• Published 10th Oct 2018
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Team Rocket - Silver Butcher

Spike,Cheerilee, and Braeburn form a team and become minion's to Queen Chrysalis

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Team Rocket, Robot

Braeburn was the first one to wake up, his dreams full of exploding balloons and other such fun, He stretched looked around at his two teammates, and proclaimed loudly.

"We don't have food do we?" The other two shot up immediately, whether they had just woken up or had just been being lazy was unknown.

"I have no idea," Spike replied as he hopped out of his bed, quickly making it before looking over the edge and down at the bottom floor of the barn, "I can see what looks like a bathroom...but as for something that might contain food," The three frowned as they thought of what to do when Cheerliee came up with a solution.

"I have food at home!" She cheered "We just need to grab my Refrigerator, some stuff from my cabinets, I can also grab that book I was reading about bears while I'm at it, and my toothbrush-" as Cheerliee started making a list of thing she needed to get from her home Spike realized he himself had left some of his personal items behind without thinking.

"Ah snap, I forgot my Comic book collection and my toothbrush, and I should probably get some supplies for letters so I can tell Gabby what happened," Braeburn looked around for a moment, before taking off his hat and looking at the toothbrush he had placed inside for safekeeping, it was singed and slightly melted but still usable.

"I'm gonna go put this in the bathroom," He decided as he made his way to the ladder.

-4 hours later-

"And done," Chrysalis said lazily as she finished the new Team Rocket Balloon. "Better go make sure they're awake," She teleported to their barn and froze at what stood before her, A most completed robot stood proud and tall in front of her, inside it Cheerliee was wearing a pair of thick gloves covered in wires and was making the robot's hand move, Braeburn was sitting inside staring hard at a set of two buttons. Spike was outside of the Robot Painting a Large Red R on its left arm, one was already present on the Left one and an R was also on its chest. Cheerliee was the first to notice that Chrysalis had arrived.

"Boss!" She squeaked, giving a salute that resulted in Spike falling on the floor, Spike lay for a second before saluting her from the ground, Braeburn saluted without looking away from his buttons.

"What...how...what?" Cheerliee demanded in confusion, "You three almost killed yourselves trying to fix a basket, how did you make a robot,"

"Ordered it from a Comic book a few years back," Braeburn replied thinking this the obvious answer.

"Took us like 3 hours to properly make an enlargement potion," Spike added from the floor "and an extra hour to get the paint right,"

"How are you controlling it?" Cheerliee demanded.

"It comes with gloves and boots so the robot will mimic your actions, it's a little slow, but on the bright side the hand cannons actual function as weapons!" Braeburn picked up a small controller that had 2 buttons on it, "One to fire the right, one for the left,"

"It fire's magical stunning blasts," Spike added "at its factory default side they don't do anything but tickle, but at this size, they can blast through the walls of Twilight's castle,"

"You...idiotic geniuses," Was the best Chrysalis could think to say as she imagined the robot destroying the castle, most of the upper part of the robot was the cockpit, it had two thick and stiff looking arms, with three fingers and a hole to fire the laser from, its torso was triangular, it's upper part being larger, and had two Hoof like legs, It looked a little old and clunky, but the fact that they had actually made a robot amazed her, and the fact that it was basically a stolen design just made her proud of her minions. She smiled for a moment before looking down at Spike.

"As a note for the future, you are allowed to get to your feet before saluting me, you don't have to just freeze like a deer in the headlights," Spike jumped to his feet and reinstated his salute, all three called out to her.

"Noted!" Chrysalis gave them a shooing motion.

"Go on now, don't let me stop you, finish your work," The three nodded and did just that, Cheerliee picked Spike back up and let him finish the R while she focused on trying to get a hang of moving the other arm, Braeburn stared hard at the buttons, After about 10 minutes the Paint on the arm was Dry and Spike was testing out using the legs while Cheerliee took a seat in a poorly made plastic chair. Chrysalis watched as the Robot moved like a Sumo wrestler trying to fly. The Feet moving stiff and in a weird squatting position that she pined to be due to Spike not being quite tall enough to properly wear the boots, the Hands were waving up and down, most likely due to Cheerlie reacting to the swaying motion of the robot, it took them well over an hour to get the robot to walk Chrysalis them teleported outside since there was no way to get the robot out of the barn without taking down a wall, then watched as it clunky began moving to ponyville,

"I Praise them for the idea, but not so much the execution, if they had had Cheerliee walking with Spike on her shoulders it might have actually worked," She lit her horn and teleported herself home, igniting her spying wall and showing the barn before rewinding a few hours. "Now let's see what lead to this,"

Several hours later

Spike was exhausted when Ponyville had finally come into view. Braeburn was sweating as he stared hard at the buttons and Cheerliee had almost fallen asleep when she saw the town.

"OH Sweet Chrysalis were actually here," She cried out with joy "Spike petal to the mettle!" Spike looked back at her with an Irritated look and she raised her hands up, the robot doing the same "You know what, just keep doing what your doing it's cool," As the two made their way to the town on the dirt road Applejack was telling Fluttershy what she had missed.

"-Then they started using these ball things that messed with the weather,"

"oh, I hope Spike is just going through a phase!" Fluttershy said fretfully.

"Well, whenever this phase is over he is gonna get a chewing out like none other before!" Applejack replied angrily as the sound of creaking filled the air, "It's gonna take me and Big Mac weeks to fix all the trees that were uprooted in that mega flash flood!" Applejack's ears twitched as the creaking got louder, then Braeburn spoke.

"You know I've just been calling them flood balls, but flash flood ball sounds like a more accurate name," Applejack and Fluttershy turned to his voice and froze as the robot clumsily made it's way to them.

"Let's think about names latter," Spike responded irritably "We got work to do,"

"Like our introduction!" Cheerliee replied as she got up and went to the left side of the cockpit, Braeburn moved to the right and the two pressed a button for the dome to pop open. the trio looked down at the two, who had looks of shock evident on their faces.

"Where in the name of Tartarus did you three get a Robot?"

"Comic Book," They replied in unison, raising more questions, before more questions could be asked Cheerliee called out loudly

"Prepare for Trouble!" the two looked at her in more confusion when Braeburn began his part.

"And Make it double!"

"To protect the world from Devastation!" Cheerliee said striking a pose, the Robot's arm's copying her hand movements

"To unite all ponies within our nation!" Braeburn added Spike held up a Flashlight and started flickering it like mad as the two continued.

"To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love," Cheerliee said changing to a new pose, the Robot still keeping time with her.

"To extend our reach to the stars above" Braeburn added as he picked up his controller



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!" Cheerliee stomped her left hoof into the ground and slide the other across it, holding up her right arm and placing the left behind her head as she said this, Spike did his best to keep the legs steady as the arms copied Cheerliee movements.

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" Braeburn added mimicking her pose, their hooves touching each other as they did this.

"Yeah, that's right!" Spike called out, striking no pose as he was to busy trying to keep the legs steady, Cheerliee and Braeburn pressed the buttons and the top snapped shut, Cheerliee put her arms on her waist and smiled down at Applejack and Fluttershy, who were in shock, to say the least.

"I like it," Fluttershy called.

"Thank you we tried really hard to-" Cheerliee started before cutting herself off "-I'm mean who cares what you think, we are evil now and...do not care for you very well earned praise, now cower in fear of Team Rocket's Robot"

"Fix my trees," Applejack yelled at them.

"Never!" Braeburn called back.

"Good afternoon Applejack," Spike called, there was a moment of silence before he made a sound "Oh wait I'm the bad guy, um...Bad afternoon?"

"This is so badly a phase," Applejack said looking over at Fluttershy "And I blame Twilight completely,"

"Oh Hi Fluttershy I didn't notice you there," Spike called, the other two also saying hello before another moment of silence.

"I don't think I'm evil enough to hate on Fluttershy," Spike muttered as he scratched his chin.

"Excuse me, Miss Fluttershy?" Cheerliee called to her "Could you please leave, we'd all feel bad if we hurt or offended you in any way,"

"They might all be going through a phase," Applejack muttered thoughtfully before patting Fluttershy. "Can you go get Twilight? Angry as I am I would still like to try and talk them out of this, and she defiantly needs to apologize to Spike and maybe try and talk Cheerliee down,"

"What about me?" Braeburn demanded.

"You can fix the damage to my farm, then we can talk about apologizes,"

"Never!" Braeburn replied as Fluttershy flew away at a fair speed.

"OK, now that Fluttershy is gone we can..." There was a very long pause from the three, Applejack assumed they were quietly arguing over who got to explain what they were going to do when Spike spoke up.

"What are we doing again?"

"I think we gonna get breakfast?" Cheerliee replied tapping her chin, causing the robot to do the same.

"We built a robot to get breakfast?" Braeburn asked in confusion. Applejack fell into a sitting position as she listened to this,

"How can somepony be this stupid, but be smart enough to build a freaking robot?"

"We didn't build this we got it from a comic book," Braeburn called down.

"They do not sell working robots in comic books!" Applejack yelled back.

"We used an enlargement potion to make it bigger!" Cheerliee called back.


"Potion's class was an elective in college," Cheerliee called back "I'm just amazed I actually had a reason to make one," Before this could continue Twilight landed next to Applejack, a look of amazement on her face.

"Did they build a-"

"Do not ask them!" Applejack replied sharply "There answered just raise more questions!"

"It's Twilight!" Spike called out "Quickfire da lasers!" Cheerliee clamped the left arm to the robot's side and held out the right hand, opening it so the large hole in the palm was facing Twilight and AJ, Twilight put up a shield and Cheerliee smiled.

"Braeburn hit the button!" Braeburn just that and blinked as sweat poured off his face.

"Oops," He managed to say before the laser fired, the laser from the left hand." The laser proceeded to cut the robot clean in half and the duo watched as the robot fell away from them.

"Wow," Twilight said with a shake of her head "Just...wow,"

"SERIOUSLY!" Spike and Cheerliee both screamed at Braeburn. "WE GAVE YOU ONE FREAKING JOB!"

"I had the Controller upside down," Braeburn said shakily, "I Didn't notice the L on the button until after I had pressed it," Spike looked over at Cheerliee.

"Cheerliee quick put both your hands on your side, Braeburn press both the buttons, we can both attack and escape!"

"Roger!" Cheerliee said as she pined her arms to her side, Braeburn began rapidly tapping on the buttons, the three prepared for takeoff, but instead noticed the cockpit getting hooter, Cheerliee raised the hands and the three all had less than stellar reactions when they saw them, Twilight had put bubbles around them and the energy was firing back into it the holes and back up the arms.

"Alright time to catch them," Twilight said with triumph when the entire robot began glowing red from the energy.

"Again?" The trio managed to ask before the backed-up energy caused the robot to explode, Twilight and Applejack watched as the trio flew high in the air and off into the distance.

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"

"How does that keep happening?" Twilight asked in confusion, looking to Applejack who was staring up with a deadpanned expression.

"I don't wanna ask 'em, the answer will probably be more confusing than the question itself,"

The Trio had landed in a stream this time, Braeburn floating on his back, Spike had sunk like a rock, and Cheerliee floated with her back up, they were there for a few seconds before Chrysalis teleported them home, Braeburn just lay on his back, Cheerliee took a deep breath and Spike lay on the floor, his eye's swirling with a mouth full of water. Chrysalis waited for them to salute, instead, Cheerliee started banging her hands on the floor like an angry child, Braeburn turned onto his side and started crying, and Spike just continued drowning, Chrysalis lit her horn and Spike immediately threw up a ridiculous amount of water, Once he could breathe again he just fell to the ground and voice the problem, I'm so Hungry and so exhausted, and everything hurts,"

"You know," Chrysalis said, getting their attention "I must say that building a robot to both retrieve your personal items and get some food was a...very over thought and interesting plan, but next time..." Chrysalis move to the side and the three looked up to see a Refrigerator, several boxes of canned and boxed food, along with Spike and Cheerliee's respective items, including their toothbrushes. The three started crying as Chrysalis walked past them "...Just ask me to get them," With that, she teleported back to her home. In silence, the three all saluted their boss for a moment before B lining it to the food. Chrysalis smiled as she watched them make their meal.

"Being needed is nice," She said with a sigh as she spied on her minions who a good long while.