• Published 4th Aug 2012
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Rainbow Dash's Let's Plays - Stormin Away

Because Youtube can never match the quality of a pegasus's Let's Plays

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EPISODE 1: Slender

There was a small bit of static, then a lavender hoof filled up the screen,

"Okay, now it should be on" a voice commonly recognized as Twilight Sparkle spoke as what appeared to be a room filled with bookshelves appeared on the screen. Two mares, a cyan one appeared on the left, a lavender one on the left, "Alright Rainbow, think you can set yourself up?" Twilight asked to the pegasus,

"Yup!" Rainbow Dash replied happily,

"Alright, if you ever need me just yell" Twilight responded then exited the room, closing the door behind her. Rainbow just hopped into an office chair sitting in front of one of Twilight's workdesk. From there, she reached over to the camera and started poitioning it to face her at an angle. Once the camera was in place, Rainbow's face was fully visible, but a computer monitor filled a small fraction of the left side of the screen,

"Okay, everything's in place..." Rainbow said to herself as she scooted up to the desk, "and now... SLENDER" Rainbow added with a dramatic tone. moving the mouse a little, soft clicking noises were heard, and the light from the monitor darkened dramatically, "Okay... light's OFF" Rainbow stated as she flipped off the only lamp behind the camera. The brightness of the screen dimly illuminated her face,

"Well so much for a title screen" Rainbow said to herself as she clicked "Start game" on the screen. Soon, grass footsteps projected from the speakers, and the light again illuminated Rainbow's face, "Collect all 8 pages..." Rainbow read from the screen as she moved the character to her left, hoping to find one of these pages, "So, you're in the Everfree Forest looking for pieces of paper? Totally makes sense" Rainbow questioned as she came upon a strange looking tree, "Yup... this is definately the everfree forest" Rainbow said to herself as she walked slowly around it, "Of course, every game known to ponykind has to make you walk slow as... Oh hey, a page!" Rainbow stated to herself as she got around the tree, catching a glimpse of a piece of paper.

Once she picked it up, a frightening gust of wind sounded, but Rainbow continued on her way. After a little more walking, she noticed a broken blue truck sitting in front of a fairly detailed shed. On the side lay another page, so Rainbow grabbed this page in silence, and continued on her way with a slightly scared look on her dimly lit face. Rainbow's character soon came up to a fork in the road,

"I swear if anything scary happens when I go down one of these roads..." Rainbow said to herself as she headed down the right path. About halfway down, Rainbow turned around out of paranoia, to see a human looking figure with no face, a business suit, and skinny limbs a good distance behind her, "*Deep Gasp* OHMYGOSHWHATTHE..." Rainbow screamed out of startlement as a loud banging noise came on upon seeing this. Rainbow was now a good 10 feet away from her desk, carrying a startled look, she slowly wheeled herself back up to the desk, while the ingame camera was pointed up into the sky, "WHA... WHAT THE HAY WAS THAT!?" Rainbow Dash said to herself out of fright. She soon moved the camera back toward the direction she was supposed to be going, then continued on through the forest. She almost immediately came upon a brick building, soon coming around towards the entrance, "I'd rather not" Rainbow said to herself in a slightly shaky voiceas she stopped and stared towards the entrance into the building.

After a little more walking in Rainbow's original direction, she came upon a bunch of oil tanks, one of these having a note on the end,

"Oh thank Celestia, another note" Rainbow said out of relief to herself as a louder whisp of fog came about when she grabbed it. She froze as she stared back towards the building, "I don't have a choice do I..." Rainbow said as her voice grew shaky again. Once she entered, she almost immediately came upon a suspicous looking chair. However, she ignored this and continued to search the building. At the end of a long room lie the next note. Out of relief, Rainbow tried to walk as fast as possible toward this note, until a loud blip of static occured as she walked, startling her immensely. Now breathing heavy, Rainbow grabbed the 4th note and immediately getting out of the house. Turning left, she caught a glimpse of the strange figure again, making the screen go a little more fuzzy, and making Rainbow almost bawl, "P-P-P-PLEASE I WONT STARE AT YOU, JUST GO AWAY!" Rainbow screamed aloud to the empty room as she became soaked in sweat and shaking like a filly. Blindly heading left, Rainbow could hear creepy whisps of wind as she moved along. Her eyes darting around the pitch black room, Rainbow wanted to scream for Twilight so badly, but her gut made her trudge on. Growing disoriented from fear, Rainbow blindly headed right, the noises growing louder, and growing even more frightened. Coming upon a brick structure, Rainbow quickly jerked her camera behind her, and right in front of her face was the figure, taking up the whole monitor, making the screen go all static. Out of sheer fright, Rainbow's wings skyrocketed her out of the chair, bashing her head on the ceiling, and throwing her diagonally into the bookshelves at the back of the room. Lieing on the ground, she could see the monitor as if it was in front of her face, and pasted on it was a shrill static noise that occasionally flashed a very creepy picture of what looked like a really realistic faceless figure with a business suit on. From this, Rainbow Dash, for the first time in her life, ear-piercingly screamed at the top of her lungs. The room fell pitch black again as Rainbow's head fell on the ground, hypervenilating, tired from the loud scream she had just produced. Suddenly, a beaming light filled the room,

"RAINBOW!" A worried Twilight Sparkle screamed into the dark room. Rainbow regained conciousness and stared at the sillouhette of a unicorn who stood in the light, soon dashing over to flip on the lamp, "Rainbow? Are you okay?" Twilight urgently asked to the cyan pegasus, who lay on the ground with books all over her back, and wincing at the light the lamp was producing,

"Don't ever make me play that game again!" Rainbow yelled out of fright as Twilight helped Rainbow on her hooves and out the door,

"What did I tell ya? Everyone I know who played it got scared the same you did, Dash" Twilight replied normally,

"Now, I need to go for a flight just to get that THING out of my head! So good-bye!" Rainbow Dash angrily said as she left the library.