• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Chapter Six: The bite Of The Prototype

"Hey kids-" A man with a purple security guard uniform was interrupted by a young boy. He had purple messy hair under his purple security guard hat.

"I'm not a kid! Unlike my girly sister!" The young boy yelled at the purple man.

The boy had shoulder length, dirty blonde hair and had light colored skin like the man that he interrupted. He wore a pink-ish purple long sleeve shirt with dark blue jeans.

"You're the birthday girl's sister, right?" The purple man replied after a few seconds.

"Yes?" The boy answered with confusion.

"You're right. You deserve not to be called a "kid". You and your sister should go into Trixie's Stage. Only the birthday boys and girls and their siblings are allowed in there." The purple man said, smiling and motioning towards the room right next to him.

There was a strange tone in the man's voice which made the boy feel uneasy. "Let's go, Kaleb!" The boy's sister said, running excitedly towards the door. The girl opened it eagerly.

The room's floor was made up of white and purple checkered tiles. The room's walls were painted light blue. At the far side of the room, there was a large, wooden stage with two animatronic unicorns on it.

The one on the left had a purple-ish pink coat and a dark purple mane and tail with lighter purple and turquoise streaks. It's glass eyes were colored a dark blue. It's cutie mark were two turquoise swirls leading to a purple star.

The animatronic on the right had a light blue coat. It's mane and tail was a light blue with white streaks. It's eyes were colored a dark purple. It's cutie mark was a crescent moon with a wand in front of it. It wore a purple hat and cape that had different colored stars covering them. It's left hoof had been ripped off with it being replaced with the top of a rabbit. It's hat had a large hole in the top middle of it. One of it's eyes had been ripped off with wires coming out of the socket.

Both of them looked female.

The animatronics both turned on upon the sibling's entering and the door shut behind them.


Someone had locked it.

"H-Hello everyone, and wel-welcome to The great a-and powerful Trixie and her friend Starlight's p-p-performance!" The blue unicorn animatronic said, glitching at random times.

It clearly seemed broken.

Kaleb, then, noticed that there was a large piece of the endoskeleton ripped off of it's back, exposing lose wires that came out of the hole. "I-I-I-I" Trixie was beginning to glitch out.

Maybe I can scare Ashlyn so I don't have to hear her talk about how she wanted to come here ever again Kaleb thought.

An twisted smile went across the young boy's face as he approached the blue robot on stage.

Then, Trixie glitched to where Kaleb was coming from and it's jaw went around his head. Kaleb screamed as it bit down four times until. Crunch Kaleb's entire head was decapitated from his body and Trixie deactivated.

Blood began to come out of where his head had been crunched. Blood was also beginning to drip from Trixie's mouth.

"Kaleb!!" His sister ran towards her brother out of panic.

To Be Continued...:trollestia:

Author's Note:

And then they made a new Trixie! :pinkiesmile: