• Published 10th Oct 2018
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Team Rocket - Silver Butcher

Spike,Cheerilee, and Braeburn form a team and become minion's to Queen Chrysalis

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Team Rocket Blasting off.

Twilight looked at the mess and tried for the life of her to figure out how any of what was happening had happened. Spike, Cheerilee, and Braeburn were all floating in air balloons, they had been dropping heavy thing's over the side, but now the three of them were all angrily yelling at each other for stealing their idea.

"I was up here first!" Spike called over to the other two.

"No, I was up here first!" Braeburn yelled back.

"I was here 30 second's before you two even rose up!" Cheerilee interjected.

"I'm gonna destroy this town!" They all yelled as their ballons soft knocked against one another, they had done nothing but yell for almost a full hour.

"This looked like it was gonna be a problem. But now it's just sad" Rainbow shook her head "Honesty should we leave them?"

"We can't just let them stay up there," Applejack shot Back "I'm sure we can just talk them down,"

"Spike's pissed about being miss-treated, Braeburn is pissed about being kick out of Appolosa and not being welcome here with open arms" Twilight listed off, using the words the three had yelled at them when it had all started.

"Why'd he get kicked out?" Pinkie asked.

"He was trying to be an inventor, and ended up destroying over half the town," AJ said "And I said I wouldn't let him live with us unless he stopped and waited till he had to money to take classes,"

"And Cheerilee is pissed about being denied from my school multiple times," Twilight finished

"Why'd you deny her Twit?" Pinkie asked.

"She's the only teacher the town has, I told her she needs to stay where she is and do what she's good at, teaching ponies who aren't ready for my school."

"Why not expand your school?"

"I'm not dealing with little kids" Twilight shot back "That's her problem"

"We can hear you!" The Trio shouted down, the mane 6 ignored them and continued talking about how stupid this whole thing was.

"Let say we join forces?" Cheerilee asked

"We'd get three times the work done" Braeburn agreed

"In that case let me just..."Spike leaned over and tied his balloon to Cheerilee's, jumped into her balloon and tied Braeburn's to it, and helped him into the middle Balloon. "Ok, now we need a cool team name!" The Three sat on this for a second when Twilight noticed they had combined their efforts

"That's it, I'm popping they're balloons," Twilight said angrily as she lit of her horn and blasted a hole in the middle balloon

"uh, oh," The trio said looking up for a second, instead of popping as Twilight had hoped, air blasted out of the hole and set the trio and all their balloons blasting off.

"Where Rocketing off!!" Cheerilee yelled.

"Hey! Rocket!" Braeburn said "That sounds good"

"Then on three!" Spike said, "one, Two..."

"TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF!!" They screamed in unison as they shot into the sky and out of sight.

"Great, hope your happy Twilight, you helped them come up with a cool name for themselves" Rainbow shook her head

"Whatever, we need to find a new teacher for Ponyville's younger generation, and I need to find a new assistant."


"How long is this gonna last!" Cheerilee yelled as the trio continued to fly through the Sky

"Not for long!" Braeburn replied

"Here comes a Mountain" Spike yelled out, a second later a Mushroom cloud of dust sprang up as the three spinning ballon's slammed into the Side of the Mountain. Spike ended up with his head stuck in a tree, Cheerilee was under an overturned basket, and Braeburn was laying in the branches of a tree. While Spike tried to pull his head out of the Tree, Braeburn rolled out of his tree and hit the ground

"Ow," he muttered as he got up "That was worse than I thought it was gonna be" He muttered as he dizzily got up and made his way over to the basket, helping Cheerilee out from under it. Cheerilee got shakily to her knee's as Braeburn fell to the ground with swirl's in his eye's, Cheerilee walked over to Spike and with a mighty pull managed to unstick him, the two walked over to Braeburn and collapsed with him

"Let's make sure that doesn't ever happen again," they said in unison as they looked into the sky, after a moment of rest Spike reached into a small satchel he had on him and pulled out a pen and paper

"Ok, so are we going for Rocket, or Team Rocket?" He asked

"Team Rocket sound's better" Cheerilee muttered

"Noted" Spike said writing it down

"We should get a Rocket shaped balloon" Bradburn added

"Noted" Spike said again

"And we need a motto!" Cheerilee chimed in

"Noted" Spike once again said

"Are you gonna add anything?" They asked him

"I think we should rebuild our balloon's and find a base," Spike said, adding it to the to-do list, as they spitballed ideas Spike suddenly lit up

"I Now a place close to ponyville where they'll never find us!!"

"Where!?" The other two demanded. Spike stood up and pointed straight up, "The top of this mountain!" He declared "at the end of the path is a huge cave!!" Spike and Cheerilee got up and the two helped up Braeburn, and they began salvaging what they could from their repackage. Spike took the remains of the ballons

"A few holes here and there, but I should be able to patch em!" Spike said as Cheerilee looked through the baskets.

"This basket is still usable, a little reinforcing here and there and it should be good."

"I Found my snacks" Braeburn added, picking up a Burlap sack full of apples and juice "I didn't know how long I'dl be up there and just wanted to be ready." Cheerilee nodded

"Ok we got transport and Food," Cheerilee said, "throw that and anything else that looks salvageable into the basket and help me carry it. it took a few hours and some work, but they managed to get the basket to the Cave.

"Oh, man" Cheerilee panted "That took forever" as she gasped for air Spike walked to the cave.

"Look's like a nice place to hideout." He said,

"I have to agree" A fourth voice chimed in "It is a nice place to hide out," Queen Chrysalis said, walking out of the cave and towering over Spike. Spike tried to back away, but only managed to trip over, Cheerilee and Braeburn grabbed his tail and dragged him back. Meanwhile, Queen Chrysalis looked at them in amusement

"Really?" She asked, pointing to Ponyville "You three couldn't come up with a better plan than dropping thing's on the town from above?"

"To be fair we all did it with no knowledge of the other's doing it," Braeburn said, hiding behind the basket

"Wait, you three did that, the exact same thing, completely independent from each other, at the exact same time?" Team Rocket looked at one another then back to Chrysalis.

"Yes," They all said, Chrysalis shook her head and lifted their basket into the cave.

"You're all now my minion's, get in here and entertain me," She said, the Team looked at each other and entered, she looked back at them "You three have a name?" They all held up their arms and yelled

"We are Team Rocket!" They declared, Chrysalis laughed

"Sound's about right." she said as they followed her "This'll be fun"