• Published 13th Dec 2017
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Show Business - Natedogg2006

Why would a pony make themselves completely unlikable in order to be liked. Maybe "The Great And Powerful Trixie" will be able to teach Twilight Sparkle a few things.

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Interlude: Stupid




The straps of the cart seemed to dig into the show mare's sides more deeply than any time she could easily remember.

It must be, "This! STUPID! CART!". Yeah, that's it. This stupid cart and that STUPID WHEEL.

The wheel that had been grinding her ears for the past week. She always knew it was there but lately it was impossible to ignore. She had days before started to figure the wheel must be broken, but every check on it had shown nothing wrong with it. But it was the only explanation she could think of as to why her cart felt so heavy.




And why is it so HOT!!!

It was getting late into the season but apparently nopony had told the weather ponies that because that STUPID SUN was way hotter then she felt it should be.

Three weeks had passed since her last big show, and as it tended to be for show ponies at this time of year, her gigs were getting a little thin on the ground. This wasn't new to her, nor was it that concerning. Her recent success meant she could comfortably work through the coming winter months and not worry so much, or even at all if she was going to have enough bits to make it through. Yet despite this everything felt like it was going wrong for her. At least since she left Las Pegasus, and especially since her last show a week before.




That stupid town, that stupid building, that stupid mare...

She wanted to hunker down hours before, her body being more sore and heavy then she could remember it being in a long time. But she had one more small show between here and her next big show in Canterlot in a little over two weeks and she was already at least half a day behind from all the stops for unscheduled maintenance on her cart. She had to make it to this show in some random, stupid, back woods town in just two days and she would never make it if she didn't make the next rest stop today. Though she figured her luck must be finally turning around as she came around a bend in the road and a small collection of buildings and tents came into view.


This was one of her favorite rest stops in all of Equestria, with good facilities and a good price for letting weary travelers let themselves hitch up and rest.

I can finally get this stupid cart off, get a stupid shower, and maybe,

Her thought cut itself off before it drifted to more things it didn't want to think about at the moment.

Things are looking up, she thought to herself as she finally pried the straps of her cart off her aching shoulders.


"Double?" She stared at the old earth pony in his tent who was apparently now in charge of the rest stop. "You out and out, Doubled, your rate??? Since less than a year ago??????"

"Actually, with the hitching fee it comes out to a little over double."

"What in the name of Celestia's flaming flanks is a HITCHING FEE?????"

"Sorry ma'am, nothing I can do. New pony managing the property. New amenities and such gotta be paid for. I'm sure you're gonna love them when you try them."

"I don't care about amenities, all I want is a shower..." Her rage burned itself out as she spoke, her sentence finishing in a defeated whimper. "Fine, I don't have the energy to care about anything anymore." With a growling sigh her horn lit up and passed a good sized pile of bits over to the stallion. "The water better be steaming hot is all I gotta say."

"... About that."


The door of the show mares cart almost ripped from its hinges as it was enveloped in a frantic magic aura to be slammed open. "What kind of stupid place, starts charging for stupid amenities, before they even finish putting the stupid things in!!!!!!" She stomped into her cart as her aura slammed it back closed with equal force. She continued to grumble things about fees and no refund policies as she opened a drawer and threw her unused towel and other supplies into it and slammed it shut with the same force her door didn't deserve either.

With another growling sigh she turned to her bedroll. She did not have the patience left to attempt to fluff it up again. She slumped into it and began her now nightly struggle to find a position even remotely comfortable. With some great bit of time and effort she finally did.

She laid there as if she intended to sleep, though her tightly clenched jaw and eyelids spoke more of a pony trying to hide more then be comfortable. With a deep breath she slowly relaxed. She allowed one of her eyes to peek open for just a second and look over to her writing area, and specifically the bare space below a certain candle.

Her eye slammed back shut and she rolled back over to a much less comfortable position. "Stupid candle", she muttered as exhaustion started to take over and pull her away from consciousness.

At least it's quiet.

Several seconds passed as sleep finally started to take her.

From what sounded like the neighboring rest stop she heard the unmistakable sounds of a banjo tuning up.







Her show the week before had not gone well. The sour feeling it left had been fueling her foul mood since.

Stupid spoiled brat.

Stupid cutecenera.

Stupid cheap props.

And still her shoulder ached with the strain of her cart as she trudged forward, only to know that each step would send off another shrill noise to attack her already aching forehead.

And why is it so cold?

While it still felt like the weather ponies were trying to boil her brains out of her skull during the day, the nights had apparently gotten the memo on what time of year it was and were behaving appropriately. It was way too late and getting way too cold to still be on the road, but she was now nearly a full day behind schedule from making it to Canterlot when she planned to be.

With a weary sigh her hooves stopped of what felt like their own accord.

Who the hey cares? she resolved as she started unhooking herself from her cart. Not like I'm going to need the four extra days I planned to have in Canterlot. Her hoof raised in a practiced manner and kicked out into the back of the cart.

Nothing happened.

With a glare she turned to her offending abode before raising her hoof again.



Two more hits rang out before the telltale sound of her brakes falling into place could be heard. With a snort of irritation she tiredly shuffled to the door in the back.

Too tired to use her magic, she stumbled a little as she tried to take out her keys to open the door as she walked.

Another stupid week of absolutely nothing else but this before... She didn't have the strength to finish the thought.

After a few tries she finally managed to get the door open. She didn't so much walk as tripped into the space. In the dim light from the moon coming through the door her eyes started to focus on the random spot her now largely autopiloting body tossed her keys. A space below a candle largely empty besides a broken quill and some ripped pieces of parchment.


She only vaguely felt the impact as she hit the floor next to her bedroll. She was out before her full weight came to rest.


If it's not the stupid wheel it must be the stupid loose dirt on this road.

It was now the only explanation she could come up with for why it felt like she had to dig her hooves in to pull her cart each step.

Sweet Celestia, you are really cursing the ground beneath your hooves.

And I'm arguing with myself again apparently. How stupid.

The heat today was such that she was wearing her magician's hat to try to shield herself from the sun. It wasn't helping much as sweat still ran down her cheeks as she struggled along with Canterlot finally on the horizon.

Yeah, sweat.

Yeah sweat. Sweat and dust from this stupid road. That's why my eyes are so bloodshot and why I have this hat so far over my eyes.

Thought it was because of the heat.

She groaned and tried to put her own thoughts out of her head.

Good luck with that, not like you got much else to think about.

Sure there is. I've done this for years. There's lots I can occupy myself with. Like... Like.....


No, not like that.

Why not?

Because it's all stupid and there's no reason to think about it.

She once again tried to force her thoughts out of her head, but frustrated, exhausted anger kept letting random thoughts boil up.

Stupid cart.

Stupid road.

Stupid sun.

Stupid... Parents.

There you go.


She shook her head wildly enough that she had to stop pulling her cart for a second to readjust her hat, lest some traveling merchants coming the other direction from Canterlot see her face and notice her... sweating.

I don't want to think about it. I don't need to.

Why not?

Because it's stupid and pointless. Why would ponies care about parents? I never had them and I never cared. No matter what Twilight thinks Presto was never any kind of dad to me.

A cringe went through her chest as she thought of the name for the first time in days. With a wince she forced it back.

And that goes double for.. her...

A much deeper cringe rocked her body as another name came to her mind.

Whatever you gotta tell yourself I suppose.

It's not what I gotta tell myself, it's the truth. With a hiss of frustration and the merchants now long past her horn glowed to life and began to rip the straps of her cart off of herself.

You realize your already a day behind right.

It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. I'll sit here for the next three days and nopony will care because nopony cares

Her leg kicked out and hit the side of the cart. Nothing happened. With a growl she didn't even look back, she just started kicking.

Nopony, thwap.

Cares, thwap.

And nopony, thwap

Matters, thwink.

She glared back at the unknown sound. The break on her cart was now jammed half way down.

Just like this. Does anypony care that I gotta fix this now.

She stomped over to the offending mechanism and started yanking on it violently with her forehooves. For several minutes she went at it, her horn lighting sporadically to try to force it back in other directions. She finally pushed off and stood in a low stance glaring at the broken piece of junk. As she stood huffing again and again from her efforts she suddenly noticed something. She reached up and put a single hoof on a misaligned spring in the mechanism. With no resistance it dropped into position.

This caused her no relief as she stared dumbfounded at the sight. Her rage quickly took over again as she let loose a fierce stomp into the ground. Followed by another, and a random kick into the air at nothing in particular. In her fury her hat fell from her head. Seeing it laying there she suddenly felt even more angry. She took it in her forehoof and launched it as far as she could in whatever direction it would go.


Why is it so hard?

Why am I so mad?

Why do I feel so...


The rage suddenly drained away from the mare with one icy stab. This wasn't hard. She wasn't mad. She had just forgotten what it was like to be The Great and Powerful Trixie all the time.

She was glad there was nopony else on the road because she didn't have the strength left to resist when her legs gave out and a moan of pure anguish cleared her lips. She laid there sobbing for a few minutes before she was able to open her tear filled eyes and see a purple object half buried in a nearby bush. With a sudden burst of energy she launched herself forward to retrieve it. She clutched her hat to her chest, still crying.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sooooorrrrrry." She had no idea who the words were directed to, but she knew they had to be said out loud.

Did I really say all that? Did I really yell at her? And all because I couldn't face it.

She made a promise to somepony, maybe herself, maybe Presto, she wasn't sure, to remember to wash her hat as she dragged it across her soaked face and maybe also blew her nose on it just a little.

She made her way up to her cart, magically opening it without a thought this time. She was more focused than she had been in weeks.

She lit her lantern and looked to the bare spot below the candle that shared a link to the pony she hoped still cared enough to respond. She really hoped she was wrong when she convinced herself some time before that she had probably cut the magic link. Her magic floated over her last good quill and a fresh sheet of parchment.




Well, she already made it further than she did last time.


If you even get this letter, let me just say first that I'm sorry. I know you have no reason to keep reading this but please at least finish.

I know you probably don't want to see me but if you can still make it to Canterlot it would mean everything to me. You don't have to stay and you definitely don't have to perform with me. I just have to explain face to face what happened. Why I did what I did. Why I said all that to you.

I can't really put it into words here on paper, I'm not as smart as you with words. The best I can say here is that sometimes I forget that not everypony grew up like me.

I also have to tell you about something that happened. Maybe if you hear it you might understand why I freaked out the way I did.

I'll be making it into town some time early tomorrow morning. If you want to meet, just respond. I'll meet you anywhere you say.

If not.. I understand.


Her strength gained from determination finally waining some, she had some trouble deciding on her last line, but inside she knew what it had to be.


Love always,



With three deep breaths, Beatrix finally focused her magic to light her candle. With hope she focused further, and with relief felt the magic become part of the flame. She held the now rolled but unsealed scroll over the flame and watched as the flame took it. The weight that she hadn't realized she'd been carrying seemed to whisk away with the puff of smoke... in the direction of Canterlot.

Stunned, she stayed looking out of her cart at the city on the mountain in the distance, the sun finally starting to set behind it. She knew for sure she could not have seen it go in that direction.

But you did.

She finally broke her gaze away from the city in the distance. Her exhaustion was nearly unbearable but she could not bring her eyes to look away from the flickering flame in front of her. For what felt like hours she just waited. Tears started to blur her vision just slightly when she suddenly gasped. The flame blazed a familiar purple and a scroll materialized and dropped on the table below the candle.

With unsteady hooves she reached out and took it up. With one last deep breath she unrolled it.



You are late. We were worried sick.<drip.> I was just about to send Rainbow Dash out to search the countryside for you. I was writing to you to at least make sure you're ok just when I got your message.<drip.>Don't ever scare me like that again.<dripdrop>

As far as needing to talk, obviously that is a given. Please know right off the bat that I'm more mad that you didn't write to let me know you were going to be late than about anything you said.<dripdropdrip>Sometimes I forget that not everypony grew up like me.

Just get here safe. The girls might have a few things to say to you, but I'm talking to you first. I'll be waiting in the usual place. See you soon.

Love you more, always,



I can't wait to show you the mask Rarity made me.<dripdropdrip>


Beatrix pulled the letter away before the ink began to smear. Tears ran down her face freely, but the smile would not leave her face.

Of course she already forgives me, <sniff>, Of course she's waiting for me.

She slumped backwards into the inviting comfort of her bedroll.

I can be so stupid.

Author's Note:

Sorry for how long this took. I literally finished 80 to 90 percent of this on my first day off in over a month.
Totally different format in this chapter then I've ever used, hopefully it communicates what I was going for. Back to the mentors arc after this, but you won't get answers about this one for at least another few chapters. I'll try to make sure that's not too long a wait
As always, let me know what you think. I still love hearing from readers, whether you say something good or bad.