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Dearest of Desires - twience

Twilight Sparkle goes to a party, where she unfortunately spots her ex. Quickly, she stupidly decides to pretend to be dating the nearest person she could find. Who fortunately for her, happens to be very attractive. Well, she got her number. Right!?

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4. College

Dearest Of Desires Chapter 4
By, Serenityx

Rarity had found Sunset Shimmer online, much to Twilight's pleasure. All Sparkle had to do now, was figure out what college Sunset went to. She was only going to check the state colleges because Sunset went to Vinyl's party. It would only make sense that way; she hoped.

Like Rarity last night, Twilight was up on her computer. This time however, Rarity joined her in her room. She was sprawled out on Twilight's bed doodling in some notebook. Most likely fashion designing.

"You should check CU's roster first. Maybe she does go to our college," Rarity mentioned.

Twilight shrugged and went to Canterlot University's website. "Okay."

Twilight began hacking the system, cautiously though, so she wouldn't get caught. It wasn't anything advanced she was doing, just accessing some files from the school that wasn't listed on the site itself. It was still dangerous. She made sure to private her coding so nobody could trace or follow the trail to her IP address.

If Sunset finds out about this, she will never want to be my friend.

Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Rarity told her, walking out of their bedroom.

Twilight didn't answer, as she finally got access to the attendance roster. She did a word search typing: Sunset Shimmer. A long rectangle box appeared with another rectangle of green filling it up by percentage.

"Look who came to visit, darling," Rarity said entering again. Behind her, followed Applejack and Fluttershy.

"Hi, Twilight," Fluttershy waved.

"Howdy y'all," Applejack smiled and tilted her hat.

Twilight turned her head a tad, but still looked at her computer. "Oh, hello girls." Then turned her head back.

Rarity hopped back onto the bed and smiled. "Twi is doing her part of the plan."

"Oh? How many colleges has she looked at already?" Applejack asked.

"One," Twilight said before Rarity got to answer. Her word search was finished and then the results came up. "And Sunset Shimmer doesn't go to Canterlot University," she frowned.

"Aw," Fluttershy reacted and sat on the edge of the bed.

Rarity twirled her pencil. "Aw indeed. Check GSU."

Twilight exited out of her code box and went to Griffinstone University's website.

"Is this really necessary?" Applejack brought up.

"It really is! We'd do the same if you were in Twilight's shoes, Applejack," Rarity told her.

"Oh no you wouldn't," Applejack glared at her.

"You have a crush too?" Fluttershy asked.

"Sunset is not my crush!" Twilight yelled out, starting the code to find the roster.

Applejack crossed her arms. "I do not have a crush. Rarity is just over exaggerating again."

"Hey! I'm just trying to help our friend," Rarity concluded.

Twilight rolled her eyes at the argument her two friends were having. She started the word search for Sunset, and patiently waited. There were only three more colleges close by, any of the others you're looking to drive a bit before arriving there. Hopefully Sunset went to one of the three.

The green filled up the rectangle bar. Twilight scanned the results and slumped in her chair.

"Sunset doesn't go to Griffinstone," she said.

"Good riddens. Nobody really interested much in education go there," Rarity affirmed, and started a new drawing.

Fluttershy walked up to Twilight and her computer desk. "Try EFA. That's a good school."

"Great Idea, Shy," Twilight smiled and typed Everfree Academy.

"I'm still surprised you chose to go to CU, Twilight. Clearly you have the GPA to go to EFA. Maybe even one of those fancy schools out there," said Applejack.

Twilight sighed. "Yeah... but Canterlot University is still a good school. A degree from here isn't bad at all. Besides, I wanted to stay with you girls. I don't think I would fit in at Everfree anyways."

"You are so sweet, Twilight," Fluttershy nodded.

Twilight gave Fluttershy her thanks and started her word search again. She crossed her fingers hoping this would be the last school she would have to check. The green bar filled up, and the results came through. Her friends heard the computer ding, but Twilight wasn't talking.

"Well?" Applejack broke the silence.

"Argh!" Twilight slammed a hand on her desk. "Ow..."

"So, Sunset doesn't go to EFA?" Fluttershy asked the obvious.

"...No..." Twilight answered.

Rarity blinked and looked up from her notebook. "Of course not. Everfree Academy's colors are green and purple, not green and yellow," she laughed.

Twilight turned around quickly and looked Rarity in the eyes. "What do you mean green and yellow?"

"Oh, you didn't notice? Sunset likely put the colors of her college on her instagram page. Two hearts, green and yellow," Rarity educated.

"Why didn't you tell me this before!?" Twilight yelled.

"Rare, didn't you think this was some information we could've used before Twilight hacked her way into school's attendance rosters?" Applejack pointed out.

Fluttershy just frowned.

"Oh... um... I forgot?" was all Rarity said. The three girls gave her annoyed looks. "Don't look at me like that! I was just so excited to move on, it slipped my mind!"

Twilight pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. "It's fine, at least I know what college she goes to now. Although, I'm still gonna check."

Fluttershy clapped her hands. "That's great!"

Rarity tilted her head. "What college has green and yellow as spirit colors?"

"GNU, of course," Twilight replied.

"Well I'll be!" Applejack exclaimed.

Twilight smiled, feeling hopefully again. She typed in the website and coded for the roster. When it was supplied, she began another word search. Twilight then closed her eyes and crossed her fingers.

This was it. If Twilight was right, it meant Sunset went to a nearby college. They could actually have a chance to meet. Fluttershy and Applejack could do their part and well... just like Rarity said, volia! However, there was only one thing Twilight made clear in her mind. Don't let Sunset know about their plan.

It was going to be perfect. As long as Sunset agreed to hang out. What if Sunset didn't agree to hang out? That would ruin everything! No, good thoughts. It was going to pull through.

Twilight's computer dinged. Her friends crowded her computer and they each gave out their own reaction. Twilight took a deep breath, uncrossed her fingers, and slowly opened her eyes. When her vision cleared, she gawked at the screen.

One Result For: Sunset Shimmer

Twilight squealed.

Sunset went to Green Neigh University.

The next day, Sunset was her way to campus. The school had a library on its grounds, and it was where she was meeting Minuette for their first study lesson. She carried her satchel bag which had her sun birthmark stitched on it which contained papers and book for their lesson.

Why is it so important for me to tutor her? She's an honors student, not an AP.

Some students who lived on campus were roaming around as well. A few waved at Sunset and she smiled back. Okay, so she had a status. So what?

Sunset found herself in front the library building. She opened the glass doors and searched for Minuette. She didn't have to wonder long before—

"Sunset Shimmer!" Minuette waved her hand fiercely with a big grin on her face.

One of the librarian's in the distance gave her an annoyed shush. Minuette's ears flushed and she slowly sat in her seat.

Sunset covered her mouth with a hand and silently giggled. She walked over to the table Minuette sat at. When Minuette noticed her again, she smiled. She seemed happy. Maybe a little too happy.

Sunset innerly shrugged and took the seat from across. "Afternoon, Minuette."

"Afternoon!" Minuette greeted back.

Sunset gave a nod and opened her bag as she continued to talk. "So, Mr Letroski told me you're struggling a tad with english."

"Heh..." Minuette rubbed the back of her head. "Yeah, kind of."

"I brought some stuff," Sunset placed a book and a few folders on the table.

Minuette blinked and stared at the materials. "Oh uh, you sure did."

"Something wrong?" Sunset tilted her head.

"Huh?" Minuette looked back up at her. She waved her hands. "No no, nothing."

"Alright," Sunset said. She folded her hands in her lap. "What is it exactly you need help with?"

Minuette just stared at her.



Sunset rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers in front of Minuette's face. That eventually brought her back to life.

"Essays!" she yelped out her answer.

That wasn't what Sunset was expecting. "Essays...?"

Minuette nodded. "Yeah, essays. For sure for sure."

Sunset raised an eyebrow. "I heard that you were having trouble on Mr Letroski's newest unit."

"...He must've gotten that wrong then," Minuette told her.

Sunset wanted to question Minuette's strange behavior, but it was probably best she continued on with the tutoring.

"Okay, so essays. You know of the MLA format?" Sunset asked.

"Say what?" Minuette's mind blanked. She knew what it was, she was just so nervous.

"Introductions, conclusions, five paragraphs," Sunset clarified.

"Oh pfft, totally," Minuette said.

"Okay, what's best in a great hook is some kind of propaganda," Sunset started. She took a piece of paper from her folder. "Let's start with an easy topic. Have any in mind?"

"Weather," Minuette said immediately. "Snow, wind, sunlight... sunset's..."

Sunset scratched her forehead. "Not all of those are particularly weather, and well that's not what I had in mind. But sure, why not. Do you have a preferable propaganda you like?" she picked up a pencil.

"P-Propaganda..." Minuette whispered. What was that again?

Sunset sighed and dropped her utensil. "Alright Minuette. What gives? You're in honors english."

Minuette frowned. "I know! I'm sorry..."

"Why are apologizing? You tell me something completely different than what our teacher told me. You're acting like you're bad at english, which I know you're not. And you can't remember what MLA and propaganda are?" Sunset narrowed her eyes.

"I do know what they are! Honest!"

"...Prove it."

Minuette cleared her throat. "Propaganda: Bandwagon, Card Stacking, Plain Folks, Testimonial, Glittering Generalities, Name Calling, and Transfer. All used for the spreading of information in support of a cause."

Sunset smiled. "There you go! This is high school stuff! Ninth grade even..." Sunset placed a hand on top of hers. "Are you feeling okay, Minuette?"

Minuette bit her lip. "I like you..."

Sunset's eyes widened for a second, as she pulled her hand away. "What..."

"I like you," Minuette said clearly this time.

Sunset blushed a bit out of flattery. "I-I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything. I know it's stupid; this was a mistake. I'm so sorry I wasted your time, Sunset. I'll just... go," Minuette stood up out of her chair.

"Don't go," Sunset said.

"Okay," Minuette sat back down.

"I'm confused. We hardly interact with each other. Why?" she asked.

"B-Because... well... you're you. How can someone not like you? You're literally the whole package. Smart, pretty, funny, adventurous, brave, I mean really."

Not that there was anything wrong with Minuette. But Sunset didn't seem interested in her at all. Did that make her a selfish person? A pretty girl was right there, admitting her feelings to Sunset. Sunset had been a good while with no romantic partner, so why couldn't she say what her brain wanted her to say?

Brain? That wasn't right. That's why she was silent, because it wasn't what her heart was saying.

"I can't believe it. You're not interested in girls anymore are you?" Minuette frowned.

"No. I mean, yes. I mean, I am," Sunset affirmed. "I just..."

"So I'm guessing you don't want to go out with me?" Minuette asked her.

Sunset looked down at the table. "It's not you..."

Minuette sighed. "I see... that's what it is then. You have your eyes on someone else. Am I right?"

"What! No, not at all!" Sunset exclaimed, putting her fists to her chest looking at her.

Minuette shook her head. "I can tell you're lying. See? I told you this was a mistake."

Sunset decided she should carry on, instead of denying something she partially knew was true. She let a single tear fall. "You're brave, Minuette."

Minuette smiled. "Thanks," she replied and stood up. She turned to leave, but said one more thing. "Sunset, there's no time..."

Sunset wiped her face. "Huh? What about, time?"

"Time is what I'm all about. To be more specific, there's never enough time," Minuette concluded. She then turned for real and walked out the library.

Sunset just sat there, staring at the empty seat.

There's never enough time.

Sunset shook her head. Enough time for what?

She sighed to herself and stood from her seat. She gathered up her materials and placed them in her bag once more.

Guess there won't be any more tutoring lessons.

Taking out her phone, she sent a quick text to her friends/roommates telling them she was coming home early. She pushed in her seat and walked herself out of the library.

I need some fun in my life.

Author's Note:

Oh ho ho. Interesting. Also, woo hoo! We know what college Sunny goes to. It's time for step three.

Behind The Scenes: I actually had trouble coming up with college names for this chapter, that's what most likely took the most time, xD.

Alternate Chapter Title: Crushes get Crushed.

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