• Published 1st Jan 2019
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Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare - ShadowStar_IMHP

Who is Nightmare Moon without Luna? Without the drive to bring eternal night, her jealousy at her sister? Without Luna's influence could there be a chance for the Nightmare to be redeemed? In this Universe Equestria about to find out the answers.

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Chapter Eleven

“As much as I would like help with this Noble Peppermint Heart. This would be something I will have to do on my own.” There were two ways to get into a sleeper’s dream. Going into the dream realm and seek the pony mental aspect was her preferred method. The problem was a mind as young as Nightshade’s is too underdeveloped to be easily found in the dream realm.

So a more direct method would be needed. Luna laid down and a strand of magic flowed out of her horn and to Nightshade’s horn.

What Luna saw was shocking. The mind she came to was not that of a two-month-old. It was the mind of someone far older. “No... Nightmare” her heart raced was the Nightmare taking over her daughter’s body? Nearly the same time the thought crossed her mind her awareness of the mind shifted. Instead of the dark complex mind of before, it was now far younger, then shifts again to the older configuration.

Space and Time didn’t have any real meaning in the realm of the mind. But the will control this nightmare was strong and she had to run the world around her was a fog of dark shadows. “NIGHTMARE THOU WILL NOT TAKE MY FOAL!”

Nightshade looked about her as the mists flowed and twisted about her. “LIER!” “MURDERER” “BETRAYER” “FAKER” The voices came from the shadows as she turned to face each voice she blasts a bolt of magic at the shadows.

“Come out and face me, cowards!” Nightshade was in an adult body her form was the spitting image of Nightmare Moon. The only differences were her mane and tail was a normal dark purple, her body was the Royal purple of her foal body, her eyes normal as well as her teeth. She was Nightshade now no longer Nightmare Moon not even in mind.

“Coward? Brave words from someone who pretends to be a foal.” The shadowy fog shifts and a form walks out. The body so dark blue it could be considered black, teal eyes slit like a cat’s. Nightmare Moon stood before Nightshade. “Oh little baby, do you need your diaper changed?”

“SILENCE!” A blast of magic strikes Nightmare Moon in the chest only for the image to vanish into the mist.

Another Nightmare Moon steps out of the mist. “Who are you? You can’t call yourself Luna, you don’t even have a cutie mark. Clearly, you aren’t me. I’m not that Foalish!”

Once more Nightshade blasts the image before her having it vanish in a puff of mist. “I said Silence!”

“You can’t even remember your mother’s name, nothing about your past. What did Discord say? Oh yes, bad memories that been given form. You are just trash, rubbish tossed away. Nothing.”

“NO... No...” her form shifted wavering and shift. Instead of the full-grown mare, she was now standing in the shadows in the body of a foal. Not the 2-month-old, a body more like a 5-year-old filly. Still a child’s body. She cowards down trying to make herself smaller as fear takes over her mind. “I’m me... I’m not rubbish...”

This time five Nightmare Moons came from the shadows each one laughing as they approach the shaking foal. “Oh, the little baby needs a nap.” “Not even worth it, she should be thrown away like the trash she is.”

The Nightmare Moons murage into one and lifts a hoof. “The Moon abandoned you, Princess. A bug to be Squashed.” The hoof comes down right over Nightshade.

An ear perching scream of a filly was cut short as a blast of blue magic blasts the image of Nightmare Moon into the mist. “LEAVE MY FOAL ALONE NIGHTMARE MOON!”

Luna rushes forward and stands over the still frightened Nightshade. The wicked laughter of Nightmare Moon echos from the mist. Instead of another image, two large cat slit teal eyes open in the darkness. Each the size of a full-grown pony.

“Oh, how funny. Look Nightfake, Luna came to rescue you. Tell me Princess who do you think you are saving from me?”

“She’s my foal Nightmare Moon. Leave her out of this!”

“You don’t get it, Luna. I am your foal. You weren’t pregnant! This is My MIND! MY BODY! I AM NIGHTMARE MOON REBORN!”

The eyes closed and a new version of Nightmare Moon walks out of the mist this one Dark Purple mimicking her younger body coloration.

“no...” Luna blinked and glances down to the filly at her hooves. Nightshade looks away a look of shame on her face. Then the foal huffs and stands up and sends a blast of her own magic at the dream image before the two.

The image vanishes and Nightshade walks away from Luna her dream body shifting aging back into the adult form. “The nightmare speaks the truth, Luna. I’m not Shadow Striker's daughter.” She turns and looks at Luna. “But... I don’t know who I am.”

Luna shook her head “How... I don’t understand.”

“The elements of Harmony aren’t weapons Luna. You know this you used them on Discord. What happened to you, to us. It broke your mind, two minds one body. I’m... I guess I’m the shattered shards...” Her form shifts again to the foal as voices in the mist spoke up.

“Trash, rubbish, bad memories.”

The misty fog disappears and Luna finds herself at the bottom of some steps. There was just one door. A door she remembers well the door hidden under Sombra’s throne.

“This is the farthest memory I can remember clearly. Nothing before it...” The voice was of the adult Nightshade and it came from nowhere and everywhere. Even though the foal form sat there crying.

Another Luna came down the steps followed by Shadow Striker. “No... Not this.” Luna knew the memory well.

The Dream Luna walked boldly to the doorway. “Sombra's tricks shall not make an idiot of me. Cometh Shadow Striker let’s end this and findeth the crystal heart. ” The two dream ponies walk into the doorway.

A shift and Luna watched herself swinging the sword fighting off shadowy forms. “Ha! Is this the all thou hast! have at thee!” There was no trace of Shadow Striker, but the real Luna knew what was coming.

“No... please not again.” came the voice of Nightshade older body. Luna noticed that Nightshade’s body continues shifting between the foal and the adult form. The pattern matched the shifting she felt in the dream.

A shadow moved closer to the dream Luna and she spun around thrusting her blue-tinted blade at the shadow. Only to have it fade reveling Shadow Striker gasping, the blade in his chest. She catches the falling stallion and as the life in his eyes fade she screams. The memory, dream shattered like a mirror into a thousand shards.

“My... your... Our mind broke then. But it wasn’t all...”

Luna looked at Nightshade “The nobles...”

“yes, and her.” Nightshade points with her hoof to a graveyard. Another Dream Luna was standing there crying.

“You hath killed him!” Mystic Glow form appeared.

“Thou hath killed him because he was going to marry me. Because of thee, my own foal shall beest fatherless!”

“Foal?” Luna blinks taking a step back. Both Lunas spoke the same word at the same time. The Dream faded away leaving the real Luna with an adult Nightshade.

“He lied to us... or I think so. The time before that door is fuzzy like trying to remember dreams. I knew we loved him, just not why. The fact is she was with foal, he was the father, so he lied to us.” Nightshade looked to Luna her color turning black her eyes became like a cat’s. “We Became Nightmare Moon that night. He didn’t love us, none of them did.”

By reflex, Luna took a step back. The dream version of Nightmare Moon was speaking the truth. Nightshade her foal was indeed Nightmare Moon. Thought as she looked pain and sadness came to the Nightmare’s face and the darkness left. Leaving just the normal looking royal purple Nightshade. “I don’t feel the moon’s presence anymore, the night betrayed me as well. Everypony betrays me... even you.” Once more Nightshade was the filly curled up in a ball at Luna’s hooves.

Luna looked to the shadowy mist then down again “She lied. Mystic Glow wasn’t pregnant with Shadow Striker’s foal. Celestia keeps watched over Mystic Glow her foal was not claimed by the Shadow Family. Storm Shadow never fathered another colt, the bloodline of Shadow died out. Mystic Glow’s foal was a colt the family still exists. Mystic Glow was lying about Storm Shadow fathering her foal.”

Nightshade looked up. “She lied? Figures even the reason our mind split was fake.”

Luna laid down beside the filly and covered her with a wing. “Thou might not be the daughter of Shadow Striker, but you are of my blood. As well as my mind perhaps in another reality the Elements put us back together. In this one, the elements gave me a daughter.”

Nightshade rubs the tears from her eyes and looks up at Luna’s face. “How can you say that. I’m a monster, I wanted to hurt ponies and make it night eternal.”

“Because I know why you wanted that. To make us happy, the ponies shunned us so you wanted to punish them. They didn’t enjoy the night, so you wanted to make them enjoy it. Things are different now.”

Luna focuses her mind and the memory of the club came into focus around them. “Ponies stay up at night nowadays. There even Ponies that live during the night.” She motions to the dream Mixer as he shows off his bartending skills. “Besides that, you were banished to the Moon with me. We served our time now it’s time to forgive the past and make new memories.”

Nightshade looked about then to Luna. The voices in the mist were faint but still there “She betrays you, they always betray you. Lies. Trash. You are a nopony.”

“Okay... We try this... mother and daughter thing. But no fru fru dresses!”

The dream around them fades as both princesses wake up in the real world.

“Is everything alright Princess?” Peppermint Heart watched as Luna stood back up.

“She should be fine now. I have the feeling things will get better.” Luna smiles as she looked at the two-month-old filly. The smile dropped as a diaper landed right on her muzzle the laughter of a little filly echo off the walls.

Author's Note:

Here it is the revel. Luna now knows that Nightshade was Nightmare Moon.

The way it happened in this universe is that Nightmare Moon was a split Personality of Luna. Nightshade personality will stabilize to the younger mind. I will be posting one more chapter a few epilogs but the dismantling of Nightmare Moon and forming of Nightshade is done.

Like always there are mistakes. Seek and destroy!