• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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My Little Pony: An Epic Adventure - CJ Esmerio

A slightly-extended version of the 2017 theatrical film.

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Taking the Magic

Author's Note:

"My Little Pony: The Movie" is owned by Lionsgate & Hasbro while I happily own the story.

Meanwhile, back at Mt. Aris, the rest of the Mane 6 were all sitting down, hating the unfortunate situation that they were currently in.

"This whole journey was such a mistake," said a teary-eyed Fluttershy. "All we wanted was somepony to help us."

Applejack let out a sigh, and took a look behind her before facing the others. "You think… maybe it's time we talk to Twilight?"

Everyone slowly nodded their heads in agreement, figuring that they'd spent enough time in giving Twilight her space, but just as the orange Earth pony was about to say something else, a familiar voice cried out, "She's… been… taken!"

"What?!" yelled an alarmed Rainbow, as Spike ran towards them as fast as he possibly could, and once he was standing in front of her, the small dragon pointed behind him.

"Twilight's been taken, along with Casey! Tempest grabbed them, and took them on her ship!"

Everyone let out gasps of surprise, now regretting their decision to walk away from Twilight, but a scowl quickly appeared on Rainbow's face, and she turned to face the others.

"We gotta get both of them back!"

However, that was currently easier said than done since Tempest's ship was probably halfway close to Canterlot by now.

"And, we ain't got no way to defeat those monsters," pointed out Applejack, leaving everyone to wonder just how they were all going to save their friend, but before anyone could give a suggestion, a familiar voice came behind them from out of nowhere.

"Well, it's a good thing that I know a group of heroes who can handle this easily!"

Everyone turned around to see a smiling Capper, standing on top of a large boulder, and Rarity raised an eyebrow at him. "Well… look what the cat dragged in - himself!"

Ignoring what the white unicorn had said, Capper continued to speak. "I've seen these heroes handle the roughest towns, get out of any tight situation, and inspire others to join their cause!"

His words brightened up the faces of almost everyone but Applejack, who shook her head as she said, "Now, don't get too excited. He's just talkin' about us."

Her friends let out groans of disappointment, but Capper wasn't done with his speech just yet. "They've even escaped certain doom at the hooves of Commander Tempest!"

Remembering what had happened back in Klugetown, as well as the pirate ship, a pleased Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement. "Yeah… that was pretty great!"

"Still, it's going to take a lot more than just us to stop them Storm Creatures," reminded Applejack.

"I think I may have a solution to that." The orange Earth pony turned around to see Starlight making her way towards them, with a small grin on her face. "I just so happened to come across a group of feathered allies that would be more than happy to help us."

Before any of her friends could ask who she was referring to, said group had appeared right next to them after coming down from a small cliff, and Rainbow's face lit up with even more happiness. "You're all okay!"

A sheepish smile appeared on the face of Capt. Celeano, who was accompanied by the rest of her crew, and she said, "Well, for the most part, anyway… had to do a lot of swimming after Tempest sunk our ship."

Capper made a quick shudder after the light-colored parrot said that. "I hope to never do something like that ever again."

"But, even though we don't have an actual ship with us," continued Celeano. "We're all on-board to help you fight the Storm King, especially since you helped us get back our arrrggghh!"

While her crew gave their agreements, Spike heard a bubbling sound coming from the ocean water behind them, and he turned around to see that something was emerging to the surface, which he quickly pointed it out to the others. "Um, what's that supposed to be?"


Surprise was shown on the faces of everyone as they saw a winged animal come out of the water, and land on top of a boulder, with a wide-eyed Capper saying, "Is that what I think it is?"

After shaking off the drops of water away from her shell necklace that had been a gift from Pinkie, Princess Skystar waved one of her claws at the group, and said, "Hello! Me again… oh, I'm going to get so grounded, but I talked things over with Shelly and Sheldon, and they said that you were just trying to help your friends, so I want to help, too!"

Then, she flew over to the shore, with Pinkie walking towards her, and the two shared a smile as she added, "Cause you know, one small thing can make a really big difference."

Now that it seemed like no one else was joining them, Spike looked at everyone around him, and he said, "So, that's it, right? We didn't make friends with anybody else?"

As for Pinkie, she now had a face expression that was full of determination. "We're coming, Twilight… as soon as we think of a plan!"


The cage holding Twilight and Casey captive was now being wheeled to the royal castle by their fellow ponies, who had chains around their hooves, and on the way there, the two of them started to feel terrible as they saw the rest of their friends either locked up inside of a cage, or being forced to follow orders from the Storm Guards.

I am here and I see your pain

After the familiar singing voice reached her eyes. Twilight turned her head to see that Songbird Serenade had also been locked up in a cage, as well.

Through the storms, through the clouds, the rain
I'm telling you you can not escape


Unfortunately, she was interrupted by one of the Storm Guards, who had knocked his fist against the bars a few times before telling the cream-colored pegasus to stop singing, and as Twilight passed right by the artist's cage, the two of them shared the same look of sadness with each other as they realized both were in an unfortunate situation.

Once she and Casey were in the castle, and brought over to the throne room, Twilight turned her attention over to a nearby Tempest.

"Don't do this," pleaded the young alicorn. "Don't give the Storm King-"

"- your magic?" finished a smirking Tempest. "Did you think you'd keep it all to yourself? Time to share!"

Little did the dark purple unicorn know, her boss was currently making his way into the castle while she continued talking to the imprisoned princess. "I would love for everyone out there to know what I can really do."

"Ooh, fascinating!" said the Storm King, who had a wide grin on his face, and Tempest turned around to look at him in surprise. "Tell me, what can you really do with your power, Sparky? Light a little candle with that sparkler of yours?"

Then, as he started to chuckle at his own little quip, Tempest began showing a small sign of feeling embarrassed while Grubber gave a quick pat on the shoulder.

Even Twilight started to feel a little bad for her, but after hearing a chuckle come out of Casey's muzzle, she turned to glare her special somepony, who sheepishly said, "I thought it was funny."

Before the purple alicorn could respond to him, Grubber took a few steps forward, and looked up at his master. "We do your bidding, of course, your Mighty One!"

Then, a few seconds later, he hurried out of the throne room, and closed the doors behind him while Tempest rolled her eyes.

A sly grin appeared on the Storm King's face as he started to approach the cage that held Twilight and Casey. "Yep, bidding's good, I like bidding!"

Then, the white-colored furry creature stopped moving, and took one uninterested look at Twilight. "And, uh, what are you supposed to be?"

"I'm the princess of friendship," replied the young and proud alicorn, with Casey nodding in agreement.

The Storm King started to laugh, and he flashed a fake smile at Twilight before turning it into a frown. "Oh, that's nice… Tempest, why is this one still moving?"

"The princess and her friends put up a bit of a fight," answered Tempest. "But I can assure you that neither her or the other pony will be a problem to you."

"Huh? What do you - oh!" exclaimed the Storm King, who was now looking at Casey. "I almost didn't see you there… so, what… are you, like, the prince of friendship or something?"

The two caged ponies both had a slight blush on their faces, and Casey replied, "Well, no, not exactly… I'm only her special somepony."

"Ugh, what is it with adding pony either before or after something?" growled an irritated Storm King, and he started to walk around the throne room. "And speaking of problems, this place seems a little too… oh, I don't know… cute!"

He turned to look at Tempest, continuing to shout while she raised an eyebrow at him. "I don't like cute! I never did like cute! Doesn't really go with my whole big, bad, powerful-magic-guy thing, does it?"

Then, a scowl appeared on his face as he cried, "Deliver the punchline to me, Tempest, because this has got to be a joke!"


The Storm King slammed the bottom of his staff to the floor in anger, but then, to his surprise, the ground started to shake, and the statues of the other princesses were now glowing.

"Wow! Check out the light show! Hahahaha!" cackled the Storm King, watching with glee as four streams of powerful alicorn magic became absorbed into the staff, despite Twilight's attempt at trying to hold in her magic as best as she could.

Ohhh, this is not good, thought a nervous and slightly fearful Casey, who was also trying to avoid having flashbacks of a previous similar incident that occured several years ago.

Once the staff had reached its maximum capacity for power, an excited Storm King cried, "Alright, let's get this storm started! Ooh, hey that's good - I should trademark that."

Then, he turned his attention back over to Twilight, and said, "Now, about that princess-"

"Don't you even think about doing anything else to her," exclaimed Casey, glaring at the Storm King. "You'll have to go through me first."

For a moment, the Storm King thought about it, and then, he said, "Alright, kid, I won't do anything to her… I'll do something to the both of you!"

With a sinister laugh, he fired a white-hot energy blast at their cage, causing the bars to explode into hundreds of tiny pieces, and had Twilight crashing through one of the nearby circular windows while Casey was flown across the throne room, crash-landing against one of the walls

"Twi… light…" muttered a lying Casey, lowering his head to the ground because of exhaustion.

Meanwhile, as Twilight layed down on the balcony floor while surrounded by debris, the approaching Storm King said, "Not bad! Actually… kind of first-rate!"

He tapped the top of the staff a few times, with a curious expression. "What else does it do?"

"Your Excellency," said Tempest, who was making her way towards him. "You promised to restore my horn, and give it even greater power-"

The Storm King waved one of his paws at her, and he replied, "Yeah, okay, hang on… I want to blast this little pony again."

He aimed the staff at Twilight, but then, his surprise grew even more after noticing that he had switched the sun with the moon, and after returning it back to the sun, a wide smile appeared on the Storm King's face.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me! I can move the Sun?!" He cackled with laughter, and stepped over Twilight while making his way to the end of the balcony. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Twilight looked over at Tempest, who momentarily appeared to have regretted giving the staff to the Storm King, but she went back to being serious, and walked past the alicorn to stand by her delighted boss.

"Time to play!" The Storm King began to switch the Moon and the Sun back and forth several times. "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Day! Night! Day! Night!"

Maybe my own sun and moon idea for the Festival wasn't so great after all, thought a nervous Twilight, who was also wishing that her friends were with her right now.