• Published 10th Oct 2018
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Team Rocket - Silver Butcher

Spike,Cheerilee, and Braeburn form a team and become minion's to Queen Chrysalis

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Team Rockets New Headquarters

The Trio all looked around at the mess they had made, their Balloon was once again deflated, the basket of it was at the top of a tree, Spike was hanging off a branch of the same tree, Cheerliee was laying in the dirt with eye swirls and Braeburn had managed to stay in the basket.

"So now what?" Spike asked as he swayed back and forth.

"I Have no idea." Cheerliee responded woozily "Braeburn?"

"I have an idea on where to go, but as for how to get down-" All three blinked in surprise as a green aura coated them and their balloon, Spike was removed from the tree, Cheerliee was cleaned of dirt, the Balloon was reinflated and the trio where all air born again. "Hey, she kept her word.!" Braeburn cheered.

"Thank you, Queen Ch-" Cheerliee and Braeburn were interrupted in their thanks when Spike jumped up and banged their heads together "-YEOW!!"

"Are you two stupid?" Spike demanded, "Who know's where we are, what is somepony heard you saying 'her' name!?"

"Oh...oh shot your right." Cheerliee agreed as she thought on it "We go yelling we work for her-"

"-Then the princesses will come after us and try to get info on her from us."

"Yeah, so let's avoid the C word...instead let us bow." Spike did just that.

"How do you know she's watching us from that direction?" Braeburn asked. Spike blinked.

"360 Bow," Spike suggested as he bowed and turned in a circle before standing back up. the two blinked at him.

"Genius," Braeburn replied as he repeated the bow. Cheerliee sighed.

"How about we just call her Boss?" She suggested, the two snapped.

"Oh, that's way better."

"Yea, my idea was kind of stupid anyway." the trio saluted and said loudly.

"Thanks, Boss!" at that same moment Chrysalis was in a laughing fit.

"3-3-360 Bow!?" She laughed "These doofs are the best of the worst!" she wiped a tear from her eye "oh I'm so happy I found them."

"Alright so where we going Braeburn?" Cheerliee asked.

"We're heading to my invention shed!" he cheered, It's a little ways out of Applelossa, I was gonna have my stuff moved but since I'm not welcome at Cousin Applejacks and we don't wanna be a bother on our boss, we can hunker down there and plan our next move.

- an hour and 47 minutes later-

"Thar she blows." Braeburn cheered as they landed at his invention shed, with was in reality not a shed but a spruced up old barn.

"Oh sweet, you made it sound smaller what with you calling it a shed," Spike said happily as he sat on the edge of the Basket. , and bonus there's a hole in the ceiling!"

"How is that a bonus?" Cheerliee asked as they floated to a stop over the large hole.

"Because it's more than large enough for us to park the Balloon in!" Spike cheered as they flew past it and landed on the ground in front of the barn.

"Wait, then why are we landing here!?" Cheerliee demanded

"It may be convenient, but it's still a sharp and jaggedly edged hole, we just need to buffer and line the sides, and then we can park there." Spike and Cheerliee got out and tied the Balloon down before Braeburn got out and produced the door key, only to find the door was unlocked once they got there, they walked into the dusty old barn and gave it a once over. It was full of random things, ranging from worthless junk to maybe salvageable junk." Cheerliee walked through the set of 9 tables (Most of which were missing at least one leg and were propped up on bricks and other such things. Spike looked around one of the tables and picked up a toy gun.

"I can work with this." He decided as he began combing through the piles of junk for some good things, seeing him do this Cheerliee joined in and met Braeburn at a table set under the only light the building had, the hole in the ceiling. Spike placed the toy guy, a small box with several springs, gears, and a rubber duck in it, a Carriage crank, and a fishing pole with no string, Cheerliee lay a jack in the box with a boxing glove in it, Several different sizes of Pipes, and a plunger with a broken handle on the table.

"Alright," Spike said as he turned to Braeburn "You have any more of those weather balls?" He asked.

"Tons." Braeburn replied, "I won a radio price and got a crate full of Snowstorm balls that I, with a little reverse engineering, proceeded to turn some of them into Twister balls, Thunderstorm balls, Heatwave balls, and Flood balls." He smiled before adding "It was the Thunderstorm ball that got me chased out of Applelossa, but I Never told anypony about my Invention shed so we'll be safe here!"

"OK, why don't you go look through the junk and try and invent something." Braeburn grinned and ran to the table. "Distract him, I'll try and whip something up with what we got" He whispered to Cheerliee.

"On it." She replied before running after him. "So is there a second floor?"

"Oh yeah, I got more tables up there!" He cheered "I thought I'd picked them all clean, but If you guys think something can be made with that stuff, maybe you can find something useful up there." the two made their way up a ladder and Spike set to work on making something out of the random junk in front of him.
-30 minutes later-

"Alright, Spike I found some more...oh wow." Cheerliee and Braeburn looked at the odd contraption Spike had made, Using the pipes Spike had made a body similar to that of the Potato launcher they had made, only it had two open ends, and by the looks of it Spike had torn the pieces up and welded them back together with his fire breath, on the lower part it had the Jack in the boxes Crack, the upper part had the Fishing pole crank, on the end facing Spike he had hocked up the toy gun's trigger. melted to the bottom of the bottom pipe was the Rubber duck.

"I present the Sucker Punch Weather tosser." Spike said holding his Creation up, "First attack mode, Spike put his hand on the Jack in the box crank, wound it up until his hand started shaking, and turned to a pile of cans, he let go and the Crank spun back and with a loud click the Boxing glove shot out the bottom on the end of the Carriage crank and burst through the cans, Spike wound back up the Jack in the box crank and brought the glove back in, stopping when it clicked. "Second attack mode." Spike wound up the Fishing pole crank and let it go, this time Springs shot out, at its end was the suction-cup of the plunger. the two stared at him for a moment before he added: "We Stick a weather ball to the suction cup and when we fire it'll go flying."


"Alright, so what does the actual trigger do?"

"Absolutely nothing." Spike responded, "It's a ruse, is somepony steals this in the middle of the fight and turns on us, their first instincts will be to pull the trigger on use, and when they do and nothing happened we jump them and take it back!" Spike laughed at his own genius

"That's stupid," Cheerliee said bluntly.

"You're just jealous you didn't think of it!" Spike snapped back.

"Well, I think it's amazing!" Braeburn said as he took it From Spike "Now let me just-" Braeburn walked past the can's Spike had knocked over and to an old wardrobe, he opened one of the drawers and loaded the S.p.w.t with one Weather ball, Spike came over and put two more in his satchel before the trio turned and made their way to the balloon, Cheerliee taking the key and locking the door, as soon as the door was closed Chrysalis teleported into the messy base with a tisk.

"Let's see." She muttered, after looking around for a moment she blasted one of the walls and in a flash, it turned into a screen showing her Team Rocket. "Alright, now I can watch and work, time to fix this junkie place up."

Unaware of the maintenance going about in their new lair the Trio made their way to Ponyville, it took an hour but they managed to make it to Sweet Apple acres while Rainbow and Applejack were talking."

"-I just feel bad, he was dangerous, but he was family!" Aj said Rainbow was about to respond when she saw the Balloon.

"Oh hey there back." She said, Aj turned and Team rocket waved.

"Hi Applejack." Spike said merrily before blinking "Oh wait were enemies now I forgot!" Spike reached into his bag and pulled out an Orange Weather ball.

"That's the flood ball," Braeburn said as Spike tossed it overboard.

"What the-?" Applejack asked as it cracked.

"Forecast calls for a sudden flash flood!" Spike called, on cue, a thunderous roar sounded through the Orchard, Rainbow Grabbed Applejack and took to the sky, the two watched as Sweet Apple acres flooded momentarily before the water receded, the two landed and looked around, the flash flood had tipped an alarming number of Trees and Big mac walked up to them soaking wet."

"Braeburn!" Applejack yelled as the Trio made their way to Ponyville, Twilight was waiting for them, having spotted them on the way.

"Alright like we practiced on the way here," Cheerliee whispered before clearing her throat and jumping out of the Basket "Prepare for Trouble!" Twilight opened her mouth to responded when Braeburn jumped out and joined her

"And Make it double!"

"To protect the world from Devastation!" Cheerliee said striking a pose.

"To unite all ponies within our nation!" Braeburn added Spike hit a button on a small machine and the Balloon light up with lights as the two continued.

"To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love," Cheerliee said changing to a new pose.

"To extend our reach to the stars above" Braeburn added, throwing a rose up in the air as he did a small turn



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Cheerliee stomped her left hoof into the ground and slide the other across it, holding up her right arm and placing the left behind her head as she said this.

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" Braeburn added mimicking her pose, their hooves touching each other as they did this.

"Yeah, that's right!" Spike called out, Jumping from the backed and landing on his hands, gripping his two partners' legs as he did this, the Trio stood in silence as Twilight stared at them.

"How have you three gotten this far in one day?" She asked in confusion.

"Our new boss helped us quite extremely," Braeburn replied

"Yeah, We'd probably still be trying to fix the Balloon after our first blast off without her." Cheerliee agreed, Spike pushed off their legs and smacked them.

"Don't tell her about the boss, use the Sucker punch Weather tosser on her!" Braeburn reached into the basket and pulled out their trashy looking weapons and began winding up the Boxing glove.

"Really? what you thought adding a second Barrel and some junk to your toy would make it-" With a click, Braeburn released the Crank, and the Boxing glove shot out, Twilight teleported out of the way in time and ended up above them."-Alright, Twister twins this ends now."

"There are three of us!" Spike yelled back "Notice me!" Twilight light her horn and tossed Spike back into the basket. "Ow!"

"Hey no disrespecting Spike, he's a valuable member of Team Rocket!" Braeburn called out, Winding up the top Crank and sending the Weather ball flying high, Twilight moved and looked at it flew.

"No More Twisters today!" She said turning and chasing after the orb.

"Somepony bring me some rocks," Spike called from the basket, Cheerliee scooped some off the ground and joined Spike in the Basket while Braeburn pulled the Boxing Glove back into the Weapon.

"Might I have the Final weather ball?" he asked

"Here ya go," Cheerliee said handing the Yellow Ball to him.

"Thank ya kindly," Braeburn replied Sticking it to the suction cup and winding it back in. "Alright, lets...start the Balloon Applejacks coming!" Braeburn yelped as his Cousin and Rainbow came into sight, Braeburn cracked the Boxing glove and released, it flew out and Applejack skid to a halt, staying out of range while he began winding again when Twilight's magic took over the Glove and with a crack tore it from the rest of the gun. Braeburn stood dumbfounded face to face with his cousin before Cheerliee pulled him in and Spike set them into the sky.

"Give it up, I have your twister ball and you three are so not escaping me in a Balloon!" Spike responded by pelting a rock at her, it hit her. "Ow, Spike you little-" Twilight blinked as he rubbed her head and looked at the hand she was using, the one that had been holding a weather ball, she looked down at the broken orb before being hit by an overwhelming blanket of heat.

"Heatwave Ball!" Braeburn called, he and the other two beating their heads back and forth, as Spike held up a Fan.

"Braeburn fire the last ball!" Cheerliee called.

"One Thunderstorm coming up." He replied.

"Braeburn you're an Idiot," Spike said immediately "We are in a Balloon, out of all of the targets here we're gonna take the worst of a Thunderstorm."

"Oh...yeah I hadn't thought of..." Braeburn was interrupt when Rainbow flew up to them and yoinked the Weapon out of Braeburn's hands and turned it on them.

"Suck it." She said pulling the Trigger, she floated next to them in silence as nothing happened, Braeburn and Cheerliee lurched out and pulled the Weapon back.

"Told you!" Spike cheered "Fake Trigger for the-" Rainbow's fist came down and slammed the weapon to the ground, there was a crack and the weapon fell to pieces on the floor, the Weather ball lay broken in the pile "-Almost win." Rainbow smiled at them.

"Alright, Noobs, time to surrender and-" Rainbow felt the strong winds and looked around as Dark Thunder clouds built up right above her head, on instinct she bolted down to the ground and Team rocket watched as the floated into the sparking clouds.

"This one's going to hurt." They all said in unison, Applejack flinched as she watched the Balloon Glow as all the Storms Electricity went straight to the Balloon, the Trio Screamed and The Balloon Exploded.

"HA!" Rainbow laughed, her face went from gloating to shock as she watched the Trio Blast from the explosion screaming.

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" They screamed as they flew high into the sky and were lost from sight.

"How do they do that!?" She demanded, "That's like the best way to escape!"

"I almost feel bad for them," Applejack said as she looked up at the sky "Almost."

"This is stupid." Twilight muttered, "I was supposed to be helping Starlight with our experiments on Inter-dimensional travel, but no! Spike had to choose today of all day's to do this, couldn't have waited till I was done!" Twilight muttered irritably as she made her way to the castle.

"Oh!" Chrysalis yelped "I think my Idiots just died!" She heard them screaming and watched the screen with her mouth open in shock. "Welp, it's official, those three are invincible." She said as she finished up her renovations on their base, She had filed the trash and disposed of all that was useless, replacing it with random knick-knacks like Lawn gnomes, Glue, Rubber Bands, a Stapler, and a lot more random non-broken stuff. "If they can make a Weapon from junk, they can do the same and better with not so Junkie junk." she decided as she looked around, she had set up a couch for them to sit and relax on, a bookshelf with random books, Magazines, and Comics was on the side, she'd left the Wardrobe alone, and had cleaned up the Upstairs and set up three beds, each with a small table and a chest at the end. She had added some lights and had installed a Bathroom for them, She had also fixed up the hole with a hatch that opened and closed with the pull of a lever, and for the Final touch she lit her horn and with a loud smack her Three mooks hit the floor and rolled onto their backs, they were all charcoaled, but they, and their clothes, were otherwise fine.

"Welcome home." She greeted, the Three immediately saluted her, though they stayed on their backs. "I've fixed up your Barn hideout, Get some rest, I'll get you three a new Balloon tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am," They said in exhaustion, Chrysalis cleaned them off with a spell and put them in the beds she had set aside, in a matter of seconds they were asleep.

"Ah, it's like when I had my hive, only these three are way too Stupid to try and Revolt against me." Happy to be commanding again Chrysalis teleported back to her home and proceeded to be a total creep and spy on random ponies.

Author's Note:

the Carriage crank is that thing used to raise a car up to change a flat tire.