• Published 1st Jan 2019
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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Two (Rewrote)

"Art thou sure this is safe, sister?" asked as she walked onto the chariot with her sister. Luna brushed the roses around her neck the mares in Ponyville seeking comfort in the flowers to hide her fear.

“Really Luna, you don’t need to use the fancy old equish. It hasn’t been used for hundreds of years.” Celestia sighed as she got in place “And yes, the enchantment on the chariot allow the Pegasus magic to lift it and anything carried. To the Pegasus we are light as feathers, same enchantment is used on carts and wagons for the same use. It’s perfectly safe.”

~Safe huh... I put an area effect spell on a cloud or a gem to disrupt enchantment. Could use a magically bound bird or use an arrow to carry the gem thus causing the enchantment to fail. You got sloppy Celestia.~ Nightmare Moon thought as she sat up. Having woken from her nap at the village of Ponyville. Oh, will those peasants suffer when she rises back into power! With a smug look Nightmare wiggles.

Luna nods and moves up beside her sister then the chariot starts moving. It was a strange feeling both flying and not putting the effort into it. A flash of golden light from Celestia horn caught her attention. “Now Luna we can speak without being heard.” Celestia turns her head showing the worry and sadness in her face. “Were you pregnant?”

“I... don’t knoweth. Thither wast only one. stallion who I wast yond close to and we only wast intimate once. ” Luna tried to hide her blush in her mane.

“Who was he, Luna?” Celestia asks as she nuzzled her sister. “I’m not judging you or anything.”

~You shouldn’t considering how you were lifting your tail like a fool for that Earth Pony Rockhoof.~ Nightmare thought to herself as she looked back at Ponyville. There was a pretty quality to the village she must admit.

“It was right before we fought Sombra, my guard Shadow Striker.” “Shadow Striker? That Foul traitor! I rip him apart if I see him again!” The Stream of baby talk from her back distracted Celestia as she looked back. She cast a levitation spell and brought Nightmare closer for a nuzzle. “You aren’t going to fall little one. You are safe.” The filly squirmed as she got nuzzled.

“Shadow Striker, I knew that the two of you were close, just not that close. Was it before or after his family was going to arrange a marriage for him?” Luna looked down “After, the very night before we assaulted the Crystal Empire.”

~He should have been ours!~ The thought flashed across Nightmare’s mind. Memories seeing the silver gray Pegasus stallion with that hussy. ~He betrayed us, they all betrayed us.~ Nightmare tried to get free of the spell. Then she stopped and curled up and hid her face behind a wing. She was so not going to show the tears in her eyes. ~Traitor~

“let’s speak of something else. prithee,” Luna said wiping the tears from her cheeks. She glances up and spots Canterlot. “like wherefore would thee buildeth a city on the side of a mountain?”

~What?~ Nightmare lifted her head so not having tears streaks on her face. Nope, the wet marks are not tears... at least she told herself. ~White and gold... yeah I wonder who’s ego is on display. Oh, look at all the suns on everything~ Nightmare rolled her eyes.

“After what happened in the Castle of the two sisters. Diamond Dogs attacked snatching up any they could. The mining town on the mountain was a good place to move the refugees. High up and the gems in the mines make it hard for even diamond dogs to dig through.” Celestia sighed remembering the terror her ponies had as one by one they vanished into holes.

“Once the ones that made it was settled I ventured into the Diamond Dogs caves and freed the captives... then blew up the mines. Today the collapsed mine is known as Ghastly Gorge. There was fighting off and on for a few years after that.”

She sighed it was dark times after Nightmare Moon’s banishment. A time when greed, corruption, and manipulation were running rampant and she couldn’t stop the lies that were spread. “After the fighting, we stayed on the mountain and build the layers as we expanded.”

Celestia looked at Luna wondering how she going to explain Nightmare Night. Shadow Striker’s family never forgave Luna. Even now a thousand years later the lies and deceit caused by that family were strong. Not even hiding Luna’s name from history and the common population was enough. Every year ponies celebrate Nightmare Moon’s defeat and offer tribute to a lie spawned by hate. She sighed at least she was able to turn a night of fear into a night of childish mischief and games.

Sad memories were on all three of the Alicorn’s minds as they continued the travel to Canterlot Castle.

Once the chariot landed the three alicorns were greeted by the Royal assistants. “Welcome home Princess Celestia, Princess Luna... and oh my who is that?” Raven Quill, Princess Celestia’s assistant asked as she spotted the filly still floating in a bubble of golden magic.

At that, the two grown Princesses look at each other. Then Luna looked at the filly. She didn’t look anything like the silvery Shadow Striker. Still, there was no other possibility the filly must be his so a fitting name... “Her name is Nightshade.”

Nightmare lifted her head blinking thinking of the name. “Very well I approve. You may call me Nightshade” of course no one understood the baby babble from her mouth but all seem to smile and nod.

Celestia looks at a pair of twin Stallion. Both were white one has a golden mane and the other silver. “Neat, and Tidy. Seems we need to add a nursery. Best make a suite next to Princess Luna’s rooms into a nursery and chamber for a nanny. “It shall be done, your Majesty. We will get on it right away.” The two bow and headed out of the landing bay.

“Thou had rooms ready for me sister?” Luna still using the formal old Equish. Sure Celestia said she didn’t use it anymore but Luna was stuck in the habit as well as wanted to seem cultured. The filly rolled her eyes even she didn’t use the Old Equish when she appeared as Nightmare Moon.

“Of course sister. I had faith in the Elements and my student Twilight Sparkle. Faith that proved to be correct.”

Nightshade rolled her eyes sure that Celestia did nothing but take a chance. ~Getting others to do the dirty work still I see.~

“I shall search for a nanny for the little Princess right away.” Raven Quill stated as the four walked down the hall when a voice rang out.

“AUNTIE!” Celestia sighed and rolled her eyes as she turned to see Prince Blueblood heading their way. “Is it true? There yet another alicorn princess?”

“Yes Blueblood. This is my sister and your other aunt Princess Luna, as well as her daughter Princess Nightshade.”

Blueblood looked at Luna and Nightshade then bows. “The pleasure is mine, at least you are truly a noble Princesses.”

“Blueblood we spoke about this before. Princess Cadence is royal and you will respect that.”

“Of course auntie, but she was raised as a peasant in a lowly Earth pony town.”

~Oh he is the first to suffer! He no better than those pathetic noble ponies from a thousand years ago.~ The anger of a thousand years flashed in Nightshade’s eyes and then her horn lights up with purple sparks and fizzles out.

“Who is this Princess Cadence, and who is this stallion sister?”

“Luna this is Prince Blueblood. The last descendant of Princess Platinum. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza or Cadence as she likes to be called is a special case. I adopted her as my niece after she became an Alicorn on her own.” Celestia gave Luna a look that speaks that there is much more to it.

Luna nods catching that look and to Blueblood. “We shalt receiveth to knoweth thee better later on. Th're is much we both wilt doth. ” With that Luna passed Prince Blueblood and Nightshade sticks her tongue out at the snob. “Pthhh”

“Well, I never...” Blueblood snorts and heads down the hall.

Author's Note:

Like always I have learning disabilities. Dyslexia and Aspergers Syndrome makes spotting grammar and spelling errors difficult for me. If you see anything please send a Private Message or corrections in the comments and I will be happy to fix it.
A bit about the rewrite here. Not much I wanted to change a few edits to a line here or there to make it clear Luna stuck speaking in the old cultured style. Really I have no idea what the original writers were thinking when they did that. Worst is that Starswirl and the other pillars don't have that problem. It's just something that Luna seemed to do in one episode. So I making it part of the situation one of the symptoms.