• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure - CJ Esmerio

A slightly-extended version of the 2017 theatrical film.

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Time to Celebrate, Part I

Author's Note:

My Little Pony: The Moviebelongs to Hasbro and Lionsgate while I just own the story.

As the moon shined beautifully in the night sky, everyone that had attented the Friendship Festival was now gathered around the stage, eagerly waiting to see the performance that almost all had come from many places afar to watch.

"Fillies and gentlecolts!" called out Spike, wearing a pair of shades while standing in front of Vinyl Scratch's DJ booth, with a microphone in his claws.

Grubber was also near the booth, happily chewing up a slice of his sponge cake as Spike continued to give the pop singer her introduction.

"Get ready for a little…Songbird Serenade!"

All of the spotlights shined towards the front of the stage, where the cream-colored pegasus proudly stood with a smile as the crowd cheered for her.

"And now,to celebrate the fact that we're all still here in one piece,"said Songbird Serenade, pointing at a certain group of ponies in the audience. "Give it up forPrincess Twilightand herfriends!"

One of the spotlights made its way over to where Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow, Casey, and Starlight all stood at, with their own new friends - Capper, the pirates, and Skystar - standing behind them, and they gratefully accepted the cheering and applauding that came from the rest of the audience.

From where they stood, the other three princesses delivered a bow to their fellow alicorn, with Twilight was more than happy to return the favor, and then, the audience turned their attention to Songbird Serenade as she began to give her performance.

I know you, you're a special one
Some see crazy where I see love

Standing several feet away in the shadows was Beck, who watched with a smile on his face, and his eyes glanced upward for a moment, thinking of his late wife and their son. "You and Carl would've loved to see this, sweetheart."

You fall so low but shoot so high
Big dreamers shoot for open skies
So much life in those open eyes

There was also another pony attending the festival that preferred to stay hidden away from everyone else, and as he saw how happy Twilight was while she watched Songbird perform, he couldn't help but smile himself.

"See you around, princess," muttered the Earth Pony, and he began to walk away from the plaza since there were other important things that needed to be taken care of elsewhere.

So much depth, you look for the light

Back in the crowd, Rainbow and Celeano had exchanged a hoof/fist-bump before talking aboutawesomestories, Rarity was presenting Capper with a fabulous new coat and top hat that she had created for him, and a giggling Pinkie was sharing a hug with Skystar, who'd let out a surprised gasp after seeing the arrival of someone familiar.

But when your wounds open, you will cry

"Mom!"cried the hippogriff princess, running over to embrace her mother, who had also brought with her a few more hippogriffs that had wanted to attend the festivities.

You'll cry out now and you'll question why

With a smirk on her face, Queen Novo told her daughter that she wassogrounded, and she began laughing while a now-alarmed Skystar's eyes grow wide with worry.

I can see a rainbow
In your tears as they fall on down
I can see your soul grow
Through the pain as they hit the ground

Still watching Songbird Serenade give a beautiful and exciting performance, a pleased Twilight watched the talented pegasus fly around the plaza, and after finding herself turn in a different direction, the young alicorn noticed that Tempest was choosing to stay alone.

I can see a rainbow
In your tears as the sun comes out
As the sun comes out

So, Twilight made her way over to Tempest, who sighed once she saw the young alicorn from the corner of her right eye. "That's one thing that never changes around here: a party."

"Well, I hope you'll stay," replied Twilight, a warm smile appearing on her face. "More friends are definitely merrier."

"But, um…my horn?" Everything that Tempest had done since she started working for the Storm King were in hopes of getting her horn restored in return. Now it seemed like she would have to live with it for the rest of her life.

"You know…" Tempest turned around to look at Twilight after the princess had spoken. "Your horn ispretty powerful, just like the pony it belongs to."

No one's ever given me a compliment like that before,thought a surprised Tempest, taking another look up at her broken horn before remembering something that she'd said earlier today, and she began to smile.

"Ididtell you that I wanted to show everypony in Equestria what I could do, right?"

Twilight nodded her head, and the young alicorn watched Tempest take a few steps forward, followed by her shooting out a stream of sparkling magic into the night sky.

Then, a set of beautiful and colorful firework explosions began to appear, and the two purple ponies shared the same look of happiness before going back to admiring Tempest's fizzling handiwork.

"Nice touch, Tempest!"called out Pinkie as she bounced over to join them, followed by the rest of the Mane 6, and a sheepish smile appeared on Tempest's face.

"Actually, that's not my real name," admitted the dark purple unicorn, causing Pinkie to suddenly appear right in front of her.

"Oooh! What is it?"

With an assumption that there probably wasn't any harm in telling the now-squealing Earth pony, a slightly embarassed Tempest cleared her throat before whispering a response in Pinkie's ear. "It's Fizzlepop Berrytwist."

Suddenly, while letting out an excited gasp, Pinkie's eyes grew wide as if there were stars in them, along with her smile, and she placed an embracing hoof around Tempest's shoulder. "Okay,that is the mostawesomenameEVER!"

Watching his friend's excitement from where he stood a few feet away, a smirking Casey said, "Well, I guess that now we've reached that part of the story when we...oh...right."

He was going to remind Stardust that this was supposed to be the part when the two of them talked about "what happens now", but that obviously wasn't going to happen since the gold Earth Pony wasn't standing next to him.

And I don't see any sign of Kronos anywhere,thought Casey, who sadly let out a sigh, which meant that he had yet to prove to the elderly being that he deserved to go and visit Stardust's world, and vice versa.

"Hey, Casey, you are not gonna believe what..." An approaching Pinkie started to say, but she stopped after noticing how sad her friend was. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Casey, trying his best to smile. "I just... miss someone, is all."

"Ohhh..." said Pinkie, and a few seconds later, her face quickly brightened up. "Stay right here!"

Then, she took off running before Casey could say anything, and to his surprise, the pink pony returned before he could even blink his eyes. "Wha..."

"Here ya go! Does this help?" asked Pinkie, handing whatever she was holding to Casey, who couldn't help but smile.

It was a yellow balloon that had been twisted around to resemble Stardust as much as it possibly could, with the mane, beard, and tail having been colored in via black permanent marker.

There was also a white balloon that looked like a speech bubble, with "*~ %" written on it, and Casey couldn't help but start laughing. "Thank you, Pinkie... but, um, what is that, anyway?"

"Well, it's a star-like symbol, a squiggly line, some type of 'a' symbol, a percent symbol..."

Still chuckling, Casey shook his head, and he replied, "Never mind, forget it... but again, thank you."

"Uh-huh, that's what friends are for," said Pinkie, nodding her head. "Oh, that reminds me... when do the rest of our friends get to know your real name?"

The young pony gave her a confused look. "Huh? It's Casey, Pinkie... you know that."

But Pinkie shook her head. "No, silly, the one that's on your birth certificate... you know..."

Then, after finishing her sentence, Casey's eyes went wide, and he quickly shushed her, hoping that no one else had heard. "Pinkie, are you... come on, not even Twilight knows that!"

Pinkie just started to giggle, and replied, "Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell them... but I could tell him-"

"No!" whispered Casey, who had now found one good thing about Stardust not being there. "You can't tell anyone, alright? I'll tell them... whenever I feel good enough to tell them... okay?"

"You can count on me, Casey," replied Pinkie, giving her friend a salute, and as she bounced away, the light-orange pony looked down at his balloon.

A warm smile returned to his face, but then, Casey quickly felt worried after hearing another familiar voice speak.

"Now,thatis a version of Stardust I know can't cause me any trouble."

Letting out a sheepish chuckle, Casey turned to find himself looking at the elderly form of Kronos, who (for once) actually looked rather calm when compared to the other times he had seen him. "You and your friends have certainly been through quite an ordeal the past few days."

"Um… heh, heh,I guess you can say that," said the young stallion. "So, er, what brings you over here this evening?"

The old figure gave a small chuckle and he replied, "I came to tellyousomething actually." Casey now looked even more worried. "Hahaha,no, don't worry, it's nothing like that… but first, let me say that I certainly never expected you out of all ponies to invite Beck here."

"Oh, well… I mean, Twilight would've probably done it if she hadn't been busy with restoring the festival," said Casey, giving a small shrug. "To be honest, I'm still surprised that I actually did it… but if Twilight can befriend somepony like Tempest… I guess that there's no reason I can't take filly steps in doing the same with Beck."

"Indeed, son," agreed a smiling Kronos, and he pointed at the spot in Casey's chest where his heart would be. "From what I have seen, you may not be ready just yet to forgive Beck for what he did against Twilight, but you are willing to make a small attempt at making peace with him."

Casey just gave another shrug, and he started to resume watching the show.

"It's also made me… re-think the decision I made on your recent birthday," added the elderly figure, immediately catching all of Casey's attention. "You still have more to prove, but if you keep on doingunexpectedstuff like that, it'll be done in no time… so, as of now, you and/or anyone else in Stardust's world can visit each other here or there, but only one individual can be in the other friend's world. Is that understood?"

A surprised Casey nodded his head, but it took a moment or two for him to resume talking. "So, all of this was because-"

"Well,that, and because a certain alicorn had a long conversation with me on the night that you'd attempted to remove your leg casts," said Kronos, and Casey looked over at Twilight, who was still watching the performance. "But wait until tomorrow to do any sort of visiting, okay? The night is still young, and you still have somefriendshiptime to make up for."

"I can do that," replied Casey, and Kronos nodded his head. "Thank you… also, uh, do you know how Stardust is, by any chance?"

An amused Kronos nodded towards the balloon in Casey's hooves. "I will only say that he misses you just as much as you do for him." Casey's smile began to grow a little more. "He's also been busy with other events that have thankfully not allowed him to be killed…yet."

A quick laugh came out of Casey's mouth, and the two of them shared a handshake before Kronos started to walk away, disappearing in the blink of an eye as he entered a darkened area, leaving Casey to be happy with the fact that he'd be able to enter his friend's world tomorrow.


Looks like I can write this festival off as a success,thought Twilight, who was so focused on Songbird Serenade's performance that she didn't notice a certain pony stand beside her.

"Wow, Twilight, this all looks amazing!"

The young alicorn absentmindedly nodded her head, and replied, "Thank you, Sunset. Glad you're enjoying it."

Sunset just remained quiet, waiting to see how long it would take for her friend to realize that she was there, and luckily, it wasn't long before Twilight did a double-take. "Wait,Sunset Shimmer? Y-you… you're here! But I didn't send you an invitation… n-not that I ever intendednotto make one out to you! I would've definitely made one, or visited you to give a personal invite... invitation myself, but I just assumed you'd be busy focusing on graduating and stuff at CHS-"

"Okay, slow down there, princess," said an amused Sunset, the yellow unicorn placing a hoof on her friend's shoulder, and Twilight gave a sheepish smile. "You don't see me acting nervous and stuff right now, do you?"

Twilight pointed a hoof at herself. "Me, nervous?No,don't be ridiculous. I'm not like that at all, Sunset… just, um, completely surprised to see you, but in a really good way. So, eh, h-how did-"

"Casey came over to my apartment earlier today to invite me here," answered the redeemed mare, and Twilight looked over at her special somepony, who was trying to stop Spike from tasting Celeano's crystal peg leg. "I figured that-"

Suddenly, her sentence stopped after the two ponies heard another familiar voice speak, and Sunset's eyes went wide. "Well, this is certainly a night of surprises, isn't it, Twilight?"

Princess Celestia was now standing in front of them, and Twilight looked over at her friend, who was now trying her best to not sound nervous. "Principal Cele -oof!"The purple alicorn quickly nudged Sunset in the chest, and her friend corrected herself. "I mean, PrincessCelestia… um, I didn't expect to see you here… well, even though that thisisCanterlot, and your castle's right over there, so why wouldn't I… er…"

To her relief, Celestia let out a soft chuckle, and she said, "Perhaps it would be best for us to finish this conversation at a later moment in the future. I wouldn't want to take away any time from your visit with Twilight."

"I think that sounds just fine, Princess Celestia," replied Twilight, while Sunset just nodded her head, and their former teacher did the same before walking away, with the smirking Princess of Friendship raising an eyebrow at the bacon-haired unicorn.

"You don't act all nervous and stuff, huh?" Sunset gave a sheepish chuckle, and eventually, the two of them both started to laugh at each other's antics.


As she finished up with folding up her apple cider cart, Applejack was ready to drink the last glass of her family's amazing beverage, but before she could grab the handle with her hoof, the voice of Rainbow Dash suddenly cried, "Hey, Coloratura! Nice to see you here at the festival!"

"Rara?"Applejack turned her head in the opposite direction, but the musically talented Earth Pony was nowhere in sight. "Gosh darn it, Rainbow, you know better than to-"


The blue pegasus was already gone before Applejack could finish her sentence, so she decided to return to drinking the cup of cider, but after tilting it so that the liquid would go down her throat, the orange pony saw that there wasn't even any cider inside!

"Rainbow Dash!"yelled an annoyed and irritated Applejack, and she was about to chase her down when a familiar voice suddenly took her by surprise.

"Everything okay, AJ?" asked Coloratura, who was now actually standing behind her closest friend, and after turning herself around, a sheepish chuckle came out of Applejack's mouth.

"I'm doin' alright, Rara," Applejack replied, and the two of them smiled ay each other. "Ah sure am glad you could make it here. How's the life of a…"

"Coloratura!"From out of nowhere, an excited Applebloom was standing beside her big sister, with a wide grin on her face. "I thought I saw you! How've you been? Are you gonna sing, too? Do my sis' letters make it to your place in Maneha-"

Applejack covered the young pony's muzzle before she could finish, and a slight blush appeared on her face as she said, "She's glad, too, Rara."

"I can tell," said a chuckling Rara, while both Applebloom and Applejack gave her a sheepish smile. "So, um, what have I missed that you haven't told me yet in your letters?"


While Twilight began to introduce Tempest to Sunset, a certain azure unicorn was looking at the dark purple mare with annoyance.

"That pony is a show-off… theGreatandPowerfulTrixie's fireworks arewaybetter than the onessheconjured up!"

An amused Starlight shook her head, and she said, "Take it easy there, Great and Powerful, Tempest was only showing Twilight what she was able to do with her magic."

But, unsurprisingly, her best friend was not paying that much attention. "We'll just see what Princess Twilight thinks about itafterI show everypony whatmykind of fireworks can do!"

Then, she pulled out a rather large firework from her cart, and it had to be lit… until now, that is. "Get ready to see something amazing, Star- oh, no."

Unfortunately, Trixie had forgotten to place the required stand underneath the rocket-shaped firework, which meant that it toppled over to the ground after she had lighted it, and was now speeding towards the pony that had just arrived to stand beside Twilight.

"Casey!"cried the young princess while watching her special somepony suddenly be taken up into the sky by Trixie's newest explosive, and her eyes grew wider after it was blown up, resulting in the creation of fireworks that were almost as impressive as the ones Tempest had done moments ago.


Pinkie was now standing on her hind legs near Twilight, prepared to catch a now-falling Casey."I got him, Twilight, don't worry, I got him - oof!"

The soot-covered pony crash landed into Pinkie's open hooves, and as their heads spinned around in a dizzy fashion, everypony else looked over at Trixie, who gave a sheepish smile."Ta-da…"