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Dearest of Desires - twience

Twilight Sparkle goes to a party, where she unfortunately spots her ex. Quickly, she stupidly decides to pretend to be dating the nearest person she could find. Who fortunately for her, happens to be very attractive. Well, she got her number. Right!?

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11. Sleepover

Dearest of Desires, Chapter 11
By, Serenityx

I need to get a grip. No more freak outs, no more getting scared, and no more stuttering!

Twilight's internal monologue wasn't helping all that much. However, it calmed her down a little. At least so far she hadn't got a panic attack. That would be embarrassing.

Sunset's friends, Pinkie and Rainbow, offered to stay over at some of their friends house for the night. Pinkie decided to stay over at her friend Sonata Dusk's dorm room. Then, Rainbow went to stay with her friend Indigo Zap. Although, Rainbow didn't go voluntarily. When she would return the next day, Sunset had to buy her an extra large unlimited amount of toppings, pizza and a liter of coke.

Sunset agreed. Only because she knew Rainbow Dash wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing herself. So obviously, her and Pinkie would get the leftovers. Besides, a sleepover with Twilight was worth a few bucks.

Twilight watched Sunset return to the living room. She wore an orange off-the-shoulder large t-shirt and some sporty looking shorts. She carried in her hands a pair of pink pajamas.

"Sorry, I don't have much pajama wear. These are a pair of Pinkie Pie's. You look about the same size." Sunset handed the pajamas to Twilight. "I don't even sleep in shorts," she pointed to her bottoms. "Though, I think you'll feel more comfortable this way."

Twilight blushed a little. "Y-Yeah. Thanks..."

"No worries," Sunset told her. "I think the pink will suit you anyway." It would. After all, it matched her hair. If Sunset gave her something orange or red, it wouldn't compliment her at all.

Twilight smiled at Sunset's thoughtfulness. She got up off the couch and went towards the bathroom to change. The pajamas were indeed, pink. The tank top had a small pocket on the side (mostly for design) and the bottoms had blue polka dots on them. They were Pinkie Pie's after all.

Sunset looked up as soon as Twilight came out of the bathroom. "They look good, considering."

"Thanks." Twilight noticed Sunset was holding the cyan guitar that was once on the wall. She walked over and joined her friend on the couch again. "So?"

"It's silly, really. Back in sophomore year, when I met my friends, there was this talent show. The three of us immediately decided to enter, but we didn't know what we were getting into at the time," Sunset started.

"That sounds nice actually. It wasn't a competition or anything."

Sunset shrugged. "Try telling Rainbow Dash that. She went around telling other students how we were going to kick their butts at the talent show." Sunset slid a hand down her face. "It was so embarrassing."

"What did you girls decide to do?" Twilight asked.

"That's the thing. We had no idea. Rainbow talked everyone up at how awesome we were, and we hadn't even decided what we were going to do."

Twilight put a hand close to her mouth. "No."

"Yes. That's why the next day we met up at Pinkie's house the next day. When we finally sat down and got to think of ideas, none of us agreed with each other. We all kept throwing out different opinions and excuses not to do the other person's suggestion," Sunset sighed.

"Baking demonstration!"

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "Baking? On a stage?" Pinkie Pie frowned. "Besides, why waste a perfectly good opportunity to show the school baking techniques? We should do karate!"

Sunset flinched. "And injure ourselves trying to chop through a two inch thick board? No thanks."

Pinkie Pie picked up her phone and decided to look up some ideas.

Rainbow sighed heavily. "It wouldn't be that bad."

"That's your ego talking," said Sunset.

"It's better than the art show you suggested. I doubt the audience would want us to sit there and watch us paint a bunch of stupid scribbles," Rainbow retorted.

Sunset narrowed her eyes. "It's called abstract painting. And it's not stupid!"

Rainbow put a finger to her chin. "Yeah. It's more silly than stupid." Sunset growled at her friend.

"Whoa; cut it out girls!" Pinkie yelled. "We still have to pick an idea for the show!" Pinkie continued to scroll through her phone until her eyes lit up. "And I think I found one!" she turned her phone around for her friends to see.

Rainbow read the screen first. "That's awesome!"

"Cool," Sunset smiled

"That's when we found the 'play as a band' option. Surprisingly, we all liked that one. Me and Rainbow ended up buying two guitars and Pinkie wanted the drums. Not much of a variety... but we were pretty happy at the time. Once we got our instruments, we practice non-stop."

"So everything ended up okay?" Twilight wondered.

Sunset snickered. "Not at the slightest. The thing is, we all practiced alone. So when we finally got together to play a song, we sounded terrible!"

"Ouch," Twilight chuckled a bit too.

"It was pretty funny. Sure we ended up being pretty decent players on our own, but we had no idea how to song write. The limited amount of instruments didn't help with that either. Oh, and we didn't have a lead singer. Of course we could sing while playing, but it was difficult since we couldn't even figure out to play together," Sunset explained. "Rainbow tried to help by taking charge and writing a song, but it sounded so cringy that even she agreed it was bad."

Twilight frowned. "Oh no. So what happened? Did you still perform at the talent show?"

Sunset shook her head. "We unfortunately had to dropout. There was no way we were going to perfect our band in time. We didn't even have a name for ourselves. People laughed at us; mostly at Rainbow for her boosted ego from the very beginning."

"I'm so sorry, Sunset," Twilight sympathized.

"Really, don't be. It was a long time ago; we laugh about it now," Sunset smiled. "We decided to keep our instruments for memories. Plus, they were kind of expensive..."

Twilight nodded. "Do you still play yours?"

"Not much anymore. I just haven't had any time with school and Shimmer Code," Sunset said.

"Oh... well can you play something for me?" Twilight shyly asked her. It was probably a lot to ask. Though, she was really curious.

"Wait, seriously? I'm probably a little rusty." Sunset was surprised she asked that of her. Of course, she didn't really mind.

Twilight smiled. "Yeah." She crossed her legs on the couch facing Sunset. "I'd like to hear you play. I bet you're amazing."

It was finally Sunset's turn to blush that evening. "Y-You think so?"

"You're amazing at everything," Twilight told her. "Ever since I met you, you've been full of talents. Is there anything I don't know that you do?"

Sunset rubbed her arm. "I um... I can draw pretty well. I think...?"

Twilight giggled shortly. "See? You're incredible! You're the whole package, really. Confident, funny, talented, kind, and not to mention you're really pretty!"

Sunset's went big as the blush on her face grew.

Twilight realized all the compliments she gave Sunset and looked down as she twirled a strand of her hair. If Sunset wasn't onto her already, she certainly was now. She couldn't believe she just made Sunset lost for words. Where did all that even come from? It was like she got really confident of all a sudden.

"That's sweet of you, Twi. You're kind of amazing yourself," Sunset complimented back, but still infatuated. "And if I'm being honest, you're the pretty one. Not me."

Twilight smiled softly. "I'd have to disagree."

"You may, but that doesn't mean I'm going to take it back," Sunset gave her a smirk.

Twilight giggled at that. Sunset adjusted the guitar once more in her hands and plucked the strings a few times. She recalled everything she knew about playing the instrument, and started to play. Twilight listened intrigued. Sunset didn't sing, she just played; a beautiful soft tune. It made Twilight feel like she was on clouds.

Sunset's eyes fluttered closed while she continued. It was a short melody, but it felt as if it was going on forever. Sunset started using her brain, trying to recall all the notes. But once she got for comfortable, she began to play with more feeling and with her heart.

Twilight couldn't believe how well Sunset strummed the tune. She looked so angelic right then it was unbelievable. Once Sunset was finishing off, her head raised again and she opened her eyes. Twilight clapped at the petite performance.

"That was beautiful!" Twilight praised.

"Thank you, Twilight." Sunset placed the guitar down against the side of her couch. She was about to say more when Twilight's phone started to ring.

Twilight jumped but took her phone off the coffee table. She looked at the contact. How did I forget about Rarity? She sighed. "One second."

"No problem," said Sunset.

"Hey, Rare," Twilight spoke on the phone. "I'm still at Sunset's. I decided I was um... going to sleepover." Twilight then held the phone away from her ear as a very long and loud squeal came through the tiny speaker.

Sunset blinked at the noise.

"You probably just woke up the whole corridor," Twilight grumbled. "I'll be fine. Promise," Twilight's voice turned sincere. "I'll call you again in the morning. Alright; bye." Twilight hung up the phone and looked at Sunset. "Sorry. That was roommate and best friend, Rarity."

"Rarity?" Sunset asked with a tilt of her head.

"Yeah..." Twilight confirmed. "Y-You don't know her, do you?"

Sunset pointed to herself. "Me? No. I think Rainbow might." Twilight's look on her face showed she wanted more. "Don't ask me. All I remember is her name being mentioned in passing."

Twilight nodded. She never remembering Rarity mentioning a girl named Rainbow Dash. Maybe Rainbow just ordered a piece from her or something. Regardless, no matter in stressing herself about it now. She had enough on her plate as it is.

"I didn't really plan on you staying over, so I didn't get a chance to make us anything. Is mac and cheese okay?"

"Oh, sure. I don't mind," said Twilight. She was having such a good time with Sunset, she hadn't realized she might of been hungry.

"Great! I'll just get started on that now," Sunset told her. "And I promise, I'll make us something better next time."

Next time? Twilight went over that statement in her head.

Sunset dismissed herself and went into the kitchen to get started on their dinner. Twilight continued to mind wander while she sat on the couch. It was going really nice. Sunset was really nice. Twilight thought if she should just ask Sunset out already.

Where did that come from? Twilight internally sighed.

Probably not. It was still early. Or was it ever too early? Even if that didn't matter, Twilight assumed she didn't have the guts to do so. Would Sunset say yes though? That was the main question. Twilight was already sleeping over at her apartment. Was that weird? Were they going to be sharing the same bed!? It would be okay if Twilight didn't find Sunset oddly attractive and herself falling for her. Oh how she hoped they would share the same bed.

Back up.

"What is wrong with you, Twilight," she insulted herself, hoping Sunset didn't hear.

At least she was willing to wait. It took her this long to find Sunset Shimmer, she could wait a few more weeks. She didn't want to be more creepy than she already was.

Oh my god, I'm creepy. Sunset's going to think I'm creepy.

Twilight would never have a strong relationship with Sunset. As friends, or as a couple. Honesty, to steal from her friend Applejack, was an important factor in any bond. And Twilight was never going to be completely honest with Sunset, unless she told how they ended up meeting at the arcade.

No, Twilight. Everything is fine right now. Perfect in fact. I'm not going to mess it up now

"Hey! Are you getting hot? It feels a hundred degrees in here," Sunset yelled from the kitchen.

"That's because you're cooking noodles in boiling water!" Twilight yelled back with a laugh.

"...I figured. Mind turning up the air conditioning?"

"Sure," Twilight agreed. She stood up and walked over to the box on the wall that looked like the thermostat. She lowered the number ten times hoping it would get cooler sooner better than later. She decided she would join Sunset in the kitchen to see how things were going.

Twilight walked into the apartment kitchen. When she did, not only did she Sunset stirring noodles in a pot, she saw a lot of advanced of cooking/baking appliances. Obviously people had blenders and maybe a toaster oven here and there, but it was like Sunset had a career as a chef or something.

Can she cook too!? Twilight was just starting to wonder how many talents this girl really had.

"Hey," Twilight finally spoke up.

Sunset turned. "Hm, hi Twilight. It's almost done."

Twilight nodded and started to walk round to one of the counters. She observed what looked like a... funnel cake maker(?) "Sunset. What is all this?" she decided to ask.

Sunset looked at Twilight point to all the cooking "machines" around the kitchen. "Not mine. Pinkie Pie's."

Twilight blinked. Well... that made so much sense. It definitely answered her question. "Why does she have so many different appliances?"

Sunset started to drain some water from her noodles in the sink as she answered. "Pinkie Pie's actually a pastry chef. She doesn't have a full business yet, as she's still in college like the rest of us. Though, she has an online site where people locally request her desserts. She also posts her creations on YouTube from time to time."

Twilight was in awe. Sunset and her friends each have things going for them already in their freshman year at college. "So you do video games, Pinkie does baking, and Rainbow does sporting stunts?"

"Yeah. We're all pretty much YouTube video creators," Sunset said and took the instant cheese out of the package. "Obviously not forever. We can't make money off of making videos for the rest of our lives," she poured the cheese into the noodles and remaining water. "... How'd you know Rainbow did sports stunts?" Sunset asked curious.

Twilight gulped. She let something slip again. Why was she always letting things slip!? "Er... I..." Twilight couldn't come back from that one. She had to do something. "So you all make money off of it, huh? How does that work?"

Sunset stirred her noodles again. "It all depends on your view count."

"Fascinating! The average person can money on simply making video entertaining for the whole world to see."

"I wouldn't really say it like that," Sunset told her. She was already putting the mac and cheese into two separate bowls. "You never answered my question by the way."

"I-I just thought she looked familiar for some reason," Twilight tried.

"Didn't you mention you hardly spend any time on social media?"

"Saw it from a friend!"

Sunset still had her suspicions, but it wasn't that serious so she shrugged. "Okay." Sunset put two forks into the bowls and walked over to give one to her friend. "Here you go."

Twilight smiled with her teeth. "Thanks!"

"It's no problem."

Twilight and Sunset walked back to the living room with their warm mac and cheese (one of the only things Sunset knew how to make) and got seated on the couch. Sunset then turned on some movie Twilight couldn't remember the name of. She just kept thinking how badly she messed up.

Maybe... maybe it was time to let Sunset know the truth.

If Twilight wasn't right next to Sunset Shimmer in that moment, she would've slapped herself. She couldn't do that. She remembered what Rarity said. But then, she remembered what Applejack said. Then what Fluttershy said. Well, Fluttershy barely said anything. Going back, Rarity's side felt more drama-free. What benefit is there, for both of them, if Twilight told Sunset the truth? It wouldn't cause anything but misery.

But if Twilight was being honest, she wasn't feeling all that great knowing she was lying to her crush. Sunset was so good. She was so so good. Twilight would ruin that if she told her the truth. But it was eating her up! She should be honest with Sunset! Honesty is the best policy, right? How could Twilight sit there, centimeters apart from Sunset, eating mac and cheese that didn't even belong to her, giving nothing in return but a lie. That wasn't right. Twilight knew that.

After placing her dinner on the coffee table in front of her, Twilight fiddled her fingers before she spoke up. "S-Sun-"

"Are you cold? It is freezing in here," Sunset asked her, not even realizing Twilight has beginning to say something.

All Twilight's past thoughts vanished. "I thought it was just me."

Sunset snorted. "Definitely not. I'm getting goosebumps from just sitting here." Sunset looked over at Twilight's arms as well. "And it looks like I'm not the only one."

Twilight brought her arm up to her eyes. "Huh..." Guess they weren't from her nerves after all.

Sunset stood up and went over to the thermostat by the TV. "Sweet Faust! No wonder. Twi, you turned the temp down to sixty two degrees!"

"What!" Twilight stood up too. "I didn't realized. I mean, I did realize! I just wasn't... thinking at the time?" Twilight rubbed a hand down her face. "Ooh that sounds so bad coming from me."

Sunset turned it back up to seventy four. "It's alright; simple mistake. It'll warm up in a bit." She looked back at Twilight who still looked guilty as ever. "How about I get us blankets? We can still finish the movie, and at least we'll be warmer," Sunset softly suggested. Twilight weakly smiled at her with a small nod. "Cool. I'll be back," Sunset said before retreating to her bedroom.

Twilight bothered herself by getting comfy back on the couch. Nope, I'm not going to pity myself. I'm supposed to be having fun, remember? As she finished up with her mental speech, Sunset came back with two large fuzzy blankets. She plopped them down onto the couch.

"This should be good. Is it good?" she wanted to verify.

"Good," Twilight verified.

"Great," said Sunset. She sat herself back on the couch before passing Twilight one of the blankets. They were both fairly large however, so they each ended up with two blankets. Which meant they were both under the same blanket. Why was Twilight all of sudden feeling uncomfortable again?

Moving forward, Twilight managed to actually start paying attention to the film. Thank goodness. She was really starting to annoy herself. However, that sanctuary dissipated when she felt something hit her foot. She blinked at the screen, but didn't bother to look down. She ignored it, until she felt it a second time. Just what was going-

Oh. Ohh.

Was...? It was. It was Sunset playing footsie with her. Sunset Shimmer, was actually playing footsie with her! It took everything for Twilight to maintain herself. Bracing herself, Twilight built up the nerve to play with her back. She gently tapped her foot against Sunset's. She could feel Sunset tense up a bit on the couch. Did... she misread Sunset's earlier actions? Was Sunset aware what she was doing with Twilight?

Thankfully, after a bit, Twilight felt another tap on her foot.

Yes! Twilight cheered to herself. Wait... this isn't going to change up on me and result in a hot make-out session is it?

Ha! Course not.

Twilight continued to play footsie with Sunset until they each got more confident in their "game." Soon, they were wrapping their feet with each others and rubbing them against one another ankles. Yeah, Twilight definitely wasn't paying attention to the movie anymore. She guessed Sunset wasn't either.

Twilight just couldn't stop. She really liked Sunset. Although, she could feel herself starting to drift off and her foot wasn't moving much no more. Until soon, she was out completely with her foot resting on top of Sunset's. Sunset noticed this and looked over at her to find Twilight asleep. She smiled at how cute Twilight looked, then rested her head back.

Sunset was soon in slumber as well, and she knew, just what she was getting herself into. In other words, It was just the beginning.

Author's Note:

Yup. I'd say their sleepover was a success. And ew, cringy ending. But it felt right.

Behind The Scenes: During the footsie scene, I was eating gummy bears. I don't have anything else, okay!? Dx

Alternate Title: Noodles For Guitar Strings.

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Sunset's friends, Pinkie and Rainbow, offered to stay over at some of their friends house for the night. Pinkie decided to stay over at her friend Sonata Dusk's dorm room. Then, Rainbow went to stay with her friend Indigo Zap. Although, Rainbow didn't go voluntarily. When she would return the next day, Sunset had to buy her an extra large unlimited amount of toppings, pizza and a liter of coke.

Pinkie and Sona are friends, eh? Makes sense. And RD, don't make yourself sick. Unless you record it like an eating challenge, and post it on your channel. Then by all means go for it.

I developed adorabetes several times reading this. Though, Twi's internal struggle about being honest with Sunny was important for her to have, especially since there are more cracks forming in her story, which Sunset is starting to notice. I hope when things do come out, it won't end badly for them, because, deceptions aside, they're just too cute together.

Thanks for the chapter Nysa.

a person can make a living off youtube just fine

Well, I know that. I'm saying they don't want to however.

Aaaaaah! No, stop it, it’s too adorable! Wait, no, don’t stop! I’m conflicted! :twilightsmile:

During the footsie scene, I was eating gummy bears. I don't have anything else, okay!?

There is nothing wrong with that. Gummy bears are awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Spoken like a true Pinkie! :raritywink:

Sunset's went big as the blush on her face grew.

I think you mean Sunset's eyes went big as the blush on her face grew.

This story is so romantic that I'm so happy right now

Sunset pronto se durmió también, y sabía en qué se estaba metiendo. En otras palabras, fue solo el comienzo.

Ohh que hermoso! Cuándo, cuándo actualizas??!

wait a sec its on hiatus I thought it was over already (I'm confused)

This is a cute story. I hope you come back to it someday.

Looked into my old reads and found this... 2019 feels like a hell of a long time ago, wow

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