• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Sometime during the year 2017, a girl named Rachel took up the position of night guard for Hasbro's new attraction: Nightmare Moon's Villain Party Place to save up for a phone. She managed to survive five nights there, and the place closed on the day after night five. Rachel found out more then she would have liked about the location during her shifts. It has been two years since the events of the first story and after two years, Hasbro decided to open up a new location, but with new villains...

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

I don't know what I was thinking, leaving my sister behind.

Now I suffer a curse because I was blind.

With all this madness, guilt and sadness going to haunt me forever

I can't wait for the rainbow at the end of a rainstorm. :yay:

(I wanted to change the Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom fourth wall break because it sort of sounded cheesy...sorry if you didn't think it was cheesy.)