• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure - CJ Esmerio

A slightly-extended version of the 2017 theatrical film.

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New Arrivals

Author's Note:

Hasbro, Lionsgate, and DHX Media are the owners of "My Little Pony: The Movie", and Beck was created by FanficReader920.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Make a move already!"

As he looked down at the chess board floating in front of him, Discord rolled his eyes, and replied, "Just be patient, alright? I don't want to mess this up."

His opponent, who was actually a replica of himself, but with glasses, let out a disappointed sigh. "We are playing a game of chess. How could you possibly-"

"Aaaand done! Checkmate!" cried Discord, putting the white King piece in check.

Before his opponent could say anything, another voice said, "It's about time you finished that game."

The voice had come from the muzzle of Beck, a middle-aged, light-green Earth Pony that had the knowledge of a botanist, but was also Twilight's sole prisoner.

"I'm actually going to agree with Plant Pony here," replied Discord's other self, causing the other one to roll his eyes, and create a portal that appeared above him. "Huh… should've seen that coming."

Then, after his other self was sucked into the portal, the draconequs looked back at Beck, who asked, "How come you're not at the, uh, Festival of Friendship?"

A smirk appeared on Discord's face as he replied, "Well, normally, I would be there, but that would leave no one to watch over you… the pony that-"

"Yeah, yeah, your BBFET or whatever the codename is for…" Beck started to say, but when Discord glared at him, an apologetic expression appeared on his face. "Sorry."

"Oh, you have a lot to be sorry for, little pony," replied Discord, speaking in a slightly serious tone. "Let's recap what you did, shall we?"


A mist-like portal appeared beside the draconequs, and it started to show past events that involved Beck, with Discord describing them quickly.

"You captured several innocent ponies, especially the royal ones, as well as attempting to end Spike's life, nearly beating Twilight to a pulp, and causing severe stress to her special somepony that resulted in-"

Beck turned his head away from the portal, and replied, "Alright, I get it… just stop showing that stuff, okay?"

As the portal disappered, another question suddenly appeared in Beck's head.

"What if something bad happened at-"

"-at Twilight's friendship festival?" said Discord, finishing his sentence, chuckling while he began to shuffle a deck of cards.

Then, as he started to prepare a game of 21, Discord added, "I'm pretty sure the worst thing that could happen at the festival - aside from Twilight possibly getting a stroke if I did stuff I would normally do - is somepony not making a friend, which can certainly be taken care of by the princess of friendship since she's done it with characters like me, Starlight, Sunset… you, I guess…"

Before Beck could respond to that, Discord asked, "Are we doin' this game, or would you prefer I go back to torturing you?"

After seeing a red balloon slowly pass by the draconequs, Beck shook his head. "No, I'll play with you… but you mind taking off this straight-jacket first?"


Twilight was about to respond to her special somepony when they both heard several ponies around them speaking in hushed tones.

"Oh, wow… is that her? It is!"

They were referring to the arrival of a cream-colored Pegasus, whose name was Songbird Serenade, that was actually the opening act for the show later in the evening, and she was accompanied by two stallion bodyguards.

"Hiya! I'm looking for the pony in charge? I need to set up for my sound check."

Twilight opened her muzzle to speak, but stopped after the swift appearance of Photo Finish, who took several photos of the pop diva, and once the photo-skilled pony was gone, the starstruck alicorn took a few steps forward.

"Songbird Serenade? Um, I was just going to check up on you… I'm Princess Twilight, and sorry about the mess. I'm usually not so-"


The young princess quickly realized that she had accidentally caused a tiny slob of the pink cake to land on the front of Songbird's outfit, and the amused Pegasus said, "Caked in cake?"

"Heh, heh…" replied a sheepish Twilight.

After one of her bodyguards removed the piece of cake, Songbird looked over at Casey, and asked, "Who might this be, Princess Twilight?"

"Huh? Oh!" said Twilight, now helping her special somepony up to his hooves. "This is Casey, and he is-"

"What's wrong with your, um, watch?" asked Songbird.

A confused Casey looked down at his self-made device, which was setting off sparks as it did earlier, and he said, "It's just a minor malfunction… hopefully…"

Before Twilight or Songbird could say anything else, the sound of a low rumble had appeared, as well the sky changing from blue to a mixture of black and grey.

"Storm clouds? But I ordered perfect weather!" cried Twilight, and as the rest of her friends joined her, she glared at a confused Rainbow Dash.

"Uh, I don't think those are storm clouds," said the blue Pegasus, with a concerned look on her face, and Twilight realized that her friend was right.

Instead of a storm cloud, it turned out to a very giant and unusual airship that had an unfamiliar blue-colored emblem on the front.

"That's not… Elixir, is it?" wondered Casey, and Twilight shook her head.

"No, and his prison ship was definitely stranger than that," replied the young alicorn. "But I thought he was trapped in dimensional limbo… or that place where Evil Stardust got sent to."

Casey gave a small shrug, and said, "Hey, I wouldn't be surprised, Twilight, considering what happened several weeks ago with-"

"Ooh, I bet those are the clowns I ordered!" exclaimed a happy and bouncing Pinkie, but as the airship came closer, knocking down several tall spires while making its landing, her happiness went down. "Or definitely not the clowns I ordered."

Then, once the ship had made a successful landing, the main door opened up just as a platform appeared, with the latter deflating a nearby dog-shaped balloon after falling on top of it.

"Brian! No!" cried Party Favor, a light-blue unicorn that had come from Starlight's village.

As for everypony else, they looked up at the ship's front entrance, and watched as a small creature slowly made its way down the platform, holding onto a mechanical box that had the same symbol as the one on the ship.

Once the box had been set down, all of the ponies saw that the creature was actually a grey, pudgy hedgehog with white hair that resembled a trail of spikes.

After opening the box up, which caused a mechanical megaphone to come out, the small hedgehog brought a microphone-like object to his mouth, and started to speak.

"Ponies of Equestria! We come on behalf of the fearsome, the powerful, the almighty…"

He took a dramatic pause, and pointed up at the airship, which now showed two small banners of the spiked emblem, as well as a giant poster of a white-furred, horned beast that caused most of the ponies to feel uncomfortable and nervous. "... Storm King!"

"The… Storm King?" whispered Casey, and he looked at Twilight, who was just as concerned and confused as him.

As for the hedgehog, he started to conclude his opening speech. "And now, to deliver his evil, EVIL message… put your hooves together… for Commander Tempest!"

He made a gesture up to the entrance at the top of the ramp, and a dark-purple pony slowly appeared through the mist, wearing a black suit of armor, with the blue emblem in the same location where one's Cutie Mark would be.

"Is that a… unicorn?" wondered Twilight.

Casey took a closer look, and said, "I… think so…"

"... but what happened to her horn?" added Spike, also confused.

For some reason, it was broken, but for a moment, she'd been using it to create small sparks of pure raw, electric-like energy, and that caused Twilight to feel even more nervous, even as the other three princesses showed up to get a closer look.

"Tempest, is it?" said Celestia, speaking in a polite but firm tone. "How may we help you?

The dark-purple unicorn had a small smile on her face as she replied, "Ah, I'm so glad that you asked… how about we start with your complete and total surrender?"

This can't be good, thought Casey, with him and Spike sharing a look of concern and confusion.

As for Twilight, who was now walking up to stand beside the other rulers of Equestria, she tried to take a non-violent approach.

"Uh, hi there! Princess of Friendship… not exactly sure what's going on, but I know we can talk things out."

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be very effective as Tempest gave her response while slowly making her way down. "Oh, goodie, all four princesses… here's the deal, ladies, I need your magic."

Then, for a moment, she stopped moving, and added, "Give it up nicely, please, or we make it difficult… for everyone."

While a worried Twilight started feel her own heart beat faster than usual, a non-fearful Luna replied, "And, why should we cower before you? There's only one of you… and hundreds of us!"

A small chuckle came out of Tempest's muzzle, and she said, "I was hoping you would choose… difficult."

Then, to everyone's horror, several giant and yeti-like creatures began jumping out of the ship, as well as from other smaller airships that were making their arrival, and almost every single pony began running away in fear while the Storm Creatures chased after them.

To make matters worse, Tempest sent an obsidian orb flying in the princesses direction, and Cadence tried to block it with her magic shield, but the orb was stronger.

"I can't… stop it!" cried the Princess of Love, and once the orb broke through the shield, its powerful magic quickly started to turn Cadence into stone!

"Luna, quick!" exclaimed Celestia, looking over at her sister. "Go south! Beyond the Badlands! Seek help from the Queen of the Hippo-"


"No!" shouted Twilight, who had no choice but to watch her former mentor suffered the same fate as Cadence, turning into stone completely.

Meanwhile, Casey was doing his best not to have flashbacks or anything similar to past events since this usually resulted in even worser things happening.

He's dead, thought the light-orange Earth Pony. He has to be-

"Luna!" Casey's thoughts were interrupted by his special somepony's voice, and he saw that Twilight had used her magic to prevent Luna - who'd become a statue, as well - from crashing into several pieces.

Tempest let out a dark chuckle as she saw how easy it was defeating the rulers of Equestria, and it looked to be the same for the last remaining princess, who was too shocked at what had happened to do anything.

So, she sent one more orb in Twilight's direction, and a sly grin appeared on her face once an explosion of rainbows and green smoke was created, which meant that her work was done.

"Easy as pie…" said a satisfied Tempest.

"Oh, I love pie!" exclaimed the small hedgehog from earlier, who was now standing beside her. "Oh, you totally got the last princess."

Tempest was about to agree with him, but as the smoke cleared, her smile quickly turned into a scowl as she realized that the frozen pony in front of her wasn't Twilight, but a cross-eyed Pegasus that had been using a party hat as a horn.

"That's not the Princess!" growled the frustrated unicorn, and she looked back at the hedgehog. "Grubber! Get here now!"

Not wanting to suffer Tempest's wrath, Grubber quickly ran off in the opposite direction, yelling at several nearby Storm Creatures. "Guys, we gotta get the princess!"

As for Tempest, who noticed that Twilight's crown was near the statue of the cross-eyed pony, she angrily stomped on it with her hoof, causing the small diamonds to scatter away.