• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Chapter Five: Starting Night Two

Rachel paused at the question. They were the second reason she got the job. They had gone missing during a party there and she hadn't seen them since. She was hoping she might find some clues to what happened to them.

"I don't know." Rachel murmured, sounding as if she had been holding back some kind of emotion.

They had reached the end of the short hallway and right next to them was the staircase leading upstairs.

"The office is up here." Rachel said, motioning towards the marble stone stairs.

The stairs were just five steps and it didn't take long to walk up them. Once they reached the top they saw a large room. To the right of them was a white door with a metal sign that said "Computer Room". To the left of them was another white door. This door's metal sign said "Trixie's Stage".

The floor and walls were the same colors as the hallway to the office. Rachel walked passed Trixie's Stage and went down a hallway that was right next to it.

"The office is this way." Rachel said, not bothering to motion towards the hallway. Jonathan soon followed.

The hallway wasn't long, only a few meters or so so it didn't take long to reach the office. once they made it there, Rachel checked the time and it exactly 12. Rachel ,then, noticed that, in the center of the room, was a large desk with three plates with sandwiches on it.

Just then, the phone rang.

"Hello? Hello? Oh, great! You made it! Now, I'm sure you already noticed the posters and the desk in your office." Jonathan jumped at the phone suddenly ringing.

"Well..we thought, since you won't be leaving until seven, you deserve some food. The sandwiches are tuna by the way. Oh yeah-I forgot to mention yesterday that today was the grand opening. S-Sorry about that.." The girl on the phone cleared her throat.

"Want one?" Rachel asked Jonathan while offering him a tuna sandwich.

"No thanks, Rachel." Jonathan blushed. "I'll pass. Besides..I ate before I got here." Jonathan replied.

"Welp! More for me then!" Rachel said, beginning to eat the small sandwich whole then swallowing it.

"Now, tonight will be much more difficult, so keep an eye on each robot. There is also a room on the first floor which is Cam 4. That's where the old animatronics are."

Rachel did what the girl on the phone said and sat on the floor and pressed the button on the screen that said "First Floor" and it changed to "Second Floor".

She pressed Cam 4 and it displayed a large room with four animatronics sitting on the floor: Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, and Nightmare Moon.

But the animatronics were broken: Discord lost his deer horn and one of his wings, and Queen Chrysalis lost her horn and the holes in her body had been expanded a bit with wires coming out of the holes, and King Sombra's horn looked as if it was on the verge of falling off, and Nightmare Moon's coat had holes in it, exposing her endoskeleton and one of her eyes had been taken out with wires coming out of the sockets and her horn and one of her wings had been torn off.

Rachel's head started to hurt again and she put her right hand on her forehead, trying not to let the tablet fall from her remaining hand.

"Rachel, are you alright?!" Jonathan asked, concern filling his eyes. He bent down to her eye level to see if she was physically hurt. After a few seconds, Rachel blacked out and a memory came rushing into her head.

To Be Continued...:trollestia: