• Published 3rd Jan 2019
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The Tournament Of Friendship - FourShadow

Following the events that went down at CHS, the Rainbooms are struggling to change themselves for the better. And with the upcoming Friendship Games, it might give them ample opportunity to do so. But will it be enough?

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Chapter 4: Yesterday Tryouts

Author's Note:

Okay, I'm very sorry for not getting this out when I should have, writer's block has beaten me with a stick, so I had a difficult time getting myself back up to write. But I'll try to keep myself back into this some more so you can get more quality, you guys deserve better.

This chapter in particular is mostly floof, we'll get back into the drama next chapter. Til then, enjoy the fluffy!

Thanks for the wait, and enjoy! :twilightsmile:

"So, how exactly did the audition go, again?" Trixie asked with a raised brow.

Lyra and Bon Bon looked at each other with blank faces, and then back to Trixie.

"It started strong, but after a while... it got really weird." Bon Bon nodded.

"Define weird."

"Well... maybe we should start at the beginning. So yesterday, Bon Bon and I were just done with school..."

The school bell had rung, the last bell for the day. Students were walking out of the main doors of the school, about to head home or to some other local hangouts. Some of them had to pass around some of the debris or construction zones, but it didn't bother them. As long as the Rainbooms were no where in their vicinity, they were happy. And coming out those doors in an equally happy mood was Lyra and Bon Bon.

"... Okay, so she's coming down the hall," Bon Bon said, continuing her conversation.


"She goes to her locker, and then as soon as she closes it... And the minute she heard word about Countess Coloratura possibly coming to our school... she fainted."

Lyra blinked. "On the floor?"

"Straight down, face first on the concrete."



"Not the prettiest thing," Bon Bon shook her head. "Oh I remember, are you okay to study at my place tonight?"

"Yeah, I should. Trixie's probably gonna get some early time in to hang with the Dazzlings before they have to leave for Hollywood, and Amethyst is hanging out with Vinyl and Octavia."

"Fair enough. Let's go!" Bon Bon smiled.

They made it down the stairs, but then...

"Dudes! The tryouts for the Friendship Games are about to start!" Sandalwood shouted, pointing to the poster with enthusiasm.

A few students turned their heads at the announcement.

"Friendship Games?" Lyra squeaked.

"Friendship Games?" Bon Bon squeaked as well.

"There are limited spots on the CHS team, so come in and bring your A-game!" Sandalwood cheered before heading off to the tryouts.

Lyra and Bon Bon turned heads and looked at each other with smirks.

"Friendship Games?"

Bon Bon nodded.

Ten Minutes Later

The tryouts were already beginning, and it looked as if there was some competition before the games had even started. So many students turned up to show off their talent, the talent they wished to share to participate in the games. After Sandalwood finished his trick, a round of applause was given and Sandalwood went to go take his seat while Vice Principal Celestia took her notes.

"Okay, up next is Lyra Heartstrings."

A small round of greeting applause came to the field, as Lyra dashed over into the center, ready to show off her talent.

"My friends, you all know I've been bouncing everywhere like a ninja... Now I wish to show you all the powers of a true ninja warrior." Lyra said, trying to create some amazement. She drew her katana out and gripped the handle, holding it up in front of her, creating an illusion her face was split up in half.

Her foot slammed into a plank, launching several fruits up into the air. With a jump aided by a trampoline, she swung her sword at an obscene rate. She moved so fast that no one could tell how she had the stamina to do so, it was almost impossible even! When she landed back down, the fruit that had been sliced all landed into several plates, all nice and neatly.

But just then, all the crowd's attention turned to Bon Bon. Suddenly she was attracting everyone's attention with a new trick she had in mind. A fish laid about on another table, dead of course. Bon Bon raised a knife up and shanked the fish right in the middle, throwing her knife all around trying to cut up the fish as fast as she could.

"Think you can cut like a master ninja? Well so can I!"

Lyra snarled, but at the same time smirked. A challenge? Well then, she was going to meet it!

Bon Bon's knife sliced and diced the fish with equal speed, if not, faster! And when the final cut was made, the fish was reduced to nothing but sliced up sushi. The crowd oooh and awwed at the display, amazed by the performance. But the crowd went into a straight deep oooh... and Bon Bon saw why. Lyra jammed her katana straight through the plastic plate that held the cut up sushi, and she had a deep glare on her face.

Bon Bon glared back, equally smirking as her.

"And just like that, our battle begun."

Lyra held up a bow and arrow, aiming at a target. Locked on, and release! The arrow hit the target, dead center, bullseye. Bon Bon however had something different to use as a target. With the bow in her hands, she raised it up like a spear and threw as hard as she could, hard enough for it to bash right through the hay target beam, decimating it into straw.

Shurikens flew out of Lyra's hands into a board, hitting it with perfect strength and accuracy; only for Bon Bon to run up and smash the board from her own bare hands and rage. She screamed as she chopped it in half, letting the beast within wake up inside.

Lyra roundhouse kicked a football helmet off a dummy. Bon Bon broke several boards in half. Lyra lifted barbels as high as she could over her head despite how heavy they were. Bon Bon threw a caber toss. Lyra dashed across a tightrope without looking down, like the rope meant nothing! Bon Bon tossed several baked pies at a target, launching a random stranger into a dunk tank! Lyra clay around on a turntable, forming the Wondercolt statue with perfect accuracy! Bon Bon smashed a giant boulder, creating a stone face of herself making the same angry expression she was making currently.

"You two actually managed to do all of that?" Trixie asked with some disbelief.

"Yes, we did, we were killing it out there!" Bon Bon said, trying to sound as convincing as she could.

They weren't. In fact, the crowd watching her performance was mostly just disturbed, shocked, and a little confused. One of the students who auditioned, took out his phone to record the scene.

He leaned over the girl next to him, whispering. "Is it just me, or did this take a turn for Weirdsville?"

"No, this is getting really silly now," Muffins nodded.

But it only got even more ridiculous. Now Lyra was juggling, while keeping balance on a big rubber ball like at a circus act. Bon Bon performed a high dive into an inflated pool like it was nothing. Lyra engaged herself in a hot dog eating contest, scarfing down as much as she could. Bon Bon arm wrestled the gym teacher Bulk Biceps, practically beating him!

The final battle was drawing close. Lyra had rushed off during a portion of the contest and was dressed... like a peacock. But Bon Bon, oh no, she came back dressed... like an owl. And she was making hooting noises to complete the image. As she faced her opponent, she flapped her arms under the wings of the costume, continuing to hoot violently. Lyra screeched as well, behaving like a peacock.

The two birds arched up, locking onto each other. They were ready to begin the fight. Lyra started to charge, and Bon Bon charged too. Lyra screeched as loud as the call of the Amazon, Bon Bon hooting as loud as the fear of the night! They were drawing closer, and as they got ready to get into battle positions--

"Dudes! The first half of the Friendship Games roster has been posted! Hope more people will get on it!" Sandalwood called out.

Bon Bon and Lyra immediately froze, and dropped down to their feet. They turned their heads, finding that most of their crowd was now gone. Only Micro Chips and Muffins were in the bleachers and they just looked at them blankly until they waved at them with awkward expressions.

"So you two made the team, yet you two went to war with each other," Amethyst finished.


"Eeyup," Bon Bon replied, imitating Applejack's brother.

The girls looked at them with so much confusion, trying to comprehend the entire story.

"... Well okay then. I'm not even sure where to go with that," Octavia said.

"Don't, it's only going to get worse," Lyra said, shaking her head.

With nothing else to say, they went back to their meals. Just then, Flash Sentry, a classmate of theirs came running into the cafeteria. His feet slid across the floor, panting all the while. He looked at the girls with a terrified expression.

"Oh you girls... now before anyone jumps to a conclusion, no it wasn't me."

"Why would we come to that conclusion?" Lyra asked.

"Well... I only heard for a second, but Sweet Leaf freaked out about a snake in the girls restroom."


"Are you serious?" Octavia asked.

"Yeah! I mean, I think, but come on, I'm not going to go into the ladies room."

"Okay, I've got to see this," Vinyl said, getting out of her seat.

"Me too, maybe this isn't anything," Bon Bon nodded.

Curiously, the two friends got out of their seats and followed Flash out of the cafeteria. This was something they had to see. Their food was left on the table, and they walked out of the lunchroom. The entire room was still filled with the sounds of people eating, chatting, talking to one another. Nothing too out of the ordinary. The remaining girls at the table looked at each other with a little bit of confusion, unsure of what was going on.

But their lunchtime was quickly interrupted by the sound of three girls screaming in fear and running up onto one of the tables, standing in surfer poses.

And at that very moment, Principal Luna came walking into the doors of the cafeteria. And by her side was a student. The newest student in fact. Rara was her name. Sparkling skin-tight pants, bare shoulders over her tucked in sleeveless shirt, pale skin, and a mix of purple and blue hair in a curly ponytail, hanging over her shoulder. A small little choker was also seen around her neck, and a graphic of rainbow musical notes over a yellow star were placed on a side of her pants.

"... and here's the cafeteria, this is where you and a majority of our students like to eat. Of course, the option to eat off of school grounds is permitted if you..." Principal Luna continued. She stopped as soon as she turned her head to the right. Vinyl, Bon Bon, and Flash were huddled close, quaking in fear. But with the positions they were standing in, it was like they were surfing together.

Still maintaining a straight face, she kept talking.

"... Ladies and gentlemen, meet our picnic-table surfing team!" Octavia cheered like she was an announcer. Sarcasm detected, of course.

Vinyl quivered. "We happen to be up here because there's a snake!"

"A big one," Flash nodded.

"I think we might have a Black Mamba on the grounds!" Bon Bon shouted.

Rara and Principal Luna blinked.

"Technically speaking, the black mamba, called Dendroaspis polylepis in its true Latain, is native to parts of Sub-Saharan Africa," Micro Chips said as he wandered by.

The girls looked back to Bon Bon with a snort of derision.


"Okay, calm down, I'm sure it's not venomous," Sandalwood said before walking out into the hall.

"Wait, no, Sandalwood, no, it could--"

A loud gasp was heard from Sandalwood.

"NO! SANDALWOOD!" Bon Bon panicked.

The doors opened up again, and to their surprise, Sandalwood wasn't harmed. When he stepped back out, he was holding the snake. And it wasn't deadly at all, it was just a plain ole green snake.

"It's just Reggie!"

Trixie blinked. "Reggie?"

"Yeah, he's my pet. I think Fluttershy forgot to feed him. Eh, no worries. This little guy eats a lot, he should be okay," Sandalwood chuckled, petting the snake's head.

"Sandalwood, if you could please get rid of that snake, I have nothing against them, but it's really starting to scare me," Vinyl whispered. Her body was visibly shaking.


"Hey don't worry dudes, I'll get him out," Sandalwood chuckled before walking out of the cafeteria. "Come on little guy, we'll play when we get home."

As soon as he was gone, the students went straight back to their food, acting as if that scene had never happened. Both Rara and Principal Luna blinked at the confusion.

"... Well alright then. Shall I show you the rest of the grounds, or would you prefer to continue after lunch?"

"I think I'll just go and have my lunch," Rara nodded.

"Very well then," Principal Luna said before allowing Rara to get her food. Everyone else got back to their own business, back to normal it was.

Except for Flash, Bon Bon, and Vinyl who were still in surfing poses on the table. They were glad the snake was gone, but they did not dare step off the table, out of fear the snake would strike.

"Sooo, um... Flash, you made it into the Friendship Games?" Bon Bon asked, not looking back.

"Yeah, I did."

"Nice job."

"Thanks! And congrats to you and Lyra for making it in as well. I have a feeling we might win this year," Flash said with some optimism.

"Yeah, maybe we will," Bon Bon nodded.

Another pause of silence fell.

"... Anyone else not want to get off this table?"


"I hardly think so!"