• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure - CJ Esmerio

A slightly-extended version of the 2017 theatrical film.

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Perfect Harmony

Author's Note:

My Little Pony: The Movie belongs to Hasbro and Lionsgate while I just own the story.

"Why… can't I… take this… gaaahh!"

After having spent several minutes trying to remove the cast off both of his hind legs, Casey laid back in his wheelchair, and muttered, "I just had to be born as an Earth Pony instead of a magical unicorn."

It had been almost five weeks since a villianous pony known as Rowan had used dark magic to break his legs, and luckily (for Casey), the leftover energy that he had inside himself after having fused together with another Earth Pony helped speed up the healing process.

Unfortunately, now that they were no longer broken, all of his special energy was gone, so Casey was officialy back to his normal self.

At first, he didn't mind not being able to do stuff that Earth Ponies couldn't do, but when it came to his current predicament, some of that power would have been useful.

"Couldn't that magic… at least stayed in me… until tomorrow mor - oh, Starlight, come here for a second!"

A few feet away from him was a light-purple unicorn, Starlight Glimmer, whom he had a sibling relationship with, and she was now making her way over to him. "Casey? I thought your legs were healed already."

"They are, but I'm having some… trouble taking these cast things off," muttered Casey.

As he continued to struggle, Starlight rolled her eyes, and shook her head. "How come you didn't ask Twilight to help you?"

Casey made a gesture behind him, and replied, "I wanted to, but she said that she needed her full 8 hours of sleep since tomorrow is the day… of the… Friendship… Festival… yes, haha, I got - whoa!"


Having tilted back too much when trying to remove the cast off of his left hind leg, Casey was now laying down on the floor, and an amused Starlight asked, "Do you need some help?"

The young Earth Pony nodded his head, and she helped him back up, as well as helping out with removing the other cast, resulting in him now standing on all fours since having been in a wheelchair for almost a whole month.

"Maybe you should also get some rest now," suggested Starlight. "I don't think Twilight would enjoy knowing that her special somepony didn't enjoy the festival due to lack of sleep."

Casey rolled his eyes, and replied, "I don't need to-"

In 3… 2… and 1, thought Starlight, who had a smirk on her face as she watched her friend quickly collapse to the floor, now fast asleep.


The young unicorn looked up, and was surprised to see an approaching Twilight.

"I thought you'd be sleeping right now."

Twilight was about to respond, but after seeing that Casey was knocked out on the floor, a smile appeared on her face. "I was, but a crashing sound woke me up… and now I see why."

As the young princess used her magic to lift him up in the air, Starlight said, "So, the Friendship Festival… hopefully it turns out better than when I first went to the Sunset Festival back in my old village."

"Thank you, Starlight, and I'm positive that it will," replied the Princess of Friendship. "I mean, what could possibly go wrong?"

The next day

While Twilight and Spike were talking to the other alicorn princesses, Casey decide to walk around Canterlot, smiling as he saw how much hard work that his special somepony, as well as what had been done by those that she'd asked for help.

I wonder if the other Twilight is doing the same-

"Oh, hey, there's Trixie!" said Starlight, which caused Casey to quickly shake his head. "What? I thought you want-"

The young pony stepped back a little bit, and replied, "If you'll be happy spending the day with her, Star, that's fine with me… but every time I'm around her, something always happens to me, so I think I'll just hang out with the others."

An amused Starlight rolled her eyes, and she said, "Okay, fine, but next time, try to work on giving a better excuse… name one time that-"

Casey looked at his friend, and blinked a few times before saying, "I got hit in the back of my head by a hospital door twice, and my tongue was stung by a bee during my birthday party, so I don't even want to know what- oompph!"

Suddenly, an air-releasing balloon flew right into Casey's face and before either of them could talk about it, a familiar pink pony that had been running after said object was trying to hit the brakes before she ended up crashing into-


Both Casey and Pinkie rolled down the street as a runaway tire would, and once they stopped, a dizzy Casey said, "Well, now I know how Twilight feels."

"Whoops! Sorry about that," said Pinkie, who was now helping him up to his hooves. "But thanks for catching my balloon!"

Picking up the deflated object off of the ground, Casey handed it over to her, and replied, "You're welcome… so, Twilight put you in charge of blowing up all these balloons, huh?"

The pink pony let out a chuckle, and said, "Um, I think you mean blow air into them, Casey. If I blew them up, they'd all be nothing but a bunch of small pieces."

Casey was about to respond to her, but then, Pinkie cried, "Look, Twilight and Spike are back!"

Well, that's a relief, thought the light-orange pony as he followed Pinkie, not wanting to somehow end up in a wheelchair again.

The young alicorn and little dragon were surrounded by the rest of the Mane 6, and once he and Pinkie had come up to them, Casey asked, "So, how'd the royal princess meeting go?"

"If you'd been here ten seconds ago, you would've heard what she told us after Applejack asked her the same question," replied a smirking Rainbow Dash, and the orange mare turned to look at her. "What? I was kidding!"

Twilight sighed, and she said, "It started off great, but it didn't end so well like I'd hoped… they think I can make this day perfect without their magic."

Casey looked around the entire decorated area of Canterlot, and he said, "Well… you've been doing pretty good so far trying to set this whole thing up."

"This also was your brilliant idea to begin with, darling," addedRarity, while improving one of the decorations on the side of the stage. "And we all know you're up to the task."

Everyone else nodded, in agreement, but Twilight still looked unsure about it.

"But what if I'm not? What if Songbird Serenade doesn't like the stage that is provided for her? Or what if nopony makes a friend throughout the entire friendship festival? How would I continue to call myself the Princess of Friendship if-"

Before she could continue talking about her worries, Pinkie took Twilight's face into her own pink hooves, and said, "Look at me, Twilight… thisis gonna be the biggest celebration that Equestria has ever seen! You cannot fail."

Eventually, she'd pinned the purple alicorn down to the ground. "This day will define who you are! The pressure is intense... it's almost to much for any single pony to handle! Aaaaaggh!"

"Alright, tone it down a bit, Pinkie," said Applejack, bringing the pink pony away from Twilight before she caused her to have a headache. "You ain't exactly helpin' her feel any better."

As Casey helped Twilight stand up, Pinkie rolled her eyes, and she replied, "Well, yeah, but I was getting there!"

Then, looking at Twilight, Pinkie gestured to the other five surrounding them, adding, "You got us to help you out… especially since Casey is no longer in a wheelchair!"

"Gee, thanks, Pi - aaagghh!" said the light-orange pony, who was cut off after Pinkie decided to have all of them give Twilight a comforting group hug.

Then, after they all broke apart, Casey gave his special somepony a warm smile. "You got this, Twilight."

"Thanks," replied the young princess, and soon after that, the rest of their friends did their part in helping her feel better.

It's time to show 'em what you've got

It's time to go and get things done

But you don't have to do it on your own

[Pinkie Pie]

'Cause you've got friends right here to make it fun

Casey smirked at Twilight, giving her an "I told you so" look before they all started to sing along with each other.

We got this
You got this
We got this together

Suddenly, Rainbow surprised Twilight by taking her and Spike - now sitting on her back - up into the sky, where they watched the Wonderbolts remove all of the remaining clouds in the sky, while Casey headed over to where he assumed they would eventually end up landing at.

[Rainbow Dash]

Sometimes the pressure gets you down
And the clouds are dark and grey
Just kick them off and let the sunshine through

And scary as it seems,
More help is on the way
Cuz friends have friends that wanna help out, too

We got this
You got this
We got this together

As soon as he caught up to a landing Twilight, the two of them smiled at each other before they went to go and check on the rest of the festival, as well as passing by some of their other friends, such as Zecora, Bulk Biceps, and Dinky.

It's the Festival of Friendship
And we can get it done
A festival that they won't forget

A party to be proud of
A day of games and fun
Just you wait and see
A magic day in perfect harmony

Then, while Twilight and Spike were with Fluttershy and the rest of the animals, Casey saw that Trixie and Starlight were nearby, with the purple unicorn waving at him.

Fluttershy: You got this

(Bird whistles tune)

We got this together!

After the young pony waved back, his self-made special wristwatch suddenly started to shoot off several sparks of electricity, and he let out a quick yelp of pain.

Then, Casey glared at a sheepish Starlight, but before he could say anything, Twilight brought him over to the next designated area of the festival.

"With friends and family, you are never alone,"

sang Applejack, who was in charge of the food and refreshments. "If you need help we've got your back!"

She gave Spike an assuring pat on the back, but that accidentally caused him to let out a small ball of fire, which caused a giant hole in the middle of Twilight's checklist that Spike had been holding.

"Um, she's got an extra one of those, right?"


A few minutes later, Twilight was helping out Applejack by testing the food while Casey and Spike looked over the back-up list.

You can be honest

Let your problems be known

Apple Family:
'Cause you got us
To pick up the slack
We got this

Big Mac:

Apple Family:
We got this together

Then, it was back to the stage where Songbird Serenade would be performing at, and Rarity was adding the finishing touches to the decorations, with a few of them being enjoyed by Spike.

Pay attention to the details
Every gem even spaced
Make the colors perfect

Taking one or two to taste

Inside and out
Beautiful throughout
Generosity is what we're all about

Spike (muffled):
We got this

You got this

Rarity and Spike:
We got this together

Then, Casey watched as his special somepony flew up into the sky, and a warm smile appeared on his face.

Today needs to be perfect
It all comes down to me
I don't know if I'm ready
For all the things they need me to be

I am the princess of friendship
But that is more than just a crown
It's a promise to bring ponies together
And never let any pony down

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie was busy with making a cake via a house-sized mixing bowl, as well as desigining her newest party cannon that she intended to use at the festival.

We've got an awful lot to bake
Each pony needs a piece of cake
Oh, wait! There's something better
We can do

We're gonna need some more supplies
To make a really big surprise
She'll be so shocked - she's sure
To love it too

You got this
We got this together


After the Wonderbolts had gotten rid of the last remaining cloud, Twilight and Spike joined the rest of her friends while Casey watched from a distance.

It's the festival of friendship
Together we are one, a day we will
Never forget
And now everything is ready
So when the day is done

Rainbow Dash:
The weather

The banquet

The style

And music

All will be in perfect harmony!


"Twilight, look out!"

Suddenly, everypony turned their heads in an upward direction, and while Casey ran towards the alicorn princess, Twilight said, "Oh, no…"


But it was too late by the time Casey had reached her, resulting in both of them being hit by a pink-colored and five-layered cake, and after it melted into a gooey mess, Twilight popped her head out, crying, "Pinkie!"

"Oopsie!" replied Pinkie, coming out of her giant creation, while a candle landed on top of Twilight's horn. "Guess my easy-bake-confetti-cake cannon needs a little more fine tuning."

Before Twilight could say anything else, Applejack asked, "Um, what happened to-"

Her question was interrupted by the sound of Casey trying some of the melted cake, and after licking the icing off of his muzzle, he cried, "It tastes great, Pinkie!"

"Thank you! Glad you liked it!"

Then, noticing that Twilight was now giving him a look that meant "really", a sheepish expression appeared on Casey's face as he blew out the candle, and said, "Um… you got this?"