• Published 3rd Jan 2019
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The Tournament Of Friendship - FourShadow

Following the events that went down at CHS, the Rainbooms are struggling to change themselves for the better. And with the upcoming Friendship Games, it might give them ample opportunity to do so. But will it be enough?

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Chapter 2: New Day Of School!

Author's Note:

Okay, so we're goin' off into the second chapter! I thank you all for your patience and I hope to keep up some progress as we continue to go further into the story. And hopefully be a bit more productive :twilightblush:


The morning light shined its way through the window of Trixie Lulamoon. The room was a bit messy, some figurines on the floor, some old pieces of magic tricks and acts scattered about. The desk that had her computer was cluttered with games and some action figures and other stuff. Some posters on the walls, some open trunks of magic kits, and so much more. Trixie's body was sprawled on the bed like a spider, with some of the sheets and blankets having fallen off the side.

As the light from the morning sun was reaching inside her room, a soft sound went off on her phone. The sound playing back was an old tune from the 90s that always woke Trixie up and out of bed. But once she picked up the phone, she could see it wasn't the ringtone. It was an incoming video call.

With her eyes slowly blinking into nothing but eye-bags, she answered the call.


On the other end of the phone, there appeared to be the same happy face she knew. The same face who helped save Canterlot High from total annihilation; Adagio Dazzle. Or at least part of her face, the phone kept being bounced around like if someone was juggling.

"Oh geez, how do I do this, um... okay where was it, where was it... oh! Oh! There! Okay! Good morning, Trixie!" Adagio smiled.

Trixie couldn't help but smile back.

"Good morning, Adagio," Trixie yawned. "W-What's up? Is everything okay?"

"Oh, everything's fine. Well, except for still trying to figure out how this video messaging works," Adagio said as she kept fiddling with the phone on her end. "Thankfully, the cab driver figured it out. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know, my sisters and I are about to get onto our plane to head off for California. I wanted to say good morning before I left."

Trixie smiled to the beautiful woman. "Aww, well that's sweet of you."

Adagio giggled.

"I'm still sad you're not gonna be here for the Friendship Games. It would be a lot of fun to have you here for that."

"I know, but right now, it's the only time we can come in. This will be enough to get the rest of the cash we need to help pay for the damages to CHS, and to get the Rainbooms sisters back into good health again. Tell you what, maybe take some videos for us, can you? I'd like to see how the games are while we're away."

Trixie smiled. "I will. And if you can... maybe, get a souvenir from Hollywood?" Trixie asked with some anxiety.

"We'll get you all some souvenirs. Maybe even sneak some movie props home with us," Adagio gave a cheeky wink. "Now just have some fun, and pig out! We'll call you once we've landed."

"Okay, sounds good! Oh, and Adagio?"


Trixie gave a heart-felt smile, "Stay safe, okay?"

Adagio smiled back and gave a little kiss on the phone screen. "We will. Oh! Gotta go, see you soon!"

Adagio hung up on her end of the phone, letting Trixie hang up on her side as well. And so, with a struggle, she pulled herself out of bed and got herself ready to begin the day.

After devouring most of her breakfast, accompanied by a few burps, she rushed back upstairs, brushed her teeth, fixed her hair, and adjusted her vest. Skipping down the stairs, she quickly zipped up her backpack.

"Alright mom, I'm gonna get going!" Trixie called.

"Okay," Trixie's mother, Sunflower said, rushing to the door real quick. She gave her daughter a quick kiss and hug before letting her head off. "Have a great day, kiddo."

Trixie smiled. "I will. Thanks Mom."

Trixie walked outside her house, her mother then locking the door behind her. Turning ahead, she saw a car sitting there waiting for her. And she could figure out instantly who's car it was, from the music bleeding through.

In the midnight hour she cried, more, more, more
With a rebel yell she cried, more, more, more

Amethyst threw her head back and forth, listening to the high rock and roll, imitating playing a guitar in the process. Eventually the sound of a knock on the window got her attention and turned down the music. She opened up the door, and Trixie got in the shotgun seat. When Trixie opened up, she picked up on Amethyst's new attire, sporting a denim vest, white t-shirt, and black track pants.

"Hey, what's up Trixie?" Amethyst chirped.

"Morning Amethyst."

She put on her seatbelt, and Amethyst started to drive. "So, anything new to report? Any drama, bad mornings? Nothing?"

Trixie smiled. "Nothing, really. Adagio and her sisters are on their way to the airport, straight for California."

"Nice! Though I have to ask, did they really need to leave? I mean, come on, the Friendship Games are next week, it would have been fun to have them there," Amethyst complained.

"I know, but they said half of this week and the next would be the only time they could work and get the money," Trixie explained.

Amethyst shook her head as she drove. "I still think that's overkill. I mean, leaving Canterlot for a week and a half, that's a little insane. Just calls up cause she saw an ad, even though she's required to go all the way to California for it."

"People go on business trips when working in certain jobs, I don't think it's that weird," Trixie replied.

"Yes, but the Dazzlings have tons of gold and treasures that I'm sure they can cash in to help pay for the damages to the school, it's not like it's been long lost or stolen--oh wait, taxes, I forgot... But wait, wait, wait, come on, the Dazzlings for sure can't be that recognized--no never mind. ... and that treasure would probably be claimed for study..."

"Yep," Trixie said flatly.

"Nevermind...", Amethyst deadpanned, shaking her head. "Sorry. For a second, I thought I saw a golden opportunity."

"It's okay," Trixie patted her shoulder. "So any word from our friends, did anyone make it in to the games?"

"Well I did hear from Lyra and Bon Bon, both of them made it in!"

"Really, that's great!"

"Yeah! Although..."

"Although, what?" Trixie asked with some fear.

"Their tryouts were a bit... weird."

"Define weird."

"I think you better hear it from them, they can explain it, I've tried and I just can't do it," Amethyst said, rubbing at her eyes.

Amethyst's car pulled up into the student parking lot, and both girls got out of the car. Once the car was locked, the two girls rushed over to the front of the school. The outside of the school was looking like the front of a construction site, scaffolds everywhere. some safety cones and construction signs about. There were even some tools lying around.

Amethyst shook her head. "We're never getting this school fixed."

"Not with that attitude," Trixie said with some sass. "Look, the Rainbooms are working on repairs every day, construction doesn't get done in a day."

"Yeah, I know..."

Not looking for another second, the girls rushed inside, trying to make it in time so they could get to class. It took a few hallways and wings to pass, but eventually they arrived just in time and took some seats. Once Trixie and Amethyst got settled in their seats in the classroom, the TV hanging from the ceiling flipped on from the teacher's remote. A poppy upbeat theme song played on the TV, accompanied by a logo with the name 'Canterlot High TV'.

Just then, two students were seen sitting at a desk, much like ones news anchors would sit at. The two students in particular were none other than friend/guitarist Flash Sentry, and heavy metal rocker Octavia Melody.

"Good morning, CHS!" Flash Sentry waved. "I am your host, Flash Sentry."

"And I am Octavia, filling in for Drama Letter. She'll be back tomorrow, don't any of you worry. Now Flash, what's on the agenda for today?"

Flash cleared his throat. "Well as you all know, the Friendship Games are coming next week, and if you still want to sign up, tryouts are this afternoon and tomorrow is the deadline! If you want to take part in the competition, please audition as soon as you can! And it looks as if the weather will be a cool breeze, so if you haven't, get yourself a jacket and stay warm!"

"And a special news I must point out, we have a new student joining us, so I hope everyone gives a warm welcome to Miss Rara, everyone!"

Just then, a new theme began to play on the scene. lash and Octavia glanced up, hearing the music.

"Oh there's the theme music, you all know what that time is," Octavia smirked, dashing off to the side.

"It's time for see what our students have invented to try and make our world a better place!"

Both students skipped off in front of a new set piece, a blank white backdrop behind them and on the floor. A single table was in the middle of the set, with an array of magnets all on the table.

"That's right! Today's gadget is from none other than our techie friends here," Octavia began, "... and their new inventions they want to pitch, is a new industrial line of magnets, magnets more powerful than your average one!"

"The Mini-Mag," Flash continued, picking up the magnet from the table, "made by Bright Idea, is said can be used to help pick up screws, nails, and even fallen tools that you might have dropped."

"But the biggest one here, is the Mega-Mag created by Micro Chips..." Octavia smirked, picking it up. "Don't let it's small size fool you, mates. It's small, but powerful. This small little thing, could fire a bullet shell through a keyhole without having to be loaded in a gun!"

Flash shrugged but kept speaking. "It's intent was to essentially pick up sheet metal, so--"

But the magnet in Octavia's hands, unintentionally began to magnetize to Flash Sentry. Particularly at Flash's pocket, almost sticking instantly. Probably from the keys tucked away.

"--... Octavia."

"Sorry, it's a bit stuck, hold on..." Octavia grunted as she tried to yank it off of Flash. Flash just groaned and moved his hands down to the magnet, trying to push it off as well.

"Just... slide it straight down!"

Octavia thankfully managed to get it off of Flash, but one swing of it in the other direction turned out to be a big mistake. At that very moment, a metal lid for a trashcan came flying right at them, and stuck itself to the magnet like glue.


Octavia pushed her hand in between the lid and the magnet base, trying to separate the two apart. With a little bit of nudging, the magnet eventually was pushed away and the trash can lid hit the ground. She chuckled a little bit before looking back to the camera, unintentionally hoisting the magnet up.

"Powerful little beast, isn't it?"

But then the microphone flew down and slammed into the magnet, creating a loud feedback whine that hurt everyone's ears. Octavia fought with the microphone, trying to get it away from the magnet, while poor Flash could only stand back and watch as Octavia comically and poorly tried to get the microphone away.

Once again, Octavia got the magnet freed, but she knew it wasn't going to end. Without even noticing it, she held it up in front of her, pointed to the main camera that the students were using to film the morning news. Octavia looked up just in time and her face drooped.

"Scribble, get the camera. Scribble get the camera, PULL IT BACK, PULL IT BACK, SCRIB--"

The magnet jerked the camera forward, slamming the lenses right into Octavia's face, hard. The force was so strong it sent the camera and Octavia falling to the ground, right on her back.


Octavia winced from the pain, and her eyes wearily looked into the lenses.

"We'll be right back... someone get me to the nurse..." Octavia moaned.

After a rough morning, and some classes later, it was now time for lunch! Octavia thankfully wasn't hurt in the slightest, outside of the small mark on her face from the smushed lenses against her face.

"So, are you sure you're okay?" Bon Bon asked with some concern.

"Bon Bon, I'm fine. Not the first time I've had something slammed against my face," Octavia replied, taking a big bite out of her burger. "I've had my face slammed against doors, cupboards, my own guitar, and one instance when someone was carrying some plywood to build a shelf."

"Ow," Bon Bon hissed sharply.

"Don't worry yourself over it, I'll be fine. By the way, congradulations on the tryout for the Friendship Games, I heard you and Lyra made the team." Octavia winked.

The baker giggled. "Yeah, we did!"

Just then, the rest of their friends arrived at their table; Trixie, Vinyl, Amethyst, and Lyra.

"Sorry we're late guys," Vinyl replied, obviously distracted.

Bon Bon and Octavia looked at Vinyl with a smirk. "Someone's sure glued, aren't they?"

"No, I'm just trying to see if this stupid phone will work... Ugh, I swear, the new technology stinks," Vinyl groaned, flipping her phone around so the screen wasn't facing her. "Stupid electronics, I swear..."

"Phone problems?" Lyra asked.

"Yes. I bought a new phone to try and replace the one that got run over by the ice-cream truck--"

"--Still don't understand how you managed to let that happen--" Amethyst interrupted.

"--But even with the new model, it doesn't work. Its like every time I touch it, it just dies."

"Maybe you have the magic touch?" Lyra giggled. "Sometimes my cat just runs away from my mom but comes running straight to me and Dad."

"Not exactly the same thing," Vinyl shook her head.


"Oh I wanted to say, congrats to you both on the tryouts!" Vinyl smiled.

"Thanks!" Lyra squeaked.

"What exactly did you two do to audition?" Trixie asked with some interest.

"Oh, that! Well... um," Lyra rubbed the back of her head.

"That's, um... well," Bon Bon blushed.

"Kind of a long story..."

"And when you say that, you mean...?" Trixie asked.

Bon Bon coughed, "Long story short; It took a strange turn and Lyra and I wore bird costumes and started squawking at each other."

A vow of silence fell on the table, and everyone was left befuddled. Not a word was spoken. Until Vinyl coughed to try and break the fold.

"Anyways, sooo... how are the Dazzlings, any word on how their flight goes?"

"I only got a video call from Adagio this morning, she said she and her sisters were about to be driven to the airport, so I think they're already off on their flight," Trixie said.

"That's good," Octavia nodded.

"I do hope their flight goes okay. Are they boarding a passenger plane, or do they secretly have a jet we don't know about?" Amethyst asked.

"I think they might have bought or rented a private jet for themselves," Trixie nodded.

"They know how to fly?" Lyra raised a brow.

"Maybe! For all I know, they could be expert fliers and they're finally there by now.


A few hours went by since the call from early in the morning to Trixie. The Dazzlings did arrive in California, for sure. But their flight didn't go as they anticipated. They didn't land in airport or an airfield, nothing. Instead, their plane ended up catching on fire and crashed into the side of a beach that was closed (thankfully) and all three Dazzlings were standing on said beach, quivering in fear, covered in cinders and ashes. Bodies covered in black dust, with only their eyes providing cover. A soft patch of steam was emitting from Adagio's like, like it was about to catch fire very soon.

"Well. Survive a plane crash you do indeed become helpless..." Adagio began, with a cough.

"Languid..." Aria continued.

"And you murmur a lot," Sonata finished.