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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Seven

Gentle Breeze looked at the Playpen as the two foals babbled to each other. A sigh escaped her lips as she headed to the desk and looked at the file on top. Flipping it open the top-secret order from Celestia was clearly seen. Once more she read the paper.

I request that the daycare personal keep an eye on my niece and report any strange behavior or situation. Report only to myself.

Princess Celestia

“What is considered strange behavior for an Alicorn foal?” She whispered to herself as she closed the file and looks once again at the Playpen. Tilting her head as she sees the curious looks of Nightshade seeming to study the wall of the playpen.

Nightshade at that moment was looking at the wall of the playpen thought in truth she was looking at the magic interwoven into the construction. Moving to the side she put her hoof to the soft netting and pushed. Just like the protective enchantment to prevent a pegasus from flying out the magic in the netting made it resistant to the force of an Earth Pony foal surging. There was also magic made to weaken and neutralize unicorn spells without causing a backlash. It was, for the most part, a very complex spell matrix to form a perfect cage.

For the most part... Nightshade leaned against the netting and spotted the gem at the corner. There was one on each point of the playpen. Each of the enchantments was linked to the gems. Four gems in all, and if she was right they absorb the radiant magic to recharge. A normal foal would never figure it out but she wasn’t a normal foal.

“What you doing Nightshade?” asked Cream Puff as she came over and mimicked her friend leaning on the netting. “This is funny.” she wiggles against the net giggling at how it scratches her flank.

“I’m looking at the magic,” Nightshade says nodding as she notes how the enchantment reacted to the two foals pressing against the net.

~That’s the weakness!~ She giggles herself the enchantments are interlinked with the gems. The Gems can only handle so much so if more then one foal was affecting one enchantment, the others weakened. ~So if I have Cream Puff cast magic on one enchantment, Dusty pressing on another wall, then the magic forming the pegasus enchantment will weaken and I could fly out.~

It was a perfect plan. One she will need the help of both Cream Puff and Buster to do. It would only work once before Gentle Breeze gets somepony to improve it. But it was a plan!

Nightshade looks over and spots Gentle Breeze watching. With a smile, she waved her little hoof. ~Pay no attention to the normal foal.~

“Let us play with the toys some more Cream Puff.”


Gentle Breeze scratches her head wondering if she should report that or not.

The modern life Luna discovered was both easier and harder than her life from a thousand years ago. Devices made to make the world easier made distractions and complexities more common. Such a distraction was now before her. There was no anger at Raven Quill for stopping her from heading to the comfortable bed. The pegasus down feather pillows, silk sheets. Sighing she nods to Raven Quill and the cobalt blue stallion beside her.

“What can I doth for thee, Raven Quill?” She asks between a set of yawns.

“Princess Luna I’m sorry to delay you. I just want to introduce you to Midnight Oil. He’s one of the castle record staff. It’s past time for him to get a promotion and I thought he could take the post of being your assistant. Like how I assist Celestia.”

Luna took more notice of the stallion. The fellow was a tad overweight but not extreme so. A pair of glasses adorn his nose, his cutie mark was of a candle and quill. His mane and tail were cut shorter than standard, almost military buzz cut style.

“There is not much worketh to doth for anon till I establish the night court again. Bethought assistance in learning modern laws shall beest valorous. Thither is a playeth date I wish to establish between Nightshade and a filly named Cream Puff. She’s the daughter of the castle chef Buttercream. ”

“If I may your majesty. Having the playdate in the royal gardens will be the most benefit. On one hoof the idea of you socializing with castle staff will be a negative for the nobility, the other hoof the public seeing you taking time to socialize with lower class ponies will counter any negative rumors in the eyes of the civilians. This is doubly so with you being spotted tending to your own foal.” Midnight Oil stated as he looks over his own clipboard.

“Has thither been many negative whispers?” Fear from a thousand years grips her heart. Was it all starting all over again?

“A few minor issues nothing with any impact. Having you been seen with Princess Cadence shopping, then your comments to the news ponies this morning made sure the negativity was unfounded. The rumor that the foal wasn’t yours is now groundless, and even caused a fight when a mare came to your defense at a local cafe.”

Luna blinked there was a fight over her? “Was any pony did hurt? What wast the situation?”

“From what I can tell some noble was bad mouthing you and Princess Nightshade at the cafe. Mostly over the idea that Nightshade was a bastard offspring. Having no records of any marriage between you and any stallion. A mare overhearing this started arguing jumped to your defense pointing out there were few records at all from a thousand years ago. The exact wording I have no knowledge of. At some point the argument became physical. No lasting harm the worst damage was a broken table and black eye.” Raven Quill stated as she looked over he notes.

“Celestia going to be looking into it given how Upper Crust, the noble, pressed legal charges against Octavia Melody, a musician specializing in the cello. Personally speaking, I think Upper Crust might regret the lawsuit. Octavia Melody has some serious backers and supporters she could afford to hire some good lawyers.”

“I don’t knoweth how to feel about this. The idea thither art negative whispers about me doth fill me with dread. Whither knowing thither art ponies out thither who shall defend mine own honor with force. ” Luna shakes her head.

“I, of course, shall have to state yond valance is not acceptable unless to defend one’s or another’s life. ”

Midnight Oil looks to Raven Quill then to Luna. “If I may your Majesty. We could make sure Octavia Melody has a strong legal defense as well as make sure there are no strong links to the Castle.”

Luna thought about it. “Do it discreetly, I misprise to seemeth to showeth favoritism. ”

“One last thing, once you are awake we have a few nannies who applied to the job. The rooms for Nightshade are also done the interview for the nanny will be held in the chambers.”

“Thank thee, Raven Quill, and I look forward to working with thee Midnight Oil. ” Luna was starting to adapt to the manor of speaking in the new age. Perhaps having someone to practice with will help.

“Rest well your majesty.”

Celestia was in her study looking over case files for the day court. There was one other pony in the room. “So any idea who starting these rumors?”

Prince Blueblood brushes his blond mane “I haven’t uncovered the source yet. The nobility is grumbling about Aunt Luna and Nightshade, but I haven’t uncovered any serious plots against them. They seem content to wait and see. I do believe there was some drive to make Luna seem aloft and introverted. Mostly keep her out of the social loop, no doubt to make her easier to manipulate.”

With a sigh, Celestia nods “I’ll ask Fancy Pants to keep an eye out for more serious endeavors.”

“There something on your mind Auntie. What may I ask got you worried?”

“Either I got sloppy or you got very used to reading me. The truth is Nightshade seems odd, I can’t place what’s strange about her.”

“Not knowing something always been your weak spot. As for Nightshade, she’s an Alicorn foal, of course, she is different. There are only four known alicorns, and only Nightshade we know was born as one. No pony remembers being born your and Luna’s origins are lost in the fog of time.”

“Perhaps that true. Have a safe trip nephew.”

Prince Blueblood nods and heads to the door take a deep breath and open it. “BUT AUNTIE CELESTIA THE YAKS ARE SO UNCULTURED!”

“Go Blueblood, I want those trade negotiations. Consider this punishment for the failure of getting fishing rights from the Griffons.”

“As you insist Auntie” Blueblood leaves closing the door just a tad too loud to be polite. Making sure the cover of being an arrogant self-center jerk still in place. Personally, he loves visiting the Yaks.

Celestia looks to a painting of Starswirl. “Am I being paranoid?” The painting remains quiet as she goes back to looking over the files.

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