• Published 4th Aug 2012
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Rainbow Dash's Let's Plays - Stormin Away

Because Youtube can never match the quality of a pegasus's Let's Plays

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EPISODE 2: Minecraft Parkour

The camera was where Rainbow Dash had left it since the previous day, when she played Slender on Twilight's computer. As she had walked into the room with her lavender unicorn friend at her side, Twilight spoke up,

"Now Rainbow, I chose a game a lot less scary then the last one, considering you almost knocked yourself unconcious and almost tore your vocal chords" Twilight spoke as Rainbow got herself comfortable in the office chair in front of a desk,

"Ugh, tell me about it" Rainbow replied a little angry, then Twilight came by he shoulder,

"Just go to the Minecraft icon and click "Log on" and then fin 'tetrix's 3rd..." Twilight spoke as Rainbow butted in with constantly repeating,

"I know, I know, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW" Rainbow butted in as doing Twilight's said tasks. Once she had gotten to the Minecraft world list, on the second row lie a world titled "Tetrix's 3rd Obstacle Course". Once she got the world loading she noticed Twilight still standing right next to her, "Shoo! This is my video!" Rainbow said quietly to the lavender unicorn. Twilight obediently started heading out of the small room,

"Alright, just yell if you need me" Twilight stated as she left the room and closed the door behind her. A cyan hoof reached over and pushed "record" on the camera. A small beep was heard from the camera and it began filming,

"Okay then... this is a large map- Oooh! Extreme stages... go... left" Rainbow read from a sign and proceeded to head left out of the entrance area. After a small bit of walking, she came upon what looked like a giant block of diamond, "Wow, Rarity would love this, except she'd hate it after 'Sitting in the diiiirt' for so long" Rainbow imitaded as she followed the signs in into this giant block. Opening the first door, Rainbow was met with some simple looking sprint jump stair jumps. She quickly began sprint jumping onto the first one, but fell flat at the second, "Heh heh, I was just warming up" Rainbow Dash said to the camera while cracking a fake smile.

Rainbow started sprint jumping over the stairs and to the other side of the room, then turned around and started jumping again,

"Yeah, this is what I'm talking-" Rainbow said to herself competitively, but fell down to the ground at the last step, "...about" Rainbow concluded in dissapointment, but quickly got back up to the same spot, and fell flat the same exact way. Rainbow sighed in agony and did the same jumps to get back up. However, she fell the exact same way she had done for the past few times. Getting back to the jump for the fifth time now,Rainbow started to breathe heavy, mentally preparing to make the jump. Finally, after about a minute of calming down, Rainbow sprinted and mashed the space bar, only to fall flat yet again. Rainbow facedesked and sighed in agony, "Who would ever in their right state of mind WOULD MAKE SOMETHING THAT I CANT BE 20% BETTER THAN EVERYPONY ON!" Rainbow screamed into the desk. After making another agony sigh, she picked her head up and proceeded the same course for the 10th time now. Un-noticably, Rainbow finally made the jump she had been struggling so much on, but blindly continued to sprint jump. At the end, she was met with an accross-the-room jump that presumably led to the exit. Rainbow looked toward the open area, took a few deep breaths, double tapped the forward arrow key, mashed the space bar, and landed in the water below, making her gain a little sanity back,

"YYYYYYYEESS!!" Rainbow screamed as she hoof pumped for a second, then jumped back onto solid ground. Opening an iron checkpoint door, Rainbow looked to her left and was met with an obstacle course that looked like it would take years to complete, "This is totally not-gonna-be-the-hardest-thing-of-all-time" Rainbow sarcastically said to herself as she hopped onto the first platform, then into a small cut out just barely tall enough to fit the character. Before her was a jump that was supposed to lead her onto a second cut out, "Seemingly imossible jumps... I see" Rainbow stated as she proceeded to take this "jump" only to miss the ladders that were supposed to help her up. She facedesked again and grunted in frustration. Eventually she tried this once again, and was successful in making up the ladder and into the second slot. Around the corner lie a ladder that had to be jumped onto to advance forward. Rainbow very rapidly atempted to sprint jump around the corner, but overshot it like crazy, "B-but I was turning toward the ladder!" Rainbow screamed to herself, facehooved, then continued on. Rainow Dash had been back at the backwards jump into the second slot. She had carefully turned around, started sprinting, but her spacebar didn't responded to the mash, "WHAT!? I... PRESSED... SPACE!!" Rainbow screamed in rage while repeatably mashing the space bar. FInally finishing her rage fest, she continued back up the jumps and to the backwards letter jump. Jumping yet again, she overshot it and ran out the other side, "YOU-YOUR KIDDING RIGHT!?" Rainbow screamed again as she started jumping through the course yet again.

The raging ent on as Rainbow either overshot the jump, the space bar didn't respond to her mashing, or she would fail a previous jump. WIth every time she fell, the more crazy she grew,

"HOW... COULD... SOMETHING BE THIS BUCKING HARD!?" Rainbow sceamed after failing yet again, doing the same exact jumping course, but now failing to make it into the first slot. After some hyperventilation, Rainbow started bashing her head on the table repeatably, "I MADE THAT JUMP LIKE 500 TIMES BEFORE!!" Rainbow screamed during her fit of rage. The seemingly endless stream of agony carried on for hours until Twilight peered into the room,

"Rainbow, its 6 o' clock now, shouldn't you be-" Twilight tried to say to the insane pegasus,

"I DONT CARE!! I NEED TO BEAT THIS DAMN LEVEL!!" Rainbow screamed back. Twilight just very slowly exited the room, shutting the door behind her, "SEE!? YOU BUCKED ME UP NOW!!" Rainbow's screaming carried through the door.

All through the night Rainbow stayed in the room, driving herself well past insanity, even throwing the keyboard against the wall a few times. Finally, after a restlless night for both Twilight and Rainbow Dash, the cyan pegasus stormed out of the room,

"*Pant* *Pant* I... QUIT!!" Rainbow screamed to the lavender unicorn's face, then very shakily stormed out of Twilight's treehouse. As Rainbow agonizingly walked, Twilight could see bald spots in her Rainbow Mane where Rainbow had been tearing at for about 10 hours now. Once the front door slammed shut, Twilight peered into the room Rainbow had been raging in. Before her lie a cracked computer monitor with a keyboard sticking out of it. The mouse was right next to the door, having its cable snapped in half. All around the desk were Rainbow colored clumps of hair that looked torn out by hoof. A reasonably-sized dent sat in the desk from Rainbow's head bashing,

"Ugh, this is gonna be a while..." Twilight said to herself, then exited the room.

**A/N: Yeah yeah yeah, I know you were expecting something like SCP or Amnesia, but there's more awesome games out there that aren't intended to make you shit yourself. I'll get to those soon, but in the meantime, enjoy**

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Maybe Rainbow Dash plays Legend of Zelda could be next? :rainbowkiss:
I really like where this is going anyways. ^ u ^

trolololol I'm beast at minecraft so I doubt I would miss even ONCE

1040657 It's the end of the world, and all you care about is if I've got a cow on my head! :flutterrage:

Michael Jones would be proud.

1040690 End of the world?! 38D

"The raging ent on as Rainbow either overshot the jump" Just pointing that out.

1040731 As we know it.

1040914 Hm, well I feel fine...



I'm actually gonna play it right now just to see what Rainbow would be getting into

Have her play Killing Floor, death by crawler = HOW DA FUCK DID I DIE FROM THE WEAKEST ENEMY!!!



Silent Hill: Downpour would be funny.

So many people are talking about amnesia... I might just try it...

Make her play TF2

is this actually complete or is it just laziness for changing the story status?:rainbowhuh:

1047919 No Portal 2! see how angry she gets!

Maybe Cry of Fear? Scratches? Ao Oni? The House? Impossible Game? Happy Wheels? Super Meat Boy? All of those would be very fucking awesome!

Rainbow Dash lets plays...Sonic 06 :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, Ranbow Dash plays Quantum Conundrum?
Rainbow Dash plays SWAT 4
Rainbow Dash plays "Total War: Shogun 2"

Oh! Oh! I know! Rainbow Dash plays "Syabon Action"
Or, Rainbow Dash plays "I Wanna Be The Guy"

I have never played Exmortis, but I heard it was scary as shit.

I am a boss at parkor In minecraft i could get those levels done in like 5 tries, tops, cuz what do I do in my free time (other than FiM fiction and u tube), MINECRAFT mostly tekkit tho!:twilightsheepish:

Rainbow dash plays tf2?
Rainbow dash plays SKYRIM. :pinkiehappy: Do it sir!! DO IT!!! :flutterrage:

creative mode, fly. Problem?

I'd like to see an old classic, could you do System Shock 2?

1041623 Rainbow Dash Plays: Dead Space

But it would be cool to see Rainbow Dash pulling the old Pewdiepie on us lol :rainbowwild:
Something like this...

Have Dashie play FeralHeart/Impressive World/Aro'kai (since it's not finished, just pretend it is. you can make up stuff to fill in the gaps. maybe make it a basic demo)

Rainbow Dash plays Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?


Have Rainbow Dash read... Ah what was it called? Bongcheon-dong ghost ot something of that order?

Please do a chapter with LSD: Dream Simulator or Mario 3.

Rainbow Road. Please don't deny us this.

make her play Don't Starve

How about you make her play Outlast?

Rainbow Dash plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3
:rainbowdetermined2:: ok, I got this, just gonna go out and look around the place. It'll be a piece o- AUUGH!!!!
The Next Morning
:twilightoops:: Rainbow, are you ok?
:rainbowderp:: AHHH! They're in Equestria! Begin offensive manoeuvres, major fluffykins!
*a stuffed animal is launched out of a window and lands at :twilightoops:'s hooves*
:twilightoops:: What.

please have her play S.O.M.A

Is she only going to play horror games, or will you be doing other ones as well?

reminds me of the Minecraft Death run tf2 trading server

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