they just that lazy to put the symbols on the left as well?"


"The controller literally looks like a boomerang. Isn't that a safety hazard or something?" Twilight asked.


"And what's up with the two giant buttons in the back? Doesn't this thing have enough buttons already!?"

"Twilight!" Sunset yelled. Twilight shut her mouth and looked at Sunset. "Stop questioning how the remote is made."

Twilight just sighed and rubbed her arm. "Sorry..."

Twilight's saddened voice made Sunset quickly regret her outburst. "No... don't. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. Of course you're curious."

Twilight gave a small smile.

"Alright. Most of the time, you'd only use the right buttons on the controller. The left is optional, but not needed," Sunset explained. "The buttons can be used for jumping, using tools, doing tricks, running faster, equipping, and etcetera."

Twilight listened as Sunset explained the controller to her.

"The green triangle refers to viewpoint. The pink square refers to a piece of paper; representing menus or documents. The red and blue circle and X represent ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for decision-making," Sunset informed.

"The two pegs here," Sunset pointed. "Are for moving; running, walking, flying, swimming, driving, rolling. You get the point."

Twilight nodded as she took in the information. When the information was all said, Sunset began to show her how to hold it properly and taught her to memorize the buttons on the controller. Sunset mentioned it was helpful for playing games so you wouldn't have to keep looking down at it.

Sunset tested Twilight, which she loved. All tests were fun for Twilight.


Twilight didn't look down as she pressed the front button to the top of the controller on the left side. Sunset gave her a thumbs up.


It went on until Twilight understood and memorized the whole remote. She was actually quite proud of herself that she learned it all.

Sunset was player one, since she knew how to work the game and all that. She pressed start and went to two-player mode.

"Alright, you're playing as Luigi, Twilight," Sunset told her.

"Okay then. Does each character have different abilities?" Twilight asked.

"Not for this version of Super Mario. There's a 3D land one, but that's for the Wii," Sunset answered.

Twilight didn't respond as she looked through the small list. She pointed to a character that was a small pink girl with braids.

"Toadette," Sunset giggled.

"Is that really her name?" Twilight asked. She looked back up at the character list.


"Let me guess. That's Princess Orange."

Sunset shook her head. "Princess Daisy."

Twilight blinked. "You know what, I'm not even going to ask."

"I mean, the princess we're saving is named, Princess Peach."

"Oh so now there's a fruit name. But aren't peaches like a rusty orange color?" Twilight scratched her head.


"Whoever created this game wasn't very logically accurate."

Sunset giggled again before selecting next and clicking on world one. All of the levels were completed, so she should skip around if she wanted to. However, she just selected the first one.

"The goal is, to avoid monsters, collect coins, and make it to the flag at the end," Sunset informed.

"I thought Mario was a plumber," Twilight said and cocked her head. "Why is he collected flags?"

"Technically he's not. We are. The flags are just to tell the players you've finished the level and can move on," said Sunset. "Mario is trying to make it to Bowser's-- the villain's-- castle to save the Princess."

"Oh! I get it," Twilight said. "Does Bowser have a crush on her or something?"

"Yeah... I think so."

"Let's play."

"They can shoot hammers now!?" Twilight yells to the screen. She violently pressed the jump button trying to avoid the Koopa Troopas.

"Yep," Sunset said.

"How in the world am I supposed to stomp on their heads now," Twilight sighed.

"Sometimes avoiding them is easier than trying to kill them all. It gives you more coins, yes. But our goal here is to make it to the end. We can go back and get coins later," Sunset told her.

Twilight hummed at Sunset's statement. "Makes sense."

"Oh, so there are tunnels in this game." Twilight figured it out when they transported down one of the green tubes.

"Mhm," Sunset nodded. She moved mario further down the path as Luigi, Twilight's character, followed. "We get introduced to a couple more monsters down here. Eating plants, and-"

The musical jingle that the game played when one died just went off. Twilight showed a cheeky smile

Sunset faced Twilight and raised her eyebrow. "You didn't let me finish."


"For the Koopa Troopa's underground, they aren't standing on their legs. And instead of throwing hammers, they have spikes on their backs. Therefore, you can't step on them," Sunset explained.


"I actually like this look better for Luigi," Twilight commented. "White and then green as the corresponding color looks cleaner than the green and yellow."

Sunset chuckled. "Don't get use to it. It stays like that as long as you still have the fire power."

"Does Mario Land normally give humans supernatural abilities?"

"I mean... I suppose so," Sunset answered unsure.

"They should keep these powers. It's more beneficial than trying to stop monsters just by stepping on them."

"Where's the fun in that?" Sunset asked.

"And honestly, if Princess Peach really got captured, then the castle doesn't seem all that safe. Shouldn't she have magically locking doors?" Twilight suggested.

"Mario Land only gives characters powers. Not objects," said Sunset. "And they only work for a certain amount of time."

"But shouldn't they be able to cast anything? Why just one specific power? That's like giving someone a necklace that comes with only one certain ability."

"...They're not unicorns, Twi."

"Why is the flag up that high? How am I even supposed to get up there..." Twilight wondered.

"Jump and kick on the wall at the same time. It'll help you climb up the wall," Sunset showed her on the game. She then showed Twilight how she did it on the controller.


"No problem," Sunset smiled.

Twilight followed the instructions and successfully catched up with Mario at the top. Mario jumped onto the flag first, and Luigi quickly followed. The musical gingle the game played when one wins went off.

"Woo!" Twilight cheered. She then placed the controller beside her. "That was a hard one."

"We haven't even made it to the castle yet," Sunset mentioned.

"Don't get yourself killed on me!"

Both young women were at the castle at the end of level one. They were at the boss match, and Sunset had four lives while Twilight had one.

"If we die, we'll have to start this over again," Twilight groaned.

Sunset was trying to make Twilight do all of the work. So far, they've died a total of four times because of it. Sunset didn't complain. It was her idea to have Twilight win the game for them. Twilight didn't know that however...

"Help me!" Twilight yelled to Sunset while she focused on the screen.

Sunset decided to have the boss chase her. So she made Mario shoot it once with some fire, and ran to the other side of the screen. Twilight had Luigi climb on a dead mystery box and shoot the monster with fire from up high. The monster quickly turned around, but Twilight held her character still as she kept shooting at it. The monster exploded into coins before it made it to it's enemy.

Twilight threw her controller down and shot up from the couch with her hands in the air. "Yes! Yes yes yes!"

Sunset giggled at Twilight's enjoyment.

Sunset and Twilight sat at the kitchen table, enjoying a nice snack. The big crunchy salted pretzels you get from the store. They weren't no soft ones like you get at the mall, but they were still tasty.

"Thanks for teaching me how to play, Sunset," Twilight said.

"Of course! It was fun. I haven't played Mario in awhile," Sunset responded.

Twilight bit a pretzel. "You actually seemed bored. I'm sorry if I held you back..."

"Huh?" Sunset wondered just what Twilight meant by that. "No, you didn't. I wasn't bored at all. I liked watching you play," Sunset explained. "I didn't mind a fact here and there either. You're very passionate when you talk in-depth about things."

Twilight looked embarrassed. Passionate was never a word she got called before. "You didn't think they were annoying?"

Sunset shook her head and took a pretzel. "Not at all."

Twilight blushed and fiddled her thumbs under the table. Sunset was the one person who's ever found her that interesting. She couldn't help but flush. When she looked back up at Sunset, she saw that she was staring at her.

When Sunset saw Twilight look back up, she smiled at her. "You're very cute, ya know." Twilight couldn't say anything, as her heart started to beat rapidly in her chest.

Instead, Twilight decided to get another pretzel. She reached into the bowl. But instead of grabbing a salty treat, her hand was placed on top of Sunset's. She quickly retracted her hand as Sunset giggled.

"Here; we can split it," Sunset suggested. She took the last pretzel and broke it in half. Both pieces looked like halves of a heart. Sunset gave Twilight her half, and they both started to munch.


"Hm?" she looked up.

"I meant to ask you about those," Twilight pointed to the two guitars that were planted on the wall next to the TV.

Sunset Shimmer starred in the direction Twilight was pointing. "Ohh those? Long story." Sunset then checked the clock on her phone. "It's getting kind of late." Twilight frowned at that. She was having such a good time. "...You could stay over if you want."

Twilight did not expect that. She blinked, "What?"

"I wouldn't want you going out this late. Pinkie and Rainbow should be on their way. I'm sure they won't mind if you stay the night," Sunset said.

Twilight twirled a strand of her hair on her finger. "Oh... I don't know, Sunset."

Sunset tapped her fingers on the table. "It'll be fun."

Twilight thought about it for a minute. Staying over at her crush's house, on a Friday night. Sounds thrilling. In both the good and the bad way.


"Great! I'll just text the girls," Sunset exclaimed, then pulled out her phone to text Rainbow.

Twilight weakly smiled. A thousand thoughts were running through her head. She was having a sleepover. A sleepover with someone who wasn't Rarity, Applejack, or Fluttershy. A sleepover with not just any someone, but with Sunset Shimmer.

Oh, boy.

Author's Note:

Ooo, what's gonna happen at this sleepover? *insert Sunset smirk here*

Behind The Scenes: I couldn't make Twilight play something like Fortnight for her first time right? Obviously, Mario was the best choice here. Sorry my gamers...

Alternate Chapter Title: A Confuzzled Twily

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