• Published 1st Jan 2019
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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Three (Rewrote)

Once they were farther along Luna looked at Celestia. “Sister whither art we going?” Looking about at the confusing halls. It seems the place was made to confuse those who trespassed. “Is 't me 'r art these halls longer then they shouldst beest?”

“Given that Nightshade already peed on me once we are heading to the daycare center here in the castle for the staff. Best to get diapers on her before she has another accident.”

That very same filly snorted ~I didn’t have an accident I peed on you on purpose.~ Still, Nightshade was watching with curiosity indeed the halls seemed odd.

“You are correct your highness. The castle has a number of enchantments on it. Ranging from structural to spatial distortion, the inside is larger than the outside.” Raven Quill stated as she looked at a clipboard held in her magic.

“Raven once Luna is settled in I fully intend her to take up her duties as my fellow ruling Princess.” Celestia smiled as she nuzzled Luna. “We were raised to rule together, I fully intend to do so again.”

~Oh sure, that way you can let Luna handle all the boring stuff while you entertain diplomats, nobles, and hosts those awful Galas.~ Nightshade mentally chives Celestia as Luna seems to be stunned.

“After all... After what hath happened, sister? thee still trust me?”

“Always Luna. Even back then.” Celestia guided the others into a large room. The sound of playing foals could be heard as well as a few adult caretakers trying to bring the children into some order.

“IT’S PRINCESS CELESTIA!” a filly about five years old screamed and came over. “You going to tell us a story Princess? PLEASE!” Weapon-grade cute foal blue eyes widen from the little peach colored unicorn.

“I’m sorry Peach Blossom. There is no time for me to read anyone a story today.”

“Awwww but I said please.” The filly pouted as one of the caretakers came over “Maybe you shouldn’t have screamed, Peach Blossom. You know yelling like that is rude.”

“Sorry Ms. Breeze,” she said as her front hoof shifted. The caretaker was a mint green Pegasus, shooed Peach Blossom back to the herd of foals. Many also with the pouting look hearing that they won’t be getting a Princess story today.

“I’m sorry Princess you know how the foals enjoy your visits.” Ms. Breeze looks to Luna “I’m Gentle Breeze head caretaker here at the daycare center. I’m glad you are free of that horrible Nightmare.” Then she makes a bow showing respect to the Princess of the Night.

~OH so is that how Celestia framing it.~ Nightshade gives Celestia the stink eye as she squirms trying to ignore the slight rumble from her belly.

“I thank thee, Ms. Breeze. The ordeal is ov'r we can wend on with our liveth.” Luna responded giving Celestia her own look. “There is much I needeth to catcheth up on. What is this daycare?”

“Oh, my fellow caretakers and I watch the foals of the castle staff.” Then Gentle spots Nightshade “I see now why you are here. Who is this little cutie.” Gentle Breeze moves to get a better look at Nightshade.
~I’m not cute. I’m the embodiment of the night.~ She squirms in Celestia’s magic. Then instincts kick in and she starts fussing. “WHaaa...gaaa”

Raven, Celestia, and Luna look at Nightshade as Gentle Breeze lifts up her wings. “I have been around enough foals to know the sound of a fuzzy baby. Let me take her off your hooves, Celestia.” Using her wings to guide the foal into her hooves she nuzzled Nightshade.

~Get off me you peasant. I demand respect.~ her hooves try to push Gentle Breeze away.

“Seems this little princess is in the stranger anxiety stage.”

“That filly’s name is Nightshade. She’s mine own daughter.” Princess Luna said with a slight hesitation.

“Sounds like there a story there. But it’s not my business.” Looking at a baby blue colored unicorn. “Azure Moon, please fetch me a bottle for this little one.”

“Of course Gentle.” Azure went into a kitchen area to prepare a bottle. During that time Gentle took Nightshade to a changing table.”

“Unhoof me!” Nightshade screamed baby talk waving her hooves as Gentle Breeze cleaned and put on a diaper on the former Nightmare Moon.

“I take it we are going to have a royal member in our daycare regularly Princess?” Gentle Breeze said looking at Luna, as she picked up the now cleaned and pouting Nightshade.

Celestia looked at Luna “It’s your choice Luna, you could have a private nanny watching her.”

“I... don’t knoweth what is the better option. I recall our own governess Morning Light. ”

Azure Moon comes over and passes a bottle to Gentle Breeze “I don’t wish to be rude but... do you need to speak in that old fashion style? It could confuse the baby as she develops.”

Nightshade gives the bottle a distasteful look at the nipple come closer to her mouth. Once more she tries to push this offensive Pegasus away with no luck.

“T how I wast hath raised to talk. The speech of nobility and culture.” Luna said looking thoughtful ~Like the nobles were all that wise and kind.~ Nightshade thought as she licked her lips where some of the baby formulae touched.

“I did say it was out of style sister. Perhaps you should listen.” Celestia smiled as she waved a wing at a shy colt.

A sucking sound was soon heard as all three older ponies looked down to Nightshade suckling on the bottle eyes closed in content.

“I shalt bethink about t. Seemeth thee doth knoweth what thou art doing with foals, I shall leaveth her in thy valorous hooves as mine own sister continues our tour of the castle. Thither is much we needeth to speaketh about without mine own daughter being in the way. ”

“It will be our pleasure to take care of her, your Majesty.” Gentle Breeze bows again as the two royal sisters and Raven Quill left the daycare center. Gentle rocked Nightshade as she fed.

“Let us introduce you to the others shall we Princess?”

~Yes Introduce me to my future followers~ Nightshade mentally said as she waved a hoof.

Luna waited till they were out of earshot of the daycare center. “What wast yond about me being did free from the nightmare? what stories has't thee toldeth Celestia?”

A flash of guilt washed over Celestia hearing her sister. “It was needed sister. Shadow Striker’s family and Mystic Glow’s family didn’t stop after you were banished. The twisting of facts and all-out lies.” She sighs lowering her head her ears downcast in shame “I was too busy with the Diamond Dogs to keep it under control. They had ponies believe you were always Nightmare Moon. That only I kept you from being an all-out tyrant.” A flash of anger and her hoof slammed into the stone floor as flames danced up her leg before she got control again.

“They had ponies celebrating your banishment like some victory over great evil. When I found out I stripped both families of their noble status and banished them. It still wasn’t enough, a few years later I heard of the celebration became a yearly event. A twisted holiday during the darkest night of the year where if they don’t offer tribute to Nightmare Moon they risk having you return and consume their souls.”

The shock was on Luna’s face her wings fanned out. Not just by what Celestia said but from her flash of anger. Her sister was always the calmest to see this side of Celestia was unnerving. “They hath said I consumed the souls of those yond displeas'd me?”

“The Holiday is called Nightmare Night when the spirit of darkness is at it’s strongest. Worst they got ponies thinking they had to hide the foals or you will take them. In time I was able to make it a fun holiday, to remove the dark lies. But the holiday still strong, many see it now as a time of fun and mischief playing games and costume parties.”

“I also got the ponies to forget who Nightmare Moon really was. I lie to fight the lies, the nightmare took you from us trapping you in its power. The only record of the true story is in a book of forgotten legends... I happen to let Twilight Sparkle borrow.”

Luna sighed “Are they still 'round? The descendants yond is?”

“The bloodline of Storm Shadow had died out. Mystic Glow’s still around I believe the last descendant is named Cozy Glow.”

“They couldn’t stand ho. even after I was banish.” Tears were freely flowing down her cheeks.

“Enough of that for now. Let’s show you your rooms and talk about what we going to do about Nightshade. First thing is I do want a blood test done to see if indeed she is your foal. Sadly there no way to find out if Shadow Striker did indeed father her.”

Author's Note:

Glory to the internet. I found this translator program to change modern English to Shakespearean English. I'm still going to have Luna drop the old style soon.

I'm looking for ideas for mischief a baby Nightmare can get into. Does anyone have an idea what trouble she can cause?

Like always I have dyslexia, Aspergers and a few other problems that make writing hard for me. I know I have grammar and spelling errors and I will be happy to fix them if you point them out to me.

Another chapter I didn't want to change much. Just a few lines here and there.