• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure - CJ Esmerio

A slightly-extended version of the 2017 theatrical film.

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Escape from Danger

Author's Note:

"My Little Pony: The Movie" is owned by Lionsgate and Hasbro.

As the airship made its landing several feet away from Klugetown, Grubber walked over to the imprisoned Starlight, and looked at her with a smile. "Hey, you can do magic stuff, right?"

"Uh… yeah…" replied the unicorn, whose entire lower half was now completely frozen, and Grubber presented her with a slice of sponge cake.

"You think you could turn this into a caramel apple treat for me?"

Starlight just looked at the small hedgehog before giving a shrug that meant "eh, why not", and so, after powering up her horn, she did what he asked, much to Grubber's enjoyment.

"Wow, that's so cool!" He then started to walk away, heading outside to join the other purple unicorn. "I'll try to make sure that Tempest doesn't hurt your pony princess friend that much."

Once Grubber was gone, Starlight let out a sigh of sadness, and looked out the nearby window, hoping that Twilight was safe, along with the others.

"Welcome, my little ponies, to my little manor!"

Twilight, Casey, and the rest of their friends entered Capper's home, with the cat apologizing for the mess since he hadn't been expecting guests.

"Ooh, so many fun breakables," pointed out Pinkie.

As her friends looked around the small place, Twilight naturally walked over to Capper's bookshelf, trying to locate a way for them to find the queen they were looking for.

There's got to be something that we can use to-

"Um, need any help, Twilight?" asked Casey, now standing nearby, and the purple alicorn gave him a warm smile before nodding her head.

As the two of them looked through various books, Capper was listening to Rainbow talk about the importance of her first Sonic Rainboom, but just when it seemed like the pegasus was about ready to do one, the cat quickly shook his head.

"Alright, I didn't mean for you to show me right now, here in my - whoa, hold up now!"

To his surprise, Rarity was using her magic and seamstress skills to make a few repairs and adjustments to Capper's coat.

"Here you go… and I do apologize," said the white unicorn. "If we were back home, I could've done something truly fabulous."

A suspicious look appeared on Capper's face as he turned away from her, asking, "Okay, what's the catch?"

"Oh, n-nothing," replied Rarity, who was being honest with him. "After everything you've done for us today? Consider it a thank you."

At first, Capper was genuinely touched by what Rarity had said, but then, a look of guilt appeared on his face since none of them had no idea what he'd planned to do.

"Oh, uh, you don't have to thank me… really."

"No! My cabbages!" cried a turtle-like vendor, after a pair of Storm Creatures destroyed his cart.

Tempest, Grubber, and a group of the white-furred soldiers were walking through the streets of Klugetown, with the Storm Creatures doing whatever they could to find any sign of the pony princess.

"I don't know anything, I swear!" cried the female vendor that had asked for Rarity's mane, and let out a small sigh of relief as the Storm Creatures walked away from her booth.

Grubber took a look around the city, and asked, "You really think that the princess got this far?"

After taking a quick pause to notice a single strand of mane-hair that was stuck to a nearby piece of broken wood, Tempest gave a small nod of the head. "Oh, she's definitely here…"

A few minutes later, she noticed a group of ruffians gathered in a huddle, and figured that they must have to know something.

"Attention! I believe that a purple pony passed through here sometime earlier today," stated Tempest, in a calm but menacing tone, which caused the vendors to look at the dark purple unicorn. "Tell me where she is-"

"Or something real bad's gonna happen," added Grubber, waving his caramel apple treat in a threatening way, but when one of the vendors made their way towards them, he let out a small squeak of fear before quickly moving away from Tempest.

"You think we're going to fall for that stuff again?" stated the fish-like creature, who had learned that he'd been decieved about the pony colour disease. "I don't know what kind of scam you're pulling with Capper, and the rest of his little pony friends, but somebody has to pay!"

"Friends?" replied Tempest, a little surprised since she assumed that the princess would've been traveling by just herself.

As for the creature, he began to run straight towards her, but the dark-purple unicorn used her hind legs to deliver a solid punch to his chest, and she swiftly pulled him into the air by his tail, which was followed by a powerful body slam onto the rocky ground, delivering a loud thud!

"Ohhhh, Fish Man just got dropped!" exclaimed Grubber.

With a sly grin on her face, Tempest climbed on top of the fallen vendor, and shot out a few sparks from her damaged horn as she said, "Now, then, tell me more about this Capper…"

Twilight let out a sigh of disappointment as she finished looking through yet another book that had no type of information regarding the hippo queen. "Casey, were you able to-"

"Hey, Twilight, I think I found-" The young pony started to say, but the two of them realized that they were almost eye-to-eye with each other, and Casey's body temperature rose up while Twilight felt herself starting to blush.

"Um… w-what were you, er, going to-"

"No, no, you, uh, go ahead…"

Casey cleared his throat, and tried to relax as he replied, "I, um… found this scroll thing inside of a book that looked different than the others, and… I just figured that it, er, might… help… somehow…"

Twilight accepted the rolled-up piece of parchment into her hooves, and she unfurled it in order to take a look.

Then, to his surprise, the young alicorn's face brightened up with happiness, and she said, "This is… it's a map! And it's exactly what we need!"

Before Casey could say something, Twilight gave her special somepony a quick kiss on the lips, and she hurried over to the others while Casey let out a sigh of happiness while tiny hearts appeared around his head. "Wow…"

But his moment of pleasure was interrupted when a familiar voice said, "Well, you two were certainly busy, huh? I mean, judging from that smile on your face…"

Casey turned to look at the blue pegasus, with a frown as he replied, "Seriously?"

As for Twilight, she was now showing the map to her friends, saying that they'd been looking for the wrong queen this whole time.

"Aw, but I wanted to meet the queen of the hippos so badly!" said Pinkie.

Applejack rolled her eyes, and asked, "Well, then if it ain't the hippo queen, Twi, then what-"

Twilight pointed at an illustration on the map, and replied, "We need to find the queen of the hippogriffs! Part pony, part eagle."

While Rainbow and Casey came back to take a look, a sheepish Capper said, "Oh, the hippo-griffs! Well, now, see… the problem with that is no one knows where they are."

"It says here that they're at the top of Mt. Aris," replied a suspicious Twilight.

"You mean the mountain that's right outside the window?" said Pinkie, who was now pointing at said location with her hoof, and everyone else turned to look over at Capper.

The sheepish cat gave them a small smile, and he said, "Objects in windows may be less mountainous than they appear… heh, heh…"

Twilight frowned at Capper, with her trust of him quickly fading away, and she looked over at the others. "Let's get out of here, everypony."

She began to lead them towards the door, but they were stopped by Capper, who quickly jumped in front of it. "Wait! You, um… can't go there by yourselves! You need an… airship!"

He placed a paw on Twilight's shoulder, and gave her a friendly smile. "And lucky for you, I can get you a ride."

But Twilight was no longer falling for Capper's kindness, so she pushed him aside, and said, "I think we can get there on our own…"

Then, the young alicorn used her magic to open up the door, but she found herself taking a few steps after seeing who was at the doorstep.

"Here's Verko!"cried a big and gleeful, coat-wearing naked mole rat, with a smile that revealed all of his yellow sharp-edged teeth, and he pointed a finger at Capper. "These ponies better shoot rainbow lasers outta their eyes if they're going to settle your debt… and today I brought the big cage, so let's load them up!"

After seeing the cage-on-wheels that he'd been talking about, Twilight and the others gasped in shock, having realized what was going on, and Rarity exclaimed, "You were… you were going to sell us?"

Capper had no words to say right now, aside from an apologetic look on his face, and a disappointed Twilight cried, "I knew it! We've got to get out of here."

Everyone else nodded in agreement, but before they could head out the door, a familiar chuckle was heard, followed by the arrival of Tempest, Grubber, and the Storm Creatures.

"Silly little ponies!" said Tempest, with a sinister smile on her face.

"Tempest!" cried the alicorn princess.

"Aaaggghhh!" whimpered Fluttershy, who was now hiding herself from underneath a lamp shade.

The horn-damaged unicorn glanced over at Capper, and said, "Trusting strangers, I see? Big mistake, princess."

"Yep, make that huge!" replied Grubber.

Before Tempest could say anything else, Verko suddenly squeezed her cheeks together with his claws, and began to squish them around.

"Ohhh, you shouldn't have done that," whispered Grubber.

As for Verko, the salesmole simply said, "Oh, look at you with your scowling, and your scary broken horn… so what tricks do you know, my little pony-wony?"


"Not bad!" gasped a now-singed Verko, and he collapsed to the floor… just in time for her to see Casey pushing Twilight out the open window, with the others having already climbed through it.


"Sorry!" replied a sheepish Casey, adjusting his hooves before he climbed out after her, and Tempest gritted her teeth together, in frustration.

"Get her now!"

A few moments later, the group of friends were now running across a jagged elevated walkway, trying to not get hit by the giant wooden water-mill wheel that had come loose after they'd all jumped onto it.

"They're still chasing us!" cried Rarity, who was referring to the Storm Creatures.

Think fast, think fast, think fast, think fast, think - I got it! thought Twilight, and she exclaimed, "We have to get over to the docks!"

Once they got there, they saw a departing ship that looked nothing like one of the airships that belonged to the Storm King getting ready to leave, but luckily, Rainbow had decided to quickly grab ahold of its mooring rope, pulling it taut enough for the others to carefully walk across, as if it were a tightrope.

"Alright, everypony, don't look down now!" said Applejack, doing her best to give words of encouragement, and so far, it was working since almost all of them were now on board, except for Rainbow, Twilight, and-

"Yay!" squealed an excited Pinkie, who had been smiling this entire time, as she bounced off of the dock, and onto the rope, but the next thing they knew, the unexpected addition of weight caused the rope to buckle.

To make things worse, Pinkie had been unable to grab onto the rope, so she was now falling all the way down into the rocky chasm below!

"Pinkie!" shouted Twilight, who was now flying down to catch her before it was too late.

"Aaaaaaaggghhh!" cried Pinkie, with the sharp edges of the rocks getting more bigger with every passing moment, but at the very last second, Twilight had been able to grab onto the pink Earth Pony, and was now making her way back up towards the airship.

Once they had reached the entrance to the ship's dock, Twilight released Pinkie from her grasp, and the two friends landed on it safely.

Then, before the young alicorn could ask if she was okay, Pinkie lifted her head up, and exclaimed, "Best. Escape plan. Ever!"

Twilight's muzzle almost dropped to the ground, and as Pinkie smiled at her, she cried, "What?!"