• Published 18th Nov 2018
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The Foreign Exchange Student - FlameBow717

A family takes in a foreign exchange student. But they didn't expect it to be a pony.

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First Day (Part 1)

Twilight and Samantha made their way through the crowd of students and into the school, Twilight folding her ears down at how loud the music and chatter of the other students were.

“Don’t worry, it usually isn’t this loud. The music is just a first and last day thing,” Samantha shouted as they tried to dodge the other students and get to their lockers.

“That’s good, cause this is chaos!” Twilight shouted back.

They continued to walk through the crowd until they found a spot at the wall by a hallway, which was labeled, “English Hallway” on Twilight’s map and schedule. She glanced down the hallway to see a few students at lockers, most of them busy talking with friends or staring at their phones.

“Do you know what locker you have?” Samantha asked.

Twilight glanced at her schedule. “Locker D-237, wherever that is,”

“Okay, so, the letter tells you what hallway you’re in and then you find the locker with that number. Then the numbers below it on the schedule is the combination for the lock. That make sense?” Samantha said.

Twilight nodded. “Yeah. So, where is hallway D?”

“That would be the Science Hallway, which is upstairs,” Samantha said pointing down the hallway towards a staircase. “I’d help you find it, but my locker is in this hallway, and I need to get my stuff put away. I’ll see you in class, alright?”

“Yeah-wait, how do you know if we have the same class or not?” Twilight said, raising a brow at the blonde.

“I saw your schedule over your shoulder while you had it out.,” she said as she walked towards her locker, stopping abruptly to look at Twilight. “Ponies have shoulders, right?”

Twilight rolled her eyes and started down the hallway. “Yes, we have shoulders. I’ll see you later then.”

As Twilight left to find her locker, Samantha smiled at the thought of having classes with the Princess Twilight Sparkle.

“This is gonna be an interesting year,” she said as she opened her locker.

Twilight trotted down the hallway towards the stairs, glancing at the light blue walls and carpet that reminded her of a certain rainbow-maned pegasus from home. She smiled at the thought of her friends from Equestria and the thought of making new ones here.

”I wonder how they’re doing without me.” she thought as she flew up the stairs, causing a few students to have to duck in doing so.

“Watch it!” one of them said.

“Sorry,” she said to them as she landed. ”Okay, maybe flying in the hallways isn’t the best idea. Now, let’s see here, D-234, D-235, D-236, ah ha! Here we go. D-237. A little tall, but this can work.”

As the mare opened her locker and put her saddlebags away, the locker next to her flew open as a girl tried to cram her oversized backpack into it.

“I swear, these lockers get smaller every year,” she grumbled.

“Really? They look big enough to me,” Twilight said, watching the girl continue to attempt to shove the backpack into the locker.

“How in the hell do these pint-sized pieces of metal look big enough to-HOLY CRAP!” the girl said, finally turning to look at Twilight.


“You’re a pony!” she said dropping her backpack, the contents spilling out all over the floor.

“Yes. And?” Twilight said.

“What are you doing in a high school?” the girl asked, moving a lock of her short, brown hair out of her face.

“Learning. What else?” Twilight said.

“No seriously though. Why are you here?” the girl asked again.

“I was serious. I’m a student here,” Twilight said. The girl’s jaw dropped. Twilight facehoofed. “Is this the reaction everypo-one is going to have?”

“Probably. It’s not every day you see a purple unicorn with wings,” the girl said, snapping back to reality.

“Alicorn,” Twilight corrected.


“I’m an alicorn, a combination of the other three pony races.”

“Oh, sorry,” the girl said as she started picking up the contents of the dropped backpack.

“Hey, I didn't know what a car was until about a week ago, so I can understand not knowing what the different pony races are," Twilight said as she picked up the stuff on the ground with her magic, causing the girl to flinch.

"What the-"

"Levitation spell. One of the simplest spells that a unicorn can learn," Twilight said as she put the girl's stuff in the locker, organizing it as she did.

"Sure must be convenient, being able to move stuff at will. I mean seriously, if I could do that, I'd-"

"Hey! Lydia!" a voice shouted at them.

The two turned to see a boy who looked almost exactly like Lydia running down the hall towards them. Well, minus the glasses he had on. He stopped by Lydia, breathing heavily like he had run a marathon.

"You know, you could have waited for me. I wasn't going to take too long," he said.

"Luka, you ALWAYS take too long," Lydia said, Twilight watching the argument.

"Whatever. These ours?" he said, nodding toward the open lockers.

"Nah. The one is her's," Lydia said, jerking her head towards Twilight, who had gone back to putting the stuff in her saddlebags into her locker. Luka looked over at Twilight, his eyes widening.

"Am I crazy, or is there a small, purple equine standing there?" he said, cleaning his glasses and putting them back on.

Twilight sighed. "No, you're not crazy. I'm just another student trying to figure out where her classrooms are before the bell rings. Also, I have a name, and it's Twilight Sparkle, not, "small purple equine". Get it right," Twilight said. "Sorry, I'm getting tired of the reaction to what I am. It's really annoying."

"I'd imagine. Being from another world and all though, I think that you'll have to deal with that most of the week," Lydia said, before turning to Luka. "Also, good job brother, you're the first person I know who pissed off a talking pony."

"You guys are siblings?" Twilight asked.

"Twins, actually," Luka said.

"I'm the oldest," Lydia went on.

"Only by eleven minutes!" Luka retorted.

Before the argument could go any further, a beeping noise went through the halls, causing a mass frenzy of students going into classrooms.

"Crap, that's the warning bell. See you two later, but I think we all should get going. Twilight, do you know where your first class is?" Lydia asked, frantically grabbing her textbooks and binders.

Twilight pulled out her schedule. "Room 233; history. You wouldn't happen to know where that is, would you?"

"Better. I'm in the class, I need to go there anyway," Luka said, walking down the hallway. "It's down here."

"I'll see you two later then," Lydia said as she went the opposite direction.

"Here we are. Room 233," Luka said as he and Twilight approached a classroom with a sign on the closed door that said, "Mr. Smith; History 10".

"So, are we supposed to wait for him to open the door, or do we just go in?" Twilight asked.

Luka glanced at his phone. "Well, class doesn't start for another five minutes, so I think we just wait for him to-"

Before he could finish, the door opened to reveal a smiling young man with brown hair and a short beard who was about a head taller than Luka.

"Open the door?" he said raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, that," Luka said, deadpanning.

"Well, I beat you to it. Please, come in and find a seat. The bell is going to ring soon." he said stepping back into the classroom.

"Huh. No reaction to me being, well, me," Twilight said as she walked into the room behind Luka.

"The faculty was briefed on what and who you are, and what to expect, so most of the stuff you can do doesn't faze me," the man replied as he sat down at his desk and turned on the computer.

"Well, that's good to hear. I've been getting crazy reactions since I got here," Twilight said.

"That does not surprise me one bit," he said as Twilight finally got a good look at the classroom.

The room was packed with desks, all neatly lined up in rows and columns, while the teacher's desk was in the front of the classroom, in front of the projector screen. A giant Riverford High flag was hanging on the wall at the back of the room, the blue-green background matching the walls almost perfectly, making the badger head stand out. There was a shelf full of historical books near the door, and posters of different historical figures from human history lined the walls. Twilight didn't recognize most of them, as she had only read through the first three chapters of the thirty-chapter textbook.

As Twilight went over to an empty seat near the wall by the bookshelf, students started to flow into the classroom, most of them stopping when they saw Twilight, while a few pulling out their phone to get a picture of the mare as she sat down. Twilight just smiled as the students finally dispersed to their friend groups, most likely to talk about her.

"This the reaction you were expecting?" a familiar voice said as they approached the desk next to Twilight.

Samantha sat down and pulled out her textbook, smiling a Twilight. "Cause it's what I was expecting,"

"Tell me about it. You should have heard what he said." Twilight said, nodding the seat behind her, where Luka was.

"Oh give me break. That was a reasonable reaction," he retorted.

"Really? Saying, 'Am I crazy, or is there a small purple equine standing there' is a reasonable reaction?" Twilight replied, a small smirk spreading across her muzzle as Samantha tried to hold back her laughter.

"That's the funniest thing I've heard all day," she said.

"Funnier than asking if ponies have shoulders?" Twilight said as Luka's took his turn to try and hold back laughter as Samantha went red in the face.

It was at that moment that Kristy and another girl with her red hair tied back in a ponytail walked in, both glaring at Twilight and Samantha.

"Oh no. I completely forgot that Kristy was in this class!" Twilight said quietly to Luka and Samantha as her ears folded down.

"What's the problem with Kristy?" Luka asked.

"She hates me and I have no idea why!" Twilight said.

"Oh, you're fine. She seems to hate everyone," Luka said.

"She means that she hates Twilight more than the rest of us Luka," Samantha said as Kristy and her friend sat down on the other side of the room.

"Let's just hope she doesn't try anything," Twilight said, glancing over at the girl who had been nothing but rude to her since day one.

And then the bell rang.

Author's Note:

Sorry that this took so long. This is a hobby for me that I kind of forgot about for a while.:twilightsheepish: I plan to write more over the summer though, so expect more.

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