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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Six

She sat there on her throne before her Celestia and Luna in chains heads against the ground. Her nightmare guards dressed in dark blue armor stood around them. “Now you see they all love me. The true ruler of Equestria!” She rose up her dark blue-black body sleek as she makes her way to the two princesses.

“IMPOSTER!” The voice echoed off the walls of the throne room. Nightshade turns around and sees the dark form of Nightmare Moon. “I’m the true Nightmare Moon!” The Nightmare slammed her hoof against the ground and the Nightshade found herself in her new body the small purple filly.

Around her, the guards look at her with hate. Even Celestia and Luna were now standing and looking at her with hate. “NO NO! I’m Nightmare Moon! The Elements they did this to me!”

“Liar!” Nightmare Moon came closer “You are just a pale shade for my true self!” She lifts her hoof and Nightshade watches with horror as the hoof came down to her face.

Nightshade wakes up tears flowing down her face as she gasps. Instincts drove her to hide under the stuffed animals in the crib with her as she whimpers. She won't show weakness even if she wanted to cry out. “I’m not a fake...”

Luna wasn’t sleeping this is a basic fact of her nocturnal nature. Even if she been bound to the moon for a thousand years her nature of staying up during the night is still strong. Sitting by the window reading a book about Equish her ears turn hearing the soft whimpers from the crib.

Setting down the book she came over and looks down at the whimpering figure among the stuffed animals. Her horn glows and lifts the whimpering foal and brings her closer. Nightshade resisted at first but soon was snuggling up against her as she was being rocked by Luna.

“Hadst a nightmare dram one? Wish I couldst holp, but I don’t has't enow charm yet to dream walketh.” Then Luna sniffs the air catching a scent with just a bit of magic she sees the diaper was soiled. She carried the foal to the changing table and makes a face as the scent of the stool hit her with full force. Luckily she had a few tips from Cadence and had an air freshener nearby that she activated to counter the smell.

All this time Nightshade didn’t make a sound and even looked banished. Even she knew that Nightshade behavior was strange. Then again there was nothing normal about Nightshade. Sighing she finished cleaning the filly and then nuzzled her “Thither all did clean anon. Let’s receiveth thee something in yond tummy.”

She set her down again in the crib as she goes to the suit kitchenet and looking at the container of formula. Following the direction and mixes up a bottle. Another example of how the world was better after a thousand years without her. This Formula was an amazing means of feeding a small foal when the mother couldn’t.

Nightshade embarrassment was nearly overwhelming. First, the nightmare than having to be cleaned from her body weakness. Now she was feeding on one of these bottles not being able to process real food. Thought to be near Luna as she feeds her was nice. Soon sleep reclaimed Nightshade and she was placed back into the crib. Luna standing by the crib for a time reaching down she brushes Nightshade’s mane a small smile on Luna’s face.

Later that morning that smile was gone as she waited in the doctor's office. Looking at Nightshade soon the question if she was her own daughter will be answered. The only other Pony in the office with her was Celestia and Nightshade. “How much longer till this blood test is done, sister?”

“Truth is I don’t know. The process is complex, basically, they spin the vile of blood very fast to separate compounds and then withdraw some key elements. Then they compare yours to Nightshades, the closer the match the higher chance that the two ponies are related.”

Nightshade was barely paying attention as she poked the annoying bandage on her foreleg. It was blue with bright yellow flowers. The nurse was devious distracting her with cunning, right before she poked her with a needle and attempted to drain her of blood. She still didn’t know why perhaps she should have been paying attention to the Princesses.

Her head snaps up as the door open and a stallion walks in with a clipboard. He was an Earth Pony with a tan coat and darker brown mane. “Princesses I have the test results.”

“What have you found out Doctor Feel good?” Celestia questions the doctor.

“Well, she’s a healthy filly about the age of two months old. Her magic channels are still in flux so I will be expecting more surges.”

“What about her parentage?” She asks looking at Nightshade. Celestia notes how the filly was now looking at the Doctor. How smart was this little filly?

“Well, that’s the interesting thing. Besides this being the first time I did a parental test to find a mother. I ran the test three times to be sure, it’s a match. The odds of Luna being her mother is 99.9%. What is really odd is it’s almost to much a match. Normally we see more differences between a mother and daughter. Nightshade’s and Luna’s sequence is more alike than normal. This might be due to the Alicorn element. If your Alicorn biology added to the genetic shuffle it could have overwritten the Pegasus genes.”

Well, this was interesting so the bloodletting was to test the blood and they could tell who the parents were. Nightshade tried to figure out how to exploit this.

“Thank thee, Doctor. It’s valorous to knoweth the truth.” Luna says as she looks to her daughter tears forming in her eyes. “This means she’s very much is the daughter of the only stallion I did love. ”

~He betrayed us~ Nightshade snorts then lays down there no way she was that two timers offspring. Besides, that does not explain why she remembers his death and being Nightmare Moon.

Luna lifts her daughter and settles her in the stroller. “Thank thee, Doctor. This doest ease mine own mind. ”

“Is there any questions or anything I can do more for you Princesses?”

“Yes, I have a question. How long will I have to suffer a lack of control of bodily functions?” Nightshade mumbles in her baby talk.

The three princesses headed out of the chamber. “I think that will be all for now,” Celestia replied and headed out of the hospital.

Outside the royal guards move into place providing a barrier between them and the new ponies. Nightshade was looking about at the crowds putting on her cutest face and even waving her hoof from time to time.

“Yes love me! One day soon I will rule you all!” Perhaps it was a good thing all they heard were baby babbling. Of course, the sight of a little foal waving and seeming glad to be the center of attention got a lot of awls.

“PRINCESSES! Newsworthy here for Canterlot Post. Are the lost princesses well? Is the rumor that Nightshade isn’t really Luna’s Daughter true?” A news Pony got close enough to hold out a recording device.

Celestia looked to Luna then to the new pony. “My Sister and Niece are in good health. Any rumors about Nightshade not being her daughter are very wrong.”

Luna spoke up “Before the nightmare the very night of our battle against Sombra. I and mine own love wast did marry in a private ceremony. Like any honeymooners we... well what any young couple doest on their wedding night. The magie of Harmony did protect our offspring. It is mine own deepest regret she shall never knoweth her father.” She brushes the tears from her eyes. Sadness from the thought that he died never knowing.

Nightshade stuck her tongue out “Phhttth." "You don’t remember do you, Luna? It was the final straw that broke your mind.”


A thousand years ago Luna stood at the grave of Shadow Striker. The rain falling down from the gray clouds above. It was an echo to the pain in her heart, and the whispers she was hearing.

Shaking her head trying to keep the whispers away. ~Murderer~

“You hath killed him!” For a moment she thought it was just another of the whispers but soon she saw Mystic Glow.

“It wast an accident. The dark magic of Sombra.

“Don’t giveth me yond covereth story! Thee hath killed him because he wast going to marry me. Because of thee, mine own foal shall beest fatherless!”

“Foal?” Luna blinks taking a step back.


“Yes, I’m with foal. Anon mine own foal shall beest a bastard because of thee! Alas thee, Luna! Alas thee to Tartarus for killing mine own beloved!” Mystic Glow saw a group of Guards rushing forward and she took off flying. “I shall has't mine own revenge murderer!”

Luna collapsed into sobs. Mystic Glow was pregnant, that means... ~He lied to us! Never loved us... They never loved us.~

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nightshade lets out a cry causing the News pony and spectators to take a step back.

“As you can hear she has a healthy set of lungs and like any foal a healthy apatite. Any further questions will have to be sent to the Castle. I doubt anyone would want to keep a foal hungry.” With that Celestia dismisses any more questions and the group continued to the castle.

Though Luna did look down noting that Nightshade was behaving differently than when she was just hungry. ~Did someone scare her? What got her so upset?~

Soon the group arrived at the daycare center. “I know today normally you don’t watch her Gentle Breeze. It’s a rush order Princess Cadence ordered food for a party, do you know how much cake just Celestia eats? We have to prepare for three Alicorns plus some.”

“Does mine own sister consume yond much?” Luna asks glancing at Celestia flanks. “Hmm might not but beest so given how large mine own sister’s rump is.”

A giggle escapes Nightshade as the comment from Luna was registered by the others.

Celestia looked behind herself “It’s not that big.”

“Please, it’s big enough to block out the sun.” Nightshade babbled.

The look on Cream Puff’s mother was pure fear as she looked at the three Alicorns. “Um... I didn’t mean it like that ... Princess.”

“Don’t fear my little pony. The cakes the royal kitchens are so good I can’t help myself. You must be Buttercream. I do make it a pont to meet the Chefs of my kitchen.”

“Yes... your Majesty. I’m the newest pastry chef and this is my daughter Cream Puff.”

Cream Puff was in her own stroller and looks over “Hi, Nightshade. You found your mommy huh?”

Nightshade mumbles “Yeah, she’s my mommy.” She didn’t want to admit it, but somehow biologically it was true. ~The elements did this somehow it’s the only true answer.~

“Buttercream, it seemeth our daughters receiveth each other well,” Luna says looking at the two fillies talking in their baby talk.

“Yeah, perhaps they are making friends. Perhaps one day we can stage a play date. It is good for the foals to have playmates.”

Luna blinked and nods. “That shall beest acceptable. Prithee contact Raven Quill to setteth up a date.”

Luna then looks to Gentle Breeze who was smiling “Well I will be happy to take care of Cream Puff today. More so given how she calms our little escape artist.”

She moves farther in “Just bring them inside and we get the little ones settled down.”

“We believeth Nightshade is fill'd with pangs of hunger. She wast a tad bit fussy on the way from the hospital. ”

“Alright, I start making up a bottle.” Gentle Breeze heads to the kitchen area.

“Hospital? Is something wrong Princess Luna?” Buttercream asks with a concerned look as she uses her magic to put Cream Puff in the playpen.

“No, she is a healthy two-month-old filly. According to the Doctor at least.” Luna followed Buttercream’s example and puts Nightshade down as well.

“That’s good. I get so worried about my little Cream Puff. It’s just me and her facing the world.” Smiles down to Cream Puff handing Mr. Hops. The stuffed bunny gets tackled in a hug with a speed that would impress a pegasus.

“Oh? Where’s her father?” Celestia asks seeing the Pastry Chef pony now relaxing.

“He split left me when he found out I was with foal. Some smooth talking unicorn named Flim.” Shakes her head. “Even though it hurt finding out he was just a smooth-talking charlatan. I’m happy I got my little girl. Even if the father was a loser.”

“Seems we art in similar situations, Buttercream. Both new single mothers.”

“So it would seem Princess Luna. Wish I could go to that Royal party but... someone needs to tend the kitchens.”

“I would like to sitteth and talk during our foals playdate. ” A yawn halts Luna’s train of thought. “However I very much beest going, I am a night pony after all. ”

“As much as I regret not getting to know you better Buttercream, I also must go. The day court won’t look after itself.”

“Yup go sit on that big bottom of yours Aunt Celestia!” The playful giggling babble from Nightshade got the three grown-ups looking at her.

“Sometimes I wonder what she’s saying,” Celestia comments as they walk out of the daycare.

Author's Note:

Well here is the revel of how I have Nightmare Moon came to be. Hope you like it!

Like always I do try to find my spelling and grammar errors. I have a number of learning disabilities among them is Dyslexia and Aspergers Syndrome. If you see something wrong PM me or post in the comments and I will try to correct it.