Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare

by ShadowStar_IMHP

First published

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

The Elements of Harmony aren’t weapons. This is a basic fact, they are an extension of the Tree of Harmony a being that thinks for itself. A weapon is a mindless tool of destruction, there is no Harmony in destruction. A thousand years ago the two Royal Sisters fought. Nightmare Moon was a problem the Tree, nor Celestia saw coming. So at that moment when Celestia used the elements the tree guided the power to act the only way it could think of at that moment. Give the Tree of Harmony time to come up with a solution. A plan was formed and the Elements rested to build up the magic needed to save Luna, and Nightmare Moon. A thousand years later the time came to set the plan in motion...

Chapter One (Now Edited by LightningChaser04)

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The castle of the royal sisters was abandoned for a thousand years. Stone walls rose above the forest with the determination to resist the passage of time and erosion. Magic interwoven in its construction resisted the natural forces fighting to return the massive structure to rubble. Over a thousand years the magic forces have been fading, moss was growing in damp corners, rainwater found its way into the foundation, and small rodents and insects were hidden in cracks and rubble. The magic was losing and time kept passing on. The thousand-year battle had no witnesses, no sound of civilization, and no sapient life was there to see the structure resist nature’s might.

Until today, a thousand years since the fight between the royal sisters. A millennium has passed and the Princess of the Night, who had turned into Nightmare Moon, has returned from her imprisonment on the moon. She stands with her tall, proud, horse-like body, sleek and toned like the body of a racing horse in the once-grand throne room. Her coat is a deep blue-black shade, which many would just call black, her mane and tail blue, sparkling with thousands of stars like the night sky, blowing behind her like a cloud. Her wings flap showing signs of the frustration she felt.

The source of the frustration stands before her. ‘A purple unicorn, or.. lavender. No, magenta.’ Nightmare said to herself that this magenta unicorn was the only thing stopping her from claiming her rightful position as ruler of Equestria. ~Twilight Spackle? No, that’s not right! What was her name? Oh, she was still talking, what!~

Nightmare Moon watched as shards of the stones which she had just shattered rose and started floating around the other five ponies. They transformed into necklaces with a magical gem. The Elements of Harmony were the very things that stopped her a thousand years ago, items that she destroyed. Still, there were only five, she didn’t have the sixth element.

“You still don’t have the sixth element, the spark didn’t work!” Nightmare Moon stated as she stomped her hoof against the stone floor. “But it did, a different kind of spark...”, Oh no.. more talking, really! Did she get a cutie mark in lecturing? Nightmare Moon stopped listening at that moment. She had to stop this! The magic started building up in her horn. One good blast of magic and the magenta unicorn would become nothing but a burn mark. ~NO! I won’t let you, Nightmare Moon!~ The voice in her head shattered her focus. Deep inside the mind of Nightmare Moon, the once good Princess Luna still struggled against her alter ego. The two personalities fought against each other. Luna once used those very same elements against a Spirit of Chaos. But then Loyalty, Kindness, and Honesty were twisted into a dark echo. Nightmare Moon represented Cruelty, Deceitfulness, and Selfishness. She fought to stamp out her once good nature. Then the world will be hers and the night will last forever.

Once more she struggled to form the spell in her mind and again the will of Luna fought to keep any spell forming. “... The element of MAGIC!” “NOOO," Nightmare screamed as any thought of fighting back ended as all six ponies lifted in the air and a blast of rainbow magic struck her. Surprisingly There was no pain. Nightmare thought it would be painful as the magical rainbow engulfed her. In the sphere of magic, the influence of the Nightmare was stripped away from Luna. Thoughts fragmented as the two personalities were pulled apart like two fighting children separated by a parent. The will of the Elements is the tree of Harmony, the parent in this case. The power that was stored for a thousand years got put to work in saving the Princesses of the Night. Both of them. Wait, what?

A bit of Luna’s soul was removed and remade for the seed of life. It was then bound to the mind of Nightmare Moon. Flesh made by a drop of Luna’s blood as a base. The Elements of Harmony are not weapons, they don’t destroy. In this case, they gave life.

The six ponies who braved the danger-filled forest of the Everfree, who faced the pony embodiment of nightmares rose off the floor each feeling drained out by the event. The sky outside lit up as the sunrise brightened the once dark throne room. A figure seeming to manifest from the light of the sun itself took shape. A white Alicorn, majestic in form and grace, built more like a workhorse than her dark counterpart. Celestia, Princess of the Day walked the halls of the old castle once again.

Celestia was overjoyed that her student Twilight Sparkle saved the world. The trust and hope she put on the young unicorn did fill her with worry. That was no longer the case as the threat of Nightmare Moon was over, and more. The once good Princess Luna, her long-lost royal sister was back alive. The fear of rejection fought the hope the thousand years of loneliness was finally over, she went to the now blue alicorn. With tears, she leaned down and nuzzled her younger sister. Things will finally get back to normal.

A scream of fear and anger filled the throne room. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Celestia blinked as the cry of a foal was heard behind her sister. Luna jumped up and turned to see a small foal backing up till her flank hit a wall. Her body was royal purple her mane and tail a dark purple so dark it was almost black. The teal eyes looking around in terror at the two larger alicorns.

A soft gasp “A foal! Oh my...” Fluttershy said as she got down moving so slow that you would say that she was barely moving at all. “...Don’t be afraid we won’t hurt you, little one.” The aura of kindness made the pegasus almost glow. Nightmare Moon blinked at the large pegasus. Though she didn’t look like her older and far larger self it was indeed Nightmare Moon in the body of a little foal. She shook her head trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

“How could this be! I’m here how could I be looking at myself?” The filly said in clear baby talk. It sounded nothing like the language the others were using. Mostly just goos and baws. She looked at Luna then at the super-sized Celestia.

“How could there be an Alicorn foal here?” asked Twilight Sparkle, the very unicorn who defeated her now had the Element of Magic as a crown on her head. Nightmare noted the slight twitch to Twilight’s eye as she spoke as a bit of her mane sprang out of place.

“The poor dear just look at her! Her mane and tail look like they never been brushed.” stated Rarity, the other unicorn brushed her hoof through Nightmare’s indigo mane as she looked at the frightened Nightmare. “Though the color is a simply wonderful shade.”

“Really? We’re in an abandoned castle and you’re focused on my mane?” Nightmare babbled as she got to thinking.

Twilight was now in full study mode. She looked at the filly. “I have a theory. Could.... sorry, Princess Luna, but... could Nightmare have.. mated before being sent to the moon...” She blushed beet red. “If there were a chance the fertilized egg was still viable when the elements magic hit. The Elements could have saved the offspring?” She blurts out, looking a little doubtful.

~They did this to me. They cursed me with those blasted Elements! I have to get away! End this curse and have my revenge.~ The filly thought to herself as she was looking around for a way to escape. The Pink one laughed looking down at the foal.

She needed to get away before they attack her again. Looking about she rose to her small hooves and bolted for the door. Only to be snagged by the orange mare with a cowboy hat. “Whoo, they're a partner. You’ll be no bigger than a minnow in a fishin' pond.”

Nightmare struggles in Applejack hooves. The fight was hopeless. After all, Applejack had plenty of hooves-on experience in handling a filly with a lot of energy, having raised Apple Bloom.

Pinkie Pie tilted her head, seemed to be listening to something that wasn’t there. Then in a babbling baby talk language, she said “You are a baby, and look they can’t understand a word you say. Calm down and play weak and helpless I don’t think they even know who you are, Black Snooty! Though I guess I have to call you Purple Snooty now.” Pinkie Pie says as she got all the others to look at her. Even Nightmare looked on in bewilderment. Pinkie seemed to not even noticed the looks as she rubbed her chin.

Pinkie then gasped. “That means it's her Birthday! Oh, I so got a lot of work to do in Ponyville! A welcome back party for Princess Luna, The Celebration of beating Black Snooty, saving the day literally, and now a Birthday Party!” She was vibrating with excitement.

Nightmare Moon looking at Pinky Pie with both confusion and complete terror. Somehow she knew what was going on and seemed to grasp what was in her mind. At the same time seems completely absent of any logical thought. Still playing the weak and helpless foal right now might be the best move. She had no magic, and her body was indeed a foal’s.

“This changes things...” Celestia said with just a hint of worry. Celestia turned her head to look at Luna. Who shifted his hooves nervously beside her sister? “It seems sister we have much more than I realized to talk about.”

“Tia I... I don’t knoweth whither the foal cameth from.” Luna said looking at Nightmare with sad puzzling eyes. The foal was now laying down following the advice of Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie looked to Luna and began explaining. “When a Daddy Pony and a Mommy Pony Love each other very much..-”. She was then cut off by Rarity.

“Darling I don’t think that’s what she meant. When... well we defeated Nightmare Moon there weren’t any other ponies about. At least I didn’t notice any traces of foals.” Rarity said.

“I... don’t knoweth. Thither so much I can’t recall from yond time” Luna said looking down with sadness and shame. ~Of course, we weren’t pregnant at the time. Like I would submit myself to being mounted.~ The little filly snorted and looked away insulted by Twilight’s theory.

“Well, for now, there are more important matters. We need to get out of the Everfree. It’s dangerous for a full-grown pony. For a foal, the danger is too much. The question of parentage can be determined later.”

“I’m sorry... “ Celestia stopped as she tried to recall if she heard the Pink mare’s name. “But there will be no party. The care of the foal and my sister is paramount. Not to mention the mess I have to handle explaining why the sun didn’t rise when it should have.” Celestia said as Nightmare Moon was lifted in a golden aura and placed on her back.

“But... Birthday party.” Pinky said her lower lip quivering.

Rainbow Dash came up to the Pink mare and draped a wing over her back and said “Think of it this way Pinkie. When she is healthy she will be able to play your party games.”

Twilight looks over "Besides the first birthday is when the foal is one year old. So you got a whole year to plan for her birthday."

“Oh okay, this gives ponies the chance to get presents! Can’t have birthday parties without birthday gifts.”

Celestia lowered her snout to Applejack “Is she always like that?”

“Fraid so Princess” Applejack nodded “Fun as can be, her parties are the pride of Ponyville! But.. she’s just a few apples short of a bushel.”

Celestia nodded and headed down the hall. Luna followed along seeming sad but also thoughtful as she took glances at the foal on Celestia’s back. Softly to herself “Couldst the foal beest his?” A shake of her head as she tried to clear up her mind.

Once outside the thoughts that haunted Luna got brushed aside as she saw the Everfree Forest that surround the abandoned castle. “What hast happened here, sister? Where’s the city yond hath used to beest 'round our castle?”

“I feared telling you would cause more harm, but I can’t hide the truth. The magic that was unleashed during the final fight before you were banished to the moon was... devastating. Everything that was touched by the spell that turned you to Nightmare Moon was changed.”

“H-how much?” There was dread in Luna’s voice a deep fear and guilt she could not hide.

It was Twilight Sparkle who answered. “The Everfree Forest spans 36,000 square miles give or take for growth or trimming back.”

“It was smaller a thousand years ago said, Luna. “That said, the area that is now known as the Everfree is that large,” Celestia said as they walked her horn glowing driving away any threat.

“Did... did anypony...” Luna softly spoke before Celestia’s wing fell on her withers.

“My dear Luna. It was a long time ago and I know it wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself for what you couldn’t control.”

“But I shouldst hath controlled it!” ~Not like you could control me. You were begging me to take over at the end.~ Nightmare huffed shifting on Celestia's back.

“And I should have seen that you were suffering. Luna, we are both too old to let ‘should have or would have’ thoughts fog our minds. I made the Everfree a national wildlife preserve. There are many rare and even valuable life in these woods now that would have died out or never exists.”

Celestia gasped and looked back. Seeing the filly on her back and a line of yellow liquid streaming down. “Seems I will need a shower when we get to Canterlot. I do believe this is the first time I ever been peed on.”

Nightmare Filly smirked and settled down falling asleep. Weak and pathetic she might be but she will grow stronger. A hundred years is nothing given she waited for a thousand already. After all, a foal can cause a lot of mayhem. Dreams of her future plots filled her head as the ponies traveled through the Everfree.

Chapter Two (Rewrote)

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"Art thou sure this is safe, sister?" asked as she walked onto the chariot with her sister. Luna brushed the roses around her neck the mares in Ponyville seeking comfort in the flowers to hide her fear.

“Really Luna, you don’t need to use the fancy old equish. It hasn’t been used for hundreds of years.” Celestia sighed as she got in place “And yes, the enchantment on the chariot allow the Pegasus magic to lift it and anything carried. To the Pegasus we are light as feathers, same enchantment is used on carts and wagons for the same use. It’s perfectly safe.”

~Safe huh... I put an area effect spell on a cloud or a gem to disrupt enchantment. Could use a magically bound bird or use an arrow to carry the gem thus causing the enchantment to fail. You got sloppy Celestia.~ Nightmare Moon thought as she sat up. Having woken from her nap at the village of Ponyville. Oh, will those peasants suffer when she rises back into power! With a smug look Nightmare wiggles.

Luna nods and moves up beside her sister then the chariot starts moving. It was a strange feeling both flying and not putting the effort into it. A flash of golden light from Celestia horn caught her attention. “Now Luna we can speak without being heard.” Celestia turns her head showing the worry and sadness in her face. “Were you pregnant?”

“I... don’t knoweth. Thither wast only one. stallion who I wast yond close to and we only wast intimate once. ” Luna tried to hide her blush in her mane.

“Who was he, Luna?” Celestia asks as she nuzzled her sister. “I’m not judging you or anything.”

~You shouldn’t considering how you were lifting your tail like a fool for that Earth Pony Rockhoof.~ Nightmare thought to herself as she looked back at Ponyville. There was a pretty quality to the village she must admit.

“It was right before we fought Sombra, my guard Shadow Striker.” “Shadow Striker? That Foul traitor! I rip him apart if I see him again!” The Stream of baby talk from her back distracted Celestia as she looked back. She cast a levitation spell and brought Nightmare closer for a nuzzle. “You aren’t going to fall little one. You are safe.” The filly squirmed as she got nuzzled.

“Shadow Striker, I knew that the two of you were close, just not that close. Was it before or after his family was going to arrange a marriage for him?” Luna looked down “After, the very night before we assaulted the Crystal Empire.”

~He should have been ours!~ The thought flashed across Nightmare’s mind. Memories seeing the silver gray Pegasus stallion with that hussy. ~He betrayed us, they all betrayed us.~ Nightmare tried to get free of the spell. Then she stopped and curled up and hid her face behind a wing. She was so not going to show the tears in her eyes. ~Traitor~

“let’s speak of something else. prithee,” Luna said wiping the tears from her cheeks. She glances up and spots Canterlot. “like wherefore would thee buildeth a city on the side of a mountain?”

~What?~ Nightmare lifted her head so not having tears streaks on her face. Nope, the wet marks are not tears... at least she told herself. ~White and gold... yeah I wonder who’s ego is on display. Oh, look at all the suns on everything~ Nightmare rolled her eyes.

“After what happened in the Castle of the two sisters. Diamond Dogs attacked snatching up any they could. The mining town on the mountain was a good place to move the refugees. High up and the gems in the mines make it hard for even diamond dogs to dig through.” Celestia sighed remembering the terror her ponies had as one by one they vanished into holes.

“Once the ones that made it was settled I ventured into the Diamond Dogs caves and freed the captives... then blew up the mines. Today the collapsed mine is known as Ghastly Gorge. There was fighting off and on for a few years after that.”

She sighed it was dark times after Nightmare Moon’s banishment. A time when greed, corruption, and manipulation were running rampant and she couldn’t stop the lies that were spread. “After the fighting, we stayed on the mountain and build the layers as we expanded.”

Celestia looked at Luna wondering how she going to explain Nightmare Night. Shadow Striker’s family never forgave Luna. Even now a thousand years later the lies and deceit caused by that family were strong. Not even hiding Luna’s name from history and the common population was enough. Every year ponies celebrate Nightmare Moon’s defeat and offer tribute to a lie spawned by hate. She sighed at least she was able to turn a night of fear into a night of childish mischief and games.

Sad memories were on all three of the Alicorn’s minds as they continued the travel to Canterlot Castle.

Once the chariot landed the three alicorns were greeted by the Royal assistants. “Welcome home Princess Celestia, Princess Luna... and oh my who is that?” Raven Quill, Princess Celestia’s assistant asked as she spotted the filly still floating in a bubble of golden magic.

At that, the two grown Princesses look at each other. Then Luna looked at the filly. She didn’t look anything like the silvery Shadow Striker. Still, there was no other possibility the filly must be his so a fitting name... “Her name is Nightshade.”

Nightmare lifted her head blinking thinking of the name. “Very well I approve. You may call me Nightshade” of course no one understood the baby babble from her mouth but all seem to smile and nod.

Celestia looks at a pair of twin Stallion. Both were white one has a golden mane and the other silver. “Neat, and Tidy. Seems we need to add a nursery. Best make a suite next to Princess Luna’s rooms into a nursery and chamber for a nanny. “It shall be done, your Majesty. We will get on it right away.” The two bow and headed out of the landing bay.

“Thou had rooms ready for me sister?” Luna still using the formal old Equish. Sure Celestia said she didn’t use it anymore but Luna was stuck in the habit as well as wanted to seem cultured. The filly rolled her eyes even she didn’t use the Old Equish when she appeared as Nightmare Moon.

“Of course sister. I had faith in the Elements and my student Twilight Sparkle. Faith that proved to be correct.”

Nightshade rolled her eyes sure that Celestia did nothing but take a chance. ~Getting others to do the dirty work still I see.~

“I shall search for a nanny for the little Princess right away.” Raven Quill stated as the four walked down the hall when a voice rang out.

“AUNTIE!” Celestia sighed and rolled her eyes as she turned to see Prince Blueblood heading their way. “Is it true? There yet another alicorn princess?”

“Yes Blueblood. This is my sister and your other aunt Princess Luna, as well as her daughter Princess Nightshade.”

Blueblood looked at Luna and Nightshade then bows. “The pleasure is mine, at least you are truly a noble Princesses.”

“Blueblood we spoke about this before. Princess Cadence is royal and you will respect that.”

“Of course auntie, but she was raised as a peasant in a lowly Earth pony town.”

~Oh he is the first to suffer! He no better than those pathetic noble ponies from a thousand years ago.~ The anger of a thousand years flashed in Nightshade’s eyes and then her horn lights up with purple sparks and fizzles out.

“Who is this Princess Cadence, and who is this stallion sister?”

“Luna this is Prince Blueblood. The last descendant of Princess Platinum. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza or Cadence as she likes to be called is a special case. I adopted her as my niece after she became an Alicorn on her own.” Celestia gave Luna a look that speaks that there is much more to it.

Luna nods catching that look and to Blueblood. “We shalt receiveth to knoweth thee better later on. Th're is much we both wilt doth. ” With that Luna passed Prince Blueblood and Nightshade sticks her tongue out at the snob. “Pthhh”

“Well, I never...” Blueblood snorts and heads down the hall.

Chapter Three (Rewrote)

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Once they were farther along Luna looked at Celestia. “Sister whither art we going?” Looking about at the confusing halls. It seems the place was made to confuse those who trespassed. “Is 't me 'r art these halls longer then they shouldst beest?”

“Given that Nightshade already peed on me once we are heading to the daycare center here in the castle for the staff. Best to get diapers on her before she has another accident.”

That very same filly snorted ~I didn’t have an accident I peed on you on purpose.~ Still, Nightshade was watching with curiosity indeed the halls seemed odd.

“You are correct your highness. The castle has a number of enchantments on it. Ranging from structural to spatial distortion, the inside is larger than the outside.” Raven Quill stated as she looked at a clipboard held in her magic.

“Raven once Luna is settled in I fully intend her to take up her duties as my fellow ruling Princess.” Celestia smiled as she nuzzled Luna. “We were raised to rule together, I fully intend to do so again.”

~Oh sure, that way you can let Luna handle all the boring stuff while you entertain diplomats, nobles, and hosts those awful Galas.~ Nightshade mentally chives Celestia as Luna seems to be stunned.

“After all... After what hath happened, sister? thee still trust me?”

“Always Luna. Even back then.” Celestia guided the others into a large room. The sound of playing foals could be heard as well as a few adult caretakers trying to bring the children into some order.

“IT’S PRINCESS CELESTIA!” a filly about five years old screamed and came over. “You going to tell us a story Princess? PLEASE!” Weapon-grade cute foal blue eyes widen from the little peach colored unicorn.

“I’m sorry Peach Blossom. There is no time for me to read anyone a story today.”

“Awwww but I said please.” The filly pouted as one of the caretakers came over “Maybe you shouldn’t have screamed, Peach Blossom. You know yelling like that is rude.”

“Sorry Ms. Breeze,” she said as her front hoof shifted. The caretaker was a mint green Pegasus, shooed Peach Blossom back to the herd of foals. Many also with the pouting look hearing that they won’t be getting a Princess story today.

“I’m sorry Princess you know how the foals enjoy your visits.” Ms. Breeze looks to Luna “I’m Gentle Breeze head caretaker here at the daycare center. I’m glad you are free of that horrible Nightmare.” Then she makes a bow showing respect to the Princess of the Night.

~OH so is that how Celestia framing it.~ Nightshade gives Celestia the stink eye as she squirms trying to ignore the slight rumble from her belly.

“I thank thee, Ms. Breeze. The ordeal is ov'r we can wend on with our liveth.” Luna responded giving Celestia her own look. “There is much I needeth to catcheth up on. What is this daycare?”

“Oh, my fellow caretakers and I watch the foals of the castle staff.” Then Gentle spots Nightshade “I see now why you are here. Who is this little cutie.” Gentle Breeze moves to get a better look at Nightshade.
~I’m not cute. I’m the embodiment of the night.~ She squirms in Celestia’s magic. Then instincts kick in and she starts fussing. “WHaaa...gaaa”

Raven, Celestia, and Luna look at Nightshade as Gentle Breeze lifts up her wings. “I have been around enough foals to know the sound of a fuzzy baby. Let me take her off your hooves, Celestia.” Using her wings to guide the foal into her hooves she nuzzled Nightshade.

~Get off me you peasant. I demand respect.~ her hooves try to push Gentle Breeze away.

“Seems this little princess is in the stranger anxiety stage.”

“That filly’s name is Nightshade. She’s mine own daughter.” Princess Luna said with a slight hesitation.

“Sounds like there a story there. But it’s not my business.” Looking at a baby blue colored unicorn. “Azure Moon, please fetch me a bottle for this little one.”

“Of course Gentle.” Azure went into a kitchen area to prepare a bottle. During that time Gentle took Nightshade to a changing table.”

“Unhoof me!” Nightshade screamed baby talk waving her hooves as Gentle Breeze cleaned and put on a diaper on the former Nightmare Moon.

“I take it we are going to have a royal member in our daycare regularly Princess?” Gentle Breeze said looking at Luna, as she picked up the now cleaned and pouting Nightshade.

Celestia looked at Luna “It’s your choice Luna, you could have a private nanny watching her.”

“I... don’t knoweth what is the better option. I recall our own governess Morning Light. ”

Azure Moon comes over and passes a bottle to Gentle Breeze “I don’t wish to be rude but... do you need to speak in that old fashion style? It could confuse the baby as she develops.”

Nightshade gives the bottle a distasteful look at the nipple come closer to her mouth. Once more she tries to push this offensive Pegasus away with no luck.

“T how I wast hath raised to talk. The speech of nobility and culture.” Luna said looking thoughtful ~Like the nobles were all that wise and kind.~ Nightshade thought as she licked her lips where some of the baby formulae touched.

“I did say it was out of style sister. Perhaps you should listen.” Celestia smiled as she waved a wing at a shy colt.

A sucking sound was soon heard as all three older ponies looked down to Nightshade suckling on the bottle eyes closed in content.

“I shalt bethink about t. Seemeth thee doth knoweth what thou art doing with foals, I shall leaveth her in thy valorous hooves as mine own sister continues our tour of the castle. Thither is much we needeth to speaketh about without mine own daughter being in the way. ”

“It will be our pleasure to take care of her, your Majesty.” Gentle Breeze bows again as the two royal sisters and Raven Quill left the daycare center. Gentle rocked Nightshade as she fed.

“Let us introduce you to the others shall we Princess?”

~Yes Introduce me to my future followers~ Nightshade mentally said as she waved a hoof.

Luna waited till they were out of earshot of the daycare center. “What wast yond about me being did free from the nightmare? what stories has't thee toldeth Celestia?”

A flash of guilt washed over Celestia hearing her sister. “It was needed sister. Shadow Striker’s family and Mystic Glow’s family didn’t stop after you were banished. The twisting of facts and all-out lies.” She sighs lowering her head her ears downcast in shame “I was too busy with the Diamond Dogs to keep it under control. They had ponies believe you were always Nightmare Moon. That only I kept you from being an all-out tyrant.” A flash of anger and her hoof slammed into the stone floor as flames danced up her leg before she got control again.

“They had ponies celebrating your banishment like some victory over great evil. When I found out I stripped both families of their noble status and banished them. It still wasn’t enough, a few years later I heard of the celebration became a yearly event. A twisted holiday during the darkest night of the year where if they don’t offer tribute to Nightmare Moon they risk having you return and consume their souls.”

The shock was on Luna’s face her wings fanned out. Not just by what Celestia said but from her flash of anger. Her sister was always the calmest to see this side of Celestia was unnerving. “They hath said I consumed the souls of those yond displeas'd me?”

“The Holiday is called Nightmare Night when the spirit of darkness is at it’s strongest. Worst they got ponies thinking they had to hide the foals or you will take them. In time I was able to make it a fun holiday, to remove the dark lies. But the holiday still strong, many see it now as a time of fun and mischief playing games and costume parties.”

“I also got the ponies to forget who Nightmare Moon really was. I lie to fight the lies, the nightmare took you from us trapping you in its power. The only record of the true story is in a book of forgotten legends... I happen to let Twilight Sparkle borrow.”

Luna sighed “Are they still 'round? The descendants yond is?”

“The bloodline of Storm Shadow had died out. Mystic Glow’s still around I believe the last descendant is named Cozy Glow.”

“They couldn’t stand ho. even after I was banish.” Tears were freely flowing down her cheeks.

“Enough of that for now. Let’s show you your rooms and talk about what we going to do about Nightshade. First thing is I do want a blood test done to see if indeed she is your foal. Sadly there no way to find out if Shadow Striker did indeed father her.”

Chapter Four (rewrote)

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The sound of a girlish giggle was heard as Celestia, Luna, and Raven Quill came to an alcove. In the nook was a pink alicorn being nuzzled by a white stallion with blue mane and tail. The stallion playfully nipped on her neck just below the jawline.

Celestia smirked and spoke just a tad louder than needed “Ah, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor so good to see you. I’m kind of surprised to see you two in this corner of the castle.”

The two in question jumped away from each other Cadence did a quick brushing of her wings trying to keep them down. “Aunt Celestia... what a surprise. We were just on our way to the garden.”

“It is a lovely day. Well, it’s a good thing that we ran across you two. Cadence this is my sister Princess Luna.” Celestia smiled as she motions to Luna who due to lack of magic was slightly smaller then Cadence.

A slight gasp from Luna as she spotted the Crystal Heart Cutie Mark on Cadence flank. She quickly covered her surprise “Greetings, thou art the one yond Prince Blueblood spoke about? A pegasus hath been raised by earth ponies? Anon the first alicorn in a thousand years. Such a thing is truly remarkable.”

“Bluey can be such a bother...” Cadence sniffed and looked at Celestia. “Um... aunt Celestia not to be offensive but there a smell.”

“It seems my newest niece had an accident as I was carrying her. That why I’m glad to run into you two. I was hoping you and Shining Armor could take Luna out shopping for her daughter.”

Shining Armor says with a bow to Luna “I’m Captain Shining Armor it will be my honor to escort you on this shopping trip.”

“Oh, Shopping! I need to fetch my saddlebags, what will we need to buy? How old is the filly?” Cadence spoke up as she pranced with excitement. “What’s her name? Colors? Taste? This is so exciting.”

“Mine own daughter name is Nightshade, is royal purple, with a dark purple mane. She’s still young a few weeks old? Maybe months? It’s a confusing situation.”

“I noticed that Nightshade was very alert. Paying attention and even seemed to try to talk from time to time.” Celestia adds then looked to Shining Armor. Her horn flashes and a scroll appeared and she passes it over to Shining Armor. “This scroll will authorize you to access Luna’s account. A few hundred years of interest should give you all plenty to spend. Just don’t overdo it.”

“I meet you at the gates. I need to fetch my saddlebags” Cadence turns and runs off. Shining Armor sighs and nods to Luna and Celestia “I shall take care of the bank and meet you there.” Then he headed off.

Once the two were out of sight Luna looks over at Celestia. “Her Cutie Mark...”

Celestia sighed “I figure you spotted it. The Crystal Heart and her destiny are tied to it.”

“Then he’s coming back” Luna sighs as they headed to the garden gate.


The three turned and look down the hall as the thunderous burp echoed off the walls. “What was that?” Raven Quill asked.

Celestia smirked, “That was a baby burp with the power of the Royal Canterlot Voice.”

“You haven’t used the Royal Canterlot Voice for three hundred years.”

“Sister, thee don’t useth the royal voice?”

“No, it was useful when giving speeches to the masses but nowadays with the newspapers, and speakers it’s not needed.”

Luna nodded having to remember that.


“Wow, that was a burp,” A brown colt says looking at the baby in Gentle Breeze hooves. She chuckles as she carried Nightshade to the playpen.

Nightshade pushed at the firm soft padded mat. She stood up and walked a bit before looking up as Gentle Breeze moved away.

~Now my chance~ Her wings flapped as she drew on the little bit of magic within her. The escape attempt ended as she bumped into a magical force field. It wasn’t hard there was give but she could not pass by the magical border. Then she settles down with a frown.

Gentle Breeze smiles and looks to Azure Moon “Told you that it would be worth it if we pay for the Pegasus proof playpen.” Azura sighed “Fine you win this time.”

Once Nightshade looked harder at the magic she could see the enchantment was made to prevent passage via age. The spell drops when an older pony reaches in allowing the caretakers to pick up the foals. “Indeed Gentle Breeze you win this time.”

“What she win?” The voice came from behind Nightshade and she spun to see a Unicorn Pony foal about her own age. The filly has a cream colored coat and butter yellow mane and tail. Bright blue eyes look at Nightshade with curiosity and innocents.

“You can understand me?”

The foal came closer dragging a stuffed white bunny in a weak magic grasp. “Yup, I’m Cream Puff, this is Mr. Hops” Lifting the stuffed bunny up to Nightshade.

Nightshade noted that the language the filly was talking was not normal equish. It was babbling and goos, but she understands every meaning of sound.

“My mommy got me Mr. Hops so I won’t be lonely when she making cakes for the Princess.” The filly was babbling happily as she wiggles the stuffed bunny.

“Are you a Princess too? Is your mommy the Princess?” Those blue eyes look at Nightshade with the pure curiosity of a child.

“I... yeah I’m a princess. I’m going to be Queen one day.”

“What is a Queen?”

“It’s the one in charge of all the princesses.”

“Oh okay... What your name Princess?”

“Me, I’m Nightm... Nightshade. Yeah, Princess Nightshade.”

Another foal came closer an Earth Pony colt with a blue coat and silvery gray mane and tail. “I’m Dusky, My daddy a guard for Princess Celestia.”

“Okay, you two be my minions.” An earth pony and a unicorn could be useful as new plots formed in her mind.

A shadow came over Nightshade and she looked up at the face of Gentle Breeze. “Aww making friends already.” Gentle’s wing came down and tickled Cream Puff. The filly gave a joyful giggle as she swatted the wing away. “You two help our newest Princess okay.”

“It’s story time.” Azura Moon said as she took a book from the shelve and moved to the reading corner. The older foals rushed over forming a half circle to listen.

Nightshade looked to her minions trying to think of a way past the protective enchantments on the prison called Playpen. “Cream Puff you can be my hoof maiden.”

“What about Mr. Hops?” Cream puff holds up the stuffed bunny.

“Oh... he can be your assistant. Like how Raven Quill assists her Mommy.” Dusty says with conviction that he was right.

“Celestia not my Mommy.” Huffing Nightshade looks away crossing her front legs over her chest.

“Yeah silly. The blue one was her mommy, not Celestia... right?” Cream Puff asked not really sure herself.

~Mommy?~[/] Nightmare moon now Nightshade tried to remember her. Who was she? Sadness came to Nightshade face as she tried to remember. There were the Nobles who shunned her, Celestia who ignored her... no Luna’s worry. She remembers flashes of memories of Star Swirl and the other Pillars. Nothing about her mother... then a flash of pain green eyes and purple smoke, Sombra.

The memory flashes in her mind the pegasus stallion in her blue hooves gasping his last breath. The silvery blue star metal sword still in his chest. Pleading, judging eyes looking at her as the light fade...

“WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” She shoved the memory as far away from her mind refusing to remember as the other foals tackle her in hugs.

Then Gentle Breeze hooves reach down and cuddled her. “Shhhh, your mommy will back soon.” Gentle carried her to another room one with cradles as she rocked the filly Nightmare. She starts singing a lullaby.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Then the traveler in the dark,
Thank you for your tiny spark;
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky, you keep,
While you thro' my window peep,
And you never shut your eye,
Till the sun is in the sky,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!”

By the time the lullaby was over Gentle Breeze was sure Nightshade was asleep. Then carefully she headed for the main room. A few seconds later Nightshade’s eyes open now it was time to perform her daring plan to escape.

Chapter Five

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“Those two are so in love. I wonder when they will finally marry.” Celestia says with a smirk as she starts walking again.

“It is very clear we interrupt'd a romantic interlude,” Luna says glancing at the nook where the two were clearly making out.

“They have been seeing each other for years. Thought Shining Armor been kind of shy about it. Cadence used to babysit his sister, Twilight Sparkle.” Raven Quill says making another note on her clipboard.

“For political reasons, we are keeping the news they are a couple out of public knowledge. The Noble houses want Princess Cadence to marry Prince Blueblood. Their claim is to solidify her royal status. The truth is they want the Platinum bloodline back in the succession if anything happened to the two of us Princess Cadence take over. They can’t stand the idea.”

“More Noble politics.” Luna's voice was laced with the pain and anger she felt.

“Believe it or not Luna. Prince Blueblood hates being in Canterlot. Half the plots to get him married to another family he sabotaged himself. Last Galloping Gala he acted so self-absorbed and arrogant the mare they tried to hook him up with declared that she was giving up Stallions completely. Truth is I can’t wait to see how he tops it this year.”

Luna stumbles at the idea “That arrogant Blueblood sabotages his own marital possibilities? Wherefore would such a stallion doth such?”

Celestia smirk “It’s all an act when he’s in public. Did you notice his Cutie Mark? A Compass Rose, Blueblood loves traveling he’s one of our best diplomats. If his family successfully gets him married he be forced to settle down and stay in Canterlot. I even heard rumors he has a Zebra girlfriend that hides out in the Everfree forest. Even I don’t give credit to that one thought.”

As they approached the gates Princess Cadence with her saddle bags came charging up to the two. “I’m here!”

Celestia smiles “Have fun you two. I really wish I could come along but I do need that shower, and then face the political mess of having the sun delayed.” Giving her sister a last nuzzle before heading back into the castle.

Cadence smiles and starts walking. “First we meet Captain Shining Armor at the bank where we get some bits. Do you know what we need to buy?”

Luna shook her head “No I’m afraid I has't nay idea what we coequal needeth. ”

“I have done enough babysitting to know what a really smart filly would be interested in.”

The hustle and bustle of Canterlot caught Luna’s attention. She did notice guards moving with them but far away enough to give the illusion of privacy. The splendor of the buildings the interactions of ponies. Soon a sad sigh escaped her lips.

“You okay aunt Luna?” Cadence asks moving closer.

“Everything so... perfect. I bethought it wast just yond village Ponyville. It’s hither too, harmony. Thither nay protection from monsters, nay walls. Everyone I see hither, and those in Ponyville wast all so. healthy. Celestia doesn’t needeth me. ” Luna’s head lowers as the realization that Celestia ran Equestria for a thousand years.

A comforting wing settled on Luna’s back “But she wants you. Luna, you might not see it but I do. She has been miserable for a very long time. She hides it, but I’m the Alicorn of love. My magic, my very cutie mark is tied to love. All kinds, romantic, parental, and Sibling. Every night she stood there looking at the moon just out of sight of any pony crying. She loves you, Luna. Yes, she ran Equestria by herself, but she drove herself ragged running the nation. Anything to keep from feeling alone.”

“I much rather be wanted than needed wouldn’t you Luna?” Cadence smiles as she looked about “Besides I’m sure the Nights be even better once you take it back. Really Aunt Celestia has no imagination. Most of the time she has forgotten to adjust the moon to waxes and wane.”

“I’m sure the ponies nev'r notice. They didn’t bother staying up during the night ere. ”

Cadence gasps “How boring! This weekend I’m calling a Girls Night Out!” She turned and motions to one of the supposed to be hidden guards. “You go to Celestia tell her on my authority as Princess of Love she will be at the Club Arcane at nine this Saturday. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. Tell her that Princess Luna and I shall be there with or without her.”

She then looked up and with the royal Canterlot voice. “I need the fastest messenger pony right now!”

A few seconds later a pegasus guard landed “Private Thunder Charger reporting as requested.”

There were many ponies watched shocked because the Princess of Love rarely showed the commanding presence. This was one of those rare times when she did.

“Head to Ponyville. You will see a house that half and half can’t miss it. The DJ Pon-3 also known as Vinyl Scratch lives there. Tell her I request that she performs at the Club Arcane for a Royal party this Saturday. If you run across a pink pony with blue eyes and balloons for a cutie mark inform her it’s a code 24 and give her all the details.” blinks “What am I saying, of course, you will run across Pinkie Pie. Don’t worry you know her when you see her.”

“Yes, your highness.” The pegasus took off in a blur, it was one thing to be following an order. Seeing DJ Pon-3 in person well perhaps he can get an autograph as well.

Finally, the plan was in motion Cadence looked at the bewildered Luna. “I refuse to let you hide away in that tower. My power includes self-love aunt Luna. Believe me, I can feel the misery off of you.” Leaning in she gives the Princess of the Night a hug. “With me helping you I promise the ponies will just love you!”

In Ponyville Pinkie Pie stops in her tracks “I feel a disturbance in the force... there a code 24!” She was gone in a flash of pink.


In a crib, the purple filly alicorn lifts her head. She couldn't wait anymore. Gentle Breeze has been checking up on her not just regularly but randomly, no way she could predict when she is in the clear. So it was time for a change in plans. Nightshade watches as Gentle Breeze walked into the other room. For a few seconds, she wonders why she has this urge to escape. Shrugs she rose up and flaps her wings feeling more magic in her small body than earlier.

Just as she thought the crib didn’t have the pegasus protection on it. Once on the floor, she walked slowly to the doorway and peeked out. The older foals were busy listening to the story, even the baby foals were listening. Gentle Breeze was going into the kitchen area.

Now was her chance she started sneaking her way across the room for the exit of the daycare center.

“Ms. Breeze! A foal is heading for the door.” Peach Blossom says in her squeaky voice.

Gentle Breeze looked back to see the purple princess take off and fly out the door. “Azura keep an eye on the foals. I get our runaway.” Gentle spread her wings and flew after Nightshade.

Nightshade thought her magic would give up but it was building, more and more power was flowing in her body. It took her just a few seconds to realize what was happening.

A laugh escaped her as she flew along the hall. Behind her, she heard Gentle Breeze behind her. Lighting her horn she lifts a vase and flung it behind her. The sound of a curse and shattering vase filled her with pleasure.

“STOP HER!” Gentle Breeze voice rang out and in front of Nightshade, she saw two guards look shocked and try to move to intercept. Landing she looks at the two guards and giggled. ~Yes, underestimate the cute little foal.~ Then she charges under a nearby table... “WHAT!”

Fear came to Gentle Breeze heart as she saw the filly run under at table and vanish. One of the guard's horn lit up and she shined the light under the table trying to spot the foal. “Where is she?”

A sudden giggle and the three turned seeing the very same escaped foal princess run out of a shadow. “Horseapples! She’s surging!”

Nightshade somehow moved from one shadow to another. She would have to explore that ability later but for now, she had to find... find what? Who?

She stopped a moment thinking of why she was searching. The urge to look was almost overpowering so that what she did. Her horn flashed and she turned to a deep purple mist as Gentle Breeze flew through her. “AHHHHH... how did she do that?”

In her mist form, she flowed down the hallway. “How are we suppose to stop a foal that can turn to mist?” One of the guards says as the followed behind her.

Walking out of her chambers Celestia felt refreshed after the shower. A spring to her step as she heads for the throne room perhaps the meetings will go smoothly.

Suddenly a cloud of purple flew by. Followed by a chasing Gentle Breeze. The two guards, however, didn’t stop their charging in time and slid into the royal flank. The laughter of a filly was heard fading down the hallway.

Turning back into pony form she bursts into the throne room and flew to the throne and stood on the fluffy pillow. “BEHOLD I AM YOUR QUEEN!”

The gathered ponies looked on stunned at the filly posing on the throne. A panting Gentle Breeze came in and saw her target on the throne and turned on the speed to try to grab her.

Nightshade wasn’t a normal foal. She is a foal with memories of a full grown master of magic. A grin was on her face as the hooves of Gentle Breeze came close to grabbing her right as she vanished in a teleport spell.

The laugh of the foal of the night was heard at the door of the throne room just as she kicked it open and started the chase all over again.

“I don’t get paid enough for this.” Gentle charged for the doorway passing shocked nobles and guards.

~Where was she? Wait why did I think that?~ Nightshade wondered as she ran down the hall. Spotting the large main doors she added extra speed seeing the door opening.

A blue magic field covered her just as she reached the door and there before her there was a pink alicorn. “Aww, you must be my cousin. You are the cutest!”

Nightshade tried to get away from the snuggling Alicorn and her hooves reached out to Luna tears coming to her eyes. ~Wait why am I crying out for Luna? No... I'm not crying for Luna it this pink mare's perfume.~

Gentle Breeze came to a skidding halt. “Seems she wanted her mother after all.”

“No, she’s not my mommy!” Still reaching for Luna struggling in the magic bubble.

Looking at Nightshade, Luna came forward and pulled the filly from the magic using her wings and nuzzled her. “I bethink thee shall enjoy some of the things we did get thee. ”

Wait... Nightshade blinked as she was nuzzled. What is happening to her? Why does she have this urge to be near Luna?

The thought was stopped when she saw the group of ponies with boxes on their backs. One pony had a very large stuffed Ursa. “Mine? MINE!” Forget Luna she wanted that Ursa!

Gentle Breeze sighed and bowed “I’m sorry your majesty. That filly of yours got away from me. There is no excuse.”

“It’s understandable. Thither hast nev'r been an alicorn foal in Equestria ere. It’s defiantly a learning experience for all of us. ”

“Makes me wonder if I will have an Alicorn foal. What do you think Shiny?” Cadence asked with a mischief smile to her face.

“AGh... um... what? You a foal?”

Smirking “Well eventually I would like a foal of my own. After I get married of course.” Winks to Luna. “I have even been thinking of names. How does Princess Solara sound?”

“The name choice is to hon'r Celestia? It's acceptable.” Luna says as Nightshade stuck out her tongue blowing a raspberry. "PPtthhh".

“It’s a good name, I kind of like Shining Shield if I ever father a colt.” Shining armor says having recovered.

“WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA” Nightshade screamed still struggling to reach for the stuffed Ursa. Only partly noting her surge was now over because she couldn’t even use telekinesis to grab it.

Princess Luna looks to Nightshade then Gentle Breeze “It wouldn’t beest a problem if 't be true thee continueth to tend to my daughter during the day shall t? I shalt covereth any did cost for supplies of course. ”

“Oh, no problem at all. We just need a flight proof crib, that how she got loose today.”

“Then she shalt beest thither tomorrow. ” Gentle Breeze bowed again recognizing a dismissal.

Both Luna and Cadence struggled to keep the purple foal as the delivery ponies set up the crib and placed down the toys. Once the last was out of the room Luna let the foal nightmare free.

A bolt of purple ran from Luna hooves to the stuffed Ursa tackling the oversized bear.

“I think she likes it, Princess Luna.” Shining Armor says watching the foal curl up in the paws of the bear.

“It was a valorous suggestion Captain Armor. I thank thee. ”

Cadence having got used to babysitting foals looked to the Ursa having noted that things got quiet. A smile came to her lips seeing the purple filly fast asleep. “Now isn’t that cute.”

Chapter Six

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She sat there on her throne before her Celestia and Luna in chains heads against the ground. Her nightmare guards dressed in dark blue armor stood around them. “Now you see they all love me. The true ruler of Equestria!” She rose up her dark blue-black body sleek as she makes her way to the two princesses.

“IMPOSTER!” The voice echoed off the walls of the throne room. Nightshade turns around and sees the dark form of Nightmare Moon. “I’m the true Nightmare Moon!” The Nightmare slammed her hoof against the ground and the Nightshade found herself in her new body the small purple filly.

Around her, the guards look at her with hate. Even Celestia and Luna were now standing and looking at her with hate. “NO NO! I’m Nightmare Moon! The Elements they did this to me!”

“Liar!” Nightmare Moon came closer “You are just a pale shade for my true self!” She lifts her hoof and Nightshade watches with horror as the hoof came down to her face.

Nightshade wakes up tears flowing down her face as she gasps. Instincts drove her to hide under the stuffed animals in the crib with her as she whimpers. She won't show weakness even if she wanted to cry out. “I’m not a fake...”

Luna wasn’t sleeping this is a basic fact of her nocturnal nature. Even if she been bound to the moon for a thousand years her nature of staying up during the night is still strong. Sitting by the window reading a book about Equish her ears turn hearing the soft whimpers from the crib.

Setting down the book she came over and looks down at the whimpering figure among the stuffed animals. Her horn glows and lifts the whimpering foal and brings her closer. Nightshade resisted at first but soon was snuggling up against her as she was being rocked by Luna.

“Hadst a nightmare dram one? Wish I couldst holp, but I don’t has't enow charm yet to dream walketh.” Then Luna sniffs the air catching a scent with just a bit of magic she sees the diaper was soiled. She carried the foal to the changing table and makes a face as the scent of the stool hit her with full force. Luckily she had a few tips from Cadence and had an air freshener nearby that she activated to counter the smell.

All this time Nightshade didn’t make a sound and even looked banished. Even she knew that Nightshade behavior was strange. Then again there was nothing normal about Nightshade. Sighing she finished cleaning the filly and then nuzzled her “Thither all did clean anon. Let’s receiveth thee something in yond tummy.”

She set her down again in the crib as she goes to the suit kitchenet and looking at the container of formula. Following the direction and mixes up a bottle. Another example of how the world was better after a thousand years without her. This Formula was an amazing means of feeding a small foal when the mother couldn’t.

Nightshade embarrassment was nearly overwhelming. First, the nightmare than having to be cleaned from her body weakness. Now she was feeding on one of these bottles not being able to process real food. Thought to be near Luna as she feeds her was nice. Soon sleep reclaimed Nightshade and she was placed back into the crib. Luna standing by the crib for a time reaching down she brushes Nightshade’s mane a small smile on Luna’s face.

Later that morning that smile was gone as she waited in the doctor's office. Looking at Nightshade soon the question if she was her own daughter will be answered. The only other Pony in the office with her was Celestia and Nightshade. “How much longer till this blood test is done, sister?”

“Truth is I don’t know. The process is complex, basically, they spin the vile of blood very fast to separate compounds and then withdraw some key elements. Then they compare yours to Nightshades, the closer the match the higher chance that the two ponies are related.”

Nightshade was barely paying attention as she poked the annoying bandage on her foreleg. It was blue with bright yellow flowers. The nurse was devious distracting her with cunning, right before she poked her with a needle and attempted to drain her of blood. She still didn’t know why perhaps she should have been paying attention to the Princesses.

Her head snaps up as the door open and a stallion walks in with a clipboard. He was an Earth Pony with a tan coat and darker brown mane. “Princesses I have the test results.”

“What have you found out Doctor Feel good?” Celestia questions the doctor.

“Well, she’s a healthy filly about the age of two months old. Her magic channels are still in flux so I will be expecting more surges.”

“What about her parentage?” She asks looking at Nightshade. Celestia notes how the filly was now looking at the Doctor. How smart was this little filly?

“Well, that’s the interesting thing. Besides this being the first time I did a parental test to find a mother. I ran the test three times to be sure, it’s a match. The odds of Luna being her mother is 99.9%. What is really odd is it’s almost to much a match. Normally we see more differences between a mother and daughter. Nightshade’s and Luna’s sequence is more alike than normal. This might be due to the Alicorn element. If your Alicorn biology added to the genetic shuffle it could have overwritten the Pegasus genes.”

Well, this was interesting so the bloodletting was to test the blood and they could tell who the parents were. Nightshade tried to figure out how to exploit this.

“Thank thee, Doctor. It’s valorous to knoweth the truth.” Luna says as she looks to her daughter tears forming in her eyes. “This means she’s very much is the daughter of the only stallion I did love. ”

~He betrayed us~ Nightshade snorts then lays down there no way she was that two timers offspring. Besides, that does not explain why she remembers his death and being Nightmare Moon.

Luna lifts her daughter and settles her in the stroller. “Thank thee, Doctor. This doest ease mine own mind. ”

“Is there any questions or anything I can do more for you Princesses?”

“Yes, I have a question. How long will I have to suffer a lack of control of bodily functions?” Nightshade mumbles in her baby talk.

The three princesses headed out of the chamber. “I think that will be all for now,” Celestia replied and headed out of the hospital.

Outside the royal guards move into place providing a barrier between them and the new ponies. Nightshade was looking about at the crowds putting on her cutest face and even waving her hoof from time to time.

“Yes love me! One day soon I will rule you all!” Perhaps it was a good thing all they heard were baby babbling. Of course, the sight of a little foal waving and seeming glad to be the center of attention got a lot of awls.

“PRINCESSES! Newsworthy here for Canterlot Post. Are the lost princesses well? Is the rumor that Nightshade isn’t really Luna’s Daughter true?” A news Pony got close enough to hold out a recording device.

Celestia looked to Luna then to the new pony. “My Sister and Niece are in good health. Any rumors about Nightshade not being her daughter are very wrong.”

Luna spoke up “Before the nightmare the very night of our battle against Sombra. I and mine own love wast did marry in a private ceremony. Like any honeymooners we... well what any young couple doest on their wedding night. The magie of Harmony did protect our offspring. It is mine own deepest regret she shall never knoweth her father.” She brushes the tears from her eyes. Sadness from the thought that he died never knowing.

Nightshade stuck her tongue out “Phhttth." "You don’t remember do you, Luna? It was the final straw that broke your mind.”


A thousand years ago Luna stood at the grave of Shadow Striker. The rain falling down from the gray clouds above. It was an echo to the pain in her heart, and the whispers she was hearing.

Shaking her head trying to keep the whispers away. ~Murderer~

“You hath killed him!” For a moment she thought it was just another of the whispers but soon she saw Mystic Glow.

“It wast an accident. The dark magic of Sombra.

“Don’t giveth me yond covereth story! Thee hath killed him because he wast going to marry me. Because of thee, mine own foal shall beest fatherless!”

“Foal?” Luna blinks taking a step back.


“Yes, I’m with foal. Anon mine own foal shall beest a bastard because of thee! Alas thee, Luna! Alas thee to Tartarus for killing mine own beloved!” Mystic Glow saw a group of Guards rushing forward and she took off flying. “I shall has't mine own revenge murderer!”

Luna collapsed into sobs. Mystic Glow was pregnant, that means... ~He lied to us! Never loved us... They never loved us.~

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nightshade lets out a cry causing the News pony and spectators to take a step back.

“As you can hear she has a healthy set of lungs and like any foal a healthy apatite. Any further questions will have to be sent to the Castle. I doubt anyone would want to keep a foal hungry.” With that Celestia dismisses any more questions and the group continued to the castle.

Though Luna did look down noting that Nightshade was behaving differently than when she was just hungry. ~Did someone scare her? What got her so upset?~

Soon the group arrived at the daycare center. “I know today normally you don’t watch her Gentle Breeze. It’s a rush order Princess Cadence ordered food for a party, do you know how much cake just Celestia eats? We have to prepare for three Alicorns plus some.”

“Does mine own sister consume yond much?” Luna asks glancing at Celestia flanks. “Hmm might not but beest so given how large mine own sister’s rump is.”

A giggle escapes Nightshade as the comment from Luna was registered by the others.

Celestia looked behind herself “It’s not that big.”

“Please, it’s big enough to block out the sun.” Nightshade babbled.

The look on Cream Puff’s mother was pure fear as she looked at the three Alicorns. “Um... I didn’t mean it like that ... Princess.”

“Don’t fear my little pony. The cakes the royal kitchens are so good I can’t help myself. You must be Buttercream. I do make it a pont to meet the Chefs of my kitchen.”

“Yes... your Majesty. I’m the newest pastry chef and this is my daughter Cream Puff.”

Cream Puff was in her own stroller and looks over “Hi, Nightshade. You found your mommy huh?”

Nightshade mumbles “Yeah, she’s my mommy.” She didn’t want to admit it, but somehow biologically it was true. ~The elements did this somehow it’s the only true answer.~

“Buttercream, it seemeth our daughters receiveth each other well,” Luna says looking at the two fillies talking in their baby talk.

“Yeah, perhaps they are making friends. Perhaps one day we can stage a play date. It is good for the foals to have playmates.”

Luna blinked and nods. “That shall beest acceptable. Prithee contact Raven Quill to setteth up a date.”

Luna then looks to Gentle Breeze who was smiling “Well I will be happy to take care of Cream Puff today. More so given how she calms our little escape artist.”

She moves farther in “Just bring them inside and we get the little ones settled down.”

“We believeth Nightshade is fill'd with pangs of hunger. She wast a tad bit fussy on the way from the hospital. ”

“Alright, I start making up a bottle.” Gentle Breeze heads to the kitchen area.

“Hospital? Is something wrong Princess Luna?” Buttercream asks with a concerned look as she uses her magic to put Cream Puff in the playpen.

“No, she is a healthy two-month-old filly. According to the Doctor at least.” Luna followed Buttercream’s example and puts Nightshade down as well.

“That’s good. I get so worried about my little Cream Puff. It’s just me and her facing the world.” Smiles down to Cream Puff handing Mr. Hops. The stuffed bunny gets tackled in a hug with a speed that would impress a pegasus.

“Oh? Where’s her father?” Celestia asks seeing the Pastry Chef pony now relaxing.

“He split left me when he found out I was with foal. Some smooth talking unicorn named Flim.” Shakes her head. “Even though it hurt finding out he was just a smooth-talking charlatan. I’m happy I got my little girl. Even if the father was a loser.”

“Seems we art in similar situations, Buttercream. Both new single mothers.”

“So it would seem Princess Luna. Wish I could go to that Royal party but... someone needs to tend the kitchens.”

“I would like to sitteth and talk during our foals playdate. ” A yawn halts Luna’s train of thought. “However I very much beest going, I am a night pony after all. ”

“As much as I regret not getting to know you better Buttercream, I also must go. The day court won’t look after itself.”

“Yup go sit on that big bottom of yours Aunt Celestia!” The playful giggling babble from Nightshade got the three grown-ups looking at her.

“Sometimes I wonder what she’s saying,” Celestia comments as they walk out of the daycare.

Chapter Seven

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Gentle Breeze looked at the Playpen as the two foals babbled to each other. A sigh escaped her lips as she headed to the desk and looked at the file on top. Flipping it open the top-secret order from Celestia was clearly seen. Once more she read the paper.

I request that the daycare personal keep an eye on my niece and report any strange behavior or situation. Report only to myself.

Princess Celestia

“What is considered strange behavior for an Alicorn foal?” She whispered to herself as she closed the file and looks once again at the Playpen. Tilting her head as she sees the curious looks of Nightshade seeming to study the wall of the playpen.

Nightshade at that moment was looking at the wall of the playpen thought in truth she was looking at the magic interwoven into the construction. Moving to the side she put her hoof to the soft netting and pushed. Just like the protective enchantment to prevent a pegasus from flying out the magic in the netting made it resistant to the force of an Earth Pony foal surging. There was also magic made to weaken and neutralize unicorn spells without causing a backlash. It was, for the most part, a very complex spell matrix to form a perfect cage.

For the most part... Nightshade leaned against the netting and spotted the gem at the corner. There was one on each point of the playpen. Each of the enchantments was linked to the gems. Four gems in all, and if she was right they absorb the radiant magic to recharge. A normal foal would never figure it out but she wasn’t a normal foal.

“What you doing Nightshade?” asked Cream Puff as she came over and mimicked her friend leaning on the netting. “This is funny.” she wiggles against the net giggling at how it scratches her flank.

“I’m looking at the magic,” Nightshade says nodding as she notes how the enchantment reacted to the two foals pressing against the net.

~That’s the weakness!~ She giggles herself the enchantments are interlinked with the gems. The Gems can only handle so much so if more then one foal was affecting one enchantment, the others weakened. ~So if I have Cream Puff cast magic on one enchantment, Dusty pressing on another wall, then the magic forming the pegasus enchantment will weaken and I could fly out.~

It was a perfect plan. One she will need the help of both Cream Puff and Buster to do. It would only work once before Gentle Breeze gets somepony to improve it. But it was a plan!

Nightshade looks over and spots Gentle Breeze watching. With a smile, she waved her little hoof. ~Pay no attention to the normal foal.~

“Let us play with the toys some more Cream Puff.”


Gentle Breeze scratches her head wondering if she should report that or not.

The modern life Luna discovered was both easier and harder than her life from a thousand years ago. Devices made to make the world easier made distractions and complexities more common. Such a distraction was now before her. There was no anger at Raven Quill for stopping her from heading to the comfortable bed. The pegasus down feather pillows, silk sheets. Sighing she nods to Raven Quill and the cobalt blue stallion beside her.

“What can I doth for thee, Raven Quill?” She asks between a set of yawns.

“Princess Luna I’m sorry to delay you. I just want to introduce you to Midnight Oil. He’s one of the castle record staff. It’s past time for him to get a promotion and I thought he could take the post of being your assistant. Like how I assist Celestia.”

Luna took more notice of the stallion. The fellow was a tad overweight but not extreme so. A pair of glasses adorn his nose, his cutie mark was of a candle and quill. His mane and tail were cut shorter than standard, almost military buzz cut style.

“There is not much worketh to doth for anon till I establish the night court again. Bethought assistance in learning modern laws shall beest valorous. Thither is a playeth date I wish to establish between Nightshade and a filly named Cream Puff. She’s the daughter of the castle chef Buttercream. ”

“If I may your majesty. Having the playdate in the royal gardens will be the most benefit. On one hoof the idea of you socializing with castle staff will be a negative for the nobility, the other hoof the public seeing you taking time to socialize with lower class ponies will counter any negative rumors in the eyes of the civilians. This is doubly so with you being spotted tending to your own foal.” Midnight Oil stated as he looks over his own clipboard.

“Has thither been many negative whispers?” Fear from a thousand years grips her heart. Was it all starting all over again?

“A few minor issues nothing with any impact. Having you been seen with Princess Cadence shopping, then your comments to the news ponies this morning made sure the negativity was unfounded. The rumor that the foal wasn’t yours is now groundless, and even caused a fight when a mare came to your defense at a local cafe.”

Luna blinked there was a fight over her? “Was any pony did hurt? What wast the situation?”

“From what I can tell some noble was bad mouthing you and Princess Nightshade at the cafe. Mostly over the idea that Nightshade was a bastard offspring. Having no records of any marriage between you and any stallion. A mare overhearing this started arguing jumped to your defense pointing out there were few records at all from a thousand years ago. The exact wording I have no knowledge of. At some point the argument became physical. No lasting harm the worst damage was a broken table and black eye.” Raven Quill stated as she looked over he notes.

“Celestia going to be looking into it given how Upper Crust, the noble, pressed legal charges against Octavia Melody, a musician specializing in the cello. Personally speaking, I think Upper Crust might regret the lawsuit. Octavia Melody has some serious backers and supporters she could afford to hire some good lawyers.”

“I don’t knoweth how to feel about this. The idea thither art negative whispers about me doth fill me with dread. Whither knowing thither art ponies out thither who shall defend mine own honor with force. ” Luna shakes her head.

“I, of course, shall have to state yond valance is not acceptable unless to defend one’s or another’s life. ”

Midnight Oil looks to Raven Quill then to Luna. “If I may your Majesty. We could make sure Octavia Melody has a strong legal defense as well as make sure there are no strong links to the Castle.”

Luna thought about it. “Do it discreetly, I misprise to seemeth to showeth favoritism. ”

“One last thing, once you are awake we have a few nannies who applied to the job. The rooms for Nightshade are also done the interview for the nanny will be held in the chambers.”

“Thank thee, Raven Quill, and I look forward to working with thee Midnight Oil. ” Luna was starting to adapt to the manor of speaking in the new age. Perhaps having someone to practice with will help.

“Rest well your majesty.”

Celestia was in her study looking over case files for the day court. There was one other pony in the room. “So any idea who starting these rumors?”

Prince Blueblood brushes his blond mane “I haven’t uncovered the source yet. The nobility is grumbling about Aunt Luna and Nightshade, but I haven’t uncovered any serious plots against them. They seem content to wait and see. I do believe there was some drive to make Luna seem aloft and introverted. Mostly keep her out of the social loop, no doubt to make her easier to manipulate.”

With a sigh, Celestia nods “I’ll ask Fancy Pants to keep an eye out for more serious endeavors.”

“There something on your mind Auntie. What may I ask got you worried?”

“Either I got sloppy or you got very used to reading me. The truth is Nightshade seems odd, I can’t place what’s strange about her.”

“Not knowing something always been your weak spot. As for Nightshade, she’s an Alicorn foal, of course, she is different. There are only four known alicorns, and only Nightshade we know was born as one. No pony remembers being born your and Luna’s origins are lost in the fog of time.”

“Perhaps that true. Have a safe trip nephew.”

Prince Blueblood nods and heads to the door take a deep breath and open it. “BUT AUNTIE CELESTIA THE YAKS ARE SO UNCULTURED!”

“Go Blueblood, I want those trade negotiations. Consider this punishment for the failure of getting fishing rights from the Griffons.”

“As you insist Auntie” Blueblood leaves closing the door just a tad too loud to be polite. Making sure the cover of being an arrogant self-center jerk still in place. Personally, he loves visiting the Yaks.

Celestia looks to a painting of Starswirl. “Am I being paranoid?” The painting remains quiet as she goes back to looking over the files.

Chapter Eight

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Gentle Breeze went over and picked up Cream Puff. “Okay, you two the other foals are off at the park. So we are going to the royal garden to get some sunshine.”

Pthhhh Nightshade stuck out her tongue hearing that followed by Cream Puff copying her. This lead to Cream Puff giggling and repeating it over and over.

“Well see what you did Nightshade. You taught innocent Cream Puff bad manors.” She put Cream Puff into a two-seater stroller.

Nightshade was more of a challenge as Gentle feared.

“I don’t want to go play in the sun!” Nightshade ran to the far end of the playpen dodging the hooves of her caretaker.

“Come on Nightshade I want to play!” Cream Puff cries out watching her friend antics.

That when Nightshade stops and gets picked up. “Okay for you I submit.” Puzzling over the feeling of her not wanting to see Cream Puff upset.

“Why you no like the sun?” Cream Puff asks as she cuddles her stuffed bunny.

“It hot, bright, and makes me smelly.” Why is she thinking so childish? Shaking her head she looks about as they were pushed along the halls. Spotting the looks from a few servants and even a noble or two she perks herself up. Can’t let the lesser ponies see her being upset.

“Hmm” Cream Puff really didn’t know what to say to her friend so she just cuddles Nightshade.

Once out in the garden Gentle Breeze heads to a fenced off play area. There she sets the two foals down in the grass and chuckles watching Nightshade.

Nightshade was making a face as she moved in the grass and the blades tickled her legs. Soon she starts jumping and running. “I smash you silly Grass. Face my power!” To Gentle Breeze, it was nothing more than a foal playing in the grass.

Cream Puff followed along hopping and jumping with Nightshade her stuffed bunny held by just an ear bouncing along with the two foals. “Hop hop hop!” Yup Cream Puff had no idea Nightshade was on a personal drive to slaughter the lawn.

Nightshade soon stops as something caught her attention. It was a trickle of magic. Slowly she started moving to the source. There behind Gentle Breeze across the lawn was a statue. Mismatching parts and the singing pose. She knew right away who it was, Discord.

“She kept his statue but left the Elements of Harmony in the old castle? What was Celestia thinking?”

“It’s funny.” Cream Puff moves up beside Nightshade.

“Cream Puff can you run around Gentle Breeze. You know play tag and she’s it.”

Cream Puff thought a moment. “Okay!” Then charges Gentle and runs under her being the cute distraction.

Nightshade knew she didn’t have much time so flew at the statue. Landing at the base she put her hoof on the stone and looks harder at the stone. Fine lines of magic seem to be seeping out of hairline fractures. “It’s breaking...”

“Of course it is little moon butt. The world needs chaos or it dies.” A flash and Nightshade was standing in a twisted throne room. The stone floor wasn’t complete she moved to the edge and looked down to a swirling mass of purples. Then she turns her head slowly to see a throne with the mismatching form of Discord on it.

“I must say little moonshine. Of all the things that the crystal tree has done, I never expected this. A product of both Chaos and Order.” He tosses the teacup he was drinking over his shoulder and rose up flying into the air and to her.

“Luna’s little mind splitting into two and now you stand before me. I must ask what are you seeking a little nightmare? Power? Fame? Glory? Or are you losing yourself to your now foalish nature?”

“What... what are you talking about. I’m NIGHTMARE MOON! ALL WILL LOVE ME!”

A deep twisted laugh came from the chimera serpent-like being. “Nightmare Moon? Really? Where is your moon cutie mark? Do you feel it’s power as it rises in the night? No little night terror Luna always was Nightmare Moon. You are just bad memories given form. Where is your magic to dream walk? The jealousy over Celestia? Face it even the Moon has abandoned you.”

“No... No, I’m Night...Shade..?”

“Yes, you are Princess, not Nightmare Moon. I can taste it, your magic. It’s not the Night that answers your call.” Discord smiles his face coming just inches from her mussel. “I give you a hint given how you are causing chaos just by being. The brighter the light the deeper the shadows.”

The vision ended in a flash as nightshade hoof came off the statue. The hooves of Gentle Breeze around her in a hug. “Shhh, the big bad statue isn’t going to hurt you.”

Nightshade blinks away the tears in her eyes and rubs her face in Gentle Breeze withers. All the time trying to figure out if what happened was in her head or was that twisted demented laughter was real.

Cream Puff sat down beside Gentle and lifted up Mr. Hops wanting to help her friend.

Luna awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. A quick look out the window confirmed it was about an hour before sunset. In the back of her mind, she feels the moon’s call wanting her to once again to reconnect to her celestial body. “I’m Coming.”

With a quick shake of her head and slashing of water on her face from the sink in the bathroom, she makes her way to the chamber door. “Good now, what is it?”

Midnight Oil and Raven Quill stood before the door. “As I stated this morning your Majesty. The nannies are ready to be interviewed.”

“Oh aye of course. Show me to those folk.” Luna followed the two aids into the suite beside hers.

The walls were royal purple with deep blue and as silver highlights. The chamber was set to be foal safe as she saw little to no glass. Selves were filled with children’s books and toys. The furniture was soft and fluffy with no hard edges in sight.

She spotted three ponies, two mares and one stallion. “You might be here for the nanny position. May I request thy names?”

A white unicorn mare with blue mane and tail stepped forward. “I’m Sapphire Sparkle. I come highly recommended having been a nanny for a number of the Noble houses.”

Midnight held up his clipboard. “Your Majesty here her papers.” A note on top caught Luna’s attention. ‘possible spy employed by the noble Fire Ruby House.’

“I will keep that in mind Sapphire Sparkle.” She looks to a Pegasus mare. “Oh... um.. I’m Sugar Shy, your Majesty.”

Blinking Luna asks “Are thee relate to a Fluttershy?”

“Well... we are cousins.”

Luna sigh and looks at the offered paperwork Midnight Oil offered her. This time there was no note of warning. “ I’m afraid thee might not be good for my own filly. She’s very energetic and imaginative. ”

“oh... it’s okay your Majesty.”

Luna then looked to the third member of the group. “I knoweth I’m still learning the modern ways, but I feel it’s still odd for a stallion to be a nanny. ”

The stallion was a clear half breed of pony and zebra. Where his body was white he had red stripes on his legs and his Mohawk mane and tail had red and white stripes as well. His Cutie Mark was a red heart with a red and white peppermint candy in the center.

“I am Peppermint Heart, your Majesty. It is true my chosen profession is not normal for stallions. Very little about me is normal being a Zony. I have a wide knowledge of Zebra medical potions as well as Pony teachings of CPR and care for foals. I will understand if you don’t choose me due to my mix heritage.”

Luna nods “ I’m familiar to being judged for being different. Just by being nocturnal I was often shunned. ” she looks to the papers thinking. “Being exposed to other cultures would be beneficent of Nightshade. ”

She then looks up at all three “I have made mine own choice. Peppermint Heart shalt be mine own foal’s caretaker. ”

Samphire Sparkle huff “A filthy half breed?” She storms out her real boss would defiantly want to hear about this.

“Oh dear, that’s not nice.” Sugar Shy says watching the mare walk away. Then she looks at Peppermint Heart. “Congratulations”

“Thank you, Sugar Shy.” He bows to Luna “I will strive to watch and teach your foal with the best of my abilities.”

“Speaking about mine own Nightshade. It’s about time to pick her up from daycare. ”

“Should I come with you, your majesty?”

“No, I shall introduce thee to her tonight Peppermint Heart. After our dinner with Celestia. ” turning to Midnight Oil “get him settled in. ”

Then she headed out of the suit and headed for the daycare.

Nightshade tried to be happy. Soon after the Discord statue situation, Gentle Breeze brought them back to the daycare center. The blocks were fun as she stacked them up on one another distracting herself as what the spirit of chaos said went through her mind over and over.

“You better Nightshade?” Cream Puff asks as she comes up to her friend. “Need Mr. Hops to cuddle you? He’s very good at it.”

Nightshade looks at the bunny then hugs Cream Puff “Your good at it too.”

“He’s a good teacher.” Cream Puff nods into the hug.

It was at that time Luna walks into the daycare and just... “Awww that’s so cute.” She heads over to the two and smiles as Nightshade lifts her hooves up to be picked up.

“Thanks again for taking care of her Gentle Breeze.”

“It’s my pleasure, Princess Luna.” She smiles as she helps a few more foals get ready to go home.

With Nightshade on her back, Luna walks into the dining room. There was Celestia standing at a balcony and Princess Cadence with her unofficial coltfriend Shining Armor.

“Luna, do you feel up to raising the Moon tonight? It’s almost time.” Celestia says with a smile.

“I... I don’t know.” Luna looks out of the balcony spotting the group of ponies standing around to watch the daily ritual.

Cadence walks over and picks up Nightshine. “Go on Luna, it’s your right as Princess of the Night.”

Luna walks up beside her sister hearing the gasps from the ponies below. Celestia’s horn lights up as she guides the sundown.

Luna looks to the east and lights up her horn with her signature blue glow. For the first time in a thousand years, the moon answers it’s true mistress call. Soon the moon rises up from the horizon. The show didn’t stop there as Luna’s body seems to start to glow as well. Her hair turns darker and starts blowing in a magical breeze like her sister’s mane. Stars form in her mane giving the appearance of a night sky. Her body grows larger and takes on a darker tone. The oohs and Ahhs from the ponies were soon matched with the stomping of hooves.

“Now you are really back my sister.” The two turn and head back inside.

All this Nightshade watched. “it’s true... the moon did reject me. Who am I?”

Chapter Nine

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The family, her family now moves to the large dining table. Celestia at one end and Luna at the other. Nightshade found herself sat in a high chair, on the other side of the table Cadence and the Stallion Shining Armor. She figured out that he was Cadences betrothed. Somehow these ponies were now her family.

“Alright, I got tonight planned out. After dinner, we go to the club and enjoy the modern nightlife.” Cadence even bounced in her seat as she stated her plans. “It’s going to be so much fun a real royal girls night out.”

“Fun? What is this fun?” Luna asks looking puzzled.

“What do you mean? We used to have all kinds of fun. Our old castle was basically a funhouse with all the secret passages and tricks in it. Not to mention the pranks we played on Starswirl.” Celestia spoke with a hint of confusion.

Even Nightshade looks over “Fun?” Her mind ran through her thoughts trying to find meaning in the word.

Cadence stood up and walked to Luna looking at her with a tilt of her head. “Luna may I use my magic on you. I promise to not do anything to you I just want a reading.”

“What do you mean Cadence?” Celestia asks curiously.

Cadence nods “Most ponies believe I’m nothing more than a glorified Cupid. This is wrong I’m the princess of Love. Love itself is very complex you can love a place, family, things, and every type of love in itself is complex. To explain it I can sense the aspects of a pony that connects to others and things. I need to be able to do that in order...” She was interrupted then.

“She needs it to ship others.” Shining Armor chuckles “Really she has whole folders full of best compatibilities for couples. She even has one for Twilight.”

“I’m telling you that Twilight and Moondancer will have made a very cute couple. If only Twilight wasn’t so blind to Moondancer’s affection. Such a shame I was sure that Party situation would have worked too.” Cadence shook her head “Nevermind, as I was saying let me look at you Luna and see what’s happening.”

Luna watched the byplay then sighs nodding. “Very well thou may do so.”

Celestia stood up and walked over to where Shining was standing and whispers “So who she been shipping me with?”

Shining shook his head “Nope not going to say, Celestia.”

Cadence's eyes turn white then she gasps backing up her face a mixture of fear and confusion. “I.. I never have seen something like this. It’s like something blacked out every memory that brought joy. I see the heart of ponies like gems. Each facet an aspect to make the pony whole being. I see darkness clouding over parts of you Luna. Did... did the nightmare do this to you?”

Celestia gasps “Memories clouded? No, not the Nightmare, there another that do things like that. Clouding ponies minds... Sombra.”

Over a thousand years ago, Crystal Empire.

Celestia and Luna lead the troops down the streets of the Crystal City. Up ahead was the tower of the Crystal Palace. Around them, the faded Crystal ponies walk in a daze.

“What is wrong with them, sister?” Luna asks as she looks at the crystal ponies.

“They can’t recall aught just the torment King Sombra endues those folk. ” Celestia sees the fear flash in the ponies eyes that heard her.

The group continues along the path when the sky grows dark. “HE’S COMING!” A crystal pony yells before hiding.

“Luna, get to the palace, findeth the Crystal Heart I shall keepeth Sombra at bay. ”

“I shall guard thee, mine own Princess!” Came the voice of the silvery Shadow Striker as he joins Luna on the mad dash for the tower. Sealing his fate.

“Indeed Sombra corrupted the minds of his victims. I was... I was caught in a trap of his. It was when my beloved Shadow Striker died.”

Celestia started crying and hugged Luna. “It’s my fault. If I was paying more attention. I assumed your depression was just because of Shadow Striker. I never imagined there was more.”

“Who told me that we were too old for what might have been?” Luna hugged her sister back.

“So Sombra weakened your mind and made you susceptible to the Nightmare and it took you over?” Shining Armor asked thinking about it.

Celestia shook her head “That what the public knows. The truth was Nightmare Moon, and Luna is the same being. Now... now I understand why it happened.”

“Well, then it’s all the more reason for me to stay. Thanks for sending Prince Blueblood to the Yaks instead of me. I have a lot of work to do. If there any pony that can remove this Sombra’s corruption it is me. The first step is to make new memories and that starts with dinner.” Cadence smiles and goes to ring a bell for dinner.

“A good family meal, then a night out to strengthen the sisterly bond.” Cadence nods as she watches the two sisters embrace.

Shining Armor rubs his chin “If the corruption still there then what did the Elements of Harmony remove?”

Luna blinked as what Shining Armor said entered her mind. “What did they do?”

“Hello, am I’m chopped celery?” The baby Nightshade spoke up with her baby babble.

The four adult ponies look at the baby. Then Cadence smiles “Seems the Elements saved your child and gave you something to bring you joy.”

“Phhrrrrrrttttttth” Nightshade gave Cadence a raspberry. ~Then again if Nightmare Moon was the result of Sombra’s dark magic then... who am I? Discord called me bad memories given form... is that why I can remember Mystic Glow saying she was with foal and you can’t?~

About that time the servers arrived. The older ponies got eggplant parmesan where the server tending to Nightshade put a small bowl of orange paste. “Good news little princess we asked the doctor and he said you should be able to handle basic foods from time to time.” She scooped up a spoon full of the mush and brought it to Nightshade’s mussel.

Nightshade looked to the mush smelling carrots and some honey. Plan but then it’s better than having the bottle again. Even if it’s filling the formula was boring so she opened her mouth to accept the offered mashed carrots. “Oh, you are such a well behaved Princess.” The earth pony servant says. Nightshade looks at her seeing a mare of tan coat and green mane and tail.

The dinner went well till the end when Cream Puff’s mother Buttercream came in with a cart. On the cart was a large cake with blue icing, with stars and moon decorations. “Greetings Princesses! I made a lovely double chocolate cake decorated for the lost Princess Luna.” She cut up the cake and served Luna first.

“Thank you Buttercream. This dessert looks wonderful.”

“Why I don’t get any!” Nightshade whines as she reaches for the cake. “Sorry, little Princess no cake for you. The Doctor gave us a very strict diet guide.”

Nightshade gave the servant the stink eye then her horn lit up with the dark purple aura of hers. Soon Luna’s cake slice flew through the air and into the servant’s face.

“Oh my! Well, perhaps we have dessert later. We are going to be late for the club.” Cadence says as Celestia looks at the chocolate cake. “But, cake.”

The servant wiped the cake off her face and tasted it. “Well, it is a good cake.”

Luna picked up Nightshade and put her on her back. “I’m sure we enjoy the cake later, Buttercream. It doest seems the time is getting late we cand a nice snack once we return from this Club Arcane. ”

Buttercream nods “I make sure a stasis spell is on the cake to keep it fresh.”

“I shall take Nightshade to her Nanny and meet you two at the gates,” Luna says to Celestia and Cadence.

After a short trip through the halls, Luna came to the suite that was remade into Nightshade’s rooms.

Nightshade looked at the door then poked Luna and motions to Luna’s chambers.

“You are indeed a smart filly. No, my little nightshade, we aren’t going to my chambers. These are yours.” She pushes the door open and walks in.

Nightshade riding on her mother looked at the Purple chamber spotting the soft furniture. There hanging up a Zebra mask was a stripped pony. For a moment Nightshade thought he was a Zebra but there weren’t enough stripes and the ones on his legs were red. “Ah, Princesses it’s good to see you two.”

Luna smiles “Nightshade this is your Nanny Peppermint Heart he is taking care of you when I’m busy during the nights I’m busy.”

Nightshade fights the feeling of being abandoned that washed over her. She knows she wasn’t being so but like the feelings that hit her at the daycare the instinct to stay with Luna was strong. So instead of listing to that feeling, she starts exploring.

The mumble of the older pony fades in the background as she heads to the collection of stuffed toys. Shifting the toys about she lines them up in neat rolls. Seems even the toys from Luna’s chambers were here including her pony size Ursa. The lines of toys were before the Ursa. Nightshade let herself play for a change.

Her army was before her in full display. The troops were lined up in military formation as she walked back and forth before them. “Today we begin to bring the land under my rightful rule. Soon history will recall your actions as just. The ponies of today are soft and weak as our neighbors' plot to take what is rightfully ours. Today Equestria, tomorrow the world!” Nightshade stands there as the cheers sweep over her.

Peppermint watched as the filly played. Luna had already left for the night. He wondered what the filly was playing at. The wonderment grew more as he watched her walk in front of the toys. “Where did you learn to do that?”

After a time Nightshade grew tired sometime after the epic battle against the dragons. This, of course, was nothing more to Peppermint then watching Nightshade smashing stuffed toys together. He picks her up and after changing her diaper settle her into the crib.

Without the distractions, the question returned to her sleepy mind. Who am I? Family... her family she thought about Luna, her instincts tell her that Luna was her mother. The blood tests confirm it. Nightshade thinks trying to remember anything before Sombra. Who was her real mother? Was her father a pegasus? Nothing before going into the Crystal Palace.

Her thoughts move to Celestia. Another bundle of questions. Jealousy over what? Are those pompous nobles always showing favoritism to her? Even a thousand years ago Celestia didn’t go out to the commoners often. So the only ponies she interacted with was the nobility. Did she get jealous over nobles? Or was her memories distorted because of Sombra?

As much as she hates to think about it Discord seemed more and more right. She wasn’t anything more than some random memories given form. She curled up to hide her face in her wing and cried herself asleep.

Chapter Ten

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Luna watches her daughter head to the toys. “you sure it be alright? I would not wish to burden you on your first day.”

Peppermint smiles “We be fine she’s not the first filly I have taken care of. Look she’s already playing.”

Luna smiled seeing the purple filly putting the toys in neat rows. “Interesting, she’s more organized then I would have thought.”

“Every foal is different I heard of one filly who ran away from home to stay the night in the library. It’s part of the fun of watching them grow.” He tilts his head “Hmm almost like she lining them up like an army.” Shakes his head.

“I better be going. fair thee well Peppermint Heart.” She looks over to Nightshade “Behave yourself Nightshade.”

The little filly started walking back and forth in front of the toys paying no attention to Luna or Peppermint Heart.

Luna struggled with her feelings, on one hoof this filly hasn’t been in her life for very long. On the other, she found the idea of leaving her even for a few hours hard.

“You better get going the other Princesses will be waiting.”

“oh ... yes. Thank you Peppermint Heart.” She then left the chambers and headed for the main gate.

At the gate, Cadence was once again showing that rare leadership side of her nature. “Okay, this is a girls' night out so I want the guards to give us space. Second, the point of this is to mingle with the common ponies. The Club Arcane has some of the best bouncers around let them do the job they are hired to do. So no royal guards inside... that includes you as well Shiny.”

“But... Cadence all three of you without an escort?” Shining Armor asks dressed in his Captain's uniform.

“Mixer and his crew have it covered. Heck half of the bouncers in the place either served or are serving as Royal Guards as well.” She looks to Celestia “When was the last time you mingled with the common pony? Not one of the Galas, or Nobles, but normal working ponies? And no your school doesn’t count.”

Celestia's face dropped as she tried to think of such a time. “Hmm... I believe there was a grand opening of the Mare Statue in Manehatten.

The facehoof Cadence gave herself was audible even to Luna as she approached. “Isn’t that statue fifty years old now?” Luna asks as she came into the conversation range.

“Has it been that long?” Celestia scratched her head as Cadence shook hers.

“Besides that, I do believe grand openings count as ceremonial events. Perhaps we both needed this time to socialize with the common pony.”

“I’m so glad I stuck with public schools when I arrived here in Canterlot.” Cadence shook her head and started walking in the direction of the Club.

“Now a little about Night Club Etiquette. We have the advantage of being on the guest list so we don’t have to wait in line. However, we want to be respectful to those that do have to wait. The Bouncers will be looking for those who show up just to meet us. Others show up regularly just for the fun. We don’t have to worry about photos the Club Arcane is a no Photographing establishment.”

“Once inside we walk around the dance floor, no cutting through the dancers even if they part for us. Third, we tip our servers at least one bit per drink ordered. Arcane pays well but we also want to be seen as generous. Once we get our drinks don’t leave it alone. Always have someone watch it for you when you leave the table or take it with you if you can.”

“Why the last rule about our drinks?” Luna asks indeed curious about this rule.

“Even in a nice place like Club Arcane, there is always a chance some crooked Pony will try to slip some drug into our drinks.”

“Is that a regular problem?” Celestia looked worried as she thought about the implications.

“Not at the Arcane, I have heard it happen in some other locations. Like I said before the Club’s bouncers are highly trained and even Guard trained. Still, it best to be in the habit of keeping track of your drinks.”

Soon the group made its way to the nightclub. The building was in the shopping district near the School for Gifted Unicorns.

“This is very near my school,” Celestia stated as the three approached the door. The guards that followed them spread out as ordered to let the Princesses have their time.

“Why do you think it’s called the Club Arcane. The owners wanted to attract the older students of the school.”

Unlike the marble white exterior, the interior was dark blues and grays. A smile to Luna’s lips as she took in the decorations. Mystical symbols were glowing on the walls with no true order or magic, pure decorations. The most fun was the entrance where strange colored lights made Celestia and most of the other ponies glow. “What are these strange lights?”

“Those are Black Lights they are only in the entrance. It’s fun to see how they change shades of ponies!” Cadence prances as they entered the main chamber.

“SURPRISE! Wait ... you knew this was a party so it couldn’t be a surprise party. Oh, I know the surprise is me. You didn’t know I was going to be here.” Pinky Pie says as she bounces up and down before the three princesses.

“Welcome to the party Princesses! Oh!” With a flash of pink, she zips to the DJ booth.

“She is a very hyper pony isn’t she,” Luna says looking to the blue-maned pony with shades handing a mic over to Pinky.

“Greetings every pony! The guests of honor have arrived first is the Pony that got this party started! Princess Mi Amore Cadenza or as she prefers Princess Cadence!” Once Pinkie announced her arrival Cadence stepped forward and makes a bow.

“Next to the Princess that head and withers above us all, and I mean that literally. Princess Celestia!” Celestia bows and replays “Please my little Ponies for tonight it’s just Celestia.”

“Last but not least the mare who this party is for! The original astrologer, she who puts the night in nightlife! Stomp your hooves for Princess Luna!” Luna blushed a little as the crowd of ponies stomped their hooves and cheered.

“Okay DJ Pon Three lay down some beats and let us get this party started!” With that, the pink party pony vanished in a blast of confetti and laser lights.

Dubstep music begins playing as groups of ponies move onto the dance floor to party. Guided by Cadence the three princesses head to the bar.

Luna was overwhelmed by the Club Arcane. High above pegasus dance and fly in the air. Along the walls were platforms where some pegasus stand with vests labeled Bouncer watched the activities. Support beams were also resting locations for various peguses couples. A number were being more open in showing affection then Luna was accustom to. One pair were grooming each other in public such scandal would never happen a thousand years ago.

All this shock was nothing compared to the entity behind the bar counter. He was lean in the body like many pegasuses, a blue-gray coat, and nearly blood red mane and tail. Bright colors were more common for ponies of all types, to see such dark shades was rare. What was even odder was his wings were membraned like a bat or dragons. His eyes seem to glow a vibrant yellow were slit like a cat’s and his ears had a tuff of fur on top. Softly not to offend she whispers to Celestia. “Sister, what is that pony? Thou has never seen such a pony before.”

Celestia sighed and nuzzled Luna softly as well “Remember how I told you that everything that was touched by the magic of Nightmare Moon was changed? Luna no pony died by that spell, but many were...”

The Bartender spoke up with a smooth voice that carried a slight accent “I’m a Thestral, or as some call us Bat Ponies. I prefer Thestral or night pony. Pegasus isn’t called Bird Ponies after all, or Unicorns horned ponies. Among our gifts, we have enhanced hearing” Smiling and offers the pair of Princesses a wink. “My name is Mixer the lead bartender here at Club Arcane. What can I give you two lovely mares this evening?”

“Mixer I thought you said you don’t listen in on private talk?” Cadence asks as she leans against the bar “And you forgot about me am I not a lovely mare?” Playfully flirting with the stallion.

“Ah, Cadence first I know what you want. Your regular, Sex on the beach, and second your stallion Shining Armor will give me the stink eye if he heard me even remotely flirt with you, thought lovely as you are he can’t detect that it's just played between us.”

The stallion started tossing bottles up in the air and catching them in a display of skill and art. In a cup, he adds ice, alcohol, Orange juice, and cranberry juice. Stirred the mixture he adds a slice of orange at the top and passes the cocktail to Cadence.

Taking the drink Cadence sips from the straw “As perfect as always Mixer. Too bad Shinny is restricted to being outside, it’s always fun watching him get frustrated as you shamelessly flirt.”

Mixer chuckles “Ah if he only knew that I would prefer to flirt with him.” He then looks to the other two Princesses.

“Thou are beyond what I expected. Truth be told nothing been as I expected.” Luna looked around again and she did spot another Night Pony up in the rafters with a bouncer vest. That one was a mare. “A whole breed of pony adapted to the night...”

Mixer bows “Night Mother is the name we call you, Princess Luna. It’s an honor to serve you and welcome you home.”

Luna’s head snapped to the stallion the same as Cadence and Celestia. Mixer smiles and lifts his head “Thought your sister hid the truth well, she didn’t take in the night pony customs. We embrace the night Princess Luna, we came to enjoy our lives and are happy being what we are. Now, how about those drinks? I for one thank you, without you and what happened I would never have been born.”

Luna was speechless, a thousand years ago only a small number of ponies stayed up during the night. Most were guards whose duty demanded them to do so. A rare few like Shadow Striker enjoyed the night. Now there was a who breed of ponies who are nocturnal by nature. The world did change in the last thousand years.

“Yes, drinks...” Celestia was lost for words as well. Thinking back she did ignore the ponies that were transformed during the Nightmare Moon event. Many were lost to a form of insanity as new instincts took over the pony’s mind. Others thought regrouped and headed to the mountains to form there own community.

“Hmm, I think something sweet for my Aunts, Mixer, what do you think?” Cadence spoke up after hiding her shock with a sip of her drink.

“Ah, I know a few drinks for our Royal Sisters.” Mixer once again puts on a performance mixing up a Tequila Sunrise cocktail for Celestia. Slipping in the straw he passes it over to Celestia. “Careful Princess this drink has a surprising kick. Sip it slowly.”

Celestia took the curious drink in her magic. The bottom was a red shade and the top was bright orange the middle a blend of the two colors forming shades of orange. Sipping the drink the flavors blended in the straw each sip was slightly different than the last.

“And now for the Princess of the Night. Something special... let's see.” He looked at the options of drinks. “Hmm, a harvest moon?... no dark side... no no won’t do.” Glancing a look at Luna he smiles “Ah of course!”

With that, his wings went into a blur as he pulls a few bottles and tosses them in another display of bartender showmanship. He mixed a drink and passes over a champagne glass over to Luna. The drink was bright blue with a lighter blue at the bottom going to dark blue at the top. “One Diamond Blue for the Princess of the Night. A beautiful drink for a beautiful mare.”

“Is thou flirting with me now? Where I heard you prefer stallions earlier?”

“I may prefer stallions, but I’m not blind to beauty.” Luna couldn’t help herself but blush again even if she knew it was just playful teasing from the bartender. Perhaps she drank a bit too much to fast of that first drink. She soon found herself ordering a second.

As soon as she was about to order a third her vision was blocked by a sea of pink with blue eyes. “Alright, you are liquored up enough! Time for dancing!” Pinkie Pie said as she fell to the ground. Luna wondered if it was the drink or the oddity of the pink mare. She was sure Pinkie was standing on the air in front of her for at least thirty seconds before falling.

“Perhaps thou are right. These drinks are quite strong it seems.” Luna stated as she finishes her drink and put the glass down and with a pleading look for help to Celestia got dragged out onto the dance floor by the surprisingly strong Pinkie Pie.

Celestia turned out she wasn’t able to help her due to being pulled onto the dance floor by Cadence. Perhaps it was something about Pink Ponies.

Out on the dance floor, the two Pink Party Ponies were coaching the Royal Sisters in modern dancing. The time flew by as drinks and fun did indeed wash away years of resentment and sadness.

“Twerk it, Princess Celestia!” A stallion called out as Celestia tried the newest type of dancing.

“Oh no... Don’t try it, Celestia!”

“Now now Cadence I’m here to socialize right? I shall try this Twerk dancing.” A few mares smile with a flair of mischief as they guided Celestia in the dance moves. Soon the royal flank was wiggling to the beat.

“Oh no... I created a Monster.” Cadence sighed to Mixer as she finishes off her latest Sex on the beach.

“Thou Moon will not eclipse mine!” Luna in a drunken haze moved onto the dance floor and mimicked the Twerking motions soon the pair of Royal Sisters were jiggling their flanks to the cheering crowd.

“Nope, I think you created two. Now they are competing against each other twerking. I do love the nightlife.” Mixer chuckles as he watches. Then there was a flash of light and his head turned to spot a pony stashing a camera.

With a quick flick of his wing, one of the overhead Bouncers dived bombed onto the pony. “No Photography allowed.” “Let me go! It’s free press!” “Private establishment, freedom of the press does not override the right to privacy.” The Bouncer was joined by two others as they roughhoused the pony out.

“What a buzz kill. it’s time for us to call it quits anyway.” Cadence says with a sigh.

Celestia came over “Indeed, though it was fun I do have to be able to raise the sun in the morning.”

“It was most entertaining Sir Mixer.” Luna swayed as she came off the dance floor.

“It’s my pleasure, my Princess.” A flash of memory, a silvery pegasus saying much the same thing caused a flash of sadness in her heart helping to sober her up some. Quickly she brushes the memory of Shadow Striker away.

There wasn’t much to say on the way back to the castle. All three mares were tipsy. The only reason they weren’t drunk was their body size and the Alicorn metabolism kicking in.

“That was a fun gathering Cadence, I thank thee for hosting it.”

“My sister is correct Cadence. You were right it been too long since I spent time among the common pony. That twerk dancing was quite fun.”

“Ugh... Celestia, please. I’m trying to forget seeing your butt jiggle in front of me.” Cadence says as she walks slightly ahead of the other two.

Celestia smiles and winks to Luna “Really Cadence? I find that the ladybug thing you used to do with twilight was similar. How did it go? Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs away, clap your hooves, and give a little shake?”

“UGH...” came the sigh from Cadence

“Don’t you agree, Shining Armor? Did thou see similar shaking of flank from your marefriend?”

Shining Armor mumbles blushing the whole time “Um... I tend to look away. She did do that dance with my little sister after all.”

The two royal sisters laughed having got the upper hoof on the younger Princess.

It was a few minutes after that Luna found herself walking for her chambers to spend the rest of the night researching the modern laws.

“Princess Luna!” Peppermint came rushing up to her “It’s your daughter... something wrong!”

In just that moment her heart stopped for just a second, the daughter of the only stallion she loved. Was she going to suffer heartbreak all over again? Luna rushed past Peppermint Heart and charged into nightshade chambers. Hurrying to the nursery she stopped at the crib seeing the purple filly whimpering.

“I tried to wake her... I never have seen anything like it, Princess.” Peppermint Heart spoke up as he came into the nursery.

“It’s a Nightmare, a powerful one.” Luna's wing reached down and brushes the mane from Nightshade’s face. “Maybe even... I have to go into her dream. She’s not strong enough to face this nightmare alone.”

“I help any way I can Princess.”

Luna looked down at the filly wondering what nightmares await her within the mind of her daughter.

Chapter Eleven

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“As much as I would like help with this Noble Peppermint Heart. This would be something I will have to do on my own.” There were two ways to get into a sleeper’s dream. Going into the dream realm and seek the pony mental aspect was her preferred method. The problem was a mind as young as Nightshade’s is too underdeveloped to be easily found in the dream realm.

So a more direct method would be needed. Luna laid down and a strand of magic flowed out of her horn and to Nightshade’s horn.

What Luna saw was shocking. The mind she came to was not that of a two-month-old. It was the mind of someone far older. “No... Nightmare” her heart raced was the Nightmare taking over her daughter’s body? Nearly the same time the thought crossed her mind her awareness of the mind shifted. Instead of the dark complex mind of before, it was now far younger, then shifts again to the older configuration.

Space and Time didn’t have any real meaning in the realm of the mind. But the will control this nightmare was strong and she had to run the world around her was a fog of dark shadows. “NIGHTMARE THOU WILL NOT TAKE MY FOAL!”

Nightshade looked about her as the mists flowed and twisted about her. “LIER!” “MURDERER” “BETRAYER” “FAKER” The voices came from the shadows as she turned to face each voice she blasts a bolt of magic at the shadows.

“Come out and face me, cowards!” Nightshade was in an adult body her form was the spitting image of Nightmare Moon. The only differences were her mane and tail was a normal dark purple, her body was the Royal purple of her foal body, her eyes normal as well as her teeth. She was Nightshade now no longer Nightmare Moon not even in mind.

“Coward? Brave words from someone who pretends to be a foal.” The shadowy fog shifts and a form walks out. The body so dark blue it could be considered black, teal eyes slit like a cat’s. Nightmare Moon stood before Nightshade. “Oh little baby, do you need your diaper changed?”

“SILENCE!” A blast of magic strikes Nightmare Moon in the chest only for the image to vanish into the mist.

Another Nightmare Moon steps out of the mist. “Who are you? You can’t call yourself Luna, you don’t even have a cutie mark. Clearly, you aren’t me. I’m not that Foalish!”

Once more Nightshade blasts the image before her having it vanish in a puff of mist. “I said Silence!”

“You can’t even remember your mother’s name, nothing about your past. What did Discord say? Oh yes, bad memories that been given form. You are just trash, rubbish tossed away. Nothing.”

“NO... No...” her form shifted wavering and shift. Instead of the full-grown mare, she was now standing in the shadows in the body of a foal. Not the 2-month-old, a body more like a 5-year-old filly. Still a child’s body. She cowards down trying to make herself smaller as fear takes over her mind. “I’m me... I’m not rubbish...”

This time five Nightmare Moons came from the shadows each one laughing as they approach the shaking foal. “Oh, the little baby needs a nap.” “Not even worth it, she should be thrown away like the trash she is.”

The Nightmare Moons murage into one and lifts a hoof. “The Moon abandoned you, Princess. A bug to be Squashed.” The hoof comes down right over Nightshade.

An ear perching scream of a filly was cut short as a blast of blue magic blasts the image of Nightmare Moon into the mist. “LEAVE MY FOAL ALONE NIGHTMARE MOON!”

Luna rushes forward and stands over the still frightened Nightshade. The wicked laughter of Nightmare Moon echos from the mist. Instead of another image, two large cat slit teal eyes open in the darkness. Each the size of a full-grown pony.

“Oh, how funny. Look Nightfake, Luna came to rescue you. Tell me Princess who do you think you are saving from me?”

“She’s my foal Nightmare Moon. Leave her out of this!”

“You don’t get it, Luna. I am your foal. You weren’t pregnant! This is My MIND! MY BODY! I AM NIGHTMARE MOON REBORN!”

The eyes closed and a new version of Nightmare Moon walks out of the mist this one Dark Purple mimicking her younger body coloration.

“no...” Luna blinked and glances down to the filly at her hooves. Nightshade looks away a look of shame on her face. Then the foal huffs and stands up and sends a blast of her own magic at the dream image before the two.

The image vanishes and Nightshade walks away from Luna her dream body shifting aging back into the adult form. “The nightmare speaks the truth, Luna. I’m not Shadow Striker's daughter.” She turns and looks at Luna. “But... I don’t know who I am.”

Luna shook her head “How... I don’t understand.”

“The elements of Harmony aren’t weapons Luna. You know this you used them on Discord. What happened to you, to us. It broke your mind, two minds one body. I’m... I guess I’m the shattered shards...” Her form shifts again to the foal as voices in the mist spoke up.

“Trash, rubbish, bad memories.”

The misty fog disappears and Luna finds herself at the bottom of some steps. There was just one door. A door she remembers well the door hidden under Sombra’s throne.

“This is the farthest memory I can remember clearly. Nothing before it...” The voice was of the adult Nightshade and it came from nowhere and everywhere. Even though the foal form sat there crying.

Another Luna came down the steps followed by Shadow Striker. “No... Not this.” Luna knew the memory well.

The Dream Luna walked boldly to the doorway. “Sombra's tricks shall not make an idiot of me. Cometh Shadow Striker let’s end this and findeth the crystal heart. ” The two dream ponies walk into the doorway.

A shift and Luna watched herself swinging the sword fighting off shadowy forms. “Ha! Is this the all thou hast! have at thee!” There was no trace of Shadow Striker, but the real Luna knew what was coming.

“No... please not again.” came the voice of Nightshade older body. Luna noticed that Nightshade’s body continues shifting between the foal and the adult form. The pattern matched the shifting she felt in the dream.

A shadow moved closer to the dream Luna and she spun around thrusting her blue-tinted blade at the shadow. Only to have it fade reveling Shadow Striker gasping, the blade in his chest. She catches the falling stallion and as the life in his eyes fade she screams. The memory, dream shattered like a mirror into a thousand shards.

“My... your... Our mind broke then. But it wasn’t all...”

Luna looked at Nightshade “The nobles...”

“yes, and her.” Nightshade points with her hoof to a graveyard. Another Dream Luna was standing there crying.

“You hath killed him!” Mystic Glow form appeared.

“Thou hath killed him because he was going to marry me. Because of thee, my own foal shall beest fatherless!”

“Foal?” Luna blinks taking a step back. Both Lunas spoke the same word at the same time. The Dream faded away leaving the real Luna with an adult Nightshade.

“He lied to us... or I think so. The time before that door is fuzzy like trying to remember dreams. I knew we loved him, just not why. The fact is she was with foal, he was the father, so he lied to us.” Nightshade looked to Luna her color turning black her eyes became like a cat’s. “We Became Nightmare Moon that night. He didn’t love us, none of them did.”

By reflex, Luna took a step back. The dream version of Nightmare Moon was speaking the truth. Nightshade her foal was indeed Nightmare Moon. Thought as she looked pain and sadness came to the Nightmare’s face and the darkness left. Leaving just the normal looking royal purple Nightshade. “I don’t feel the moon’s presence anymore, the night betrayed me as well. Everypony betrays me... even you.” Once more Nightshade was the filly curled up in a ball at Luna’s hooves.

Luna looked to the shadowy mist then down again “She lied. Mystic Glow wasn’t pregnant with Shadow Striker’s foal. Celestia keeps watched over Mystic Glow her foal was not claimed by the Shadow Family. Storm Shadow never fathered another colt, the bloodline of Shadow died out. Mystic Glow’s foal was a colt the family still exists. Mystic Glow was lying about Storm Shadow fathering her foal.”

Nightshade looked up. “She lied? Figures even the reason our mind split was fake.”

Luna laid down beside the filly and covered her with a wing. “Thou might not be the daughter of Shadow Striker, but you are of my blood. As well as my mind perhaps in another reality the Elements put us back together. In this one, the elements gave me a daughter.”

Nightshade rubs the tears from her eyes and looks up at Luna’s face. “How can you say that. I’m a monster, I wanted to hurt ponies and make it night eternal.”

“Because I know why you wanted that. To make us happy, the ponies shunned us so you wanted to punish them. They didn’t enjoy the night, so you wanted to make them enjoy it. Things are different now.”

Luna focuses her mind and the memory of the club came into focus around them. “Ponies stay up at night nowadays. There even Ponies that live during the night.” She motions to the dream Mixer as he shows off his bartending skills. “Besides that, you were banished to the Moon with me. We served our time now it’s time to forgive the past and make new memories.”

Nightshade looked about then to Luna. The voices in the mist were faint but still there “She betrays you, they always betray you. Lies. Trash. You are a nopony.”

“Okay... We try this... mother and daughter thing. But no fru fru dresses!”

The dream around them fades as both princesses wake up in the real world.

“Is everything alright Princess?” Peppermint Heart watched as Luna stood back up.

“She should be fine now. I have the feeling things will get better.” Luna smiles as she looked at the two-month-old filly. The smile dropped as a diaper landed right on her muzzle the laughter of a little filly echo off the walls.


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Luna took a deep breath in front of the door. She knew Celestia was suspicious about Nightshade. The problem was her suspicion was right and wrong. After knocking on the door she enters. “Sister we need to talk.”

Celestia looked up on her desk was a set of tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. “Just a moment sister I’m just finishing some letters to invite Twilight’s friends to the Gala.”

Just as she said that a magical smoke drifted into the office and reformed into a scroll. Both princesses blinked at the arrival of the letter two Gala tickets fall to the desk as well. “Odd it’s not Sunday, wonder what is Twilight writing me about?” Taking the note she reads it.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I've learned that one of the joys of friendship is sharing your blessings. But when there are not enough blessings to go around, having more than your friends can make you feel pretty awful. So, though I appreciate the invitation, I will be returning both tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala.

“Twilight... I wonder why she didn’t think I was going to send her friends their own tickets. After all, they saved you, Equestria, are the bearers of Harmony, and her friends.” Celestia horn glows writing a quick letter and adds enough tickets for them all before sending them back to Spike.

“Twilight does seem to take things literally sometimes,” Luna says as she sits down. “We need to talk about Nightshade. I discovered something very important about her.”

“Oh? What is it you found out? Only thing I notice is she seems highly intelligent, I’m used to it teaching twilight.”

“It’s complicated, the Elements purified me, and it seems they purified Nightmare Moon. Nightshade is the result.”

“You telling me she’s Nightmare Moon? What am I going to do about a filly who... who that?”

“Like I said it’s complicated. She’s don’t even see herself as Nightmare Moon. I was in her dream a direct mind to mind link. The nightmare she was having was her fighting against the Nightmare persona. She has no link to the moon. She not even nocturnal, I even think her magic stronger during the day. There regret in her she broke down crying remembering what happened in the past.”

Celestia stands up and heads to the balcony “How should I treat this Luna? Lock her up for being the scourge history says Nightmare Moon was? It will be chaos if this gets out... some would be up in arms about her being Nightmare reborn, others seeing a foal condemned for crimes no one remembers. How should I see her myself, Luna? Is she my niece or my baby sister?”

Luna moves up beside Celestia “She not fully Nightmare Moon, just like I’m not Nightmare Moon either. Even at the end Nightmare was trying to fix things wrong with me. My anger at the nobles for what they were saying, my sadness of ponies not staying up during the night. It was done wrong like a child trying to make her parent happy, but not knowing how. Even then she was a foal in mind from a certain point of view. A foal in mind, and now in body as well.”

“So the elements freed her from you, and you from her.” Sighing Celestia looked out of the balcony glass door to the Everfree.

“She’s my daughter Celestia. Both of my mind fragmenting, and thanks to the Elements of my own body. She wants to be my daughter.”

“Guess we need to be very careful raising her. Don’t want her developing bad habits.” Celestia smiles and gives her sister a hug. “So what else can you tell about my niece?”

“She going to be gorgeous when grown.”


The jungle was huge and unforgiving as the three brave explorers ventured into the wasteland. Leading the expedition was Awesome Princess Nightshade. She adjusts her helmet and looks to her partner. “What do you think Cream Puff?”

Cream puff pushes her hat up uncovering her “It’s fun! Oh, look pretty flowers!” She charges forward to bite down on a daisy.

“Cream Puff don’t eat the royal garden!” Buttercream says sitting at the table watching the two fillies play. Cream Puff turns her head the wooden bowl slipping down again over her eyes.

“Oh, that’s so cute.” Luna laughs and drinks more of her coffee. “Those two are really becoming good friends.”

Buttercream moves a chess piece. “They aren’t the only ones becoming friends... oh and checkmate.”

Luna looked down “Um... Yeah, we are friends.” Huffs and starts resetting the chess board.


Sapphire Sparkle walked along the tunnel to the main chamber before her. There are two large guards on each side of the entrance. A guard on the left moved a spear to block Sapphire “Drop the disguise. You know our queen despises ponies.”

“Of course” A flash of green fire and she returns to her normal form. The changeling infiltrator 49 entered the chamber and bows before the throne before her. “Forgive me, my queen, I failed to secure the post of the nanny.”

Crystalis leans forward “What is the reason for your failure?”

“Lack of proper intelligence, there wasn’t enough time to know the moon princess personality.”

The queen changeling hoof slams her hoof down “What can you tell me. Make it good 49.”

“Princess Luna hides it but there a lot of guilt in her scent. There also something odd about her feelings to her daughter.”

“Odd? How?”

“The emotional connection of a mother to foal isn’t there. Luna emotionally doesn’t see the little princess as her own.”

Crystalis stands up and starts pacing. “Guilt and lack of emotional attachment to the foal? Hmm, we could use the guilt baiting that blue princess away when we strike. You are right we need more intelligence about Princess Luna. You are forgiven.” Then Crystalis head snaps to the entrance. “What are you doing in that pathetic disguise!”

The pony that walks into the chamber brushes his bloodred mane with his batwing and smiles his yellow eyes twinkling. “Bad habit I have such good news I forgot to drop it.” Mixer appearance disappears as the changeling magic returns him to his true form.

“Captain Shining Armor finally proposed to Princess Cadence. She already making sure she has a reservation at the Club Arcane for her Bachelorette party. Such a party in a location we have full control of...”

Crystalis smiles and interrupts the changeling Mixer “It be the perfect place to replace the bride and bridal party!”

The laughter of the changeling queen echoed throughout the hive.