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Dearest of Desires - twience

Twilight Sparkle goes to a party, where she unfortunately spots her ex. Quickly, she stupidly decides to pretend to be dating the nearest person she could find. Who fortunately for her, happens to be very attractive. Well, she got her number. Right!?

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1. Party

Dearest Of Desires, Chapter 1
By, Serenityx

"This is a huge mistake," she claimed, worried.

One of her friends shook their head. "You'll be fine, Twilight. It's not everyday we get to go to a party, you know."

Twilight sighed. "I should've just stayed at home..."

"Nonsense!" Rarity cried out, looking up from her pocket mirror. "This is to get you out of your house. It's a Friday night, you should be living it up."

"I should be studying for a unexpected pop quiz," Twilight responded.

"Ouch! Fluttershy, cut it out!"

Twilight blinked and turned to look at her friend Applejack, who was sitting on Rarity's bed, legs thrown over the edge.

"Sorry, sorry. You just have so many tangles..." Fluttershy apologized, trying to brush Aj's hair.

Twilight turned back to Rarity who was currently giggling a little bit at their country friend.

"Come, Twilight. Let's do your concealer," Rarity mentioned, taking the concealer off the vanity.

Twilight just frowned.

"Darling, even Fluttershy and Applejack are coming. To a party! Fluttershy hates the uncomfortable atmosphere, and Applejack hates getting dressed up. What's your excuse? Oh yeah, study for a quiz that we are most likely not going to have," Rarity said.

"It's just... I haven't really gone out since..." Twilight started to say.

"Even more the better reason to go out," Rarity concluded. "Twilight, this is your chance to start fresh! Maybe even meet someone new?"

Twilight snorted. "Doubt it. If you really want me to come—"

"I really do! It won't be the same if you don't come. I want all of my bff's to be there," Rarity smiled.

Twilight thought about it; seconds just passing by.

"Okay, i'll go," she finally agreed.

"Yes!" Rarity cheered. "Come on, makeover!"

Twilight nodded and took a seat in one of Rarity's fuzzy white chairs.

"Is this alright?" Fluttershy said, getting off the bed.

She reached to the bedside table, took the hand mirror, and handed it to Applejack.

"I suppose..." Applejack halfly agreed, looking at her reflection.

Rarity examined Twilight's face, being the perfectionist she is. "Voilà. It's perfect," she handed her the mirror.

"It's great, Rarity. Thanks," Twilight said.

Rarity waved her hand. "Oh you don't have to thank me, darling. I'm happy to do this," she smiled. Rarity dusted herself up and got up out of her seat. "Everyone ready?"

"Yes," Fluttershy nodded, twirling in her knee-high blue-green dress.

"I put on a skirt, be happy," Applejack told Rarity.

"It'll have to do," Rarity replied.

Twilight reviewed her look in the body-view mirror. She wore a small tight navy blue dress that tied together in the back. Simple, but pretty. Perfect for a simple house party.

Rarity took her small purse from her bed. "Let's go! The night is still young!"

With that, the girls left Rarity's room and made there way out the house to her car.

"Ooo, this is so exciting. I simply love it when Vinyl throws parties," Rarity exclaimed, starting up her vehicle.

"Promise we'll stick together?" Fluttershy mentioned in the backseat, getting a bit nervous.

Applejack put a hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. "Don't worry, sugarcube. It'll be fine."

In the front seat, Twilight put her head into her right hand as she stared out the window.

Twilight didn't like going out. Well, she preferred not to go out. The only time she would if it was to the mall or something with her friends. Though, to actually go out and party, she hasn't done that since she broke up with her past boyfriend. No, it wasn't mutual, or a simple break up. Her ex could be... abusive. Not in a physical way, but he would get obsessive and picky. Half of the time, Twilight was his everything. The other half, Twilight was boring and he didn't care.

Other than that, Twilight just wasn't feeling anything for him anymore. She didn't even have the slightest clue, why.

Twilight stayed quiet for the rest of the car ride; her friends had the basic conversations. Before you know it, they were pulling into Vinyl Scratch's driveway.

"Ah, about time," Rarity said, undoing her seatbelt.

The rest followed suit, unbuckling and getting out the car.

As soon as Twilight's side door opened, the echo of loud music slapped her in the face. She could see rays of colorful light beaconing through the house's windows. When she glanced over, Rarity gleamed with excitement and Applejack was already nodding her head to the music. Fluttershy looked a little uncomfortable, yet, it wasn't the first time she's been dragged into something the rest of her friends were doing.

Rarity took Twilight by the hand and dragged her down the entryway. Fluttershy clinged to Applejack as they walked inside.

It was exactly how Twilight predicted. Crowds of people, tables full of snacks, loud pumping music, decorations messily put up, and dancing. Twilight did not dance, and she wasn't planning on it.

"Welcome to the party-life ladies!" Rarity introduced, taking in the scenery.

Applejack glanced around. "Ya sure there ain't any alcohol at this shindig?" she noticed some people grinding on the dance floor.

"Pfft! It's called having fun, darling!" Rarity retorted.

"What's going on over t-there?" Fluttershy weakly pointed to one of the corners.

"If my eyes aren't fooling me, those two gals are feeling each other up," Applejack said with a tip of her hat.

"All sexulaties are welcome," Rarity said.

Fluttershy nodded and Twilight shrugged.


Rarity turned around to put a face to the voice that had called her out. She smiled when she saw the person.

"Coco!" Rarity exclaimed, going up to the girl.

Coco Pommel wrapped her friend in a hug. "It's been forever! How you've been?"

"Fabulous! Ah, we just need to catch up," Rarity suggested. She faced her friends. "You don't mind do you, girls?"

"Go have fun, sugarcube," Applejack told her.

"Yeah, sure," Fluttershy answered.

Twilight however, hated the fact that the anchor of her group was leaving. "Well I uh—"

"Thanks! I'll meet up with you later," said Rarity. "Toodles!" she waved.

Rarity and her friend Coco were now making their way into the crowd.

Twilight gave a fake smile as she slowly waved goodbye. When she let down her hand, she inner sighed but managed to turn to her other friends.

"So, what's next?" Fluttershy asked, trying to break their silence.

Applejack shrugged. "I dunno 'bout yall, but Imma go try me some treats over there," she pointed to the buffet table. "Wanna come?"

Fluttershy raised her hand quickly, not wanting to be left alone. Twilight smiled but shook her head.

"I'm going to find the bathroom," Twilight told them. "I'll join you in a minute."

"Alright, don't get lost," Applejack mentioned.

"This house isn't that big. I'm pretty sure I won't," Twilight answered.

"Okay, see you," Applejack said. She and Fluttershy began to walk to the other side of the room.

Twilight turned behind her but suddenly collapsed to the floor.

"Watch where you're going," someone snapped at her.

"S-Sorry..." Twilight apologized.

"Whatever," the girl flipped her pink and blue hair. She started to leave and was about to step on Twilight's hand, but Twilight quickly jerked it away before she had the chance.

"Hmph, rude," Twilight retorted as she stood up.

She took in the atmosphere once more. Afterall, wasn't much to do when she was alone. Twilight sighed and started to find her way to the bathroom. A few excuse me's and shoves later, she about had enough. It's like she seemed to be going in circles. The colorful lights made sure she couldn't see anything, the music was starting to give her a headache, and—

Twilight squeaked. Right in front of her, stood that girl that tripped her earlier. She paid Twilight no mind however, as she was too busy dancing. Twilight took her glasses and rubbed the lenses with her shirt. When she put them back on, she noticed the girl was dancing on no other than her... ex boyfriend...

Twilight's mouth was now agape. She couldn't believe it. What was her ex doing at Vinyl's party? Not that she was jealous or anything; she despised the man. Though, who knew he was such a perv? Wow, no wonder he got bored of Twilight. Heat grew in Twilight's cheeks. He never loved her, not a single bit! Oh and now he had the nerve to grind upon some stuck-up candyfloss girl?

Her ex suddenly faced front, but continued to dance with the girl. He noticed Twilight and smirked for a quick second before turning his attention fully back to his dancing.

Twilight growled. Two can play at this game.

"This feels so awesome! We haven't went to a party in ages!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, dancing her hiney off.

Her friend nodded her head excitedly. "I know what you mean, Dashie. This music sure is banging!"

The last girl let out a small chuckle. "Well what did you expect at a party thrown by Vinyl, Pinkie?"

"This is exactly what I imagined!" Pinkie yelled back. She threw herself on the floor, doing the best air guitar she could do. "Oh yeah!"

Rainbow laughed. "Why is that such a me move?"

"Because it is," she gestured towards Pinkie.

"Oh come on Shim, show off some of your wicked dance moves," Rainbow pleaded.

"You're just trying to embarrass me aren't you?" Sunset asked.

Rainbow shrugged. "Not gonna lie."

Pinkie got up off the ground and took Sunset by the hand. "Let's p-p-party!"

"Woah!" Sunset yelped out, being dragged.

Rainbow made a cone around her mouth with her hands. "This is why you're our best friend Shimmer!"

"I'm still wondering how it ended up like that!" Sunset yelled back.

Pinkie let go of Sunset hand and spun her around. "Where she stops... nobody knows!"

When Sunset stopped spinning, she clutched her forehead. "Ooo I shouldn't have drank so much punch."

Pinkie laughed. "Isn't this fun, Sunny?"

Sunset crossed her arms. "Fine, you wanna dance? Let's dance," she smirked.

Sunset took Pinkie by her hands and started cha cha-ing with her. Throwing in a couple of spins and random moves into the mix. Rainbow watched from the distance, mostly laughing. Sunset was truly the highlight of their little group. She wouldn't know what to do if Sunset stopped hanging out with them.

Sunset was glad she had friends like Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash as well. They were honestly the wildest friends you could ask for. She wouldn't trade them for anyone or anything. They had their small fights sometimes, yes, though you couldn't break the bond! They had been friends since sophomore year of high school, and they were already in their first year of college.

Unlike Sunset, Rainbow and Pinkie never called one another by their actually names. Rainbow called Sunset, Shimmer or sometimes Shim while Pinkie stuck with Sunny. For themselves, it was Dash and Pinks. They were odd, but that's why Sunset liked them.

Rainbow walked over to her friends to join in on the fun. "Feeling tired yet Pinks?" she asked, already knowing the true answer.

"Nope!" Pinkie lied. She was, in fact, a little tired.

"Oh? You're ready for a throw then?" Sunset raised her eyebrow.

Pinkie pursed her lips. "I- Uh..."

"Great!" Sunset teased.

"Brace yourself!" Rainbow laughed.

"Wait! I changed my mind!" Pinkie finally admitted.

Sunset picked her friend of the ground and started spinning her round and round. Pinkie to Sunset was apparently light, or more like Sunset was pretty strong.

"S-S-Sunny-y-y," Pinkie dragged, feeling dizzy. This was apparently her karma.

"Here it comes!" Sunset beamed. She threw Pinkie Pie in the air.

Pinkie Pie screamed. This was it, she thought. When she felt a impact, she slowly opened her eyes. She was in a cradle position in her friends arms. Sunset just stared at her with a big grin on her face.

Pinkie bursted out laughing. "Haha! That was the best experience of my life! Haha, oh Sunny! I didn't know you had it in ya!"

Sunset giggled herself, setting Pinkie back on her feet. Pinkie finished her laughing fit and wobbled on the ground.

"If you'll excuse me though," Pinkie raised a finger, then made her way towards the exit.

Sunset blinked and faced Rainbow Dash.

"She's right ya know," Rainbow smirked.

Sunset laughed behind her hand. "About time I got my revenge."

Rainbow playfully gasped. "Shimmer, you devil!"

Sunset punched Rainbow in the arm and winked. "The one and only, Rainbow."

"Ah you crack me up, Shim. Come on, I'm starving for one of those cupcakes," she pointed to one of the buffet tables.

Sunset nodded and happily agreed. Dancing with Pinkie Pie sure did lower her energy. When they reached the table, Rainbow unwrapped a chocolate and took a bite. Sunset took one of the vanilia and started to eat off the frosting.

"Ugh, I still can't believe you're one of those people," Rainbow said.

Sunset tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

Rainbow pointed to Sunset's cupcake. "You eat the frosting off the cupcake first. Do you eat the filling out of oreo's first too?"

"Ohh," Sunset realized. "What can I say? I'm a frosting girl."

Rainbow laughed the best she could with cupcake in her mouth. When she stopped, she raised her treat and stuffed the rest in her mouth, slowly chewing.

"Oh my god, you didn't," Sunset stared at her.

Rainbow just gave her a thumbs up in response.

Sunset shook her head and paid attention back to her cupcake. Just then, Pinkie Pie came back inside looking normal again. Pinkie Pie normal that is. She looked around until she spotted her friends at the buffet table. She walked over and frowned.

"Aw, you started the cupcake eating without me? You guys are rascals," Pinkie commented, picking up one herself.

Rainbow swallowed. "Not our fault you danced to hard."

"Speaking of," she turned to Sunset. "I'll get you Sunny; just wait!"

"Oh no, I'm so scared," Sunset raised her hands.

Pinkie snickered.

"I'll be back girls, gotta go to the bathroom," Sunset told them.

"Don't be long!"

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle's ex seemed to be done with his dancing with that girl. The girl obviously was done as well, as some of her friends were calling her over. She blew him a kiss and sashayed over to her posse. Twilight just rolled her eyes. Although, now that her ex's dance was over, she had nothing to focus her attention on to. She was highly considering on trying to make her way around the house again hoping to run into Rarity.

She shook that thought away. It was obvious Rarity wanted to spend time with Coco. Then again, even if she didn't, Twilight was almost 100% certain she would get lost like before. This is why she didn't come to parties!

Twilight sighed. Why'd I agree to this?

Twilight faced front. Her eyes went large, they probably looked even larger because of her glasses. Her ex was walking in her direction. Could the day get any worse!? He probably wanted to gloat. Yet, like Twilight told herself, two could play at that game.

Twilight urgently looked around her. Her brain screamed help but her heart screamed abort. Like always, she listened to her brain. Suddenly, Twilight got a light bulb.

Quick! Find a date!

Fortunately, someone was currently walked in her direction from her right. When she got close, Twilight grabbed the person by the arm and planted them by her side. The young woman yelped as she got pulled.

"Hey!" Twilight blurted out to her newfound date. Her pupils shrunk. She grabbed a girl.

Why!?!? Twilight's mind screamed.

"...Hello?" the girl replied confused.

"Uh..." Twilight stuttered. "Sorry to bother you, this will only be a quick second. What's your name?"

"Sunset; but what are you talking ab—" she stopped talking, and soon got her answer.

When Twilight's ex was about a foot and some in front of her, he crossed his arms and looked Twilight up and down.

"Twilight Sparkle," he finally said.

Twilight lip quivered. "T-Timber Spruce."

Sunset frowned at the man that stood in front of them. He was obviously trying to get something out of this Twilight girl that had pulled her aside.

"So, how's life hm?" Timber asked.

"My life is fine thank you!" Twilight snapped back.

Timber put up his two hands in defeat. "Hey, sorry, It was just a question."

"Yeah right," Twilight glared. "What do you want, Timber?"

Realization hit Sunset. Ah, this was obviously some ex boyfriend Twilight hadn't gotten over. Wait a second, why was she witnessing this again?

"Just checking in is all. So, who's your hot friend?" Timber pointed out.

Sunset blinked. Should she be offended?

Twilight finally got a chance to look over her "date". Oh stars above, this girl was gorgeous! Not only did she have to pretend and lie to Timber that she was bi, she had to prepare herself for whatever outcome comes with using... Sunset. It was obvious that Sunset came here with a date of her own, and Twilight was not ready to face whoever it was if they found out she was using Sunset for her own selfish desires. However, with every bit of confidence she had, she took Sunset by the hand and gulped.

She looked Timber straight in the eyes and said, "This is Sunset. My girlfriend."

What the heck is going on!? Sunset screamed in her head.

Twilight started to sweat. Would Sunset understand what she was trying to do, or would she come to the conclusion that she was a complete psycho?

When Sunset looked at the man, she saw that Timber suddenly looked like he got hit by bus. Oh, now she understood. She was pretending to be this Twilight's "date". Obviously she didn't like this Timber of hers, so she was trying to make him jealous.

Well, might as well roll with it.

"Really, now?" Timber finally managed to spit out. "Why, Twilight, I never thought you'd be so devastated without me you would decide to turn to girls. Did I really leave you that messed up?"

Twilight stared at her feet, eyes watering. She was over Timber. Really!

Sunset Shimmer was peeved. She may not know Twilight, but no guy talks to a woman like that. Oh hell no.

"I'd think twice before insulting my girlfriend," Sunset crossed her arms. She's got the comeback out of the way, now time for the exaggeration. "Twilight is the most beautiful, kindest, and smartest girl I have ever come across. It's a shame you would throw away such a woman."


Twilight was relieved her "date" caught on to what she was trying to do. Otherwise, it would have been completely awkward. Furthermore, she couldn't help but blush at Sunset's words.

Timber stood there and raised an eyebrow.

"Speechless? You should be. Next time, I won't be so nice. So stay away from her, you hear?" Sunset told him.

"Please, what can you do?" Timber asked.

Twilight fiddled her thumbs. This girl was good.

"More than that small brain of yours can come up with. No wonder nobody wants to commit to you," Sunset commented.

"Ha, a lot of girls line up to be with me," Timber snarked.

"Only because they want you up their skirts. Maybe if you listened to your heart instead of the bulge in your pants, you could keep a girlfriend," Sunset glared.

Okay! Time to cut in!

"Sunset..." Twilight whispered.

Sunset looked beside her and saw that the girl looked a little nervous. Time to turn it down she supposed.

"I- well- ugh, whatever," Timber sputtered out. "It's not like you're any better. With that attitude of yours, why would she ever date you?"

"Because I love her!" Twilight yelled at him.

Twilight not thinking, grabbed the girl by her teal tank top and forced her lips on hers. Sunset jumped a little, but decided to close her eyes so it didn't look like she was faking it. It was only about a four second kiss, but when Twilight pulled away, she felt like it lasted an eternity.

Dang it... Twilight thought. She let her anger for Timber out on Sunset. In kiss version! I bet she feels so uncomfortable now. Nice going, Twilight.

Timber couldn't process it fast enough. So instead, he muttered under his breath and walked away with his arms crossed.

Sunset blinked into the abyss. Or what felt like the abyss. Just what did she get dragged into?

Twilight gulped and tapped Sunset. "Hey... uh, I'm sorry about all that..."

Sunset snapped out of her glance and faced the flustered girl. "N-No problem. Honestly, I was a bit weirded out at first, but I caught on to why you pulled me over."

"Thank you so much for helping me! It was kind of just a spur in the moment thing," Twilight admitted.

Sunset nodded. "I get it. Glad I could help."

Twilight smiled. Sunset was so nice! She couldn't have picked a better person to be her "date". Wait, what!? She kissed a girl! Oh my gosh she kissed a girl! Twilight freaked out inside.

"So, I take it that was your ex?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah, we broke up a few months ago," Twilight said.

"And you're not over him?" Sunset questioned.

"Huh? Oh no! I am over him. He just makes me so mad. He was grinding up on some other woman earlier and it really ticked me off. I wanted to make him jealous and, well, like I said it was kind of a spur in the moment thing," Twilight explained.

"I see," Sunset said.

"So uh, do you have some kind of boyfriend that's going to kill me over this...?" Twilight shyly asked.

Sunset slightly laughed. "Boyfriend? Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I'm single. Besides, guys aren't really my type anyway," she shrugged.

Twilight blinked. Not only was this girl actually a lesbian, but she was single too! So no couple drama!

"Thank the heavens!" Twilight breathed. "No offense, but that was not something I wanted to deal with."

Sunset nodded and gave her a smile. "So is this the part where we start a friendship and go dance, or do you have somewhere else to be?"

Twilight blushed. "I uh, I would love to but I should be getting back to my friends."

"It's cool. I should too now that you mention it. I guess I'll see you around, Twilight," Sunset winked.

Sunset waved at the girl then disappeared into the crowd.

Twilight smiled. "Y-Yeah. Bye, Sunset," she said to no one.

Twilight couldn't believe it. She just possibly made a new friend. Her mind wandered back to that kiss. She wondered if she would ever live that down. Sunset was a beautiful young woman, honest truth, and she doesn't have a boy— girlfriend? Wow, then maybe Twilight had a chance.

Did I really just think that? Twilight asked herself.

Twilight didn't know if she was actually into girls. Although, It would make sense as to why Twilight felt so off when she was with Timber. Even when they kissed, it wasn't as breathtaking as the one she had with Sunset today. Just who was this Sunset really that made Twilight feel so? Then to think, Sunset helped Twilight simply because she wanted to. It was obvious that Sunset was a really generous person. Kind of like Rarity to be honest.

"Rarity! I better text her," Twilight realized and took out her phone.

Then, she realized she had made the biggest mistake should have ever possibly made...

She didn't get Sunset Shimmer's number.

Author's Note:

Happy PRIDE Month!

Yep, yep, yep! I started another chapter story. So excited for this one. It's also been awhile since I submitted a story, so I hope you all are just as excited as I. This is inspired by the month of June and a bunch of other SciSet love confess stories on this sight. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes: I actually wasn't going to add the kiss scene, but decided it would make more drama that comes up later on.

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