• Published 13th Dec 2017
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Show Business - Natedogg2006

Why would a pony make themselves completely unlikable in order to be liked. Maybe "The Great And Powerful Trixie" will be able to teach Twilight Sparkle a few things.

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Mentors: More Confessions

Beatrix Lulamoon lay on her back on one of the most luxurious beds she'd ever been on. She had just finished the biggest tour of her career thus far. She knew she was more famous and financially secure then she had ever been. And finally, there was a gorgeous unicorn mare holding her tightly and very enthusiastically nibbling at her ear. By all accounts she should feel like she'd died and gone to heaven, and yet something nagged at her.

This was finally noticed by the unicorn doing the nibbling as her contemplation caused her hooves to stop moving for the third time since things had started to get steamy. "Beatrix sweetie, is something wrong? You stopped again."

Realizing this the mare in question quickly restarted her caressing of various semi-erotic parts of her marefriends anatomy. "It's nothing Twilight honey. I'm still good to go, I'm just a little tired after the show," she said looking up at her and giving her best attempt at bedroom eyes.

Twilight just gave her an incredulous look before nodding her head to the side and giving her ear a firm lick around the base and trailing across the side as she pulled away. This action caused the showmares legs to reflexively curl and pull the other mare closer, a deep moan to escape her lips, and a deep shutter to rock it's way down her spine and through all her extremities. Twilight looked back down at her with a smug smirk. "I don't know, you seem fairly awake and alert to me." She gave her slightly sulking marefriend a peck on the snout before continuing. "I'm not buying it. If there's something wrong just tell me. After what we just went through I think we can both say that being up front with each other is the best policy. So what's on your mind that has you so distracted." She then proceeded to wait through the internal dialog she knew was coming by once again beginning to nibble at Beatrix's ear

Ponyfeathers, she is getting way too good at reading me, Beatrix thought as the pleasant sensation began again. It was at this point that she had a slight existential crisis. It was a hard learned and hard taught lesson throughout her life to keep things bothering her to herself. Thus her first instinct in this situation was to lie. But now that survival was not the forefront of her mind at all times she had very different instincts that quickly started beating that one away. Wondering if a certain other pony would figure out the lie, how that would make that pony feel, and how bad it would make Beatrix herself feel for making her feel that way. A few months with a conscience in the form of the most wonderful marefriend ever could really change a pony.

With all this in mind she finally took a deep breath and spoke. "Twilight honey, do.. do you happen to know a pony named Sunshine.. OWE!!"

The mention of the name was apparently enough of a shock that Twilight's body suddenly went rigid. This unfortunately also included her jaw which caused her teeth to come together in a very rapid fashion, with a fair portion of her marefriends ear still between them. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, let me take a look," she said to the rapidly retreating mare as she tried to pull her back to her and get a look at her ear in the dimly lit room. She managed to get her to hold still long enough to get a look, "it's fine, I didn't get it that bad." She punctuated this by giving the offended ear a small kiss. "But, umm. H.. How do you know that name?"

Once again Beatrix was tempted to lie, though this time it was probably just misguided self-preservation instincts stemming from her still stinging ear. "There.. there was a pony at the show tonight, at least I think it was a pony, who said you would know that name."

Twilight gave a sigh of resignation, as though she both didn't and very much did anticipate this conversation, and then her expression turned pensive. "Umm yeah, I do know who that was. I'll tell you but you gotta promise not to be mad."

Those words made Beatrix remember a part of the conversation with the odd pair. "Were you the one who told them about me, did you really tell them my real name." They had scooted away from each other, not a great distance on the massive bed, but at that moment the space between them felt massive to the showmare.

Twilight immediately closed that gap and held her marefriend close again. "What? No, of course not. Sweetie, you know I'd never do something like that to you."

Beatrix nuzzled her marefriends cheek. "Yeah, I know," she also gave a little sniff before pulling away again. "But then who were they, because they did know."

"Yeah. Like I said, I can explain. They would be the one pony who could figure out about you if they really tried. I mean they.... Wait. Did you mean 'they' as in singular or plural?"

"... plural."

"... Ponyfeathers."


"This might be bad."

"... What?"

Twilight's demeanor once again became pensive. "Umm, ok. Well, remember you said it was ok that I told my parents about you," Beatrix nodded. "Well, umm. Before I actually told you about it, I was already planning the family dinner. And... Umm. While I was planning it I might have, maybe, possibly, accidentally, told Princess Celestia.

Twilight stayed silent for a few moments before she finally braved a look up to the other mare. Beatrix's eyes seemed to be the size of dinner plates. "Prin... cess... Ce.. Cel...?"

"And... I'm guessing she was disguised as a unicorn, and there was a pegasus with her," Beatrix was still too stunned to respond. "I'm guessing that was Princess Cadence, the uncrownd princess of love." Beatrix would later swear she heard the sound of a fuse shorting, in her head, and Twilight could basically tell this by the color draining from her face. But she knew she had to go further. "And I'm guessing this happened while I was with my friends, so I'm guessing the pony they had me meet was a distraction, and it was probably Princess Luna.

Whatever dam was holding back Beatrix's reaction very suddenly broke and she was very suddenly on her hooves, the blanket that had been covering both of them flying off and landing half way hanging from the side of the bed. "There were THREE.. ALICORN ... PRINCESSES... At my show. SPECIFICALLY there to INTERROGATE ME!!!!!"

Twilight was up in an instant as well, though she was sitting back on her haunches with her forehooves raised in a placating gesture. "Please Beatrix, calm down. It's not that big a deal."

"I am calm!!" Though she said it without shouting her rapid and ragad breathing did not lend much faith to her statement.

Twilight could tell she was running through quite a few very unpleasant scenarios in her head. This caused very unpleasant memories to start flashing through Twilight's mind. Unpleasant enough that she caught herself inhaling a deep enough breath to go on a tyrade she didn't feel coming until it was almost too late. Remembering what their relationship had just went through she turned this inhale into a deep breath, and followed it with two more slow ones. She stepped forward on the bed to her panicking lover and raised a hoof to her cheek. "Beatrix, sweetie. Please, for me." Beatrix managed to look up to her. "Three deep breaths?"

Beatrix felt a pang of confused emotions shoot through her at this request, but seeing the pleading look on Twilight's face allowed her to calm enough to comply. The deep breaths managed to calm her down. Two more sets and she managed to relax enough that she was able to sit back down on the bed and think clearly. "I guess, what I really need to know right now... Is what your relationship is really like with the princess...es."

"That.. is a little complicated." Beatrix gave a face that let Twilight know she was not happy with that answer. "I know, I know. Give me a minute, and please understand. These, details... are largely the reason I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, at least initially." She took a deep breath. "I lived in the castle three to five days a week. I took regular classes with other kids in her school any days I wasn't living here taking classes with Princess Celestia. That is until I out paced all my classmates and most of my teachers and pretty much just took lessons with her and private tutors."


"Yeah I know. I lived here while taking classes with her because her schedule could get random. If she ever got too busy to look after me during the school week then she had Cadence foalsit me. We all became really good friends."

"You were taught by one princess, and foalsat by another. You even lived in a palace instead of going to regular school. You really are the most spoiled pony I've ever met."

"It's worse. I got so casual with being around royalty that I made more then one social faux pas at the princesses expense. Walking in on important meetings and stuff shouting weird questions without context. Sunshine is the name she would use when she told me I was working too hard and would take on a disguise and take me out to have fun in Canterlot. We got caught more then a few times. It got a lot of tabloids and stuff printing weird stories about our relationships."

"What were the best ones?" Beatrix was starting to get into the story and gave a devious smile.

"They were all horrible," Twilight exclaimed as she leaned forward and buried her face in her hooves. She let out a long groan before continuing. "Stuff like, like she adopted me, those stories going as far as claiming she killed my parents so I had to be her student. Or that I was really her love child along with Cadence, that I actually was the love child of her and Cadence, and even that both me and Cadence were actually her underage lovers."

Beatrix let out a snort before she began cackling hysterically and rolling around on the bed next to her still groaning marefriend. The rolling laughter went on long enough for Twilight to get frustrated enough to pounce on the giggling mass and attempt to nibble it into submission. It finally worked when she managed to find the recently made sensitive spot on its ear.

"Ow, ow, ow. Ok, ok stopping." She ended up with Twilight pinning her down and giving her the cutest scowl she had ever seen. "So I'm guessing other kids stayed away from you because you were so close to royalty. Had to deal with them being jealous of how spoiled you were."

Her reply involved an extended tongue and specks of spiddle splattering her face. "Something like that. And as such Princess Celestia and Cadence basically became my only social circle other then my family."

"So they basically are your extended family. And I really am going to have to justify myself to them like I already had to with the rest of your family just a few days ago." She let out a long sigh.

"Sorry." Twilight settled herself onto her loves chest and dotted it with light kisses.

Beatrix realized there was one pony missing from the explanation. "What about Princess Luna?"

"She's a total goober who is even more socially awkward then me." Beatrix shook with giggles beneath her. "It's true. She has no idea how to behave in modern society, she just hides it better then I can usually. You should have seen the girls and me trying to teach her how to play some games on Nightmare Night after her return. Now she's constantly sneaking into Ponyville to go pranking with Dash and Pinky, usually on me." Both mares decended into a giggling fit that lasted a fair bit of time before they settled into the gentle embrace again.

They just lay there for a time enjoying the calm. Beatrix finally broke the silence again. "So, from a purely objective standpoint, which one of us do you think is probably harder to be with."

"We're both largely detached and unreachable for long periods of time for various reasons, we both have confusing family slash friend dynamics to deal with, and we're both so socially stunted that we're both just sort of throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks with this whole relationship thing. I'd say we're stuck together if for no other reason then anypony else would have reasonably run away screaming a long time ago."

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Beatrix said as she started planting small kisses on her marefriends horn causing shivers of pleasure from the mare on top of her.

"Is that ok?" Twilight still had a little hesitance left over the situation.

"Did you forget that I'm weird and like weird. Non-weird ponies may take all that as negatives, but I think it just means we really were made for each other. It would be hard for normal ponies, but it comes so natural to us."

They once again just embraced one another for a while enjoying a few more moments of calm. Twilight finally sat up just a little to look down at the mare she loved. "So after all this, are you, umm... not in the mood any more.

Beatrix tilted her head to see her lover giving her her usual adorably nerdy attempt at bedroom eyes, the ones that always simultaneously got her going and made her snort a small laugh.

"Oh come on. I didn't see you for over a month and we've been too busy all week." Her expression faded to a much more genuine expression of longing that cut out the laugh and only left the showmare longing as well. "I really missed you, even more then usual. You'd be surprised how lonely you can feel even when surrounded by other ponies, if they're not the one you want to be with."

Beatrix actually knew that quite well, but the burning desire in the eyes above her made bringing that up the furthest thing from her mind. "Well. I guess if defiling the princesses student is a capital offence, they can only banish me once right?"

"I'm such a bad influence on you."

A giddy smile over took both of them before their lips met.

Author's Note:

I took a different approach in this chapter and decided I wanted to imagine what it was like for Twilight growing up. Giving more context to how she became who she is. Didn't take too many liberties but I feel like it might run a few people the wrong way.
Decided I wanted to get this out before my next vacation if only to see if I can get one done during my vacation as well. Next one should be the last of the mentors arch and will have more of the back story I created for Trixie, as well as how that turns into the full story of the happy couple first major fight. Hopefully it will be worth the time I took to build it up.
As always, let me know what you think and also if this story is starting to need more tags.