• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Chapter Three: Ghosts From The Past

"I know. Amy's fine. She's with me." A young teen said, talking on her phone, sounding annoyed.

The room around her was a large dining room with a wooden stage. On the stage, singing, was a single, black animatronic alicorn.

It had a black coat with a dark blue fabric mane and tail and round turquoise pupils in it's eyes. Unlike the newer robots, this one did not have any eye locks. It held a microphone in it's right forehoof. The curtain on the stage was dark purple and the stage seemed bare except for the lone animatronic and a childish backdrop.

As it opened it's jaw to sing the My Little Pony theme song, it revealed sharp, metal, teeth that was painted white. The backdrop was of a green field with a smiling sun and a rainbow overhead.

The room was littered with tables with party hats stacked atop each other for each child to wear. The table cloth was a light pink with the party hats being the same color. The walls had been painted white as the tiled floor had been black.

The room was massive, fitting about twenty large tables. At the right of the large room was a long hallway which led to the bathrooms and the exit.

"Okay, Linden. I was just making sure." The teenager's mother said from the phone that she had placed near her ear.

"It's childish here though. I mean-why does Amy even like this stuff anyway?" Linden complained.

"Please don't criticize your sister favorite show. Besides, how would you feel if someone criticized your obsession with Ghosts?" Linden's mother asked her, teasingly. "Mom, just because you don't believe in ghost doesn't mean you have the right to tease me like that." "Oh, and don't forget to bring Amy home after 12:00." Linden's mother reminded her.

Linden checked her watch. It was 9:33. "Okay, bye!" Linden said before ending their phone call.

Linden glanced around her for Amy. WHeRe iS shE? "Where did she go?!" Linden panicked.

She then took deep breaths to calm herself down. "It's okay. I can find her. She couldn't have gone too far." She said under her breath.

"Oh no, mom is going to kill me for this." She had been next to a wall and there was a door somewhat at the end of it which had a metal sign that read: "Princess Celestia's Castle" in neat computer printed writing.

"Maybe she's in there?" Linden asked herself, almost as if she was asking herself the answer.

She slowly approached the soundproof door until she heard a young girl's muffled scream from inside the room. "Wait! That sounded like Amy!" Linden shouted, opening the metal door out of panic.

The floor were black and white tiles and the walls were yellow. In the distance of the large, empty room was a white animatronic alicorn with a light pink fabric mane and tail and magenta eyes.

What laid in front of Linden was the bloody corpse of her little sister: Amy. "Amy?! How-who?!" Linden shouted, tears filling her pink eyes.

She started to sob openly as tears made their way down her cheeks. "It's all my fault." Linden said trough tears.

Through her blury vision, she saw a man with a purple outfit walking towards her. His purple hair was messy and he was smiling insanely. Linden then noticed that he held a hand crank in his right hand. It had blood on it.

"Did-did you do this?!" Linden asked him, pointing at the dead corpse of Amy.

The purple man swiftly ran up to her without a response to her question and hit her in the head with his hand crank, killing her instantly.

Rachel woke up on the tiled floor in a panic. Her head hurt and she was confused by the memories that she had been given. I guess I know what happened to Linden and Amy. Rachel thought as she tried to get up.

She then noticed that she was still holding the two tablets in her hands tightly. They still worked.

She let out a sigh of relief and noticed that the animatronic Princess Celestia had her eyes locked. that's strange. Rachel thought again.

She tried to sort out the vivid memory that she dreamt of but her head hurt when she tried. All she could think of was that it was through the eyes of a poor teenager named Linden.

Then it turned 7 AM.

To Be Continued...

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