• Published 1st Jan 2019
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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Five

“Those two are so in love. I wonder when they will finally marry.” Celestia says with a smirk as she starts walking again.

“It is very clear we interrupt'd a romantic interlude,” Luna says glancing at the nook where the two were clearly making out.

“They have been seeing each other for years. Thought Shining Armor been kind of shy about it. Cadence used to babysit his sister, Twilight Sparkle.” Raven Quill says making another note on her clipboard.

“For political reasons, we are keeping the news they are a couple out of public knowledge. The Noble houses want Princess Cadence to marry Prince Blueblood. Their claim is to solidify her royal status. The truth is they want the Platinum bloodline back in the succession if anything happened to the two of us Princess Cadence take over. They can’t stand the idea.”

“More Noble politics.” Luna's voice was laced with the pain and anger she felt.

“Believe it or not Luna. Prince Blueblood hates being in Canterlot. Half the plots to get him married to another family he sabotaged himself. Last Galloping Gala he acted so self-absorbed and arrogant the mare they tried to hook him up with declared that she was giving up Stallions completely. Truth is I can’t wait to see how he tops it this year.”

Luna stumbles at the idea “That arrogant Blueblood sabotages his own marital possibilities? Wherefore would such a stallion doth such?”

Celestia smirk “It’s all an act when he’s in public. Did you notice his Cutie Mark? A Compass Rose, Blueblood loves traveling he’s one of our best diplomats. If his family successfully gets him married he be forced to settle down and stay in Canterlot. I even heard rumors he has a Zebra girlfriend that hides out in the Everfree forest. Even I don’t give credit to that one thought.”

As they approached the gates Princess Cadence with her saddle bags came charging up to the two. “I’m here!”

Celestia smiles “Have fun you two. I really wish I could come along but I do need that shower, and then face the political mess of having the sun delayed.” Giving her sister a last nuzzle before heading back into the castle.

Cadence smiles and starts walking. “First we meet Captain Shining Armor at the bank where we get some bits. Do you know what we need to buy?”

Luna shook her head “No I’m afraid I has't nay idea what we coequal needeth. ”

“I have done enough babysitting to know what a really smart filly would be interested in.”

The hustle and bustle of Canterlot caught Luna’s attention. She did notice guards moving with them but far away enough to give the illusion of privacy. The splendor of the buildings the interactions of ponies. Soon a sad sigh escaped her lips.

“You okay aunt Luna?” Cadence asks moving closer.

“Everything so... perfect. I bethought it wast just yond village Ponyville. It’s hither too, harmony. Thither nay protection from monsters, nay walls. Everyone I see hither, and those in Ponyville wast all so. healthy. Celestia doesn’t needeth me. ” Luna’s head lowers as the realization that Celestia ran Equestria for a thousand years.

A comforting wing settled on Luna’s back “But she wants you. Luna, you might not see it but I do. She has been miserable for a very long time. She hides it, but I’m the Alicorn of love. My magic, my very cutie mark is tied to love. All kinds, romantic, parental, and Sibling. Every night she stood there looking at the moon just out of sight of any pony crying. She loves you, Luna. Yes, she ran Equestria by herself, but she drove herself ragged running the nation. Anything to keep from feeling alone.”

“I much rather be wanted than needed wouldn’t you Luna?” Cadence smiles as she looked about “Besides I’m sure the Nights be even better once you take it back. Really Aunt Celestia has no imagination. Most of the time she has forgotten to adjust the moon to waxes and wane.”

“I’m sure the ponies nev'r notice. They didn’t bother staying up during the night ere. ”

Cadence gasps “How boring! This weekend I’m calling a Girls Night Out!” She turned and motions to one of the supposed to be hidden guards. “You go to Celestia tell her on my authority as Princess of Love she will be at the Club Arcane at nine this Saturday. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. Tell her that Princess Luna and I shall be there with or without her.”

She then looked up and with the royal Canterlot voice. “I need the fastest messenger pony right now!”

A few seconds later a pegasus guard landed “Private Thunder Charger reporting as requested.”

There were many ponies watched shocked because the Princess of Love rarely showed the commanding presence. This was one of those rare times when she did.

“Head to Ponyville. You will see a house that half and half can’t miss it. The DJ Pon-3 also known as Vinyl Scratch lives there. Tell her I request that she performs at the Club Arcane for a Royal party this Saturday. If you run across a pink pony with blue eyes and balloons for a cutie mark inform her it’s a code 24 and give her all the details.” blinks “What am I saying, of course, you will run across Pinkie Pie. Don’t worry you know her when you see her.”

“Yes, your highness.” The pegasus took off in a blur, it was one thing to be following an order. Seeing DJ Pon-3 in person well perhaps he can get an autograph as well.

Finally, the plan was in motion Cadence looked at the bewildered Luna. “I refuse to let you hide away in that tower. My power includes self-love aunt Luna. Believe me, I can feel the misery off of you.” Leaning in she gives the Princess of the Night a hug. “With me helping you I promise the ponies will just love you!”

In Ponyville Pinkie Pie stops in her tracks “I feel a disturbance in the force... there a code 24!” She was gone in a flash of pink.


In a crib, the purple filly alicorn lifts her head. She couldn't wait anymore. Gentle Breeze has been checking up on her not just regularly but randomly, no way she could predict when she is in the clear. So it was time for a change in plans. Nightshade watches as Gentle Breeze walked into the other room. For a few seconds, she wonders why she has this urge to escape. Shrugs she rose up and flaps her wings feeling more magic in her small body than earlier.

Just as she thought the crib didn’t have the pegasus protection on it. Once on the floor, she walked slowly to the doorway and peeked out. The older foals were busy listening to the story, even the baby foals were listening. Gentle Breeze was going into the kitchen area.

Now was her chance she started sneaking her way across the room for the exit of the daycare center.

“Ms. Breeze! A foal is heading for the door.” Peach Blossom says in her squeaky voice.

Gentle Breeze looked back to see the purple princess take off and fly out the door. “Azura keep an eye on the foals. I get our runaway.” Gentle spread her wings and flew after Nightshade.

Nightshade thought her magic would give up but it was building, more and more power was flowing in her body. It took her just a few seconds to realize what was happening.

A laugh escaped her as she flew along the hall. Behind her, she heard Gentle Breeze behind her. Lighting her horn she lifts a vase and flung it behind her. The sound of a curse and shattering vase filled her with pleasure.

“STOP HER!” Gentle Breeze voice rang out and in front of Nightshade, she saw two guards look shocked and try to move to intercept. Landing she looks at the two guards and giggled. ~Yes, underestimate the cute little foal.~ Then she charges under a nearby table... “WHAT!”

Fear came to Gentle Breeze heart as she saw the filly run under at table and vanish. One of the guard's horn lit up and she shined the light under the table trying to spot the foal. “Where is she?”

A sudden giggle and the three turned seeing the very same escaped foal princess run out of a shadow. “Horseapples! She’s surging!”

Nightshade somehow moved from one shadow to another. She would have to explore that ability later but for now, she had to find... find what? Who?

She stopped a moment thinking of why she was searching. The urge to look was almost overpowering so that what she did. Her horn flashed and she turned to a deep purple mist as Gentle Breeze flew through her. “AHHHHH... how did she do that?”

In her mist form, she flowed down the hallway. “How are we suppose to stop a foal that can turn to mist?” One of the guards says as the followed behind her.

Walking out of her chambers Celestia felt refreshed after the shower. A spring to her step as she heads for the throne room perhaps the meetings will go smoothly.

Suddenly a cloud of purple flew by. Followed by a chasing Gentle Breeze. The two guards, however, didn’t stop their charging in time and slid into the royal flank. The laughter of a filly was heard fading down the hallway.

Turning back into pony form she bursts into the throne room and flew to the throne and stood on the fluffy pillow. “BEHOLD I AM YOUR QUEEN!”

The gathered ponies looked on stunned at the filly posing on the throne. A panting Gentle Breeze came in and saw her target on the throne and turned on the speed to try to grab her.

Nightshade wasn’t a normal foal. She is a foal with memories of a full grown master of magic. A grin was on her face as the hooves of Gentle Breeze came close to grabbing her right as she vanished in a teleport spell.

The laugh of the foal of the night was heard at the door of the throne room just as she kicked it open and started the chase all over again.

“I don’t get paid enough for this.” Gentle charged for the doorway passing shocked nobles and guards.

~Where was she? Wait why did I think that?~ Nightshade wondered as she ran down the hall. Spotting the large main doors she added extra speed seeing the door opening.

A blue magic field covered her just as she reached the door and there before her there was a pink alicorn. “Aww, you must be my cousin. You are the cutest!”

Nightshade tried to get away from the snuggling Alicorn and her hooves reached out to Luna tears coming to her eyes. ~Wait why am I crying out for Luna? No... I'm not crying for Luna it this pink mare's perfume.~

Gentle Breeze came to a skidding halt. “Seems she wanted her mother after all.”

“No, she’s not my mommy!” Still reaching for Luna struggling in the magic bubble.

Looking at Nightshade, Luna came forward and pulled the filly from the magic using her wings and nuzzled her. “I bethink thee shall enjoy some of the things we did get thee. ”

Wait... Nightshade blinked as she was nuzzled. What is happening to her? Why does she have this urge to be near Luna?

The thought was stopped when she saw the group of ponies with boxes on their backs. One pony had a very large stuffed Ursa. “Mine? MINE!” Forget Luna she wanted that Ursa!

Gentle Breeze sighed and bowed “I’m sorry your majesty. That filly of yours got away from me. There is no excuse.”

“It’s understandable. Thither hast nev'r been an alicorn foal in Equestria ere. It’s defiantly a learning experience for all of us. ”

“Makes me wonder if I will have an Alicorn foal. What do you think Shiny?” Cadence asked with a mischief smile to her face.

“AGh... um... what? You a foal?”

Smirking “Well eventually I would like a foal of my own. After I get married of course.” Winks to Luna. “I have even been thinking of names. How does Princess Solara sound?”

“The name choice is to hon'r Celestia? It's acceptable.” Luna says as Nightshade stuck out her tongue blowing a raspberry. "PPtthhh".

“It’s a good name, I kind of like Shining Shield if I ever father a colt.” Shining armor says having recovered.

“WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA” Nightshade screamed still struggling to reach for the stuffed Ursa. Only partly noting her surge was now over because she couldn’t even use telekinesis to grab it.

Princess Luna looks to Nightshade then Gentle Breeze “It wouldn’t beest a problem if 't be true thee continueth to tend to my daughter during the day shall t? I shalt covereth any did cost for supplies of course. ”

“Oh, no problem at all. We just need a flight proof crib, that how she got loose today.”

“Then she shalt beest thither tomorrow. ” Gentle Breeze bowed again recognizing a dismissal.

Both Luna and Cadence struggled to keep the purple foal as the delivery ponies set up the crib and placed down the toys. Once the last was out of the room Luna let the foal nightmare free.

A bolt of purple ran from Luna hooves to the stuffed Ursa tackling the oversized bear.

“I think she likes it, Princess Luna.” Shining Armor says watching the foal curl up in the paws of the bear.

“It was a valorous suggestion Captain Armor. I thank thee. ”

Cadence having got used to babysitting foals looked to the Ursa having noted that things got quiet. A smile came to her lips seeing the purple filly fast asleep. “Now isn’t that cute.”

Author's Note:

Edits this chapter was focused on making sure the escape happened about the same time Luna and the others got back to the castle. Hopefully, the plot hole of the gap in time is fixed. Spotted a few spelling errors, mostly wrong words.
Once more I'm sorry for any mistakes in spelling and grammar. If anyone up to be an editor or proofreader send me a message.

The butterfly effect was strong in this chapter.