• Published 18th Nov 2018
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The Foreign Exchange Student - FlameBow717

A family takes in a foreign exchange student. But they didn't expect it to be a pony.

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Breakfast Introductions

Kristy heard the sound of the door to her room closing as she walked into the kitchen. She glanced over at her dad and little sister, who were already almost done eating, while her mom and brother had just barely started. She sat down at her spot at the table, next to her mom and brother, where a plate of pancakes and bacon was waiting for her. She had just started to take her first bite of the pancake when the purple pony landed in the doorway.

"You have enough time to unpack?" Lori asked Twilight, not looking away from the stove.

"Mostly, yes. The bed still needs to be cleared off though," Twilight said, walking over to the table and sitting in the seat at the end, next to Will and Jess.

"Well, that's good to hear," Michael said as he took another bite of his breakfast. He glanced over at Kristy, a frown on his face.

"What?" She asked, looking up from her phone.

"Kristy. I don't know how many times I have had to tell you. No phone while we are eating a meal," Michael scolded with a hand out to take the phone.

"But dad, I'm waiting to hear back from Drew about what classes he has this year and I-"

"Who's Drew?" Twilight asked.

"Kristy's boyfriend," Jess said.

"Not that either of you should care," Kristy said glaring at them.

"And I don't care about what Drew has to tell you right now. It can wait. We have a long-term guest, and we should get to know her, not text about who knows what," Michael said taking Kristy's phone and putting it in his pocket, getting a groan from his daughter.

Lori looked towards Twilight. "So, Twilight, care to tell us a little about yourself?"

Twilight put down her fork and swallowed a bite of pancake before responding. "Okay. Umm... I enjoy learning, reading, hanging out with friends and family, and science. I have a close relationship with my older brother Shining Armor and his wife Princess Cadence, as well as their daughter, Flurry Heart. I used to live in and run the library in Ponyville, and..." she stopped at the snickering coming from the Wallace family. "What?"

Lori was the first to regain her composure. "Sorry, sorry. But you live in Ponyville? That's the most on the nose name for a town I have ever heard,"

Twilight couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, I guess you have a point. Anyway, my library got destroyed shortly after my coronation and then I-"

"Wait, hold up. You're related to a princess and you had a coronation? Does that mean that you're..." Jess said looking at Twilight with her eyes wide.

"A princess? Yes, but I-" she stopped as the Wallaces all looked at her, looks of disbelief on their faces.

"Ar-are you serious?" Will said. "Princess, like as in castles and servants and crowns?"

"No, no servants. I can't expect ponies to do everything for me. As for crowns, I have one, but I almost never wear it and castles, well, it might be easier to show you. Can you excuse me for a second? I have some pictures to go get," Twilight said.

"Uh, yeah sure," Michael said in disbelief that he was sitting in the presence of royalty.

As Twilight went to get the pictures, the Wallaces talked amongst themselves about their houseguest for the coming months.

"Well, while she's certainly... different from our other foreign exchange students in the past, I think this will work out," Michael said, muttering, "princess" under his breath.

"Different? Try awesome!" Jess practically screamed into her father's ear. "I mean, pony princess, how much more awesome than that can you get?!"

"She seems very modest, considering she didn't tell us about the whole princess thing right off the bat. I like that. I'm good with this, what about you guys?" Lori said looking towards her husband and kids. Will and Jess nodded in agreement while Michael turned towards the one kid who hadn't said a word.

"Kristy? What do you think?" Michael asked his scowling daughter.

"I think you're all crazy! We are living with an alien. A freaking ALIEN! And you all just want to let it move in with us for the year!? What the hell!" Kristy shouted at her family, standing up from her chair.

"Kristy! Language!" Lori said to her daughter.

"But, you get to share a room with her! Isn't that cool?" Will said in Twilight's defense.

"No! It isn't cool! I find it degrading that I have to share a bunk bed with a freak-of-nature purple horse princess!"

"Kristy! She is our guest! How could you say something like that?" Lori said, raising her voice.

"Hey, what's with all the yelling?" Twilight asked as she flew into the room, a book in her hooves.

"Nothing. Kristy just doesn't like you," Jess said, glaring at her sister.

"I could figure that out from the fact that she didn't clean off the other bed or desk for me," Twilight said with a frown.

"Seriously Kristy! You couldn't have helped her with that?" Lori said, clearly starting to get angry with her daughter.

"I could've. I just didn't want to," Kristy said, getting glares from both her mother and Twilight.

"We will be talking about this later young lady. Sorry about that, Twilight. Now, what was it you had to go get?"

Twilight smiled as she set the book on the table. "It's my photo album. I put this together recently since I wanted to have photos of Equestria if I ever got homesick, as well as a way to show some of Equestria to you guys since I thought you would want to see what it looks like,"

Twilight started to flip through the book as the Wallace family crowded around, Kristy doing so only after her mother glared at her. There were pictures of her at her coronation, her castle, hanging out with her friends and family, and a wide shot of Ponyville that appeared to have been taken from the air. The Wallaces were in awe of the whole thing.

"Wow. They weren't kidding when they said that there was an alien civilization. Uh, no offense," Will said glancing at Twilight.

"None taken. We had a similar reaction, so, I get it" Twilight said, gently poking Will on the shoulder. "Anyway, there is something I need to talk about before we go any further."

"And what would that be?" Michael asked.

"I may be a princess, but I want to be treated like everypony else. That's why I don't introduce myself as Princess Twilight Sparkle or wear my crown. I have my insecurities and flaws, but these wings, this title, I wasn't born with them. I was given them by Celestia herself. It also took a lot of begging from my end to convince Princess Celestia to let me come here due to my responsibilities. Luckily she and Luna are taking care of it. So please don't ever put princess before my name, Twilight or Twi is fine," Twilight said with deep seriousness in her voice.

"Hey, that's understandable. Trying to keep extra attention off you, since you already get enough for just being from Equestria. Also, you did it again with putting, "pony" at the end of words." Lori said with a smile as she pulled Twilight in for a hug, which she gladly accepted.

"Sorry about that. And thank you. Now, with that out of the way, let's finish eating! Those are probably the best pancakes I've had in a long time!" Twilight said as she went for a bite of bacon. Michael's eyes suddenly went wide with the realization of what Twilight was about to do.

"No don't eat that-" he yelled as Twilight took a bite.

Twilight almost immediately gagged on the piece of pork, quickly running over to the trash can and spitting it out.

"What. Was. THAT!?" she yelled, looking at the Wallaces.

"That would be bacon," Michael responded.

"What's bacon?" Twilight asked in fear.

"Uh... so... bacon is a type of... um," Michael said, trying to find the best way to go about this.

"It's a type of pork. Otherwise known as pig," Kristy said, an evil smile spreading across her face.

Twilight's eyes shrunk down to the size of pinpricks. "P-p-pig!" she yelled, suddenly turning to the trash can, hurling at the thought that she had just eaten pig.

Lori ran over to the puking pony, placing a hand on her back. "Twi, I'm so sorry. It completely slipped my mind that Equestrians don't eat meat."

There was some laughter coming from behind the counter. Twilight stopped puking long enough to turn around and see Kristy laughing, getting glares from her family.

"Kristy! This isn't funny! She just did something that is considered taboo where she's from, and you stand there and laugh? That's it! Go to your room. NOW!" Michael said while pointing up the stairs.

"Whatever," Kristy said, muttering something under her breath as she went up the stairs.

"Is she gonna be alright?" Jess asked, motioning towards Twilight.

"I'm fine. I just can't believe you eat meat. Or that I just did. A warning would have been nice though, you know, BEFORE I took a bite of that innocent creature,"

"It won't happen again Twi. Promise," Lori said, holding the horrified mare in her arms. She then turned to her husband. "Michael, can you stay here with Jess and Will? I need to talk to Kristy and Twi about something,"

"Sure hon. Come on, guys, let's get breakfast cleaned up. Then we can finish talking to Twi about how things work here and how they differ from Equestria.

"Sure dad," Jess and Will said in unison as Lori and Twi went upstairs to deal with Kristy.

"Kristy sure is in for it," Jess said.

"I just hope your mom goes easy on her," Michael said, feeling both sorry for his daughter and angry with her at the same time.

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