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Show Business - Natedogg2006

Why would a pony make themselves completely unlikable in order to be liked. Maybe "The Great And Powerful Trixie" will be able to teach Twilight Sparkle a few things.

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After Show pt. 2

"Ladies and gentlecolts, you're the best audience I've ever seen!!!!!" This was no boast, this was not a mid afternoon crowd, this was a packed house. "It has been our great pleasure to perform for you this evening!!!!!" Evening was the key word there. When Twilight had made it to the play house she found Trixie and the owner frantically trying to figure things out. The playhouses prime-time show had cancelled at the last minute and the only option the owner had was to see if Trixie would be able to fill the much longer, later, and more important slot. Luckily Trixie had already had a plan for making her show bigger and better, if only for the one night. "The Great And Powerful Trixie, and her lovely assistant, will come back here anytime you want us. We love you all!!!!!"

The curtains dropped, and it was a good thing that the roar of the crowd was much louder then her show the previous day. The second the curtains hit the floor Trixie could no longer hold it and broke out into hysterical laughter. Twilight walked over to her, and despite a mask covering most of her face, removing it revealed a fair amount of cake, pie and various other messy things covering her features. "That was not nice." They had also taken the time to magically transform Twilight some so the mare glaring at her had a slightly unnatural color to her mane and coat that made her current state all the more humorous.

"What are you talking about," Trixie got out between laughs, "they loved it. I think you made that my best show ever." Trixie kept laughing as she led Twilight off stage.

"You spent the whole show making fun of me and splatting me in the face with stuff."

"And copping feels, don't forget that". Twilight deadpanned at the mare, which did nothing to reduce the snickering still coming from her. "You know it's impossible to look intimidating when covered in cake right." The deadpan remained. "Ok fine, let's go get you cleaned up, you're such a spoil sport," the sneer she gave Twilight was obviously fake, "I think the owner is up front helping the rest of the staff anyway."

Trixie led Twilight back to the dressing room. She took a wash cloth in her magic before thinking better of it and taking it in her hooves and wetting it just a little. She turned towards Twilight and, putting her face closer then strictly necessary, started wiping off the slightly reddening face of the other mare. Trixie found that she had taken quite a liking to trying to see if she could embarrass Twilight as much as she had the previous night. The idea had come to her in the middle of the show when Twilight had managed to help her pull off a big trick and the audiences focus seemed to be drifting more towards the assistant then the magician. When she had decided to playfully goose her to play off of that she realized that since the mask they had found for her didn't cover her cheeks the audience ended up liking the look of her blushing face almost as much as she did.

"I could have gotten that myself you know," Twilight sputtered just a little as Trixie drew away.

"Yeah, but where's the fun in that," a playful wink reddened Twilight's face even more. "I will get you to loosen up at some point... Though it might take a little assistance," Trixie looked away contemplating for a second.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing. Let's go see if the owner is still busy."

It turned out the owner had been busy and, after slipping the mask back onto Twilight, they had ended up helping too in their own way. The pair walked the lobby of the play house greeting guests and promoting both the establishment and Trixie's future shows.

This ended up being very difficult for Twilight. Trixie had had no way of knowing she had just sent a formerly reclusive nerd into a massive crowd of ponies and expecting her to be social. She had ended up needing to stay close to Twilight and more then gently guide her on how to handle her new fans.

Seeing Twilight struggle so much with basic social interaction was more then a little shocking for Trixie. She had been planning on having Twilight help in her show since the previous night, but the change in plans had made things much more difficult. Though she had twice the time to make Twilight into a half way decent assistant, she now had twice the time to fill and had to be ten times more impressive. Twilight, however, had picked it up without any problem. The biggest issue Trixie had in training her was getting her to not react with magic in most situations. Other then that she was intelligent enough to get every trick and secret down almost immediately. Remembering this it was almost jarring to see such a smart mare almost frozen solid as three stallions were cornering her and giving her a little too much attention.

'Wait, what', Trixie almost shouted in her head as she noticed the situation her lovely assistant was in. She quickly got over to the group and slid in between the stallions and Twilight. "Well hello there gentlemen, anything The Great And Powerful Trixie can help you with?"

"Oh, sorry. We were just having a chat with your lovely assistant here." They seemed to back down immediately, they were clearly trying to prey on how awkward Twilight was being. A mare with more confidence was not something they could handle. But Trixie couldn't chase them away, that would be bad showmareship.

"She is lovely isn't she. You handsome stallions wouldn't be trying to steal her away from The Great And Powerful Trixie, would you?" She gave a stern but playful look.

"Oh, we wouldn't dream of it miss Trixie", they all gave a very sheepish grin knowing they had been caught.

Smiling knowingly Trixie replied, "well that's good," she put a fore leg around Twilight's neck, "because she's meant for looking, not for touching. That pleasure is reserved for The Great And Powerful Trixie alone." She gave a very suggestive smile to the stallions that made them become very uncomfortable very quickly. With a few words about how much they liked the show they made their excuses and shuffled off. Twilight was blushing as brightly as she had the previous night but Trixie didn't have the time to enjoy it. She was busy leading the still stunned mare away from the crowd in any way she could that wouldn't draw attention.

She managed to get her to a side hallway where nopony seemed to be and immediately got face to face with her. She wrapped both forehooves around Twilight's neck and put their faces very close.

"Trixie wait, I'm really not like...."

"Twilight," Trixie cut her off in a way that was both gentle and forceful. It worked as the mare fell silent. "Look at me, focus on me." Twilight did as she was told but she was clearly still shaken up. "Now I want you to take three deep breaths," Twilight took in a rapid and slightly ragged breath, "slowly." Twilight complied and took a much slower couple breaths. "Now before letting out the third I want you to hold it," Twilight did as she was told, "now take all your stress, and slowly exhale all of it." The breath Twilight let out was slightly choppy, and she couldn't really say it made her stress go away, but she did feel like she wasn't on the verge of running off like she was realizing she was just a minute before. "Better?"

"....., I, I think so."

"Good, just keep breathing slowly and focus on me."

Twilight's mind started slowing down. Realizing just how quickly Trixie had managed to calm her down Twilight had to ask, "you deal with this stuff all the time? All the ponies, all the enthusiasm, .. a, all the pervs?"

Smiling warmly Trixie replied, "no, I don't. The Great And Powerful Trixie does. This is Twilight and Beatrix right now. I really can't handle that sort of thing, but Trixie is a pro." Seeing the mare in front of her calming she let go of her and took a step back.

Twilight took another deep breath. "You really have that much of a disconnect between you and her when she is you?"

"Just how the business works. It can actually be kind of fun if you get into it." Trixie knew they had to get back out and do more mingling with how happy the crowd seemed to be, so she got one last idea. "Hey, listen. You should make yourself a character." Twilight had recovered enough to give her a questioning look. "Seriously, think about it. Nopony knows who you are, and we took steps to make sure they never will. What you have here is total deniability. You aren't Twilight Sparkle right now, you are the lovely assistant to The Great And Powerful Trixie... And apparently her marefriend as well."

"That... is more then a little strange for me. I'm not even into mares like that, or anypony really."

"You aren't," she got close to her face again and used her forehooves to straighten Twilight's mask, "but we already kind of established that Trixie and her assistant are."

"I, is that even okay? Establishing that for your character?

"Eh, it's always somewhat implied that magicians are with their assistants, though never openly stated. Makes for more intrigue. Trixie does what she wants, including you." She got very close for the last part and purred out the words. Twilight's face got a little red but she resisted the urge to pull away.

There was a sudden sound of surprise from the end of the hall they were in. Some random patron had wondered into their hiding spot. Trixie made to move away and play more crowd control, when she was suddenly pulled closer. She was suddenly aware of something soft pressing against her lips, before realizing it was Twilight's. Just as she was realizing this Twilight pulled away, then turned towards the intruder and, in a sultry tone said, "do you mind, we're kinda busy here".

The stallion sputtered out some unintelligible words as he stumbled away as quickly as he could. Twilight looked back over to Trixie, whatever confidence she had suddenly had seemed to be gone. "W, was that okay. I didn't over do it did I?"

"Nope, I think that will do just fine." Twilight's hesitation gave Trixie the time she needed to recover from the sudden out of character behavior, as well as the sudden intrusion of her personal space. "Keep that up and you can handle all those ponies in there just fine."

With a few deep breaths to get back into character they left the hallway and rejoined the slowly dwindling crowd in the lobby. It took nearly another hour for the last of the crowd to find their way out, but this time Twilight was in good form. She adopted a very upbeat and bubbly persona, one that became very popular and actually meshed well with Trixie's more abrasive one. Though she seemed to be doing good, once the last of the patrons were out she let out a breath that seemed like she had been holding it for some time.

"Sweet Celestia, that was crazy. I've never pretended to be somepony else like that before."

"I think you had fun with it though. Admit it." She winked and blew a small kiss at her.

".... , Didn't you need to talk to the owner or something. I think he's over by the concession stand." Trixie gave her a scrutinizing look before shrugging it off and turning in the indicated direction.

They indeed did find the owner talking to the last of his staff as they were finishing up the last of their cleaning. "Oh Trixie, and.. I don't think you ever gave me your name."

"There's a good reason for that", Trixie cut off Twilight before she could answer. He had seen Twilight before they dressed her up, but both still figured it would be best if he knew as little about her as possible.

Looking just a little disappointed by this he continued. "Oh, well that's fine. Either way I can't thank you both enough. I'd of lost a ton if I didn't fill this place tonight. Everypony seemed to love the show. Follow me." They did as he led them to his office. He went to a safe, entered a combination and pulled out a small bag. This was apparently meant to be Trixie's original payment. He set that one aside and started filling another, much larger one with bits. Finishing, he turned back to the mares. "That's the payment for a prime time show, plus a little extra for saving my flank. Also," he picked up the original bag and moved slightly too close to Twilight, "I know you weren't part of the original deal and we hadn't worked out any kind of price, but I'd still like to show you my appreciation, hopefully you won't forget us down the road." Seeing the same routine from a different angle Trixie realized this time that this guy actually was kind of a creep. Non the less she moved behind him and indicated a big smile to Twilight.

Catching on Twilight slipped back into character, "oh, how could I forget you". She took the bag and gave a wink as Trixie started to lead them out of the office. As they approached the back door Twilight finally asked, "do you always gotta deal with stallions like him just to get paid?"

"Just one more thing that's all part of the industry. It's better and worse depending on the gig. He wasn't so bad. You did great by the way, I think I finally got you to loosen up. Maybe not as much as I'd like you to, but we're getting there." She gave Twilight a wink.

This didn't shock Twilight at all as she seemed to be thinking over something as they walked. "Hey Trixie," Trixie looked back as she was walking to see a bag of bits floating before her. "I know this won't exactly do much to dispel the whole 'spoiled' image you have for me, but I really don't need this. And no this isn't to bribe you into forgiveness, I just think you deserve it after all you must have gone through."

Stopping in her tracks Trixie seemed to think this over for a second. "Dang it. This goes against my every instinct as a glorified carnie, but I think that if you want it you should keep it. You more then earned it at this point. I don't think I have any reason or right to be in any way mad at you anymore." Twilight did not respond, she only held the bag there for Trixie as the showmares will crumbled. "Ok fine," she relented and took the bag, slipping it in with the other under her hat. "But now I am officially indebted to you. You really don't know how big this show was for me."

"Don't worry about it. Like I said, I don't need it, and since we're friends now there shouldn't be feelings of obligation between us."

"That didn't work back when you owed me so it doesn't work now. To pay you back I'm going to show you one last industry secret." They had arrived at the back door of the play house and Trixie opened it to let the other mare out. "I'm gonna show you the best way to unwind after a great show."

"That does sound fun, but one condition," Trixie motioned her to continue, "could you stop coming onto me, at least for the rest of the night?"

Smiling mischievously Trixie replied, "now if I remember correctly you were the last one to make a big move on me." She waggled her eyebrows for emphasis.

Twilight turned her chin up in mock contempt, "that was not me, that was Trixie's assistant." She played it off well, but her cheeks still betrayed her in the dim light.

Trixie kept her mischievous smile for a few seconds before a snort pushed its way from her nostrils. "Ok, fine. Deal. I give you a magicians promise that you are safe for the evening, now let's go".

Trixie trotted back past Twilight and led the way to her cart. She unlocked it and slipped in before opening a cabinet in the corner. She then opened a false back which revealed a couple bottles of beverages Twilight did not recognize. Trixie set those aside before opening a second false back behind that one filled with the bag of bits from the previous night as well as several others. She deposited both her new ones into it before folding up her hat and cape and adding them and closing up both secret compartments. She then took both bottles into her magical grasp and turned to present them to a newly unmasked and untransformed Twilight standing in the doorway of the cart.

"Pick your poison Twilight Sparkle, cause we ain't stopping until these are empty." Twilight looked intrigued, but before picking she realized one problem. She looked around the very limited space in the cart, which caught Trixie's attention and made her realize the problem too. "Pony feathers. Well I guess we could find a bar or something. I'd have to disguise myself first but I really don't know how long I'd be able to...." Trixie was cut off as her vision was filled with a blinding light. Blinking it away she suddenly found she was not in her cart, but back in a very soft bed she had recently come to know very well. Trixie might not have the ability to teleport, but she knew the kind of ability it would take to teleport two mares and a couple bottles of higher quality booze the several miles it was to the castle and to land on a specific bed with such precision. Looking over at the other mare now sitting on the bed smiling smugly all she could say was, "show off", before magically tossing one of the bottles over to her.

"I have been lucky enough to have experts teach me in every subject. My most recent mentor taught me the art of showing off very well." She said very smugly as she analyzed the bottle she now held in her own magic.

Trixie only stuck her tongue out at her as she popped open her bottle and gave a deep sniff as the aroma of the contents escaped. "Oh yeah. I've been waiting for a good opportunity to open these up."

"You know I've never really drank before".

"Why am I totally not surprised," Twilight gave her a half hearted glare. "Well guess I get to teach you one more lesson tonight." She held up her bottle. Twilight hesitated a few seconds before popping open her own and clinking the bottles together.

Author's Note:

This chapter was actually supposed to cover a lot more content. The whole scene in the playhouse more or less came out of nowhere as I was writing. I think this one might have meandered a little so I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. Let me know what you think.
Also, sorry it was a little late. This time around I was trying to release these stories on a schedule but the holidays made that difficult. Thanks as always for reading and I love getting your comments, even bad ones.