• Published 10th Oct 2018
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Team Rocket - Silver Butcher

Spike,Cheerilee, and Braeburn form a team and become minion's to Queen Chrysalis

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Team Rocket, The Weather balls

Chrysalis had decked out her lair so that is was a palace of comfort, she sat back and watched in amusement as her new minions proceed to entertain her to no end.

Braeburn had set their basket on fire when he had tried to use Spike to weld some metal to it, Cheerliee put it out and suggested Braeburn not try to weld Metal and Wood and instead bolt it down. this resulted in the trio breaking the opposite side of the basket while trying to hammer the metal and wood together, Spike suggested they not use metal and instead patch the holes in the balloons, in the end, he ended up with a piece of metal stuck to his foot, as the three proceeded to fail at every turn Chrystalis levitated a basket over to her, pulled out some old clothes she found and made the three matching outfits, White 'R' Shirts, Pant's for Braeburn, a skirt of Cheerliee, as Spike did not wear clothes she pulled out a Colar with a Good luck charm on it for him before calling them over.

"Alright, you three are going to kill yourselves, stop and come here."The trio left the wreckage and walked over to her, she gave them their respective outfits, and gave them all a changing curtain to dress behind. as they did this she set her magic to work fixing their balloon, Spike was done first for an obvious reason.

"Oh, what a neat little charm," he said tapping it happily, Braeburn was next, he was wearing a white shirt with a red R and a black undershirt, White pants with a Black belt, Long Black gloves, and Black hoof covers, along with a hat that also had an R on it, Cheerliee's shirt showed off her belly, and she had a short skirt, no hat, and her gloves where longer, other than that it was the same outfit.

"Strike a pose," Chrysalis added after a moment, Braeburn and Cheerliee both stood on one hoof and pointed with their left hands, their right one's behind their heads, Spike was in the middle hopping on one foot waving his arms about trying to stay balanced. "Perfect, now turn around." The trio turned and met face to face with a perfectly fixed Hot air Balloon.

"Oh wow!" Cheerliee cheered

"I'm Speechless!" Braeburn added

"Word's fail me!" Spike finished, Chrysalis scratched her head and waved them off.

"Go attack Ponyville, oh and don't worry I'm always watching, so should you fail, I'll fix up your stuff or teleport you back should the need arise." The Trio saluted before pushing the basket out of the cave and leaving Chrysalis to her own devices, she proceeded to light her horn and watched as an entire wall lit up with the image of her minions. "I chose the best day to watch Ponyville." She decided as she went to prepare some snacks.

"Alright, we need a plan!" Cheerliee said as she helped Spike into the Balloon, it was a large white and black Balloon with a Large red R on it.

"Let's throw more stuff at Ponyville!" Spike suggested.

"I have a better idea!" Braeburn interrupted "I have here the plan to end all plans." Braeburn pulled out a large pipe with a handle on the end, "A weather changing device of my own invention." He cheered. "See first we load it with a weather ball." Braeburn pulled back on the handle to reveal a Large Pink Orb "Then we shot it at our target, then boom! Instant weather depending on the ball!" Spike looked at the 'invention' for a moment.

"You bought this from the back of a Comic book, I recognize it, it was marketed as a Potato gun."

"You can't prove that!" Braeburn shot back as he turned away from Spike "Anyway I modified it with Weather balls of my own invention, we only have two Whether balls, a snowstorm ball, and a Twister ball."

"Alright, let's give this 'weather ball' thing a try, and should push come to shove we can just fly away to safety!" the Trio started up their Balloon and made their way towards Ponyville.

Rainbow and Twilight were talking about what had transpired earlier in the day when Rainbow saw the Balloon.

"Holy shit they've gone on brand!" She laughed as she pointed it out to Twilight.

"You have got to be kidding me." she sighed in irritation "You three are the dumbest ponies I've ever met, how Cheerliee became a teacher is beyond me."

"Fire the weather ball at her." Cheerliee decided, Braeburn held it up and Spike helped him aim it.

"What the heck is that?" Rainbow asked as they pulled back.

"Fire?" Spike asked his team.

"Fire?" Braeburn asked Cheerliee.

"Fire!" Cheerliee yelled.

"Firing!" Braeburn replied, pulling the handle back and letting it go with a snap, the ball flew 5 feet away before dropping like a rock.

"That ball was either really heavy, this Potato gun isn't strong enough, or both," Spike said as he pulled himself over the edge and watched it hit the ground with a crack. nothing happened for 5 seconds, it then proceeded to snow.

"Hey, it worked!" Spike and Cheerliee yelled out in shock. Twilight and Rainbow looked around in confusion.

"So should we consider them as possible threats now?" Rainbow asked.

"Please, they just made it snow ligh-" without warning the snow fell hard, the storm lasted 20 seconds, and in that time Twilight ended up knee-deep in snow. "-Rainbow this is too stupid for me to deal with, you do it." She decided as she teleported the snow around her away. Rainbow flew up to the Balloon while the trio was deciding what to do next.

"Alright, this one will cause some serious damage so we should probably not use this hunk of junk." Cheerliee decided as they took the ball out of the Launcher.

"Nice to know it was the thing I didn't make that caused the problem." Braeburn cheered as he tossed the launcher.

"OK, now we just need to figure out how to launch it and get away really fast," Spike said when Rainbow reached into the Balloon, and pushed the orb out of their hands, making it fall and break in said Balloon, the trio blinked at the ball, then each other then turned to Rainbow dash who waved before flying back down the Twilight.

"Oh dear." they all said in unison.

"Alright I broke their ball thing, it'll snow again then they are out of-"Rainbow was cut off as the Wind picked up severely and she and Twilight went slack-jawed as a Twister formed in front of them and sucked up the balloon.

"Figures we had the materials-" Cheerliee said as they spun around.

"-But we didn't have the right tools." Braeburn finished.

"Next time you make something we are testing it first but for now-" The wind died down and the Deflated Balloon flew long and far.

"TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" They screamed before disappearing from view.

"Where did they get that thing!" Rainbow demanded, "I know the Snowstorm ball was from a Comic book, but what the heck was that!?"

"Great, now I actually have to deal with them." Twilight muttered, "They're gonna get themselves or others killed."

Author's Note:

Hey, this story's a thing still.