• Published 3rd Jan 2019
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The Tournament Of Friendship - FourShadow

Following the events that went down at CHS, the Rainbooms are struggling to change themselves for the better. And with the upcoming Friendship Games, it might give them ample opportunity to do so. But will it be enough?

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Chapter 6: Bronze Weld And Obsessions

Author's Note:

I have no excuse. Real life is a pain, and I should have kept you all in the know and updated. I hope you can understand.

Thanks again to Scholarly for his continuous help, and enjoy the chapter.

The school day was over, and everyone was heading home. While the Rainbooms were serving their afternoon school detention, Trixie and her friends were happy as clams to be going home to calm down, relax, and head home.

"So, girls, anyone want--"

"Can't hang, Bon Bon and I got to practice our skills for the games. Maybe tomorrow we could hang out?" Lyra interrupted.

"Oh, well, sure! Of course!" Trixie nodded. "Stay strong!"

"We will!" Bon Bon called as the two of them began to walk down the street.

"So I guess--"

"--Actually, Trixie? Octavia and I have our own music practices today, I'm afraid we won't be able to make it."

And before Trixie could even respond, Vinyl and Octavia soared off in a cloud of dust. Now it was just Trixie and Amethyst left alone. The bespectacled geek turned around and chuckled a bit, rubbing the back of her head with a bit of embarrassment. "So I guess it's just you and me then?"

Amethyst smiled. "Yep! And actually, if you want, we could study at my place? I know we've still got that science assignment to work on."

"Sure! I love to!"

Amethyst grinned, happily. "Come on!"

She led Trixie over to her car and opened up the passenger door for her before getting in on her own side. As soon as the car was started, Amethyst pulled the car out of the student parking lot, and out into the streets, turning it around so she could head home.

The two of them were making very good time, thankfully no traffic or accidents on the road that delayed them. But the silence was a little awkward. Trixie wasn't the best when it came to social situations and trying to figure out what to talk about with her wasn't always found instantly.

"Soooo... I know I keep meaning to ask, but um, how is life with you, now that you're back to school?" Trixie asked, out of pure curiosity.

"Oh! Um, well... it's... actually pretty good," Amethyst caught herself, keeping her eye on the road.

"Is it?"

Amethyst gave a brief look back to Trixie and gave a nod and smile. "It is, I promise."

"Oh, that's a relief," Trixie sighed. "I wasn't sure, it's just... I don't know, I would have thought it would have been stressful with you trying to adjust to everything."

"Well, truthfully, it was a bit stressful when I started, but after awhile, everything started to become familiar to me, and well, I think I'm back into it again," Amethyst nodded.

"Ah, okay, okay. How come you never signed up for the Friendship Games?"

"Well, to be honest Trixie, I just got back to this school, and I'm not sure how much I wanna participate in the games. Also and I can't stress this enough, it's because I don't want to," Amethyst replied with a hint of deadpan.

Trixie blinked. "Oh. Well, alright then."

"Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Lyra and Bon Bon are participating, it's just I'm not really looking forward to competing in a competition that will only rile everyone up."

"... I think you and I have different interpretations of what the Friendship Games are supposed to be," Trixie said, not even sure how to respond.

Amethyst pulled the car up in the driveway, and turned off the engine. Both Trixie and Amethyst grabbed their things and exited the vehicle, finally arriving. She turned her key in the door, unlocking it, allowing them both to walk inside the main foyer. When they walked in, Trixie felt like she was entering a new world. The floors were stainless concrete, a wall of glass block was on the side which was hard to see into the other room, and a spiral staircase leading upstairs.


"This is just the foyer, the rest of this house doesn't look like royalty. And that's perfectly fine with me," Amethyst hummed."Hey Dad! I'm home!"

"Hey sweetheart, be there in a second!" Her father shouted from the other room.

A clattering thud echoed from the other room, accompanied by a grunt. Amethyst cringed at the sound.

"Dad? You okay?"

"Sorry, I'm making a mess in the kitchen," he shouted. When he stepped out of the room, entering the main foyer, Amethyst hissed at what she saw. Her father was blazed in some black dust, like something had exploded in his face.

"Are you okay?"

Her father, Bronze Weld, chuckled. "Sorry, I blowing up a late lunch. How was school?" He gave her daughter a brief hug, welcoming her home.

"Pretty alright. Lyra and Bon Bon made it into the Friendship Games!"

"Nice job. Tell them I said congrats." He then turned his attention to Trixie. "Oh, Trixie, nice to see you again."

"Hello sir," Trixie smiled.

"Good to see you again Trixie," Bronze smiled back, shaking her hand. "What brings you here?"

"Oh, we need to finish an assignment for science class."

"I see. Well if you need to use the dining room table, go right ahead," Bronze said, gesturing to the dining room.

"Perfect! Thanks!"

The two girls set their bookbags down on the ground against a wall, just behind their chairs. And while Trixie was settling down, Amethyst rushed up stairs to wash up.

"Sooo... I guess you might have heard about Sunset Shimmer?"

Bronze nodded. "I have, and frankly, I'm glad that she's locked up. Such an awful person... the things she and her friends did to my little girl..." Anger creeped from his tone. "If I'd known, believe me, I would have thrown them in a cell myself."

Trixie gulped, admittedly a little unnerved. "I see."

Bronze quickly caught himself, embarrassed that he scared her. "Oh! Sorry... I just - that doesn't mean that I would do that now, you know? Amy told me about those girls, how much trouble they're in."

Trixie nodded. "Yeah, I know. Detention, community service... they're even assisting with repairs to the school too."

"Good," he bluntly said.

Just then, Amethyst came back downstairs.

"Hey guys! Whatcha talking about?"

"Nothing!" The two simultaneously said.

"So, what did you run up for?" Trixie asked.

"I needed to wash up. Also I'm not sure, buuut..." She put a stack of records on the table. "While I may not be competeing in the games, I thought maybe I could provide some motivational entertainment. And also something for the party next week. I think we have more in the garage, I'mma go check."

She walked out of the dining room and through the kitchen, on her way to the garage.

"Try not to get distracted by your AMPs, will you?"

"I won't!" Amethyst shouted, getting a rolling eye out of her father.

Trixie, looking over some of Amethyst's prized records, glanced over to Bronze Weld. "Sooo… anyway, um... if you don't mind me asking, where exactly, does Amethyst's retro love come from?"

Bronze blinked. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm just curious." The geek looked down at one of the record covers. "I've just never known anyone who likes the 1980's that much..." She blushed slightly, a little embarrassed by saying that about one of her friends.

Bronze chuckled. "I see. Well, I think that one's probably on me."


"Yeah. Since she was a kid, I kind of showed her some of the things that I liked from when I was a kid. Y'know, stuff like cassette tapes, dance videos, cartoons. Amy really liked it, and wanted to know more, so as she got older I showed her some other movies too. And of course, the music..." He shook his head slightly, bemused. "Some of the fashion, though... I still can't get over the parachute pants and shoulder pads."

"I think they're cool, Dad!"

"Sure, sure..." he rolled his eyes, chuckling. This was a familiar exchange between the two of them, something that never ended. As happy as he was with her daughter having fun, the shoulder pads and parachute pants was the one thing he wished didn't get brought back.

"She doesn't really wear those as much these days, actually. Most of the time, she's just denim vests and track pants."

"Oh, well that's good," Bronze nodded before going up to get some drinks for her and her daughter.

"... you know she made smoke bombs out of her Rubiks cubes?"


"Nothing!" Trixie immediately said, realizing what she just said to her friend's father.

Bronze immediately shrugged it off. But he was in thought as he went to the fridge. So THAT'S why she's getting all the Rubik's cubes. Heh, so my little girl is turning them into smoke bombs? First synthesizer music, then computers, and now smoke bombs. Either she's going to be a technician, or really good taking things apart.

Amethyst grabbed the things she needed, but before she went back out, she stopped for a second. She caught glimpse of the set of speakers in the garage. She remembered having that display out whenever she and her friends practiced music. If there was anything she loved more than music, it was playing it really loud for all to hear. Of course, neighbor complaints didn't help, but she didn't care.

Maybe just one little play wouldn't hurt. She adjusted the knobs on the stereos, turning the knobs to go all the way up to the maximum level. No holding back, she was hitting it hard. The first stereo was raised to the max, and then so was the second one. And with her keytar plugged in, she was ready to try it out.

"Alright boys and girls... time to crank it up," Amethyst clicked. She flipped on a pair of black sunglasses stood in front of the speakers. With a single hand ready, she slammed her fingers onto the keys. The resulting sound threw her from her stance, sending her flying across the garage.

She crashed right into a shelf, smashing it to bits, and sending everything on it off and falling down. The floor was now covered in junk and dust, creating a soft cloud. And the cloud slowly evaporated as soon as the door to the kitchen opened up.

"Oh my gosh, Amethyst, are you okay?" Trixie cried.

Amethyst rolled herself around and raised her head up, looking back at Trixie and her father. A small cardboard box bounced off her head before she spoke. But all she did after was give them most stupid grin she ever had on her face.

"That... was... AWESOME!!!"