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Show Business - Natedogg2006

Why would a pony make themselves completely unlikable in order to be liked. Maybe "The Great And Powerful Trixie" will be able to teach Twilight Sparkle a few things.

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Manehatten Tour: Realization

"Did you see her anywhere?" Rainbow Dash trotted over to Rarity where she had just found her near the top of the middle isle of the Velvet Curtain theater.

"I'm afraid not dear, and I found a fairly good vantage point to try to spot her from." Rarity replied while still looking over the room full of assembled ponies starting to take their seats. "I take it you didn't have any luck spotting her in the lobby?" She asked while finally giving up and looking over to see her friend swishing her rainbow mane back and forth in response.

They were looking for their friend Twilight Sparkle, who's new marefriend, The Great And Powerful Trixie, was the headliner at this particular theater on this night. For reasons unknown to them the hype for this show had been larger then anticipated and it had been moved from it's original time and into a prime time slot. This had actually made it somewhat hard for the two to get seats, much less ones located together. In the end it had been a good thing they had ended up spending a fair amount of time the previous day getting to know the show mare in question. She had decided to go with them to get their tickets and had managed to talk the owner into selling them a pair of reserved seats in the front row for the show.

They had figured Trixie herself would probably be getting ready for the show and thus they had not planned on seeing her. Twilight's absence however seemed a bit off to them. She would surely be here to support her new marefriends show.

"Well I'm stumped then. Maybe they just had way too much fun last night and haven't made it out of bed yet." Rainbow gave a devilish snicker as Rarity pursed her lips at her.

"Really Rainbow Dash, it is impolite to think such things about ones friends".

"Says the one who practically threw me out of the room yesterday to 'give them their privacy'." Rarity blushed slightly at that but it was Rainbow herself that changed the subject. "Hey, if she's banging the star of the show then maybe she's got one of the fancy box seats or something."

"Rude comment aside, that is actually a good point I had not considered", she complemented as she joined the other mare who had already lifted her head and was scanning the walls of the theater where several openings revealed the luscious accommodations within. They're efforts to see if their friend was enjoying those super pricey seats were interrupted though as the house lights suddenly started to lower and the room became too dark to clearly see anypony at a distance. "Oh no, it looks like we're too late. I suppose we'll just have to find her after the show. Quickly Rainbow dear, we must get to our seats."

Since most ponies had already made it to their seats the two managed to make it to theirs at the front of the theater fairly quickly. Thankfully their seats were on the isle so they didn't have to make any awkward attempts to step over other ponies to get to them. There also just so happened to be a large bucket of popcorn and drink on the inner seat waiting for them when they got there. Rainbow took that seat and looked up to see her friend giving her a look.

"You got refreshments, really???" She said as she was sitting down as well.

"What? They were selling them in the lobby, I was hungry."

"And you didn't even bother getting me anything," Rarity admonished her with a slight playful tone.

"You didn't ask," Rainbow replied as she tilted her popcorn bucket in the direction of her friend. Rarity was still playing the part and turned away in mock contempt. She maintained it even as Rainbow shook the bucket in offer until she finally turned away, reached under her seat and retrieved another drink and a box of chocolates to offer to the other mare.

"Thank you Rainbow," Rarity smiled as she took the offered treats. Rainbow's reply was cut off as a stallions deep voice suddenly came over the sound system.

"Ladies and gentlecolts!!! The Velvet Curtain Theater is proud to present for your entertainment this evening, The Great And Powerful Trixie!!!!!

Rainbow and Rarity cheered along with the rest of the crowd as spot lights focused in where the curtains parted just enough for a single pony to walk through. Strutting out of the gap was Trixie, but not the mare the two had gotten to know the day previously. Before them was definitely the mare they remembered from Ponyville in all her grandeur. Clad in her hat and cape she approached the crowd confidently and turned, swishing her costume with a flourish as the spotlights started to swirl around her.

"That is right Manehatten. Tonight is your lucky night for it is I, The Great And Powerful Trixie." The crowd grew louder as Trixie drank in their adoration, standing on her hind hooves and raising her forelegs into the air. She dropped back on all fours before continuing. "Buuuutttt," there was another surge in the roar of the crowd. "That's right everypony, the rumors are true. For anypony who was a fan of The Great And Powerful Trixie's Canterlot tour, you are in for an extra special treat this evening." The crowd cheered more as Trixie did her best to build the excitement. "I'd like everypony to welcome tonight, in her first Manehatten appearance, my lovely assistant, Moonlight Gleam!!!!!"

The now closed curtain behind Trixie was thrown open with a flourish and another mare joined Trixie on stage, strutting towards the crowd with the same confidence as Trixie herself. Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash's heads tilted to the side the moment they saw the pony. Each gave a glance towards the other to confirm their mutual question, she was familiar somehow. The pony in question was wearing a mask that covered most of her face, even more of her features hidden by feathers decorating the outside of the mask that matched the ponies colors. Her mane and coat were a matching dark blue that bordered on purple. Her mane was tied back but it could still be seen draping over her shoulder as she stood on her hind legs the same way Trixie had. They could see that there were two streaks of color running through it, a lighter purple and a pink next to each other in a pattern that definitely reminded the two of somepony. They both desperately wanted to see the mares cutiemark but as she turned to the side they could see that her costume included a skimpy dress, a fairly sheer number that did it's job to highlight certain features while leaving just enough to the imagination.

Both the mares once again looked to each other, racking their brains in their shared confusion on why this mare seemed so familiar. However as their gazes returned to the stage they got the answer they were looking for.

"Moonlight", was still standing on her hind hooves, but at the attention she was getting from the crowd she made a mock fainting motion which landed her in the waiting forehooves of Trixie. With just enough hesitation to egg on the crowd a little more the twos lips met in a grand show of passion.

Both Rarity's and Rainbow's jaws dropped into their laps and Rainbow's popcorn hit the floor as both mares stared in stunned disbelief. Both of their gazes met again as they wordlessly mouthed their matched realization in a silent, 'no bucking way'. They both returned their gaze to the stage where the two were still in the middle of their passionate embrace as the rest of the crowd cheered them on.

With a sudden flourish they broke the kiss as Trixie gave "Moonlight" a spin away from her. There was a flash and a puff of smoke. Both mares disappeared as the curtains parted to reveal a large water tank. The tank appeared to be filled with hungry looking piranhas, and the mare they had a strong suspicion was their friend in disguise now appeared to be suddenly heavily restrained and dangling from a rope upside down above it.

Trixie now seemed to reappear in another puff of smoke on a platform on the side of the stage. She began to monologue from her place as the crowd let out a collective gasp. "As you can see everypony, we have pulled out all the stops for tonight's performance. This will be The Great And Powerful Trixie's greatest show ever, let's just hope it's not the last for my lovely assistant."

There was a noticable murmur suddenly coming over the exiting crowd in the lobby of the theater. Attentions were being drawn up to a landing leading to the box seats where two familiar ponies now stood, and a sudden cheer erupted from the crowd.

"Thank you very much. How did everypony like the show." The cheers increased as the stars of the recently finished show leaned closer together to drink in the attention.

"Well we both loved performing as much as you all loved watching." As Moonlight spoke to the assembled group, both Rarity and Rainbow Dash got the last proof they needed. While they were pretty much sure already, that voice was definitely Twilight Sparkle and all doubt left their minds.

There was a flash and a puff of smoke where the two stood and in an instant they were both gone. A gasp from the other direction caused the whole crowd to turn to find both mares suddenly standing in front of the main doors. The two started fanning out amongst the assembled ponies, accepting praise as they went. Rarity and Rainbow wasted no time in moving through the crowd in the direction of the assistant.

They caught up to her to find her posing with a group of ponies while another took their picture. Her mask had been swapped out for another, this one more elaborate to obscure her features even more now that ponies would be seeing her from much closer.

The group of ponies around her thanked her for the photo and dispersed quickly, giving the two a chance to approach her in relative seclusion.

"Twi..." Rainbow Dash was cut off as a hoof met her lips in a gentle, almost playful manner. The pony being addressed even gave a cute tilt of her head and a flirtatious smile. "Moonlight?"

Her smile grew as she drew up on her hind hooves and gave a deep bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you both," She set herself back down and in a softer tone continued, "Rarity and Rainbow Dash".

"So that really is you darling?" Rarity asked, stepping forward as well.

Moonlights response was to turn dramatically and with a flashy pose exclaim, "but of course. Who better to serve The Great And Powerful Trixie, then her lovely marefriend." She held the pose for a few extra seconds, just long enough for her friends to become concerned.

"Uuummm, no offense Twi..." a playful swish of Moonlights tail landed squarely on Dash's snout and silenced her again. "I mean Moonlight, but your acting a little weird."

The mares response was to flirtatiously wrap her forehooves around Dash's neck and hang off her dramatically. "Oh please Dashy, about twenty percent of this persona is based on you." She broke off and teasingly swished her tail across Rarity's cutiemark, causing the mare to jump slightly, and added, "there's also a fair amount of Rarity." She bounced away and turned back with a big smile," and a whole lot of Pinky Pie." She gave them an even bigger grin before getting closer and continuing, "but we should probably talk about this later. I think some more explanations are in order and this is probably not the place."

"And what do we have going on over here." Trixie had apparently made it over to the group and a bit of the crowd was following after her. "Moonlight dear, who are these ponies you seem to be giving so much of the attention meant for me."

Playing the part well again Moonlight sauntered over to her magician and nuzzled her dramatically as she made a show of pressing her side against her as she walked all the way around her so they were facing the same way to regard her friends. "Oh I would never give away my attention for you Trixie. I was just hoping you'd notice so you'd come over and meet my new friends."

Trixie gave the mare pressing against her a showy nuzzle before stepping away and giving the mares in question an appraising look. "Well I must admit you have good taste in friends. The Great And Powerful Trixie would like to get to know them better. In fact," she made a dramatic show of looking around her before waving down a pony Moonlight recognized as the owner of the theater. "Velvet, would you be a dear and make sure these two get passes for backstage?" She gave him a flirtatious smile and flutter of her eye lashes.

"I don't know, these two already got reserved seats, I'm not sure I can swing that without a good reason miss Trixie." Though Trixie didn't show it this made her falter some. She had never had anypony she had wanted to go out of the way for before. The only time she had ever done something like this was when she had found out that there was somepony of note at her show and so the reason for it was obvious. She couldn't think of a reason beyond them being her marefriends friends for giving them special privileges. But even though Trixie was lost for an answer, her assistant did exactly what she was suppose to and helped her out of this jam.

"Velvet, you silly pony. Don't you recognize national treasures when you see them." The whole room, including Trixie were suddenly focused on Moonlight. "Those are the elements of loyalty and generosity, two of the elements of harmony. I think the least they deserve is a sneak peak backstage."

The crowd all had questioning looks on their faces, before realization set in and looks of surprise set in on all of them. The most surprised look came from Trixie herself.

"Holy freaking Tartarus, I still can't believe I picked a fight with the elements of harmony." Trixie was, for the third time that night, holding her head and shaking it in disbelief as she sat on one of the comfortable couches in the VIP room. This theater was big enough that they felt the need to have a place to entertain certain special guests that might be in attendance. Several other ponies had been given backstage access but they had mostly all just wanted to get pictures and autographs and had left the group alone soon enough.

"I still can't believe you've been dating the element of magic for over a month and never figured it out," Rainbow responded while once again breaking out into uncontrollable laughter.

An unmasked but still transformed Twilight lifted a pillow from the large pile that surrounded her and lobbed it at her friend who was now rolling around on the couch opposite of her. "It's not that funny Rainbow," she exclaimed as the pillow did little to silence the laughter.

"How is it not funny?" Rainbow strained out as she managed to get herself upright on the couch she shared with Rarity. "Over a month knowing she was dating the princesses apprentice and she never put two and two together and figured out who Twilight was." She still snickered as Rarity and Twilight glared at her.

"She didn't know because I decided not to mention it to her. It's not like being the elements is really that big of a thing in our day to day lives."

"Oh come on Twi, it's almost like you were keeping it from her so you could use it on her at the perfect time to embarrass her."

"I was not," Twilight protested, but her cheeks took on a brightness that made all three other mares in the room quirk their eyebrows in question. The sudden silence and the piercing stares made her face get progressively redder.

Trixie's questioning stare deepened as she adjusted herself from the other side of Twilight's pillow wall to try to look her marefriend in the eyes. When her head turned away Trixie let out a somewhat dramatic, "Twilight!!!"

"Ok maybe a little!!" She exclamed as she buried her face in her hooves. Rainbow Dash fell over laughing again will Rarity held her hoof to her mouth to not so subtly mask her snickering in as lady like a way as she could manage. Twilight pulled her face from her hooves before addressing her friends again. "But in all fairness, she teases me All, The, Time. I just wanted to have one ready to use on her at some point." Trixie had narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips in a disapproving glare. She brought herself forward, leaning over the pillows to bring her face closer to her somewhat worried looking marefriend.

"I totally would have done the same thing", she darted forward and managed to surprise her with a quick peck on the lips before laying back and laughing at Twilight's shocked face. The other two snickered lightly at the couple's playful antics.

There was a familiar clicking sound as the door to the room started opening. Having delt with this several times already both Trixie's and Rarity's horns lit up and pillows shot up in front of Twilight's uncovered face. Rainbow decided to be helpful as well this time, lobbing the pillow thrown at her back at Twilight which collided perfectly with the unicorns face and stayed there.

A stage hand poked his head into the room, "not to spoil the fun in here, but the rest of the staff is almost ready to close up. You all can take your time but you should probably start wrapping it up considering how late it is." Three smiles and a waving hoof gave him thanks and he left the room and the other ponies to their business.

Pillows dropped and added again to the mass surrounding Twilight as the ponies all glanced around at each other with smiles. "Well I guess it is getting late, I am going to need my beauty sleep if I'm going to find the right ensemble to be seen in at my event." Rarity said this as she slid off of the couch and gave a slight stretch and a yawn. "Come now Rainbow I'm sure you need your rest as well. You do still have part of a bet to work off and I will need somepony to carry my bags."

Rainbow gave a groan as she pushed off the couch, flapping her wings just enough to carry her over next to Rarity and landing her hooves gently next to her. "Ugh, ok fine. But I'm not missing my wonder bolts show so this better not take all day like last time."

Trixie had stood up as well and offered a hoof to help Twilight out of her fluffy fortress. Her horn lit up and the mask Twilight had been wearing before floated to her hoof. She brought her face closer to Twilight's as she began to secure it again. "Yeah, we definitely need sleep too, that was an intense show." She got the mask secured and started adjusting it so it was straight on Twilight's face. "Plus somepony here still needs to make good on a promise for a perfect first date that keeps getting delayed." The mask was straight but Trixie still held it as she stared into Twilight's eyes for a moment before using it to pull her forward in a gentle kiss. Rarity made a slight squeeing noise as Rainbow stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"I must say that this has already been a most interesting trip. I would never have thought so but you two are the most adorable couple. If you have any time the rest of the week we would love to see you two again. Rainbow and I will be here at least the next three days. We're staying at a hotel just up the road from the two of you, the Mareiott I believe. Call on us any time."

The couple faced the other two and smiled. "That sounds great. I'm helping Trixie with the rest of her shows," said mare nuzzled tenderly into Twilight's shoulder, "so we might not have much time, but we'll look forward to it."

Rarity once again made a noise at the show of affection between the two. Rainbow couldn't help but give a smile as well, before catching herself doing so and quickly lifting off the ground. "Ugh, knock off the mushy stuff and let's get out of here before they lock us in or something." She quickly flew over to the door and held it open for Rarity and the couple walking side by side.

Author's Note:

I feel like this chapter might be a little weak. I was having the same sort of problem with it that I did with the drinking chapter I attempted. Not quite a situation that's normal for me so it's hard for me to emote convincingly. The next chapter will be there wrap up for the Manehatten tour and will probably be short but way too sweet. This chapter might be tweaked some so if you have suggestions let me know.